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Is Tim Tebow being persecuted because of his religion?

Dec 28, 2012|

Tim Tebow has been treated like a pariah ever since he got to New York. Does his religion have anything to do with it?

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I -- the corner report this is Jeff who. Liberalism is the worst nightmare in Boston from Boston or Boston. 61726668. DA -- the number. You can also affects us at 68680. Well looks like Tim Tebow. Wolf. Finally be leaving New York. City. As many of you know. Tim Tebow is a quarterback professional NFL quarterback. He took the league by storm and more importantly the country the popular culture by storm last year. When against all the odds. He led to Denver Broncos who was -- his team into the playoffs and even won one playoff game for them. He's not a very good passer. He doesn't have very good mechanics but he has one intangible. The will to win. His teammates love him they will follow him to the gates of hell and back if need be. And yet with catapulted him to national prominence. Was in his -- play. It was the fact that he was an open practicing Christian. He often preys on the sidelines. He's on is -- one mean praying. He will have a chapter and verse. Written on his two cheeks. In honor of that Sunday that he thinks the message. That he wants people to know about -- the message that he's celebrating. In other words he carries and wears his faith on his sleeve. And for this she has become a lightning broad for a culture worse. The secular. Progressives despise him. Traditionalists. And Christians. Who love him and adore him. And I believe this is the reason. For his downfall. -- both the Denver Broncos and this year at in New York chats. This man because -- discretion for life. I believe was may -- on on non Grata. By the owners. Of the Denver Broncos and they basically ran amount of Denver. And he could've gone to two places. He could have gone to play with the New York Jets which he did and he has done this year. Or we could have gone back to his old stomping grounds. In Jacksonville because he played at the University of Florida where he made his name is an elite quarterback in college. Had I been -- -- friend or brother or family member or father or whatever. I would -- said to me. Forget the big city forget the big lights forget New York City they will devour you there. Go back to Jacksonville. They will appreciate you they will love you they will nurture you and nurture your talent as a quarterback. And you can actually have a successful career. He went for the money which I don't blame them. But he went for the big time. And from the beginning. Tim Tebow was set up to fail. I believe his coach Rex Ryan deliberately sabotaged them. They blew him up like a bull. They had import on 2530. Pounds of solid muscle you've got to see this guy. I mean like what to fifteen around we should see him he's like incredible Hulk. He's lost his speed. He's lost his flexibility. He's lost his agility. Which has a quarterback you need. All they basically do now is have him play a couple plays a game where he grabs the ball. He doesn't even throw it he just runs right into the defense of line like some are rampaging bull. And he's just been getting beaten up. He has not been used he has not being utilized. He's been in many ways deliberately humiliated. By his coach Rex Ryan's. Who I believe I never wanted Tim Tebow and felt that he was he was forced upon him by the owners. And yet and here's the kicker. The New York Jets stink I don't want to turn this into a sports show this is really a cultural issue. The team stinks. -- quarterback that they've been playing all year Mark Sanchez stinks. He should have been benched in the second or third game. And yet rather than playing Tim Tebow. Rex Ryan has deliberately been playing this lousy quarterback who stinking up the joint. Losing game after game throwing interception after interception. Simply because he doesn't want to play them Bebo. And so the question is this. Why would an NFL coach. Not want to win games. Why would an NFL coach. Take a player of ten -- most caliber. Boy -- like a -- So we basically becomes utterly ineffective as a quarterback. And then when your own first string quarterback is blowing it on the field you refuse to play him. Game after game one week after week Sunday after Sunday. To me the answer is obvious. Rex Ryan. Many on the New York Jets coaching stuff. Say you know what. This Christian hit from the backwoods of Florida this Christian fundamentalists. Is an embarrassment. And we don't want him here. Because if this guy starts winning games. He's gonna be praying he's gonna be kneeling on the sidelines. He's going to be crossing himself. And I don't want to be affiliated with the I don't wanna be associated with I don't need that. It's crystal phobia. It's -- Christian bigotry. To me it's so obvious. It's like going back sixty years -- in a -- guy. She may be the best player born a -- -- embargo on period. Okay we'll throw him in for a couple plays if you guys insist but I'm not gonna play this black quarterback area but slow end of story. Is the same thing now with Tim Tebow. And I'll tell you right -- sealed his doom. And this is was the beginning of the end for Tim Tebow. In our modern culture and in the modern NFL which -- become extremely politically correct. Most major sports professional sports leagues have become incredibly politically correct. If you remember during the last last year's Super Bowl. Tim Tebow and his mother. Cut and anti abortion I'd together. Where they said choose life. And if you are pregnant go through with your pregnancy. And have the baby adopted. And when he came out with his mother. Promoting adoption. And basically saying don't abort your baby. He became persona non Grata in our modern decadent secular culture. And he cut a commercial promoting game man march. Had he -- a commercial promoting abortion. And he -- a commercial. Promoting free condolence. Or free contraception. Or the free morning after pill. Or whatever it is -- by endorsing Obama. He would have been starting on the second week in New York. Today his billboard would be all across New York City he beyond a millionaire ten times over. And instead now. The last week of the season is this Sunday. The team has no chance of making the playoffs. You're one of the worst teams in the league. Their quarterback is so bad he's stinking up the joint you think they're gonna play Tim Tebow mount. They're running him out of New York like a dog. Like a dog. And he's probably an end up going to Jacksonville right think you should have gone any way. But his stint at New York City with a New York Jets is over. -- I know you probably don't listen to me you have a lot of other things to deal with him a lot on your plate. But they now have a big target on your back. And the reason they have a target on your back is because of the cross on your front. And -- cross has now made you persona non Grata. In a modern American culture. You were the victim of anti Christian bigotry. That's why your coaches wouldn't play you. That's why they never gave you a chance. And that's why if -- you. I would go to Jacksonville. Stake my flag in the ground and now realize that the popular culture is no longer with few. It is against you. 6172666868. Is the number. Do you believe that Tim Tebow. Was the victim of anti Christian bigotry. Easy for you -- symbol of the all American. Man. The all American boy that is now becoming slowly out of fashion. Or do you think he was just hyped to begin with how you feel about Tim Tebow. And do you think he's become a lightning rod in our culture wars 6172666868. Bill thanks for holding welcome to the corner report. Log good morning Geoff you know I I don't think I think he'd become a lightning rod I don't think so much bigger more to do with Rex Ryan vanity. -- people at all I think we're trying to order big Mark Sanchez support up it -- to go back now and say. I was wrong is just too much you can't do. A there's no question about it he's an ego maniac look I don't wanna get sidetracked as I don't wanna turn this into a sports show. I'm not look I'm not very good that it is not my area of expertise. I don't pretend to be an expert on sports -- watch it fall -- I like football. But let me just say it is about Rex Ryan I can't stand the guy. I think I think you probably don't need be or. How he should he's a disaster he's a big mouth. He's promising Super Bowls promising championship rings he loves to grandstand in front of the New York media. I don't think he can coach I think he's overrated. I think he ran Tim Tebow into the ground he never gave him a chance to succeed. But bill I'll be honest with few. If you got a team that's struggling. And you're losing games the way they were losing games. And if you had another quarterback another backup quarterback just for argument sake just just just to throw names out there. Let's just say. Tom Brady was is number two just just imagine that or Michael Vick was his number two or take any other our quarterback. You honestly don't think by the fourth or fifth game -- -- third game Rex Ryan would say oh man we're getting we're getting there. Our heads handed to -- week after week I'm gonna go with Tom Brady I'm gonna go on me I'm gonna go with Michael. I think going back and say I was wrong is hot or anybody in for a guy like Rex Ryan it's nearly impossible. Well and you may be right but with Tim Tebow being a Christian. It was doubly hard he couldn't do it I am now he'll never do it. Earlier up next welcome to the -- report. But I don't think they'll call I -- good people are believed to think it was a great quarterback. They'll get the opportunity index of -- if you go to work go to quarterback Alex didn't go the women back. I hope so I mean I think his look he's not built to be Iraq means a big guy. But I mean he wants to play quarterback that's the position that he cut his teeth on that's -- he. With launched him into national prominence I actually think he's a good quarterback. I don't know if he's gonna be given the proper shot I'll pay you what I find most disgusting. Is I don't know if you can never regain regain forgive me his free New York Jets form. He's put on about thirty pounds of solid muscle you gotta see this -- now we like a bull. I don't know if you can regain his speed. His flexibility. His agility. I mean whatever throwing motion he has got to be completely thrown off now. Look the cards were stacked against this guy from the beginning. And let's be honest. There are a lot of good quarterbacks. But what was it about Tim Tebow -- terrific it's the fact that he was an open of -- Christian. That's what set off the firestorm. That's what everybody was debating about in Denver. Should he be preying on the sidelines should he be crossing himself. Should he be me doing some players didn't like it many of their fans didn't like it. Why is he doing this season -- acting religion and -- big game why is he a Christian. And I got to say this Searle. There's a second thing about Tim Tebow. He is in many ways the old American. He's the American of our founding fathers and of our forefathers and what do I mean by that. Look at how we place. He's not your typical metro sexual. He's not cheer -- feminists. 21 century modern man. He's big. He's muscular. He's a leader he's commanding. He's a patriot. He says he's a patriot he's a Christian. And he's almost like an old school general. He doesn't win by finance. He just comes in there's almost like Pete the -- colonists. When we -- when we settled the western frontier. I'm gonna come in here what's the objective. Or you you're gonna follow mean here's my army let's going conquer. Let's go and wind. And I. They just can't -- the system make your point until I am the jets have a cornerback -- Antonio -- Who's making the pro ball he has twelve different kids -- fourteen different women. And they celebrate him like -- C some great great person. -- -- -- twelve kid been fourteen different -- as being facetious but everybody kids by seven different women -- -- -- celebrate him going out until Tebow gets trashed. No I don't -- cultural icon. I mean this guy really would like multiple children multiple wives whatever girlfriend -- -- wives with multiple children with multiple women out of wedlock. And he's a hero. He's a hero they love them in New York don't say about war against her Marty all my -- greatest greatest quarterback ever played Tim Tebow I wanna be chased. I don't have sex before marriage I'm waiting for this special someone in my life I wanna give praise to god whenever score a touchdown. Or I guess now the New York Jets -- can get on the field to play a play I just do something. And suddenly oh. Scary frightening and this gift ever have that. Janice thanks for holding welcome to the -- report. Well gas doesn't want to -- talks about our society I mean is -- -- defense it makes you feel good and if the RID it. They just don't want that they want it be speculate what they want -- you don't know I can't believe feelings this kid brings hope. You know I -- That's exactly what is you know it's painting with its -- in politics and -- stated -- BP. You get screwed so they don't want anything good. It's just -- should throw out all the crap so that we can tell you what's good and he just brings in makes it feel ready for watching the kids. Can't help but my -- can't help but get walk making it help but feel good. I loved it. I'm really I mean I love the guy and I gotta say it is an outcome of football fan. He's got a lousy throwing motion I'm just saying I'm not trying you -- only lost in the weeds. But from an aesthetic point of view as a guy who loves football as part of the quarterback position that he's horrible. He died only do we throws the ball I don't know it's just so much about him mechanically I don't like. I'd love the guy. I don't -- aren't great I love it great I love his wholesome face. I love his desire to win. I love how -- is like America the old America we can do this together we can do this there are no obstacles there are no hurdles. We can overcome any enemy defeat any -- Don't put the players love him don't follow him to the gates of Allen about he loves his country. He does charity he's a great kid he's a great Christian he wants to get married he wants to -- -- wants to have children he's a great role model. It's what our athletes used to be 4050 years ago now instead. It's hip -- -- row up. It's them. Be there this afternoon smother after this. Children out of wedlock fooling around getting arrested drugs alcohol and that's cool. They're like almost back gangster. Of a football players. For either like her philandering play voice. That's that's all they want now that's what they market. And this guy good old fashioned traditional American values. Who gets the job done but thriller -- this guy is unbelievable. He finds it's like the beaches of Normandy. We somehow found a way to conquer that beach against the elements. This guy plays football like that is like how does he do it but somehow he manages to win every time. So look I'm I'm with him all the way. But key is the victim of crystal phobia and you know what many players learn from Tim Tebow. Keep my feet from the closet. And don't -- too much. Don't feel too much don't tell people you oppose abortion don't cut it's gonna kill your career. That's that's I'm telling you that's the message that Tim Tebow. Gave to many other players I don't wanna be Tebow won't. I don't want my career derailed because they don't like my Christian faith or they don't like my conservative politics. 6172666868. Is the number where you think of Tim Tebow. Jeff Jim why do what we let Jeff by I could not agree with few more manned the US sold on the money your minutes. Number number one. I think you know there were people across the country in the sports world that wanted this guy to fail. And it made me so angry this is when he was in Denver. They wanted this guy to fail because that this Christian faith and because the way he would he told demonstrative of it. The other thing you know did he represented the old school -- of 4050 years ago you know I kept your right they don't want that type of mail. Leaving -- eating its society being more they would rather have a guy who's married who's got a mistress and the mistresses mistress. In children with different women they don't they no longer want decent people. Jeb Bradley we know that sad thing is. I agree with you are American culture has been kidnapped by these liberals. Did it dipped a little bit if anything but liberal they intolerance. Of people who think differently from themselves. You know but yeah so nailed it in fact your point is so profound. I don't think many in the audience fully appreciate how profound it is because think about it. If you really believe in diversity right what is what is that liberals keep telling us all the time not to be hall aren't. We have to be diverse. We have to show compassion to every group who okay. So why can't command the question that they're right now demands say on our father our -- I'll marry or whatever on the football field. Now I mean. Who we all look at Ben Roethlisberger who are the quarterback of the Pittsburgh Steelers. The man has been accused of rape being not once but twice. -- forcibly raping young girls 1819 year old girls in bathrooms. He forces themselves on 1819 year old women twenty year old women you read my clubs -- parties and bathrooms both times he's been accused of doing it in a bathroom for saying come with me into the bathroom. And then they women of alleged he forced himself on them and a bathroom. Bill -- in Pittsburgh. The media loves this guy he's a warrior he's a great quarterback. He's a man's man. Ben Roethlisberger is one of the greatest quarterbacks that ever lived. Tim Tebow. No one's ever accused the marine. -- America ever accused the -- -- He's -- chased him and he's a Christian chased patriotic. Old fashioned mail. And now there's a big target on his back. 6172666868. Mike thanks for holding welcome to the corner report. Good morning Jeff -- I think they're looking at this from a different angle well more from the business side of it why why would the owners sidelined him. If they discovered that the is that the people live in New York area just don't like any of that. You know and that's really the bigger shame is that the the audience doesn't expect her or like it. Not so much that the NFL has to push this agenda or that -- -- like -- or urged pro quick period. There just thermal reactor I look at the NFL and the owners. Are reacting to us reacting to the people. Are bigger problem can hit the culture. And Mike here's the problem here's the problem. They're chanting his name in New York. The fans love him. The fans want him in Denver got friends who love them in fact look I don't wanna. Gold -- I again I wanna do do we site football here. But when the team in Denver was losing they were losing. And -- literally there were getting their their rear ends whipped they after the Sunday after Sunday game after game. The crowds were chanting Tebow. Pull on through sheer fan pressure. The coaches set all big get them on the field. And miraculously. He begins winning -- And winning big. And Danny takes Denver into the playoffs right and many stunned the Pittsburgh Steelers. And what does he do they trade him to New York. And now -- New York the fans are saying play. There in depth understanding up Peyton Manning was their coaches and that is true they got a good quarterback for Tim Tebow my point is they let him grow. Danny goes to New York the fans love him. -- fans absolutely love them and speed up -- this contradiction Mike this is the contradiction of. Why would they lose money don't get that I don't understand why would why would they pay -- he's getting his money got a contract when he. Why would they lose that -- don't get apple in navigate that intrigued and liberal was a bit but yes just can't say that the problem. Date with Tim Tebow just the fact that they announced incoming they sold jerseys like crazy and they sold season tickets. And they still refuse to play him and Michael give me the ultimate example. If you were to make I'm telling you right now we've conservatives are Smart we could take over the entire culture in ten years. All we have to do is get to a movie studios. And let me tell you what you crank out you just -- -- like Hollywood used -- come out. Patriotic movie showing how Americans are killing terrorists around the world. Big sellers I'm telling you right now dark 030 coming up is gonna sell like hot cakes. Do pro family movies and families that celebrate heroism and old fashioned values. You do that you're gonna see people coming to the movie feeders in ropes. Remember Hollywood used to sell big charging five cents a picking. Now they charge 1011. Bucks a ticket. And they still don't make enough arm as much money on many films as they used to make on films fifteen years ago. With a population half the size that we have good days. So that show you if they were really interest -- in business. In marketing. They would promote wholesome Christian patriotic old fashioned film it's. But they don't. Because their agenda. Trumps the bottom line 6172666868. John thanks for holding welcome to the coroner report. According that the Kerner actually you know great I think so like I guess that's not give ourselves the -- -- but he does -- I. Make my -- that's played this whole thing work itself with these -- it's been thought out marketing I thought. I would suggest that Ryan never had that fact it's not really like him that jet -- the -- -- a lot of New York City -- -- -- -- let -- effect throughout the city. Some better that giant in the war stopped it for Rex Ryan that that the area it's big giant. Adam vote this year are going to apply -- Bryan I didn't even basic job but he's not going I think they're not a throw him out it's all things with about balance these -- its currency broker these black here Bob or training camp even started. And it and it and it fish -- I mean he certainly needed to be developed in darker it got it. I'd and I really be sure sonic Jack bell I'm sure Ebert brought -- but it was moved by all of that celebrity. And everything that comes with New York. You know Iraq scientists got our. App holes between you know a lot but I'll wait for that operation that we thought that was it bigger offers -- last summer back up -- management's current air. And the fact that Baylor football. I mean Rex Ryan is a loser but really he's a loser. I bet you dollars to donuts he's a big Democrat and he's an Obama supporter. I got a bit. And now mr. genius. Has just now by not playing Tebow basically got himself kicked out of his own job.