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Scott Brown betrayed all of us. He is a fraud and a RINO

Jan 2, 2013|

Kuhner does not hold back. Scott Brown put himself ahead of the people he was sent to represent.

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I'm gonna fight for. So once again her criticism on me is that I'm not gonna raise taxes and that's an accurate criticism. -- You know new theme song -- That's right. I. Good morning -- then. This is -- -- an early morning plus. The bulldozer. Cleaning up very liberal bull. 6172666868. The. Happy new year. We're free falling by France. To all of us. -- and then the model. Discuss senator Scott Brown sexy Scottie was in on it last night's. -- while many of us were still celebrating new years. May be recovering from the big party on New Year's Eve. Did dirty deed was done. Senate Democrats. Along with senate Republicans. Passed a fiscal cliff bill. That was then passed by the house. For the dear leader Barack Obama to sign. And now he's on his way. To Hawaii. To continue partying and continuing his vacation for him. The New Year's Eve celebration is just beginning. 2013. Is off to -- rocking start. He just destroyed the Republican Party. He just handed John Boehner his head. He handed Mitch McConnell his head. I mean. They are laughing in the White House they're popping champagne corks I've never seen the liberal media this happy. In eighteen years since well since the election of reelection of Barack Obama actually. But I mean that they can't believe it they've managed to make the Republicans. Capitulate. On every single core principle that they believe him. Did dear leader I gotta give them credit I have to say this about Barack Obama. He played Bain are like a fiddle. We have a live look in right now to all of you this is live on the spot they live looking at the White House right now. They're celebrating my friends. Here's the dearly here. Bogey and there's Michelle. -- in my form on -- stupendous game off. Whoa here's Boehner. Obama shot glass. And now. This here's Scotty Scott Brown his -- -- maybe -- Red -- and the American people went dead. I'm gonna fight for every taxpayer so once again her criticism of me is that I'm not gonna raise taxes and that's an anchor Chris on I was in October. This is January 1. New Year's resolution and prominent shop did -- voters. Yeah baby yeah. One blouse shaft and before I don't think I'm a model. I'm posing and I'm sexy Scott Brown wall just look at shirt off all the -- the good grades -- 617. Do 666 -- six did well there's a little dig and just get you down with Scotty. -- I'm older slowness of the minority. The women are all very busy spreading -- Ten to block. Have a crush on you may be -- There though I don't mean I'll look at it this. And I'm looking at these Republicans. Trying to put a smile on an absolute debacle. So for those they view there are still in your cars saying what happened last that -- Jeff. You get you ready to go to work here is what happened. The Democrats. -- the Republicans. To go woodshed. Here is the agreement that they had hammered out with broad Republican support both in the senate and in the house. Taxes on upper income households those making 450000. Dollars and above. Individuals 400000 and above. I've now gone up to 40% 39 point 6% basically 40%. Dave raise taxes on those making more than 450000. Capital gains taxes up. Dividend taxes up estate taxes. Up. But here is the kicker. Here is the kicker. You may say -- giraffe but it's the rich is the so called rich Jaffe doesn't affect me. Non on my phone. It -- lets you write in your pocketbook my friends. Because it's 77%. Of households. Those making 50000. Hot act basically a couple you when your husband. Whatever one's a cop. One's a teacher won the construction worker won the hospital administrator. Those making between fifty and 200000. Dollars a year. You -- payroll taxes. Are going up. They did not extend the payroll tax cuts they let those taxes go up. And that means the average household that's you mr. and mrs. America. Are going to be paying 1635. Dollars more this year. They hope they're posing nude down a really good and that's not counting all the obamacare taxes that are coming down the -- there's going to be twenty of those coming. They're gonna be hitting you from every direction. But simply on the payroll taxes alone. You -- now saying 16100. Dollars more as a household in taxes more this year. They didn't protect the middle class. They didn't protect the working class they didn't protect the workers of this country they sold them down the river. But I'll tell you who did very well. Unemployment benefits long term unemployed get another year extension. The farm growers before it -- growers -- dairy farmers. Big subsidy for them to farmers big subsidy for them the rest of us pay for. The American so mall when it's ice where he used the Americans so moments. Get a huge tax credit -- the American Samoan islands. Hollywood. Major expenses. And now can -- tax deducted. We're basically helping to pay for Hollywood to shoot movies and TV shows they get a huge tax break and his -- All of Obama is left wing Hollywood supporters. All of them get a big tax break out of its. It's a bonanza -- make curse you like rum and Coke you like -- cope. Don't worry they're getting their tax breaks. That -- Puerto Rico Virgin Islands they get their giveaways. There everybody made out like bandits. Our middle class has been shipped. Squeezed. And hammered. And they did -- deal yesterday. The Democrats did this to the American people aided and abetted by the Republicans. And this now I have to mention. This deal is going to four trillion dollars to the deficit. They don't even -- spending in this bill. This new revenue that all this is generating -- not to pay down the deficit. It's the paid for more spending. Another stimulus. More money for education. More money for the Samoan islands were Nancy Pelosi and her husband literally have a big two and a factory that's where they make a ton of money. Nancy Pelosi got a huge tax break for her husband's company in the American Samoa on violence. Paid for by us. They don't cut spending by -- and in this deal. Even the Congressional Budget Office says this -- four trillion dollars that the deficit. Were bankrupting ourselves on this deal. Nevermind wall in the economy with a massive tax increase that's gonna send his -- into double dip recession. That we just got shafted. Happy new year. Topping -- year. But before I get to the particulars of this. And how this crying upon the American people was committed. I wanna talk in particular about it's a sexy senator Scott Brown sexy Scotty the model. He's very good modeling but that's about it. This was his last vote. He is now leaving the senate after losing to chief spreading -- senator Elizabeth senator elect Elizabeth Warren. This was his chance to make a tough. Vote. This was his chance. To stand up for middle class taxpayers. This was his chance. To stick to principle and honor his word. And what did he do. He caved. He capitulated. Like almost every one of those Republicans. Not all. Some held their ground. Some actually thought principal was worth fighting for some actually thought defending the American taxpayer was worth fighting for. But senator Scott Brown the model. Dare he was his final -- After saying he would never raise taxes. And in particularly you never -- stocks is when the economy is sputtering what -- the model well he votes to raise taxes so. -- a fight for every taxpayer so once again her criticism of me is that I am not gonna raise taxes and that's an accurate -- -- -- Roy -- they -- studies have a good time Obama White House. Can I have something and I I have to say that's where. I am not they're Republican hack. I don't told the party line. This show is not about toeing the party line. I am an independent thinker. And I don't suck up to the democratic establishment I certainly don't suck up to the Republican establishment. I look at senator Scott brown and here's what I see. He voted for Dodd-Frank. Which -- in trench is too big to fail and bail out Wall Street and the big banks. Disastrous legislation. After new town he capitulated and votes for an assault weapons ban. He capitulate on gun rights. Now he said he would never raise taxes not only do they raise taxes on the so called wealthy those making over 450000. They raise the payroll tax on most Americans. Working and middle class Americans. So he betrayed us on taxes he betrayed us on guns he betrayed us on Dodd-Frank. Was she led the fact that he's a pro abortion. -- gay marriage. Broke gays in the military senator and I have to ask you one simple question what good is this meant to us. If you're gonna act like a Democrat. Vote like a Democrat. DN Democrat for all essential purposes. Just because you have an. Come the special election and that's what that vote was about just like the assault weapons ban vote. That vote was about June. That wasn't about you and me that wasn't what's about the best for the American people. That provoked was about a special election in her late may early June saying you know what. I am now -- court the democratic establishment. I'm gonna make myself seem responsible. Am I make myself seem compassionate. And reasonable and moderate. So more soft Democrats and a moderate Democrats will vote for me and early June. Well I got news for you a movement of the model. Your key party base that elected you went 2010. The independents who elect did you want to when he can. Get people who defend the Second Amendment to elect did you went -- -- them. The working and and middle class who pay taxes were elected -- money and we're not gonna vote for you this time. If there's if you're gonna if you're gonna basically give us the same policy is a Democrat is we're just not gonna vote. And you're gonna you gonna lose in June like you lost to chief spreading ball because you have abandoned and betrayed your base. Now. Your model. You're a parent you keep I always -- now that last campaign what I see what senator Scott Brown. He's there with his wife he's there with his finally there beautiful finally -- unattractive finally he works on a couple hours a day OPEC data you're sexy you're a sexy guy. You think you're a sexy guys you've got a pretty beautiful finally -- data. You you should sell us for GM pickup trucks. You should maybe go back I don't go by Playgirl apparently is looking for more models -- Scotty sexy Scotty the model. So you're very good model. But you're not a very good politician. And you're certainly not a principled leader. So we need less modeling. We need you -- photo ops less thinking about how to record Democrats. And we need just stand up for your principal. He stuck the knife. Right in his constituents is back all of them. It was a shameful vote. And I think this vote will cost him the election in June. And mark my words he is gonna face a conservative primary challenger in the Republican primaries. Because many Tea Party Republicans are gonna say enough is enough. And so my question to you is very simple. What did you make of Scott Brown's vote. Where you disappointed that he voted for the fiscal cliff deal. Then he voted to raise taxes. Is this for you the final betrayal. By sexy Scotty. 6172666868. Might thanks for holding welcome to the corner report. And Jeff thinks they can take my my finish your question not to -- it was kind of round because. You know I believe whatever if you wanna Wear his position into areas I think he should look at Massachusetts to find out where. There temperature is on any given moment. Where certain situations I think he can. See where he's kind of you know I think he's like you said trying to appeal to Massachusetts constituents which happens to be overwhelmingly Democrat so. Therefore. He had do you know not being obstructionist. And that sort of thing that on the call about the fiscal cliff to -- public. What they -- be an obstructionist. You write -- candidacy you know. And I we talk and -- senators voted against this bill. This thing sailed through Mitch McConnell voted for a most Republicans voted for does was a complete surrender and capitulation by the Republicans. So since both seem you know it in lockstep in not you know. By betraying his own constituents when he said he would never raise taxes. You're saying betraying your own base betraying your own supporters. Forget raising taxes on those above 450000. Dollars. This raises payroll taxes Mike I don't know how much you make. But if you and your wife make combined 50000 or more your taxes are going up and I don't mean by a few bucks. By 15100 to 2000 dollars. Now if he's there to protect my pocketbook and he can't protect my pocketbook what good is he Jimmy. -- -- Yet if -- thought that one element but if there -- -- -- about that help map which. Should believe what ailment. Right pillow under -- might hear about it I don't dynamics is an easy for you is that I mean what -- is that is that the tipping money for you 15100 dollars. Now I expect extend unemployment very people who were you know whatever else is. We'll -- things for -- that's the point who's paying for all the site. These many of them have been on unemployment for two to three years so I'm paying -- paying for enough is enough. Well by the right guys I Ukraine if you let my point is that he's got the look out for is for a lot of people other than you and me. And he you know President Obama did win the election there is the cost -- win an election than lose an election that we lost. And he's our president Don Mario offered throughout branches they have to do something they have to -- play. Might Obama what did he offer what olive branch to Obama offer are the -- spend it. It out into 400 -- -- me that pool all. Remove move my. What a concession. -- what a concession. Mike. Did you notice in 2004. We had elections if we want to let let you get the grip -- down the road so we can't get it that -- federal. -- -- majority really short. Short short right. The American people reelected in higher House of Representatives. Right so we have a mandate. To hold the line on taxes and spending. Yeah there's a lot of pressure you know with the president that the media and the way. You leaders might that's going to -- Brown is not a leader. I mean Mike know what is the Democrats never gave notice in 2000 and forge noticed this Mike when bush won in 2004. Did the liberals are the media say all he has a mandate now on you rock we have to support the Iraq War no. Did they say here's a mandate on abortion now we have to push for pro life justices know. They they get packed in and blocked him at every turn. So how come is it now when now when Republicans lose elections and Democrats have a mandate but when Democrats lose elections than Republicans don't have a mandate. They hypocrisy here Tony is stunning. And so instead of defending us instead of fighting for us instead of being true to his word Scott Brown -- like a Democrat. Well if you're gonna vote for elect a Democrat. I don't need -- I don't need you -- model. Your great model I'm telling you you'll contest for the pictures that's all you are good for get lost and we'll put up somebody who really believes what he says. Chris Europe next welcome to the Adam to the -- report. -- mr. Herbert great to be audio and Kurdish. Yell out there trying every day. 1 thing I am actually -- -- EU many Turkish -- Eric I'm actually happy. But the trooper -- we're holding one up -- really not a actual job. We're told the medium or your bench. That can actually I wouldn't mind seeing young or you're get a trooper -- reduction. Gum unhappy one I mean roach 46%. Of the people just don't pay characters at all -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Child should be at that they are not getting. Crisper world -- I'm getting it I mean -- he's yelling at everybody works is getting attacked. Mean look we're gonna be 15100 to 2000 dollars or this year. I am frankly I need that 2000 dollars. I mean I don't have 2000 dollars to just throw around doors or groceries those are heating bills gas prices are going up. I mean this is -- you know this. Don't by the media spin notice how the media is playing this -- go. Income taxes won't go up for those making less than 400000 dollars a year yes. But excise taxes are gonna go up. Payroll taxes are gonna go up many other taxes are gonna go up. And so we're getting almost 15102 point 200 dollars. As a family. And we're Scott Brown. John Europe next. Thanks for holding welcome to the -- report. Barn massacre are you done very well. You know better Urbana. Don't found that I and that you are not what -- like it kind of yeah maybe if you're out on their back not -- last night however come about after the without soothing. What caught our ballclub but there. Okay. You keep your belt then there are a lot of conservative than that they are aren't. We do it -- that by now you look at that it -- Hey I'm -- dumped out that you might be welfare state your side in our. Because there are a lot of people. They're still -- the way I do and it may not be that there. I don't wanna pay the -- -- gap -- that box but no I cannot order but you know what people are right now what lookalike Albuquerque job for the -- at -- certainly cannot. Certainly tend not to -- -- gonna get that money. So -- -- are -- -- are aware -- come up with that money -- water until I see port you know what apple. Bogut out in like -- Bartlett stopped and I cannot all worked -- Bob -- Jeter single -- -- -- screw. Cheap not to celebrate the great aspects GAAP. Not pay it at -- -- money imperiled fact no one -- our great -- doing it. -- -- John you nailed it and let me tell you this is in a nutshell let me tell you -- last night's vote amounts to. Raising your taxes by fifteen to 2000 dollars through those payroll tax increases. That's your race. You were raises for the next three or four years those are your raises they just went up in smoke. So when the model. Goes out and says in June -- -- defend taxpayers armagh and raise your taxes anymore really like on January 1 sexy Scotty. Hey that's like then I'm gonna defend gun rights really like when you capitulated to the assault weapons ban. I'm gonna stand up to Wall Street. Really like with Dodd-Frank. Which is that a big giveaway to the banks and and and and and the insurance companies. You could you cave on abortion. You cave on game arch. You cave on gays in the military you -- on start. You cave on taxes you cave on guns you gave on Dodd-Frank. I don't need you. I might as well CG spreading bull does the real thing at least get real think. I want a real Republican who'll stand for real principles and who will defend the middle and working class of this country. Now you want a model go ahead model you wanna do for social score headed for a Schultz. You wanna living your beautiful little -- learned from your million dollar mansion that's your problem. But don't run around with your gun -- in your pickup truck and act like your mr. Joseph six pack. When your be trained Joseph six pack at every turn and. Susan. Your next goal. This season. Don't think I I wanna say I never thought I think to come to this day but I I'm done with Scott Brown. All of this taping in mr. -- the frosting on the cake. And it's something that I'm sure that you know two people who didn't taste and I think it would be a great 2016. And a ticket. Would be Marco Rubio and Rand Paul they didn't case. That's what I -- confront. Susan I gotta tell you Rand Paul and Marco Rubio I think just made themselves frontrunners for 2016. And I want to stress this to all of you we had Rand Paul on a couple weeks ago. I only put the best people on my show people who want to know have spying -- principal have the guts. And Rand Paul buck the trend. He -- the media he -- pressure he bucked the establishment and he said I will stand on principle. I will not holds the middle class. And then raise the deficit another four trillion dollars which is gonna bankrupt this country. Somebody has to stand up for the people and stop Scott Brown didn't Rand Paul did and Marco Rubio did and I'm telling you that's your 12. That's your 12 Republican punch right there in 2016. Kevin sorry Mike thanks for holding welcome to the corner report. Hey Jeff got a good blow up those two guys know what is it there it's between Marco Rubio or read all the difference is Marco Rubio who voted no. What she knew it didn't matter and he did politics where awful weeks. Don't want to -- he'll vote no that's the difference again Marco Rubio. And that's why I think it's -- depth of the Republican Party because today -- Republican rank and file will rally around. Marco Rubio and are rare ball. Mike I believe. That if the Republicans don't get their act together very very soon you'll see a third party emerge. And you and you will see Rand Paul I believe may be lead that charge here was Rand Paul on our show just a couple of weeks ago. Once you go and listen to us what we're saying is let's don't be the party of slightly less high taxes and the president as the the party of lower taxes no way to do that. If you need to put forward something let assault let their house Republicans vote on it that extend all the tax rates permanently. And reforms entitlements and cut spending and a real way and. Bingo. That's gonna save our country. Restore prosperity. And balance the budget and save us from impending financial collapse. Rand -- he's the guy I'm telling you get the Tea Party is the future. Are you with us are you against us scab in Europe next welcome to the -- report. Morning Jeff and thank you so much support maligned here it is in new year. I mean they eventually did note yield was hiding but I didn't just don't know what to look forward to -- But go in that describes brown your group Michelle and I stood out -- -- circle on the PS space adapt homemade signs. Tour I think it will rule because back. -- -- 1920s. And we had. No -- everything else. And you know who we just came together probably feel left out two things with Scott elect doubt that stopped treating. And so many things other -- boost Elena Kagan is so that you could walk don't walk that -- he did the catwalk. Okay on the vote. Yes he had abstained from the vote. Our -- voted no I think that's what he did he would -- some. Alina Kagan but he introduced our resources she could walk on water. I wanted to say all these politicians. Ed -- Terribly John Tierney I mean all these -- and let's hope on Thursday. Okay we know as the vote took some of these Tea Party -- some members in congress. Stand up. -- -- I agree with you Boehner -- ago. I think there's no getting around it now Bob Europe next welcome to the -- report. I think it's good morning good morning Bob. I calculated. Roughly. I am going to lose seven based trade based on my part time job and probably. Like two and a half weeks -- regular job. -- helped start wanna look at that -- 16100 to 2000 dollars. And that's step pay my property taxes. So. That's some looking at a putting -- its. Disrespect in my own mind. -- -- -- it was in the Alps where where are you are the Republican elites. Where is the Republican Party to defend the little guy. He'll vote for them you support him you campaigned for them they go up to Capitol Hill and what they do they spend their time modeling. They spend their time playing to the camera and playing to the Boston Globe instead of defending the people that put him there. Scott Brown that I'm telling you sexy Scotty. You're gonna have a primary challenge on your hands and even if you win that people are going to stay home. Facts you change. A six ABW. Boston saw.