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CNN Jumping The Shark

Jan 2, 2013|

CNN allowed comdeian Kathy Griffin to pretend a sex act on anchor Anderson Cooper on New Year's Eve...Howie was horrified and posited that CNN has jumped the shark.

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Actual judge your next with how we cargo ahead jet. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah I -- like grip from video yeah basically kind of buried the election it's like yourself -- asked to leave the room so yeah. -- robust you know pong -- and bill Warren you know. Can you believe that -- -- you know he's supposed to be -- I know she's just before but he -- you don't. -- pretends to be a serious journalist. Decree would crawl and economists. -- -- you can see it he was brought -- for. I think at some point oh jet if you if you haven't problems like that and you gotta have somebody back in the control. More say let's go to what let's go to a break right I mean you. Yeah. Thanks yet and if necessary. When you come back from the break the person was hassling you -- lawn that's happened before that with this certainly wouldn't be the first time that ever happened one. 877469432218774694322. 617 -- meet him tried so hard not to sound like the left -- that he really was the smirk on his show was physically painful to listen to. Smerconish rhymes with the demolish a boom. 18774694322. Bottom line is we need Michael Savage back on in Boston and furlough then myself. When when when savage was on our -- I would listen to have been on the magic radio drive home. 18774694322. How we welcome back -- is they're really an hour radio station name called WEB -- -- them for real. I made up and made that. 1877. Force of 694322. They could do what do they mean you know it's it's out there. I -- very much doubt there's a WEB -- anywhere in the US I think those callers are available in the air next with Howie -- go ahead Andy. Ali they have -- their demise was number one Arctic about it speculated that people weren't that good but it. After awhile you just can't take it I mean you've got X format the time the lighthearted. He just can't be bought out and other means that we just don't. Created it in the -- -- on the -- -- people get part of. But boy they had such a powerful signal blowing and you know. I thought elect its signal but I mean. You know I mean agencies and top I mean just want to talk about -- respect I'd like. I couldn't stand the felon Finneran constant all of this show and I know I know -- get the expert what happened to a Ted Feinberg as -- as it anyway. I I heard that he was working part time on the overnight shift that lyrical accused to have on the end Bob Brawley and all those people catalog BZ I've. But see I don't know if by now but the you know and now but. TE KK is gone I don't know that they may -- syndicated again on Napa but that's where find burgers from working but not all the time. Just keep an eye on his occupied on his up FaceBook page 187746943221. About the Ian moment. I don't know what's gonna happen that -- moments like the first the first indication I got the top it was a missiles when someone with the immigrants coming down the elevator and you know I never I never. You know despite what people think I I try not to -- Try not to but my nose into other people's business so I didn't ask him when he was the winner -- wonder about it now right now it's pretty clear was pretty clear few days later when he was the one here. I don't know what's gonna happen to the end momentarily. Jay Severin was a blow blow hard well yeah but he. Yeah he he was he was a blow hard but he -- you know I think Jay -- -- once he should he should come into the city more often I mean he he had that studio enough. Up on the North -- he never he never about the guy got out and that the traffic. You know it's I think it's hard to be it's hard to be -- -- host. And the metropolitan. Have been talk show host if you're not if you're not how we're in the traffic every day because. Analysts say like over half the listeners are about it the listeners are split may be 5050 or maybe it's sixty. Percent my car and 40% home by almost feel like I'm pocket of people and hearts you know if you're not a car. The immediate way for a while but if you want a car every day Reitman and and just -- to everybody else's Q began to lose your edge. Tracy Euronext with how we cargo ahead Tracy. I have eight. I actually -- Well I I or lack of -- -- -- because I was. Teenagers former. I want the job because it featured -- at a port -- Well she may she -- still -- I'm fortunate all our. She called it I'll buy it. At all. The guy's name articulate area that was. In the war on CNN. She she that all back from the -- him. There are kind of like -- on a spot. Covering that story yeah I mean. They their four and a pretty big deal to watch that. And -- why -- because. Scott it was so horrible that. I know a lot of these 401. State in the email that told how he felt about it. Yeah how did you get any response from them. You'll see there -- -- I guess they're in the transition period right now this new guys Jeff -- he's a guy who. Was the executive producer of The Today Show when they were solid number one over GMA. And he's -- one who's going to take it he's gonna take oversees CNN I mean obviously they've just lost control -- which questioned -- that's. If that's what kind of program that go on that's just it's just ropes I mean. It's not even funny when that. You know I would flip in the channel. I didn't want to admit. That shot for anybody. And I -- lead claimant at port -- call a teenager I did it again and then walked the fact and not acted on it. And I told my friend out of state to watch hit what looked like it was in general at all that I. All the face thanks Tracy maybe maybe soccer will turn around. 18774694322. World that's Maxima that's on the next economies on the show. Chuck you're next with powered car going -- shock. How are they equally huge holes who watched it -- cheap eight. Should we stay right I have movie channels Serbs to know. I hate initially I just I mean it's not about a night it is huge news where -- Especially the start the show actually you -- -- who you don't think he gospel yeah so I don't just. In Germany Chara started I would cap secret Symbian bombshell -- -- mr. medium and she can be funny you're like that's a humor. This -- well no place to beat Ali what he's just got done talked about you get all they got that fiscal targets. So you had a call earlier said Ali -- Anderson on Monday night -- is all about skin. There was no one should be quite all of individual active -- overnight. Or last night it was easy. And the and I was doing was undermined -- You only understood there or I mean it is not the first orders and used. You know I mean you could do something you you could have some crazy segment if there was like you know some might in August where there's nothing going on right. But I mean it was -- I mean why would you. The big this is a big this is a very big story the fiscal left a -- you know might -- maybe most people don't care about it but it's one of those stories you have to cover right. And that he covered that part of that -- -- at the end of that last night -- -- not -- -- -- the captain -- and -- -- and -- chocolate. -- -- -- joked that he she was receiving. Our orders from people say that they -- the -- in the return -- people are. That they were that -- Portugal shot. I don't like you know I just again I don't like that you get what I just it was like a train wreck or just -- -- -- but I thought to myself. He knows the truth you know cable news network this first of all this is what you do on New Year's eastern middle -- where there's absolutely -- -- -- They have -- -- they have some snot the slogan to like. You know they're there they newsroom of record or some actor you're what that what they say but it's something that that really -- You'll look like they look down their noses at the other at MSNBC and fox. All the -- I mean I never been a huge -- a bit and especially when they. I mean Larry -- was no I never really enjoyed much creature usually had some decent get -- replaced some that are in for our -- -- I'm Helen and. Yeah as Morgan is just he sees beyond he's he's beyond that I mean that I should just be glad again I have a senate. He should be glad he's not in the ball over what he did in Britain any any any studies over here lecturing us about out. Our moral shortcomings -- that jerk that guy. I agreed and again look at it they are out there I thought that question this is what they object is to get some equity. But -- really thought about this Italian without social under my. Is that the people who watch you understand or watch CNN. It's okay because you know we live in -- society and into the atmosphere like no matter what is -- and how long -- they -- sort. Lie about it it's okay speeches just -- Right right back in the what are you can't be judgmental about it -- 18774694322. Us to a three says any update on Jeff Katz who was the morning guys at park 12100. He sends me emails every once a while which I can't open sandy have you heard from Jeff Capps lately. I know I was doing that's that's stint in Miami but you know let me let me job from an email and ask yes you would see what he's up 21877469432218774. Just -- -- what are you talking about what happened with Cooper. What happened with Cooper is. He he was with this woman -- great worker prevent an excuse me on you know they were doing the at Times Square era. New Year's Eve thing for CNN. And she dropped to her knees and began kissing his crotch. On live TV. Mrs. -- you know the people think they're the the cable channel record. You know. It's just and then you know OK you know. It's college. Anybody can make a mistake wife Stevie is one of those things you in you is that you make a mistake you never get it back just can ask anybody. -- -- I certainly had my sheer that. You know the thing is the great thing about life TV -- it's over when it's over it's over but the next night last night. He brought Anderson Cooper Barack. Kathy Griffin back on so they could go fall off about how BM funny. And how wonderful. And what great. TV. They have performed by having her drop to where knees and and and and kiss his crotch. Anderson was married to a guy. 18774694322. Mark your next to with how we cargo ahead mark. Hey Ali -- Eddie happy new year be new year. Outlet that I watched like the first few -- that they would -- it was just collect the last -- that I was there at the beginning train Iraq. -- but the core core -- didn't want to have a grip fired. CNN ears back for dropping the -- former light TV. Sandy you know basket she wasn't fired at this was the same thing when it started as a persecution did the New Year's Eve with Anderson Cooper. She wasn't fired but she you know she got her knuckles -- and told not to do that again but. In really. Kind of lost its. Its impact can -- part -- her back every year and Anderson Cooper has dug in Janet Jackson back to the Super Bowl every year right. -- -- go out quite the opposite is happening every other channel I mean it'd be fired on the -- get CNN's real desperate for ratings of the app itself without. Yeah I know it said that she was really it's hoping to war to Scott Brown's daughters after one it was after he made -- -- after after the election and they she was doing the actually after the Capitol Hill and she did it's. When attention -- -- asking. I'm pretty nasty questions about -- something about them being hookers or something and I mean it was -- And and look I'm Scott called her out -- it made a big deal about it as he should have I mean it was an -- plastic clips. Mark your placed the call -- -- your next with the car -- I think that particular culture. I assume you guys all the time and I. You know. 96 point nine and 12100 I always listen -- you guys if those in I switch back and forth I really feel that. They want to silence the voice certain people -- silenced the voice. All of the people and talk radio was really the only. -- we have left and thank god we have our -- so yeah I just wanted to say there. Yeah I think they I think thanks for saying that Erica you know I think a lot of vote down there and I in Dorchester is. That a is that somehow they they just want it to. To mix with you know also the beautiful people crowd and they they wanna have the answer for something Michael Graham what do -- thing like that and and I just don't think they don't think they understood that the to be to be successful in talk radio YouTube we got to watch etiquette. You there's there's three there's three types of talk radio at least there's there's there's in PR. You know. -- you at all. Pretty reporting from -- street in Cambridge then there's sports talk all the sis boom ba. And then there's talk radio which is politics which is what this is. And I -- and they tried to be. They tried to be brattle street talk radio and it just it it's it's just not -- it's not workable it's if it wasn't gonna make it and they shouldn't. They should stay with with what they knew and the police they put these people on that. You worked -- that not necessarily bad people I mean I don't know but Merkel Irish but you know -- and in Marjorie Ian -- they're not people. But they just they they work cut out to be on talk ED on talk radio purse today you know they they -- -- It's like. Air America did more right we all agree on that air America was easy gigantic failure. What made them think air America was going to be. Re invent that in Boston. Rush I mean a rush Ross your next with how we cargo at -- How -- -- to be successful you have to be number one and that -- and number 21. And you know you're always great coming up a lot of things some people -- just like what you just said. Talk radio for brattle street you know hectic but it's really it it it's funny and LA I didn't enjoy that these Holland Matt and you know we don't get out of an inside in the talk radio what goes on behind the scenes. Elegant -- talk radio junkies we will realize how important it is to the survival of the country. But we all have replaced event. Yeah I I agree I mean I -- day. But one reason I've had some success and talk radio is because I always listen to it from an early age you know. It was the jury Williams back in the back in the early days I never listened among WiMax by listened to a month BZ when he came back to Boston. -- from BBM and he it you know I. I always I always -- talk radio and I think and I think you know we if you talk radio we get Toronto you know you can get a real talk radio station on FM might think I think station would do gangbusters. Thanks for the call us 18774694322. Day of your next with how we cargo ahead day of. -- you're better. At the most less desert dry there is like where were actors you know we work. So liberal talk radio and fly anyway you know -- all -- good enough. There are all office. -- -- -- Telecommuting. To try to my mom playoff hunt in Cambridge in Camden -- -- -- applied everywhere America. It worked -- -- -- needed here you know pocket airy other -- -- making a minute you're low you know. Exactly -- it is you know reportedly wanted. What did that Rick Pitino used to call what sports talk radio the fellowship of the DM or something like better -- The fellowship of the miserable. I mean it's it's more true about talk radio about talk radio than it is about Sports Radio in -- everybody on Sports Radio is like instead they got a palm -- they got the cheerleaders you know. There this is more of this is more than fellowship of the miserable all what you don't you gotta laugh about it -- we are glad we we wanna laugh because otherwise you're gonna cry now. Taxes go what up what are what are you wanna do what he did though. They -- -- -- run specialist and we'll keep talking about this we come back 18774694322. Point guard. We're just looking at the Kathy Griffin new years eve. Through this seems pretty bad. Again you know if I can tolerate anything it's funny you know that's the that's the important thing. I don't care pace the -- bad taste if it's funny but it wasn't. It was embarrassing it was just. So low rent. Now so just. I guess you know someone said -- she's now she's tweeting which is going to be on Letterman tonight she she was saying she was going to be on Letterman and two nights. So I guess they're gonna now so now it's gonna she said it's gonna be on Letterman tonight. So this will be the third possible first -- it was -- Last night she goes back on and they have on tape and then tonight it'll be on a different network taped. Case you missed it. Case you and -- indication don't have access the YouTube. My advice would be you're really haven't missed. -- trying to find Kathy Griffin not what you said about -- it brown then maybe the maybe maybe her sister. And a government GM to 018774694322. It's funny it's funny to them because it's personally. 1877. To stop the government ad council PSAs. What do we what do Mike good to know what might -- don't they got to fill those spots up with something that the spots are on soul. How we -- the house the FCC that's for two silent. The FCC doesn't really come down on anybody anymore for that kind of stuff now view yeah I mean it's got to be he. What was less time the FCC find a radio station may have been back in the Howard Stern place now. And how long is Howard -- been gone for month terrestrial radio long time at this point. -- on the FCC doesn't do anything they -- even find anybody for the wardrobe malfunction at the Super Bowl with Janet Jackson and hopefully. 1877469. Were three to two. Let's see. No well your next with Howie -- go ahead -- off. I ended let me. -- -- -- Comparing -- happy -- it and it all we know we are no well I'm okay. It still would be adding a little bit simpler but it. We have some eldest. I can only one entry panic and did -- tell. OK maybe we shouldn't be mean like let people decide to Yahoo! which Elvis song they like the -- And give you know don't paint and paint ball in tight here so whatever you was until I don't think you can give him told me. Hillary weren't taking care. You mean not a new thing now on the while another I'm the only radio talk show in town that I should -- have more responsibilities to my listeners to mix it up like to do when Elvis -- every now and then. They enjoy and don't tell and Maggie -- Every for what they used to have a Sunday morning show I don't know they still -- I guess they don't have it now because it's not even oldies station anymore but they used seven and Al. Can't nobody -- might need a little kind of a -- and some extra twelve. Do you by any chance do you know and a woman named grace queen of the cockamamie east. -- that you use a lot like burger persist. She used to be on your real -- out calls the colonel everytime he comes on old she OG -- wells -- read that we known -- at all OK okay if you missed the current used to say happy new year the current well. At being Alyeska adults. Okay -- spoke about eldest next Tuesday. 1877. I pulled the kappa group something new for -- Scott's daughter definitely give what he got out what she's doing by the way they're showing her prom pictures of people from the senate. And they're asking her to identify them as part and see how she is on pot that's what the piece that's what Kathy Griffin is asking yeah apps is being coaching and front so I CBS reporters showing her. Pictures via I have -- the pictures she is he brings up is Scott Brown. And then she says which is here and you hear him laughing by the way when when she says what she's -- too -- reputed comedians and it's in the penalty. I don't think she's ever been convicted in court law maybe -- And. There. And now a brief message from rob -- legal team. Scott Brown's daughters are not prostitutes we now return you to our regularly scheduled negativity. Scotland alone so pleased. Isn't isn't it is an amazing I mean if you remembered. Did David Letterman talking about how when Sarah Palin came to town that one time. And he said -- as they went to the Yankees game and her home run her daughter was knocked up by. He robbed on the you know there are around third base in the infield in Yankee Stadium. But that's OK that's OK he's a Republican you can say anything you want but Sarah Palin or Scott Brown. Or Mitt Romney. Or Clarence Thomas. 18774694322. Valerie you're next with how we cargo ahead Valerie. Okay. They make a good Camp David and whenever. The -- and the things comic Kathy Griffin's. A couple of real a lot of smoke black -- And do you remember when David Letterman and Rosie O'Donnell and very day it would say how old Bob you know -- Should be running for president gave in and day out that's I you heard he -- the guy that Japan what to dress himself as a tool -- like. And have -- David Lennon and being -- -- most women in his duty out he is so low cut. Not even not even like you know women that were vaguely his own age I mean he was he was he was -- and everything but the third rail he was -- all -- in cards you know. He's like -- -- what. Sixty years old and he's these companies and turns. And a -- and he said but he's really now among Republicans because they're not kind to pour guest Brian you're next with how we cargo ahead Brian. PC as -- we -- results are that that. Not even if he were -- actor our community and their commitment not a good you don't open all the -- count people who did. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Not let alone out there and I'll look at it -- out there and that that happened. -- -- -- -- -- But yeah. Right will look what happened to him when he called when he when he called. Sandra flake woke up prostitute basically right they think he got that they they pulled millions of dollars worth ads from his. His show and she'd she that she calls -- Scott Brown spotters the same thing and and in the often happens. Who is -- If I didn't notice any law. -- -- -- that it -- and what. Would do a little. What Trent Lott told Strom Thurmond when he turned a hundred he was like on his last legs he said it with the country it would have been better off if you'd been elected president in 1948 was just trying to be nice to an old guy. And they they made it sound like you know he was a solid lead Trent Lott was some kind of -- big racist. But and and wait a minute there buster I'm the one who kept going on about how it was no big deal the you're the one who jumped on the bandwagon and said Trent Lott was a beast and everything it was all about -- -- -- and that it was I didn't think it was that patsy -- what what the White House Macon is. Remember it wasn't in the same timeframe within a couple of years -- win Robert Byrd. You're forum and the grand legal went on where it went off with Chris Wallace and started talking about why in words to remember that. Remember that. Having had. He's using the word on national TV and he's a former member of the Ku Klux Klan. And can I have some crickets -- for the the reaction in the mainstream media. You know and we know why don't because he wasn't them. So he can get away with in the -- thing he pleases. 18774694322. Letterman is now 65 years it'll get Viagra. 18774694322. Car.