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Chump Line Thursday January 4, 2013 - Farrakhan Game Show

Jan 3, 2013|

Our favorite message on today's chump line was the suggested new Farrakhan game show on the new Al Jazeera Network - Name That Jew.

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Heading south for the winter don't be a -- call American auto transport person they will ship your car for you go to ship cart dot com. How we got 32 out because you're a for yes -- -- kind of -- Don't you think you can hey guys and -- who detonated. These are great these are really good. All right we should of the stuff popular you -- put up a pure rights arrogant okay good. Good -- the nukes of hazard especially that that deserves to be up there as well. How. Erica good and they'll get short of Iraq they let you. I would be some kind of numbers show was that the what's his big number nineteen isn't it -- -- is -- nineteen to -- talking Q when they had the million man march he kept talking about the number nine team. I think are some bumper like that. -- believe he will travel. Followed by throwing smoke. Drone smoke I was trying to figure out a way to put put to get a -- in there. Drone smoke is even better than bombs smokes we've got other stores they -- named after bombs drones -- the one that's one way. I have always houses and work games he has -- Go. I mean work normal. That's that's Eliot Spitzer checking in with his song on the first saw them with child whenever for -- client number nine. And network in America. -- -- bill that. 339 how we just saw you Warren getting sworn in this surprise she did where ceremonial address. I repeat why isn't she on the committee on Indian affairs you know. I mean this is the only woman with the any Indian blood in her in the United States senate this year not. And does she is not on the committee on Indian affairs just doesn't seem right to me. So -- can't take your time go without being vilified as a racist. Buoyed. And boy. Oh. That can happen if you. So what else is -- mean -- not exactly Alice in covering himself with a gal. But not glories that seed left political office back in 2001. Mean he's got that crappy movie. -- so called documentary pseudo documentary. And includes an inconvenient truth he's got placed elbows books he's got. Is he got an olive -- all blows. So called green energy start ups. The girl fraudulent. That got promoted with the comparable with the federal money. And and now he's got now it's got this 100 million bucks walk away money from current TV. Which even Eliot Spitzer sported one of the papers this thing. You know nobody was watching this -- We know we know we know -- because we were watching and nobody was watching it you're absolutely correct. You and -- -- it is good that plan to build -- com. When I called. For -- The post Ferdinand Franco mets' Francisco Franco in general Franco whatever -- once appears. War I'd like to -- the Kabul. I'll knock them that I'd like effect out here zero. But coughing up a whole load of -- -- my TV stations they get it and feel it I. -- this climate change is still -- house. You are right I sure was real well got to my car this morning it was for bleeping degrees. Seattle of that global warming. Hey Al Gore. Effect -- They can -- to get it yeah. John Kerry bought his yacht with the money from his second wife's first husband trust fund Al Gore soul. His crappy TV station nobody watched to the Arabs. The most ridiculous thing I ever heard. Was money wasn't that wasn't your your second wife's first as mistrust on -- And crickets they're hoping you can put me in the right direction I'm looking from the outside where you -- I'm also responsible for all the ports. That and that being the demise this practice really sell well here -- Barry -- you and I have -- That said let me be clear work cut through all the states in the nonsense and everybody benefits the minutes that might return call. -- you know. I think. I think the fat man has worn out its fifteen minutes of fame. I almost wish that the Cory Booker was running against him in it's that a vote for a while burger to take while workers place in the senate while numbers eighty years old. He's not gonna run for another term he would have been back for the last eight or nine years anyway -- Bobbie that torch -- Sally had and torched his own career. But. You know. I'm afraid Christie's images have a free pass in the nation's commitment he's just gonna go keep on becoming more and more of -- beautiful. A beautiful person you know he says he's growing in offices the -- the New York Times is saying -- rips Republicans. Part of it is packed -- of Treasury Department -- on salute those who employee compensation. Let people come game. You know the Patrice is giving me grief for saying that. Saying. Sorry H but the end of -- tax holiday is not a tax increase. Meeting the missed the the fact that they they weren't that taking it the cut the money they were taking on the Social Security payroll tax. This -- listened extremely unappealing hand wringing and complaining isn't going to help anything in the long run. You know. At this point. Patrice all I want is for people to know that there. Page is about to be kind. In their pay is about to be cut -- because of the Republicans. But because the Democrats. You know that they're not gonna hear it on. ABC CBS NBC MSNBC. CNBC. Al-Jazeera. Current whatever you wanna call -- that they have to hear on talk shows and a handful of newspapers around the around the country they're the -- that's the only way they're ever gonna find out. The that the Republicans. Did in by the way would you have the attacks holiday for a number of years that when that would deserve -- become idea. -- eighty. A regular tax rather than just holiday when does the statute of limitations run out our holiday. That was your last -- line message thank you for calling haven't tired you shout. All right that's it for the chump like today the child boy and is the recorded voicemail message service about how we are sure you can call leave a message. And any power of the day or night including weekends -- number -- like to leave such messages. 61777934. 69617779346. -- we may or may not play your message this time each week day. Joseph Klein is brought to you today by American auto transporters heading south for the winter don't be a -- call American auto transporters and they will ship your car for you go to shift car. Dot call. How. Erica and it still didn't sort of Iraq do that Q. You --