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My Mother The Car Bomber and How I Met Your Martyr

Jan 3, 2013|

Al Gore has sold the cable network Current TV to Al-Jazeera, the Pan-Arab news channel. He turned down a bigger offer from conservative broadcaster Glenn Beck. Howie wanted to know what the new show line-up will be on the new network.....

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Question. Is is today about the the sale of Al -- -- TV station TV channel. Current current team. Quick now where is on your cable channel. I'm going to guess that of all the thousands of people. We're listening to a show not a single person could name. Where current TV as I can't buy an artist used to -- record TV US and doing what's record TV what's the number. And. That's -- the close button right it's I want I want and number. And no one see no one can come up with a number but anyway that this thing is it's the it's called carriage you know they they want they just want any any kind of any kind of crappy network. It's set up -- it has carriage has us I think forty million people. Who who who against their will subscribe to this thing it's kind of like NPR you know. And so Al Gore did saw the saw the fiscal clip looming ahead and wanted to make sure that. You know as much as he as much as he likes other people to pay their fair share. Like like so many of the people we were talking about yesterday starting with about Warren Buffett. He and in Google he doesn't want to pay his fair share for a Steve Jobs. -- not Steve Jobs. George Lucas. They don't want -- they they all wanna get they all wanted to get out before January 1 so out there. How dare they indeed. So. So -- says it's 254. On Comcast. Okay yeah but -- see you've had time now we got -- the public like that like you know like you go to win every night. All right so anyway so he decides that he's gonna adopt it before the tax rate goes through the roof and so. So he puts up -- up for sale and Glenn -- console. And like Glenn Beck has got a it's got this crappy channel on. On dish TV you know which I don't know I don't know how that works how -- pace for. But it would be much bettered only channel -- and so back bids for. It may turn bit backed down even though he apparently made a pretty decent off. And but they said that you know that didn't really. Wrapped present. The same philosophy that they had current TB. So do you know -- of selling it to the end -- sending -- it's selling at Al-Jazeera. Al-Jazeera. The the Arab. The Arab station. You know. So they gonna have these great shows on now like American. Infidels. Two and a half suicide bombers I'm looking at some of these things that people came up -- they were pretty good earlier in the day. There all these things that that the that the gonna have on now 18774694322. Is this great though that that you know Al Gore the guy who you know he's again the guy who's always for a How I Met Your Mother. On our arranged wedding day. You know isn't it great that that Al Gore you know the guy who doesn't care anything about money the guy who's trying to save the world. Who's. You know trying to keep his carbon footprint low. He he can't he can't pay its fair share he that he didn't want to pace is it turns out he's going to pay its fair share -- close the deal until yesterday. Didn't get out and tell while last night in the New York Times. But he he tried to it to beat the tax increases the coming through. So we could just say about a -- probably under a hundred million would say at least five probably 510 million box. Five -- five million the capital gains tax when upright from fifteen that's winning that's some Mormon. Yeah I would have been five million okay and them and I think -- got hit with that Medicare tax which is another 33. Or four million dollars let's just say let's let's just say say he he would -- ten million box. Because all the things secret -- which cool during. With that money but he didn't wanna do anything for the actual Britain he wanted the money firm set off. The greedy bastard. In -- soul he sold his reach being able to -- a 22 group of of corpse. I guess Arabs and Arabs are out comply but why would anyone insult one America why wouldn't say that Glenn Beck has it represents west of his. His beliefs then bin Al-Jazeera. Does is that rather strange. 187746943221877. Oh that's right what is Andy what is the poll question and a one of the results thus far. Who should Al Gore can -- current TVQ Al-Jazeera. Back -- back at 67 points. Before -- Arab broadcaster Al-Jazeera brought for bought current TV the fledgling cable news network founded by former. Vice president Al Gore fledgling boy that's fledged -- like that's what kind adjective it should have been lately. Before labeling cable news network. Go in Beckett had pursued pursuing the company and was rejected. The Wall Street Journal revealed that when book backs the blaze TV saw sought ownership of the current broadcasting network. The bid was rejected because the -- principles of Beck's company did not align with those of currents. How other suitors who did you share currency ideology will buffed. Reporters keep KG and John JG in a world will want -- Wall Street Journal. Glenn -- the blaze approached current about buying the channel last year but was told the legacy of those who the network goes to was important to Washington we are sensitive. -- networks nonaligned when our point of via. The former vice president confirmed the sale Wednesday the reportedly netted 500 million dollars. Saying in a statement Al-Jazeera gives shares current TV's mission to give voices to those were not typically heard. You mean people for sure real law for instance. To speak truth to power -- all okay. To provide independent and diverse points of view went to tell the stories that no one else is telling. You know like the good side of honor killings honor killings have been getting a bad rap in the US media over a number of years now now we have placed ago. So that you can see. The arrest of the story. As Abdul Paul Harvey used the side. Executives at creek at current told the journal they decided to sell to the Arab broadcaster because Al-Jazeera was founded with the same goals we have for current. To give voice to those whose voices are not typically -- to speak truth to power. Al-Jazeera once published op Ed -- Pared back to terrorists. The -- has criticized the network in the past accusing them of Islamic extremism and anti American leaning. Al-Jazeera owned by the government of Qatar. Plans to gradually transform itself into Algiers Al-Jazeera America. The 500 million dollar deal suffered an immediate casualty -- Time Warner Cable the country's second largest cable operator announced it is propping current TV due to the deal. The Catholic channel will now reach in the forty million homes Comcast and DirecTV which also carry the channel have not announced plans to remove it from their lineups. Which would be anything more about Al-Jazeera. Of these some some of the people are now on Al-Jazeera on now one current or former governor. Eliot Spitzer also known as client number in mind he's Lia hooker obsessed former governor former Michigan governor Jennifer -- home. Who retired -- -- help the voters got sick ever and a Cink who gore. Who used to be on used beyond Imus -- BC. 18774694322. When you what are what are your thoughts about this but now now that by Al Gore tried to try to beat the tax increase by selling. Selling his TV network to war two lead to -- Al-Jazeera. Rather than Americans and that now now that now Al-Jazeera is going to have a cable TV station all of its own. Because because the the the the moon bats who run current TV say they have more in common with but. The the IR reps. In and and there. Quaint beliefs than they do with the it would American citizens like going back. 1877469432218774694322. 603 Christmas spending was down -- -- -- has 2% last that will do wonders for the economy. -- sixty how -- I don't think my cable company has current TV anymore believe they took the line the channel off my lineup I got a letter in the mail few months ago. You me they sent to a letter. To tell you they were taken current TV off of Shirley a postcard would suffice. Georgie are next with Howie -- go ahead George. I Alex. Just wanted to let you know that she didn't -- out in time what that 20%. Are they increased to 20% -- -- -- and but I believe it. January 1 and I'm a three and a half percent capital gains as a result global -- -- Right so let's say -- to do so I think I lost soul. So we went up the sort what I had before he would have had fifteen. Before he would've had to pay fifteen million repeated on and on December 31 -- that was the capital gains tax. But now we have a 20% capital gains tax in the three point 8% tax on -- Medicare on the us obamacare. So he's gonna have a yes it's it's costing him -- It's costing him about nine million box. Gallo are a little water and even anticipated I'm sure our -- I'm sure supporter Obama yeah well. All right you know what I'm sure he supported the tax increases -- -- I'm sure you know what does it matter if -- if he loses nine million box at least he had the satisfaction of screwing -- back right. One of them in November anyway once. You can call it gets that you certainly million. You know it's not. Yeah I guess yeah it didn't it didn't really matter thanks for the call George 1877. Were 694322. The WTKK management team is going to work for Welch's career. That's that's quite possible. All us that this corporate show on the on on Al-Jazeera how I met your martyr. That's even better the dukes of Gaza. Namely that -- ball. Breyer and your next with how we cargo I had Brian. Here -- this one okay what's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yes. -- -- that's what were the teacher at that a lot of people thought that would today though Bryant. -- said yeah. I'll burn out there. Yup thanks for the call O'Brien 1877469432218774694322. How -- stolen your mother. I'll lie in the family. Meet the mullahs instead of Meet the Press. 1877469432. To. Build your net faith and faced faced the firing squad. Or Al Gore is nothing but a -- -- the type. Because. You know what he did is give the enemy. They. A -- I mean can you imagine a World War II of somebody tried to sell idea. If somebody -- try to sell yet radio station in SE New York. 21. 22. Ferdinand Franco's government you know you couldn't. You want to sell -- to Hitler but you could seller but it just all the one of his allies. Right. Exactly pick out what these Indian jail. I mean these gamble -- enough for a class orders and at the time that we start saying no of them. I what are you -- -- I been at -- again I give a Time Warner credit they already announced that I mean -- Time Warner within five seconds announced that you that's on from our -- station that's on for Mara. Our our run carriages IE you know I I think Ed you know what I wonder how along -- highway it'll it'll be on correct the bigger the dash. I don't think the last -- thanks for the call bill. 18774694322. Tone in this -- Al-Jazeera is new hit show John edwards' wife -- Al-Jazeera is not important that Al war. When -- know exactly right you wouldn't he wouldn't sell the Glenn back. But he wouldn't sell Al-Jazeera. I mean does this tell you all you need to know about American liberalism. -- the enemy is is not the people who bombed the world trade says the enemy is. The traditional Americans. The traditional. Patriots. Who fight. 18774. Al-Jazeera originally founded with with Arab oil money. 1877469432218774694322. Dancing with terrorists sure -- law and order. About what you believe him bee headings. We have bee headings you don't want -- on this. -- new network Paul your next with how we cargo have ball. Probably very disappointing Christmas I did not get that he beat peace stuffing sparked -- -- from the wrong for what I looked -- -- my strike for Christmas. I get to -- -- go -- this started -- pathetic this country's become in terms and have a in the end. Politicians and business people basically. Just so all enemies as long as the process to be me in the long run. Now I don't know old girl wore out so well over the voices is that they have some Japanese -- It was Tokyo rose OK and more instead of -- -- right lord -- Editor resemble and so it's only America is so. I don't think there was a woman -- was a guy it was a British guy -- -- off if he was executed. And the -- several Tokyo rose designed I don't think they -- There were there were so many of them they didn't execute him and then they had Ezra Pound made so you know the Paul what nominee Aaliyah. He made some -- broadcasts and he was thrown in jail for a while after -- worked so. Tortured and now right within our whole country who have these homegrown terrorists just like this -- it and it -- Only four recorded this thing is still dragging on. That's how pathetic this country isn't -- to judges and lawyers and let nick I grow albeit in the rest of people that would -- -- -- -- -- Why is off limits in this country. And I have. I don't and you know it isn't it isn't a bizarre that study you know this this this. This Palestinian. Major who who killed but their team but thirteen Americans at that Fort -- air force Fort Hood base. He he he grew a beard. And that's against military regulations to have a beard and win the prosecutor. Pointed out to the judge that this was a violation of the military code and that by his beard should be forcibly shaved. The prosecutor was warm. Well. A lot of guys not that not the ire of the guy who would murdered twelve Americans. But the prosecutor wanted him to have -- and by the way the guy is all he's also getting paid. He's a psychiatrist and he's a major so you always -- pretty damn well. He's getting cave it. By the US army. Its its its desire I don't know what is they -- -- -- -- -- of pages you're if you're embracing the enemy units sold beyond understanding and Michelle Mulder had something in the editorial page. I want someone to explain to me. Are these that was George Lucas worry about all these people become multi millions of a couple of system in America. How come they despise it's so much. Could put it if they want to accumulate all this -- indication at this so there's so many charities -- everywhere I go any count of quantity money. For the Children's Hospital. Trying to burn Dana filed this show many worthwhile charity I'm not some of the probably scams is that it paid administrative costs. The private -- the legitimate. We coach Gary that they keep kids it always do support this money in data -- America is just beyond -- -- Eddie and big bad mouth in the and they say the people who don't want their taxes raised. Our rock our hicks and bad people and their greedy and they are racist and errors nativist in the home folks. And yet there in yet Al Gore and all in your right Al Gore and -- Buffett and and in that the people who won't who bowl and the people won't knock Costco and all these people are doing exactly the same thing. Exactly the same thing only on a much greater scale. Thanks for the call thanks or call 1877469432. To the big boom theory. There's a show that can be taken just right. There ought to be a big -- big boom theory convicted they could take it along. 18774694322. -- -- -- -- -- I'm now car. Yeah. Like -- it's. State to state gives. Nearly -- the only. Inflating your room metal on them they don't. They they put a lien on your house I mean she can't sell the house until you were up paid back the unpaid taxes. This is a guy who wasn't double dipper. Who had his live in what his wife on the payroll when his girlfriend is live in girlfriend on the pick and -- giving federal fuel. Assessments. -- dominicans. -- the Lancaster from American citizens now the became the Dominican Republic. They had a Dominican council wants on Bob. On welfare here in Massachusetts. That that was during the Dukakis here but so why he's got he's got all of his people on. Disease who was collecting his girlfriend was collecting welfare while she was living with them there. Nice on interest -- -- also have a job to. And he had a wife on the payroll to. And done now we -- -- they've got to most to suspended cops they won't they want -- suspend them what to were without pay they're there they're being paid. His his top aide to his two top aide to city at all. One of -- one of homes father in law what it was they are convicted criminal himself if they have for stealing money from all Paul Tsongas. Back in 1992 of those guys are still being -- To catch an infidel. Have underwear bomb will travel. Undercover -- law. As the world burns. This old case. At that -- let's go one off there. It is going to be a bidding war going on for some of the some of the really. Really. Deranged left wing moon that hopes on the other networks. MSNBC is that -- gonna have read. By Al-Jazeera. Comrade Chris Matthews is going to be offering a new show. Going to be called. Jihad ball. 187746943221877694322. It's it is just so typical well you know I'll forward refused to sell to Americans but he would sell to two way through to someone. Who doesn't release of the country's best interest of art because he agrees more with the people who don't have the country's best interest art. More than he does with the people who -- are right wingers. Honey both home that's going to be in -- but the here comes -- -- boom boom. 18774694322. Model Monique you're next with Howie -- go ahead Monique. Mr. global warming I can't get past the funding start of this -- I was if we understand the moral of the story -- oil boom Cora is really not so filthy it's it's going into -- liberals wallets to which at that rate. -- yes that's right yes Europe's weak but but Monday this is nothing though I mean who who was backing the Franken. Now Abu Dhabi. Yes seriously. Abu Dhabi is a a another member of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries is is backing up the piece of aggregate up. -- -- That America America cannot cannot become energy independent because it would this story the North America and environment so they have to keep buying oil from OPEC which where can -- be recycled. In two al-Qaeda and Taliban and a various other terrorists. -- -- committee headed now that his -- -- this is that it it's out of control Monique sometimes sometimes you know when I go away for a few days I don't want her. I am -- to have a score crossed mistreatment by the I by the Wall Street Journal the New York Post of New York Daily News. But I don't really want our freedoms you know I don't wanna get the press. Yeah you know -- little bit of hypocrisy like them. Exactly. That's it's far away but it away it's it's not really that funny you know. Thanks for the call Monique 18774694322. Edge of right. All in the honey I'd blow up the kids. Mohammed and Mindy. Suspicious packages. 72. 72 as in 72 virgins you understand debt this year next with how we cargo ahead Dennis. From classic out is barely get. Like 54 or are you and my mother a couple of. That's a good what I like that thank you Dennis my mother of the car bomb one. Has Olbermann -- fitted for his head -- get Olbermann gone. Is and gone. He went aria yeah he was replaced he kept talking about -- crappy DSL ones. Like to see him come into this -- -- apparently seem operator of this phone Booth for IAM. But the mention the signal on the station. But he was complaining until they finally got rid of them and so that they brought in not client number nine. When you don't want thing though I you know Eliot Spitzer is gonna get along rights mean like hookers. 1877469432218774694322. Turbine cowboy. Five the water. Knows best. Martyred with shoulder and the -- of hazardous material. But Campbell whisper. Is scratched off. Charlie Euronext with how we cargo ahead Charlie. Great show kept the well probably I would take one now it looks so macho you bitch you arrest. The first the first order says the magic word the ball flies and the ball flies out of blows up Padilla is theater. Thanks for that extra -- culturally. 18774694322. Trains and planes and G. Bizarre empire. That's -- of Brea everybody loves Alla. Meet the Barrick commons. Queer eye for the G hot guy. Oh man. This is this is good stuff. American infidels we've had that when this old house law. We that -- this'll OK. Real housewives of Ramallah. Kevin your next with how we cargo ahead Kevin. I don't -- the job and I'm. I'd I'd I'd look today you know I would do on court and I looked around. Thank you. Mean listen. As we give you were breaking up julliard next with how we are glad job. All mark go ahead mark. They are real are Tara. Oh god I'm gonna have a car accident driving out of me and I'm. Well -- it's great to have a good work. But he parked. Brad you're next with how we cargo ahead brat. And what's that. -- okay. -- your next with how we car. Carly I don't even think you know that and how did it I mean what look at different -- And -- the court and I mean there's there's a difference. What's in between Fox News in the Klan -- what was the last. I'm Fox News have anything on about the -- what if you wanna go that way what's the different between MSNBC in the Communist Party. That's that that's a closer analogy. Fox News in the plan and how we car.