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Mother of Milford man killed by illegal.

Dec 28, 2012|

Michele McPhee talks with a mother of a 23 year old killed by an illegal in a motor vehicle accident.

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-- -- And now it's time for a -- Howie -- show. This college student I. Gotta restrain report for the -- they were stalking her driving hundreds of miles ahead. That's. -- tracking software. -- Accusing her of being promiscuous. Mentally ill. Among others. And and she had a good to literally had record. Who do you love and this is Patricia Courtney during the previous court appearance for here covered their faces today the judge -- Inside. The judge however said he was concerned about going forward with the deal because of -- quote extreme emotional distress. War on heart disease snow turns that. -- the sense that he's done it. Yet -- here now. Now -- filling in for Howie this show on the feet. And 54%. Of children are obese -- do you actually think there's been incidents that could actually change the statistics. I think that is part of the equation isn't really a long term project. But not Howie -- WRKO. Radio network. Welcome back to the Howie -- show on Michelle McPhee -- -- -- car and you have to tell. Mean stupidity. The arrogance the abuse of power Massachusetts. Never ceases to amaze me -- a woman that easily amazed I've seen it all. I've covered murder mayhem the -- to twenty years I had to stand organized crime. But believe me I'm writing a book about John guide you right now. In -- body has nothing. Nothing. On the shenanigans at Deval Patrick has managed to pull off since he took over. The corner office at the Massachusetts State House it is astonishing to me and I don't have to tell you that even I couldn't keep up with the grim aftermath. Of what happens after Matt Udinese 23. Are reaching graduate of the Framingham state university. On August 28 2011 he was struck. While riding his motorcycle. And sadly I just I just told Kevin and -- my producers I sold my motorcycle right after this happened because it was so disturbing to me. At the horrific nature in which this young energetic beloved. He just started a new job -- Denise in all of that came to a crashing and when a guy named Nicholas who grew to 934. Who -- here illegally from Ecuador. He was drunk he was driving the car he -- this port 23 world. And people are outraged. Now this guy had a passenger because they refused to stop if you remember a witness to the crash his name is Louise a cost. He was in the pickup truck with -- add whatever his name is -- Kansas on the illegal I don't wanna give. Any credit when his name. So a legal one is the driver illegal too is Luis Acosta. So -- comes at a bracelet on Luis Acosta the witness the passenger in the car he gets pretty does he cuts it -- -- goes back to act riddler. And we don't have any sort of extradition. Cooperation agreement with the country of Ecuador so he's on he's in the wind he remains in Ecuador. Now the driver is indicted October 21. Twenty Atlantic he -- -- His brother. And yeah -- of this year has also indicted for allowing him. And his brother Nicholas to drive the truck without a licensed pilot doesn't have a license either but he's the illegal register the truck. So did the -- -- on the brother Pablo who's also in the country illegally I mean this is really creepy. -- get absolutely positively. Us. Us. She ever thought the car they can MacKey did meets. Haven't attorney that you and I are all paying for that attorney Peter Edinburgh. They'll meet defense council which means actually that he illegal -- teen. Unemployed of attorneys that are defending him against these charges that he killed. -- -- He said it is in his G. He can't stand trial. That means taxpayer I did shrinks are now involved. In. Denise was murdered. In August. 2011. It is now almost -- and you -- 2013. And beat you know legal drunk driver who killed an -- Udinese has still not been brought to trial. Because taxpayers. Are spending tons of money. To evaluate whether or not he is medically competent to stand trial. -- -- The injury in. And we are hoping to hear from Mari Maloney who was Matthew -- isn't mom she is apoplectic and how can any of us blame her. She's insanely angry. Because Matthew Anthony's. Was so loved thousands of people flooded the Statehouse. With requests that we close the loophole that allows guys like. Pablo -- mind. Whatever the hell is name is to register. That pick up truck. And -- then allowed. His brother Nicholas was those here illegally to drive. The car that's registered to the illegal immigrant without a license. Earlier legally they're all driving around illegally and the only guy who's not and deported by the guy who fled the country. Three he absolutely crazy. And by the way tableau. Is probably driving around as we speak right now. Because Deval Patrick has found a loophole. And a -- that was post to close the loophole. Wine these sorts of deaths I mean this is just astonishing to me in an I I -- all of you because this is how we. Up -- law passed. That keeps violent offenders behind bars in this is the only reason why Deval Patrick in a move that lawmakers. What finally forced. To make sure that they closed this multiple but surprise surprise. Rachel cup proudly and has created another loophole by interpreting a utility bill as proof of legal residents to put a deadly weapon on the road. Bahrain Maloney be -- I don't know -- is heard me say this is this story struck me very personally he just signed. Was so the -- -- -- from the outpouring of support that if family received but to lose and a 23 is old and such horrific circumstances. And not really just -- continuing to be dragged around through the justice system with this nonsense about this guy plain -- card now -- you find out that the registry. Has created a loophole in the loop hole. To stop this from happening to another family thank you so much for joining us I noticed the people topic you talked about. Thank you for you know addressing it on your show. I'm like -- -- what credentials does ritual act apparently have been allowed her to interpret the law. Obviously Governor Patrick understood the intention of the law and that's why he vetoed the the -- -- its first proposed to him. And -- -- house has it was about and to pursue an override his veto. But I like this is a slap in the face to all the residents of Massachusetts and all the lawmakers that works so hard to get that built. Approved. I have to ask you Maureen I mean not assigned this is a devastating booty a family to his siblings and his friends. And you still had did the wherewithal to join forces with people like Maureen Rossi and -- law makers to make sure that this. Sort of tragedy didn't hit another family. It must feel like somebody just kicked you in the stomach when Deval Patrick can be so arrogant. You completely circumventing. All luck that was or overwhelmingly. Passed by the house and the senate. And then the same house and senate overwhelmingly. Vetoed his veto. I'm a lot so what exactly is he getting out of you know spitting on the memory of last time I do I simply do not understand. I don't know what getting cabinet but I like he's. Putting -- safety at every race in Massachusetts that. We can't bring it back but Matthew's death was totally preventable. We don't about the executions in the -- in 2000 inside. It it you know it was first brought to attention back and -- and close your account when. Politicians first. The proposed that a bill. Has led proposal could 2006. -- it's still alive and and Richard glossy and it'll all all the other people that have been killed in recent years by a licensed drivers. I don't know what to -- what is in -- for governor. Patrick in I don't know but it. A third that he is putting everybody on the road at risk. Well there's two things that your family must be angry about wine watching this judicial process. With the suspect who killed your son. And this idea that his brother is here illegally he's the one who managed to utilize a -- -- alarm in the first place. And put this giant pickup truck on the road he's still here. And all we know we still driving around. Even -- we are here illegally mean the scheme I don't know prudent iced navy blue that guy back to Ecuador which is exactly where. The witness in this case has already fled to. Well I certainly there at -- but the -- the deportation. Guidelines are written you practically have to be a serial killer and drug -- to get support hated. It's not an easy process to get deported now. Unfortunately the the crime that he admitted. Or that he's being charged with content -- settled yet allowing an unlicensed driver to wreck his vehicle. Even if he's found guilty -- it does not meet the criteria for deportation. What's ironic -- Maloney. Is that he too is unlicensed because he too was in the country illegally. As far as. I am aware correct. I mean is just astonishing that we can even happen I mean he sentences don't even make sense in other parts of this country. And again I posted some information about just signed you know that the milk for pat I have to applaud them they have a pretty good timeline. I'm Maureen -- had no idea. That this driver until today when I just was looking up some of the stories about his son. And no idea that he is now claiming to be insane and incompetent to stand trial I mean missed his adds insult. Too many many injuries have already -- you know hit -- feeling pretty hard. You know I'd bet that is the situation in Africa can't get -- -- -- my -- tell about it we do have another court in January 8 and it's -- them another mental competency hearing. Hopefully something will be determined at that time that we probably. And 45 on. At least just on the mental competency issue. We don't -- they'll they'll ever get to a trial we need to determine the mental competency are. I mean that is just extraordinary -- space that the guy is it not and he's not entitled to that protection. Under the United States constitution because he is in no way United States citizen. I -- this entire situation is in raging. And and I am by blood is boiling for you do you lie us into the idea that he. That this continues to become tragedy. Because the next person who gets killed by an illegal can point directly app Deval Patrick arrogance and racial pep rally ends power trip. Which he feels that she can interpret. Other approved of legal residents as presenting an Obama phone cell phone bill. To the R&B to put a car in the broad when he need to have a Massachusetts driver's license to get a campfire permit. At a public park. I and I needed to produce the driver's license to get a library card when I moved here. Through. And it is -- can we still had secure communities when. Or prior to the accident with Matthew it it may never occurred because -- lawmen. Had charges against him -- found guilty your part to deactivate and should have been deported. Anyone violent charges if my memory serves me correctly Larry and I went -- violent crime. It was it was right it was breaking and entering a default -- a police officer and other public employee. Along with his other charges. But. This straight this guy necklace movement was here illegally from Ecuador can breaking into my house beat up the cop that response to the crime scene. Get behind the wheel of a car and drive drunken lean until he hits just signed -- and it's very terrible way and we don't need to go through that from details his son had a terrible death. And and then. The taxpayers of Massachusetts. Can pony up cash for him to be medically evaluated because now his attorney is claiming. That he has mental health issues yes he's a violent criminal and most violent criminals have mental health issues. And this guy should be immediately kicked back to Ecuador in Tokyo it happens to him there. And that's only after serves a very long and ugly sentence in. The United States for what he did -- Helios time. And you think it is statistics statistics according. Triple play. 20% of all fatalities from crash involving my driver. And four out of five of those -- obviously the accident scene. Now in our particular case Matthew wasn't killed by the first impact that he provide the impact Matthew was killed in Guam and him over. The second time inject into his death. I'm having those words alone -- Maloney and shortages to just. And I give everybody pots like they did to me think about that your son could have lived if he just didn't act like a savage animal. And we guarding knew that he was a savage animal because that's how he behaved in the past and those -- just the crimes that he was convicted for. And -- I think you've lived in Massachusetts long have to know how difficult it is actually convict anybody of a crime. Which means he probably had a very long rap sheet for crimes that he got off on -- -- -- pled to a lesser charges on. -- -- -- So I mean what do you what do you plan to do because I told Maureen -- in I I give you the same pledged. I know -- of march in view of the state house I know there are a lot of people out there and willing to make phone calls what do you think needs to happen -- Deval Patrick knows that -- not gonna let him. They haven a slippery manner. Hello Rachel to proudly and to make these grandiose gestures about what she interprets as a legal. Document to approvals legal residents of Massachusetts when I have to cough up. My driver's license my registration. In two utility bills to simply get through the Callahan tunnel. Well you know my plan right now Connecticut said that about this yesterday is to contact all the lawmakers that they have voted. To pass this bill have all my present and remember all those who support this bill to contact their legislators. I think if you'd you'd slap in the face our lawmakers who voted on the law have been overruled by Rachel two trillion. So I would like the lawmakers to. Take action. Democrats -- ritual for your program has done pretty much or anything Deval Patrick disaster to do including. I think she had to divorce her drunk driving husband and she. Uh oh I don't know button and just -- at that. Mean it's just it's like it's appalling to me what happens I missed but you know there. The executive director of highway safety who should make sure that somebody like. Nicholas gloom in the violence Fallon wasn't on the road to tell you -- to make sure that could happen while she's attacked they had thirty accidents ever known. I mean you just got here all of this and shaking and sadness. -- on -- taking from you in a state where there are a million different ways in which to put a stop gap. Before that terrible crime took place he wasn't killed by the impact he was killed by the dragging. And that tells you everything you need to know about this piece of you know what. Correct and if you just think that the police blocked from my town alone. Almost every day you'll read that in licensed driver was cited inaccurate one town and Massachusetts and I'm sure this is going on it out the -- how many people are being excited daily. There are thousands and thousands of unlicensed driver that there were untrained. Many of them can't read English for every -- signs or understand Everett signs. And they're out there with our families and loved ones. Well I am hoping you fight Maureen you and I will stay in close contact you know you have people at a supporting you know land and certainly praying -- -- I I do wanna mention that yes I was so beloved there bikers all over the place I see them all the time with Matthew Denise. Bumper stickers are all little stickers on the helmets. At the he really you know he did a good job raising a good man and that adds I'm so sorry that you mistaken for me on the sort of way. And I'm sorry that Deval Patrick is is so disrespectful of his memories and disrespectful since day one. When he couldn't even her call your son's name -- now he just adds. To the demeaning way in which he's treated your family with this latest loophole to -- I Crable bank to protect -- time to address this issue on your show and I appreciate your support. While -- I think DA that you have a lot of support out there and -- Maloney from Milford Massachusetts. She is apoplectic that her son's memory. Is being completely disregarded. With a little pulse rate took a proudly in what her qualifications -- lows but we know trying to hacks are running around in these very important legislative offices it's crazy. -- Maloney thank you. I can't thank you.