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chump Line Wednesday January 2, 2013 - Algae Fuel

Jan 2, 2013|

Our favorite message on today's chump line was the sarcastic comment that maybe the President should use algae fuel to power Air Force One and then maybe it would not cost so much for him to vacation in Hawaii.

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Heading south for the winter don't be a chump call American auto transporters and they were -- your car for you go -- ship cart dot com. -- -- I don't know if we're allowed to use that word. People can get away with -- -- only talks -- and someone else wants to name someone else wants to to name fracking technically. I would be good. 60360000. Syrians won't be voting for Obama's second Nobel Peace Prize then again they won't be voting for anything because they're dead. It's you know it's really it's really something that that John -- -- you know thinks that thinks that the posture -- -- -- obviously. It's a great. Former I've said it before but this this man is a such a wonderful judge of character will be great secretary of state. So we don't means drilling or well acting for your air -- warrant. Can do that one's six. Now back who'll. -- tax rate that the algae industry yet in the in the fiscal cliff. Negotiations. I'm sure that something. I remember -- last last summer with that -- Boone Pickens at the Republican Convention talking about they. You over the moon bats are part about it and used batteries. To power cars I called coal coal fired. Cars like the bolts. And he was talking about you think eagle 1118 Wheeler with. -- And and suddenly occurred to me hey you -- never thought about it before but it. Does sound ridiculous doesn't it. -- Not a lot but discharge from the hospital. I mean that the good thing that. Bad thing is I get a handle you look back movement in. To -- of Alexis rights. Clients pleaded guilty today one of them is say it is on the I believe the zoning board of the town of -- among them. That was a lawyer named GMs or something or other he pleaded guilty today. You know early reporting years I've been saying that Hillary Clinton I haven't had examined. Then I was. Well it's that's coal that's what we're has Bill Clinton is once in a picture Bill Clinton. Oakland and you want it for you but you know. I haven't seen him he's in New York she's in New York he's in New York. He can't he can't. One of his minions to write him. Around the hospital. That whole place. What -- record. You need to get it earlier that hat. -- the president self -- Believe me it's it's through my head trying to forget that idea IKEA. Call it clean energy rescues since we're freeing up the gas trapped them. That's true about calling upon they don't seem to have problems with -- anything else like. Hi -- on it too early to make it seem like they're growing marijuana and their basements. I draw upon we're getting great agents from hydra product growing in the in in upstate New York Governor Cuomo. Any problems with that was long -- typed on it -- absolutely. It's nice to know that the -- the truth that out of representative that the right honorable thing today. We elected -- the Leo right now. -- will go on a couple of weeks when those indictments come down on the Probation Department scandals mostly the grand jury has. Finished up its work and just just waiting to work to do that have to move ahead with the yeah. The indictment. By the way something else happened yesterday -- that Smith. The very extinguish I mean distinguished us statesman lawmaker so long. From Everett decided two while. To not take his seat he was not sworn in today if course he had no. Real choice about sending that letter to Secretary of State -- -- because it was part of the agreement. With the US attorney. Not to seek office for five years he's gonna go to prison. Couple misdemeanor counts for a for stealing votes for voter fraud. In in -- -- I know trying to let it destroy your faith in the integrity integrity of every city government. In 20092010. And as you know there were a couple of extremely close elections and Everett in 2009 and 2000. And there are many questions about wells he may have marked -- work. And there are also some strange votes have been taken and the governor's council where are. The governor's counsel from Everett we accused themselves from vote. Proving it judgeship remember the for a person on the staff of the US factories office. Yet drawn no conclusions -- As mystified as the next -- what is he recuse himself from the vote. I know -- 978 how we my daughter hates the horn chiefs ten years -- in the backyard. She really hates the war. I'm going to war I'm -- in a hole. I'm gonna play the horn a few more times maybe some of my new blisters have never heard the award. But somebody else city can you give me your story permit from alive from the UK. -- This. I would prefer something about some atrocity of the national health service but. Just give me anything this is the techsters got a good go right there he says that too. Twenty or myself to my my new listeners from the FM band by should I should read this couple stories and English accent. Make them think they're trying to NPR. What mechanism withdrew in the Patrick is dead and I don't know. It was an old friend of the show we can a couple of your tax rates go up. Over and we can cut off because I felt I don't want it but who would put him that it. -- -- My complaint I'm going to be just fine thanks so I think so for Europe your condolences it's. You know. Here's the thing 77%. Of the American people's taxes are going up. They just don't know it yet I know it. Most of us know. Most of our neighbors. Who voted for Obama. I haven't got a 40. The guys to their first paycheck in the new year food what's this new war meanwhile they'll -- up to me. I didn't old life rhythm Barack Obama would not do this to me. It's. That you have -- the do we all are doing it. -- it's got called -- accidentally. -- -- if we can get him on I'd like to just like just give a chance percent of tax but I'm sure is an amazing marketing usually calls back. Seven -- one G the middle class is going to be hammered by the payroll tax among others whereas granny Warren now that we meter she's a fraud and so many ways. By the way I will stand by my prediction that she is not going to be on the Indian affairs committee this. I thought that she would want I thought that she would seek that out you know me she old ways to work I mean affairs committee. I know Shiites in the U -- I made the check on Google before wrote that in my column this weekend by. I checked to make sure they had done away with the senate select Canadian -- you know there were Chara wanna make sure they had changed the name of the committee on the -- of America fair person. You know it's an eskimos and stuff like that but still it's only committee on Indian affairs it hasn't has been changed. Spain and you've got that second highest unemployment. Is -- you gotta do oh. But it is regrettable why don't we can be. Or is it. Governor Chafee he's doing a bang up job is and you know it's you don't spend it's been several weeks thousandths is any of his since his son has been arrested for underage drinking. That was your last -- line message thank you for calling out retired -- shout. 77%. Of Americans are working Americans working Americans excuse me excuse me via. He used to be used to be able to assume that you know when you -- 77% of Americans every one wasn't. Old. And retired it was working. Now whole and not so much. Now there's about a 60% chance that your talking person and that worked in his prime working years is actually working. All right that's it for the -- like that in the -- -- is the recorded voice -- message service of we are showing you call leave a message -- any hour that there might. Including weekends we may or may and a player message this time each week that the child the -- like number if you like to leave such a me message is 6177793469. Heading south for the winter don't be a -- all American auto transporters and that -- ship your car for you go to ship cart dot com. -- you don't need drilling for acting the pure Air Force One. Didn't do that one is that. Now that fool. You --