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Does Scott Brown have the stones to talk to Kuhner?

Jan 2, 2013|

The challenge has been issued. Will Scott Brown stand up and accept?

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He is based will not support him. He's losing his base he's losing to Tea Party he's losing many Republicans. So whatever small liberals he thinks he's picking up he's losing by the dozens. Republicans in this state. And the thing about Scott Brown I'll be very candid with few. Look I understand politics is the art of compromise. I understand we live in a liberal state. I understand you have to put water in your wind to get elected politically I understand that I'm not some. Idealist with his head in the clots. Let's look. How he -- raw volts in front of the liberal media in this state. For example. He went on that Jim Braude. Marjorie eager and show that morning shorter I think that's -- listeners. Okay these two lips. Dad and Jim Braude and but also don't win our home. -- I'm -- c'mon you're so funny -- -- so -- Jim just or shall I give you crucial. And he goes on their show. Because he thinks that somehow he's sucking up to the liberal democratic establishment. But he won't come on the show. He won't come on this show and face this audience. And so now I'm issuing a challenge to sexy Scotty -- to the model. All right forget your modeling forget your -- with your gun on your pick up and you're attractive family. If you really are conservative. If you're really your Republican. Why don't you comment to the lion's -- right here invitation is open and I want you to answer me a couple of questions. Why did you betrayed the fundamental principles that you said you've championed in 2000 and done. Because I want an explanation and the Republicans in the state want an explanation. So our our hope is he going to be on how we get a is that the game he's gonna play is gonna dance around Jeff corner. So scarred if you have the guts. Come on the station you can debate mean you can get your point of view across I'm issuing an open challenge. And my prediction is that coward won't come on the air. -- Europe next welcome to the corner report. Hello I'm -- I'll know what cherry how should sound yet Jackie doesn't have -- but come on your show because they'll be liabilities. Scott Brown I'm gonna make sure up that anyone know whether -- was voted -- this. Legislation. That everyone on my all my friends know who voted five. -- could just go to prison disgrace I mean I feel like I woke up and an option that world universe that I can't wake up from the bad dream. And then -- and I don't wanna make your new year even more depressing. Nothing -- I think it -- black and white -- There's more tax increase is coming to dear leaders telling us in 23 months is going to be more coming sharing if you have the money spend it -- hide it. Put it under the pillow put it under the mattress share. Anything Robert I got about forty seconds to go baby. Hello Robert. Hi Robert -- -- OK we lost you Charlie I got thirty seconds go. And yes I -- generally don't wake up the terrible weather 400000 veterans in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and as Scott Brown. Cannot be one they'll want sixteenth. Marriage native American. -- practice -- -- low light sentence. Basis serious trouble I was the back doors Scott Brown an active cellular and -- Scott Brown changes this -- the Democratic Party is dead politically. I agree with you Charlie -- a change parties because you're basically a live we all know it. My tee off tomorrow. This is how we car this is Jeff. This is very Armstrong hello my friend Rush Limbaugh here join me weekdays noon to three and this is AM six JD WRKO. Talk station talk we get.