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Barbara Anderson, from Citizens For Limited Taxation, says your taxes did not go up

Jan 3, 2013|

Did your taxes go up? Or did they expire? Barbara Anderson thinks that taxes did not go up, instead they just expired and we should all be happy.

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Barbara Anderson okay citizens for limited taxation. She's the one that emailed me I read her email earlier on the air she's a wonderful woman. -- probably exactly. We have a lot to thank her for. She's -- -- she can't stand -- but that's okay. She wants me off the air but that's fine people can agree to disagree. Barbara how are you. Good morning Kelly Jeff I'm an area. -- you talk about the truth so I don't want to correct one thing so that's important to understand Scott Brown did not vote to raise taxes he didn't break the no new taxes pledge. And and we can't be accused of that. We mean don't we -- -- Texas just went up there for the fiscal cliff deal raises taxes on. Those making over 450000. Dollars in the payroll taxes went up. I must be everything expired on January 1 didn't at midnight. -- do -- Pledged to do that they've they've passed the most temporary taxes and we taxpayers get really upset when they passed tax increases temporary 'cause we know they're not going to be a -- you know they'll lying. But this time they passed the tax cuts contemporary. The truth -- they were temporary. And so they expired the -- just got done voted to stop -- limit demand for the middle class that you care about. Hold on hello I'm Barbara. The payroll taxes today go from -- percent 4% to 6% yes and. So if it's said to do they would give their temporary tax could think they once I point 6%. Great tax cut. He didn't keep it a 4% he kept this a did the upper income tax broke bracket. Going to keep them how would give the Republicans going to keep the tax rates tied when it was absolutely obvious. That Obama and the Democrats were gonna let the whole thing expire in the middle class you keep talking about and concerned about. We're going to also repeated taxes go up there was no challenge -- for them at this point because unfortunately. Obama won the election. Barbara look they -- let me ask you this -- Scott Brown not a voted against the cliff deal. It noted there could be deported to a point is you would've stood his principles it would defend his constituents who defended his values. Is that -- Urlacher looked and I captain went up part of me. What good would that do it and I actually went up well yes but at least you need to I don't don't want that I'm -- -- but my pet food ran up. And you didn't do anything to help what would probably has a choice but he's always yes -- what everybody grow up there with the top choice. Barbara I don't understand the argument is this. Our taxes -- that the fiscal cliff raise taxes on upper income earners the fiscal cliff also led the payroll taxes going up. Now either you vote for it or you vote against -- he voted for it. And he didn't never -- for tax increase in fact he's. We think expired on January 1 everything as it had been planned bwic temporary. Then he voted to at least two of them for the middle class that you are so concerned about. Although we'll get to that later -- you hold on wolf -- -- -- against it I mean and then earlier had an impediment to circular argument about the medical pat. What about the -- Barbara with all due respect and I'm making sense taxes have gone out crying again but -- -- Barbara I'm paying more I'm paying 4000 dollars more in payroll taxes this year OK because it is fiscal cliff. Small business owners are paying tens of thousands of dollars more in extra taxes because of this fiscal cliff deal. And your talking to me about temporary tax cuts these aren't these bush -- bush these bush tax cuts were in place for over ten years Obama extended them for another year. Now why -- the house Republicans just do this extend all of the tax cuts. And say more and offer -- we're not for raising taxes. Because the house Republicans don't have the votes. This -- an -- and -- his -- up at some Obama's aides. Yours and you know I kind of going to be paying -- taxes. With paying rent or captured because the spot where paying high. We're paying lower Barack Obama -- Scott how does this work out everybody I'm paying higher taxes but I'm paying lower taxes because of Scott. -- a -- Kyra we would have our wants to engage you 12 Steve welcome to the coroner report talked to were. Good morning guys are you a direct -- broke a Norquist with this nonsense that you when he brought out that they didn't violate the pledge talk about it takes I didn't what's. Midnight and then they signed the bill at 3 AM are you out in my age. 400 balance all the more. That's so that I can actually with your rationality knowing I can give the new tax hike. I would never -- know. Are you gonna they don't respect it I get a stop I want that a little -- no tax pledge -- -- -- the people -- -- millionaire what -- -- and -- amount of money. But no tax pledge. I don't know Tex -- says that you can't vote to raise taxes more than they already got at the January 1. They already had been raised because they -- Kansas and Barbara is the senate. That it could not in -- make better that nonsense technicality accord would not close so keep it actually step Boehner and I'll be -- thirtieth and -- and I ended progress. You do on the same -- you know what it would -- get it and Anderson -- made it look like all the other -- -- solid all today. Oh my god god didn't do what you wanted to you're not -- that they can't given about the way to may not been about the Liberal Democrats. You're not gonna vote you gonna stay home so important about this store important step -- -- showed Scott Brown because that's what you live report that make you feel important. -- -- -- -- Who would you -- venturaland. Biden who would you -- or baker brown. Chandra did not run for the senate senate and we're talking about politics are talking about this primary I don't want to go to Washington. -- -- you can't -- it's not trying to express brown again from Democrat. Now Barbara because there's -- yeah yeah Barbara. Listen let me ask you some asking you offered such a race between Charlie Baker and Scott Brown. You won't answer that question. -- and they would that there may find that somewhere in the world somewhere in the alternate universe are all separate challenge because he's. He's somebody that's one of my best friend always vote for him. So you. Are you a little right now and copy in my right not what I'm trying to find out. It's -- of Republican named Ali what exactly is every Republican play -- I mean I want to thank god splendid do you like twenty minutes ago but it doesn't matter it's like a murderer and all due respect you're Republican -- You come here you never know -- party promised him. But they -- -- the debate call people names that's true. Rarely have I ever want anything mom Barbara might taxes I'll tell you right I mean Republican pat. When I do want to. They're giving the Republican Party line you're arguing semantics on December 31. I was paying 4000 dollars less in payroll taxes on January 1 I'm paying 4000 dollars more in payroll taxes and your -- is not a tax increase. I'm telling you that Scott Brown didn't bow out for that tax increase the -- seeds are already doing a good attempt -- hold on hold wants to engage you might. Welcome to the -- report. There's Barbara right to ask you would you tick away and attack us god brought out there you go thus the question Rand Paul Scott Brown I -- grandpa already talking about here. Bad part is him running and -- that you can put it doesn't matter I'm. I'm Paul voted against the fiscal cliff deal Scott Brown could -- voted against the fiscal cliff deal whether he voted for it or not they would have passed. But at least you would have defended his constituents. -- -- -- stunning defending the indefensible. -- telling me that my taxes I'm losing four I got 4000 dollars less in my pocket and you're telling me no Jeff does want a tax increase on all Jeff. Well there was set to expire Jeff I was small business owner of the Pentagon thousands of all I want passes. Why did. And then got Ronald music tastes were -- -- -- taxes are going up to you -- And that you can understand that. I got -- and if you are listening to get -- Listen to -- Barbara Barbara did. Through your unwilling to face reality yet not all we do face reality you're the one that's not willing to face reality it's this and you wonder why and and they -- Barak and us. First second first second stop and listen. I am paying 4000. Dollars more in taxes. Okay. Now Scott Brown didn't vote against that he voted for that if I'm a small business owner and -- some. I am paying tens of thousands of dollars more in higher taxes Scott Brown voted. -- that not against that. Now on the federal assault weapons ban he voted for that not against that. On the start treaty he voted for that not against that. On Dodd-Frank he voted for that not against that. So why ask you. If you vote like a Democrat. If you talk like a Democrat. If you keep telling everybody you're an independent. What good are you to meet as a Republican. I am like crying about the tax issue -- that that he voted to raise taxes he did not just. Now to. Can't tell you this my wallet and my rule 4000 dollars later. Now I Barbara I'm 4000 dollars or if you'll -- -- I'll tell you what Barbara -- Fourth callers Barbara player right now because our our earlier I thought maybe you're wealthy woman I don't know. Give -- 4000 dollars. And OK we'll call it even a. And -- supposed to be an intelligent conversation isn't this funny does I'm trying to enjoy all -- -- apparently I didn't realize it was funny it sounded just silly call camps are on -- is getting into the name calling Barbara. Bill are -- gulf but it is but -- Barack Obama -- so long Bob. He is you who know all over a -- scallops flop open and it pretty speedy gave the Republican and -- Republicans -- -- -- at memorable at all. -- -- -- -- DJ he's been bringing -- for these extra -- I would. Everyone could say about this amount of vitriol for the president the United States is gonna destroy the country if anyone doesn't blow up. And proper that they can get inside of the Internet video that -- to me not say. I mean if you vote for almost everything Obama's tries to pass. Would -- you to me. I mean I -- but Barbara local tell you this OK look. I'll take if you while taking an even though you can't stand -- you don't like meanwhile me off the air of you when -- while take out to dinner. Thanks to think -- have. It's too bad Barbara. Well every Barbara listen look if we need Republican talking points. By the way this this club around me and I'm just curious are you -- as payroll. Oh boy I I'm really would love to have dinner with you wouldn't that be.