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Brinkmanship And The Fiscal Cliff

Jan 2, 2013|

The U.S. Senate voted 89-8 to approve legislation to avoid the fiscal cliff with only 3 minutes to read the 154-page bill and budget score. Howie was resigned to the new taxes and despondent over the trends he sees for the country's future.

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207 will I be able to get the Obama can channel. -- I just can't get enough of him speaking -- How about what he will give the blue wing last night. How how about that -- week. Did you read did you read us how quickly he got on the plane. Did that after the after -- thing was over. She got a region mr. would just take some calls on this. After congress agreed to a temporarily avert the so called fiscal clip last night and by the way out -- probably why wasn't I was -- the last ten days I I have. I wrote a few columns for The Herald I didn't I did not follow the school. I was more interest in you know the the final the final game of the New York Jets season again the best caught that that the -- should win Emmys for the best comedy -- The best continuing comedy series on TV this -- Last fall. After congress agreed temporarily to avert the fiscal clip last night president Barack Obama hailed the deal and brief remarks. Then headed to Air Force One to take a midnight flight to Hawaii. Obama has left this the only days earlier returned to Washington to deal with the fiscal -- Obama in that this is from the pool report. Obama in the seven minute statement in the press briefing room about 11:27. PM. Dressed only in a blue suit he walked across the South -- to board Marine One at 1140. Marine One touchdown any Andrews Air Force Base at 11:54. PM pulled us. The work we're told us was still in a dark gray suit and light blue tie. Walked quickly to Air Force One and dashed up the stairs Valerie Jarrett. Jay Carney and Alyssa maestro mom Rocco I don't know Sheehan as. Were also on board tonight at 1201. AME Air Force One is rolling. The cost of flying Air Force One from Andrews Air Force Base to Hawaii is one point eight million. That means the total round trip cost. Of Obama's return trip to Washington from his Hawaii vacation was at least three point six million. He was expected to -- that -- -- by 15 AM local time he has yet to sign the bill which is now past the house and senate to temple -- avert the fiscal -- Here's what he was elected that's when we want off the fiscal is that right I mean. None of this really means anything it's gonna mean it's gonna mean pay cuts for 77%. The American people. But you know this is a democracy in the the voters get the government they deserve and this is a guy who wants to punish people who work. And he wants to take money from people who earn money and work for it and give it to people who haven't worked and generations. That's when it boils down to that's his that's his man. And the people who work for a living who voted for this guy. To helped him helped him screw themselves. I hope they're having some second thoughts about what they did but I rather doubt it because of the art. There watch the at these of the people who. If they got a chance. The by Allah cart they would buy a home shopping channels any MTV. And VH one. The soap opera channel but the still as a soap opera channel right that's about about good channels that Barack Obama. Or would they would use their EBT -- to -- each patient's. Death pool today. Any doubt there's no death poll today although it's it's a very strange thing -- Chelsea pointed this out the all the people who died over the ten days I was gone. Were they were all on earlier -- pools but not Iran current the current apple. I remembered as a minute disks to somebody dies -- doesn't matter if somebody. You pick somebody for years ago I -- EU that's now the current employment gone for about a month. Exactly. Let's see. Always -- 1525. Minutes late not this time. That's true he always as late but boy didn't take a -- get out of -- said that he was right out of there. 187746. And there isn't there is no death pool repeat no death -- nobody died was on the list. 1877469432. To four million spent in Hawaii and Obama's that it wasn't a vacation while. Imagine if abortion the -- You know. Bush take a look at the degree bush -- taken if he had even stuck around you know -- abide 21. Harry reader right Nancy Pelosi of people in his own party borrow or John Boehner -- about the Republicans you know. He David stick around just as waved -- waved and then -- there's going up the -- he winks at the photographers to deliver there is that's his that's his victory statement the wink. 1877469. -- I can't wait to see the look on all my employees spaces who voted for Obama when they asked whether take home -- last. I know. I know you you know I I feel the same way you 774 I I know it's not a charitable ought to have. But the only way they're ever going to learn a lesson is if they pay a price in how they gonna pay a price in the gonna say. More mobile web you know on. I saw I saw Jon Stewart said only people lament over 400000. We're gonna get hit. Not all that's not the way it's gonna work again half the these Social Security payroll tax holiday -- and Tennessee. So you're gonna take 80%. Pay cut no matter watts. Happens. No matter what in come. Pure and 18774694322. There was a story in -- weekly standard to that I have that was Reid know last night. In this guy and this guy wanted to interviewee just small lot smaller Italian restaurant operating in Baltimore. Yeah about what he's gonna go and what you what what happened now what starts now as. Obamacare doesn't technically start with taxes begin to kick again but it with what's gonna go along with these restaurants now as. That they gonna they gonna have to the good lord how much how many employees they have based on their payroll records from 2013. So even if you cut these people down even if you say we -- You know go to work full time anymore of the -- it's thirty hours I think is a -- thirty hours is full time as part of Obama cares concern. But you can't say to everybody you're gonna work 29 now ports because what they want they would want to claim they want that to claim. Full time equivalents so if there are three people that are working. Working 87 hours horror. Almost there or eighty -- -- 87 hours that will be still be round it off and the three people. You know so the so what's gonna happen is they're gonna try to get through with -- work with fewer people. Just to see if if they can pull it off but the bigger thing and they talk to this guy in Baltimore he inherited the business from his father. And that the place was all was set up so that they could does -- had enough though they could put -- banquet room. To see 120 people on the on the on the roof which is build up from the roof. From I'd put them put the banquet hall on the second floor. But the guys that I can there's no way I can afford it now because he's got the heat he's gonna he's right on the line. Fifty people is the is the line where you have to start picking up the tab. He's got to stay under there's no way he can stay under fifty of the expanse -- so you're you're now have this situation. Where people are going to start refusing to speed and because they don't want to. Two be under the and under the -- of the Obama -- bureaucrats. So this is a situation like -- remember reading about this site back up I went curly was the mayor of Austin. In the 1920s. The the the government so a lot of control on the taxes were so high. That that people were actually the idea people in the in the downtown areas were actually knocking. Stories off their buildings you know you have a five story building in the taxes were so Heidi couldn't afford it anymore and and everybody was leaving the city. Actually we're just that they would just bring in Workman and knock off two with -- stories and up with a three story building it's that five story building. Mean so. It may not get quite that bad. Now but it's it's the same thing people are not going to expand their businesses and in many many ways in many. Many different fields to avoid getting hit with a bomb attacks this is just you know this is the -- it's the beginning of -- of a real might. 187746943221. Internet streaming to computer. Not working. -- 18774694322. Bob your next with how we cargo have Bob. -- -- -- -- Yeah Ali -- Okay sorry about that. I make over 50000 a year. In -- it between 16102000. Dollars. Pretty much. -- -- to my protection money now that was my property taxed. And I figure that's probably a week and a half or maybe two weeks what the war -- that now. I loose. So all bets on putting in the. And how well the way they make it sound like they saved everybody for mine regularly saved everybody from the higher income tax rates. Well the reason that this was an emergency was because the beat the congress the same people who were now claiming beating their breasts and saying they saved the -- the middle class. These are the same people who were fused to make the tax cuts permanent back when there were first. Back when they were first initiated and then two years ago they refused to make them permanent again I don't when they were extended for another two years. You know. In another one another one a written other talking about how they rescued us. The men and then they add it all this other crap like apple involved. And wind turbines and money for Hollywood producers. And guess what Bob does that that -- tax breaks are only for year you know what that means. You know whatever it is and what knowledge knowledge that it will -- the OS -- when it means it means that. Now so now all those industries and there are a lot more from them than the three I mentioned. Now have to come back next year and -- make more contributions to all these people to keep their tax. To keep their taxes down it's just it's just the sophisticated. Legal shakedown. Out of cloture vote that voted for Obama. -- talk and say what do you guys do and any other injuries that they're all the same -- obviously not intentional. Obviously. Obviously they're not in -- they're they're paying zero attention that's the problem. 1877469432. To -- the great irony I mean we -- where Roy in the midst of the greatest. Information explosion in in human history with the with the Internet and electronics. End people are runs Gerry Williams a favorite author used to say amusing themselves to death everybody's just grew from around texting each other. And you know sending each other -- pictures. Standing in line to see. To see bill the big move of the hot but movie. You know. As did here here I -- at the fireworks. At nine Times Square. You know that's all we're doing nobody's nobody's paying attention they're just goof around. You know all these eat -- cinema I saw him on the -- actually I have a -- down there in Florida I go on the bike path with my daughter. And it and we -- we have belts we have you know bells on the bikes or someone's going slower you'd be given that you just hit the -- like a war. And than you go around them but sometimes you know I hit the. I think bang -- In this no there's no change a -- still in the middle. In the -- -- that bing bing bing. And finally -- slide around him and I see that they got buds interiors or listened to the to the that to the music. And then in some cases they're texting as they're driving along and then they're not paying attention. To being on the bike let alone two while what's happening that the economy. Prof George and I no they all vote for anxious now propped George your next with how we cargo -- prof George. Oh yes. We. I disagree with the conventional -- from. Per person low approval tax. Word. Folks it's temporary saying yeah and to you know we have to pay units were gonna get we're gonna get the oceans are we have to pay here. And that's thing I was worried about what. Hewlett professor George I mean I understand what -- -- saying but he says he did after all say that that no one was gonna get hit it right did they. -- no one that no one unless they were millionaires or billionaires which number one guy making 200000 a year is far from a million barrel level on a billionaire. But. But he you know they wanna had and they everybody's gonna get socked with a payroll tax in ending. Payroll tax holiday and. Yeah it was that they knew what I was really concerned about was that. They were gonna let all the all the -- our conflicts are in the and the Republicans would be blamed for that would bitter cold disaster for Republicans. -- I mean what most people vote for Republicans because there were lower tax that would have been -- disaster. I mean look at this situation almost all the bush tax -- I help immigrants in the independent Applegate -- -- -- 1% in this system. Yeah but you LD we were going up profit George were going up against countries as a -- Wall Street Journal today that says this. You know we we have capital gains tax rates by the 25% now we're going up against were competing for business with countries like. As as dissimilar as Singapore and the Netherlands. You know what their capital gains rates are professor George. No orders that zero. Zero. Eye opener for -- or action or you can't expect to get perfection when you lose you know when it was election. I know it but you know the thing is he didn't exactly have like a mandate this wasn't 1984. And 1936. You know. Mean he he he got 51% of the vote and now we -- operating like you know he has this. He is he has the you know the people wanted to turn turn the US and Venezuela. I just don't think it's true. And and and you know look -- and again I understand that the you know while. Probably thirty to 35% of the people are beyond redemption at this point you know -- they're always going to be wards of the state. But that's still I still think that you know and but not everybody that's on the dole wants to be on the ball. He can include people older. But are retired and on social security and at 47% the Mitt Romney was talking about I I just don't think that the that the majority of American people wanna change the way the country is big I hope I hope I'm right -- problem. I hope pat you're next with how we cargo had pat. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But you know here here's apparently -- steps that really important. I've only capital gains tax nonexistent and some are Jews but the corporate tax rate -- one is also a lot lower river stroke. And the -- a lot cheaper. So where these properties that are over record low here where we're going to be regulated expects taxed to death and in have to do -- labor -- that things are gonna go to other place. What what happened yesterday I've shot -- that. All -- in the body that Republicans and all stick together on that it is going to be trapped approaches -- met on the nets are very your seed because. Do -- -- article after some of these people. -- and you know the thing is -- -- you know another thing -- were the Republicans really helped -- the Democrats was on the death tax. You know the Democrats one of the death tax to go up to 55%. And how Georgia a joy to be a Democrat senator running for reelection in 2014. Haven't to defend that the death tax or from what 30% to 55%. And then they just the Republican so let the let him let him keep it down to 40%. You know not that that's that I mean not that there should be any -- tax at all in my opinion you know -- pay you pay taxes all through your life -- -- to pay and at the end again. Diverted -- back -- -- you don't keep I didn't write the perfect time for bears look no. An air attack and -- always -- -- Where there were a lot of stories last week that the various papers saying that you know they didn't really have any names too attached the stories but they were interviewing. You know what tax attorneys and Patrick and and accountants and saying that -- people were thinking of that if they had a relative who was you know while. -- comatose and was never coming out of that was being kept alive on life support. There when they were gonna walk cut a plea cut cut applied before the before the ball dropped in Times Square. It is so if you have a lot of -- could say G10 fifty million box press. That's. That's a lot of cake. Thanks for the call 18774694322. Now are.