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Do you Have A Tax Bomb-shelter?

Jan 3, 2013|

Elizabeth Warren was sworn in today and will become the Commonwealth's senior senator when Sen. John Kerry becomes Secretary of State. Everyones taxes are going up and Howie had no hope for the next 4 years. He asked the callers what they were doing to prepare for the coming days.

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What are you doing are you -- or are you. Trying to prepare for a four more years of Obama what are you doing are you buying guns you wanna. Are you making any preparations for your your typical. This is from Victor David -- the great new years stampede. There's a New Year's BMP developing we have not seen for a long time. Gun stores are swamped with panic in customers they're looking for handgun semi automatic rifles as much ammunition as they can afford. But buyers are not just camouflage hunter's conspiracy theorists and gun orders. Instead most of those purchasing fire at firearms and am more so called award marry people convinced that this administration will soon. Begin to centrally register and then BM far more than assault rifles. The administration and the media are not focusing on animal and just prior sessions with violent video games -- society seeming inability hospitalized the unstable or the -- violence. Peddled in Hollywood and -- popular music. The portrait shooting people as a sort of cheap fantasy without consequences. Instead the administration is zeroing in on the ability of Williams's mother told legally by semi out of that matter weapons that are Sunday and stole the murder in the schoolchildren and employees. The result is a pandemic of fear that the Second Amendment will be re interpreted and redefined as never before. We come to to the cut taxes. The new higher rates will come on top of the state income tax hikes and much of the country. All in addition to further increases in the capital gains tax new war obamacare taxes and much people are inherent traits. The result as much as the 35%. Increase on the well off but for some payers aggregate hikes of seven to 8% or even more. A series of foreboding -- and so hangs over the currently medically insured almost everyone is insured. Whether the new federal statutes were still cover currently are covered procedures or whether they will be rationed to -- alone together. Unless of course you're an illegal alien or a member of a and he privileged group. Expect many people to schedule check ups or enemy and major medical procedures in 2013 before obamacare -- said. Here's the keep your voice that this is a good point that he makes. There's a common denominator. Denominator that underlies all this multifaceted. Uncertainty. Fairly or not there's a sense that those who played by the rules and did well. Have instead done something wrong or at least under suspicion and that it is now time for their government to seek atonement from. Worse still -- the dread that the government's new policies and taxes won't -- solve problems but may make the -- prompt even greater government engineering. It's not a fear to acknowledge it's an absolute. Certainty. That this visa policies are going to make everything worse. For the law abiding gun owner of the federal government may make it more difficult to buy illegal arms even though there is little evidence that gun restrictions person they have stopped shooting at some evidence that states with lots of armed citizens. Have lower crime rates. Most well off taxpayers add up to -- local state federal payroll and capital gains taxes and feel they really have paid their fair share. I know I feel that way. Mean how much more they want me to pay you all these people are walking around the not even speak in English and not worked and what what are they going to be asked to pay their fair share. -- ever. No don't know it's only me it's only Americans -- have to pay our fair share. They know that all they hear that Betty they know they all know that handing over more won't solve the fiscal crisis the world instead only empower more government deficit spending its new taxes won't stop deficits what's next. Finally those who budgeted and provided for their own health insurance field the new restrictions and higher taxes on their coverage. The cost of subsidizing many who could've bought but chose not to buy their own health insurance. The ability of citizens to protect their councils to keep at least half their earnings say from various government taxes. And to use their own judgment in making health care decisions is central to a free people. No wonder the fear that a radically growing government will infringe on such traditional freedoms are stampeding millions of them panicky Americans in all directions. One appeared to want anything to try to deal with this this. Incoming. Nightmare. You know about the of the Obama administration with all these all these. Rules and regulations and -- fiscal -- taxes. And yeah you know these the these stories that are running in there are boom that. Guess that's like the New York Times saying isn't it time to watch that that kind of moved on from the constitution. 18774694322. Those privileged you speak cover where the representatives and president 978 that article was right on I was in four seasons guns in. Woburn largest in state and shelves are bare. What was there was being bought by well -- neo fights. 603. How we I never owned a gun I just sent in my pistol permit and did some did nice signed something with the -- win and about guns in the US. 18774694322413. Sold 6000 dollars worth of stock last week not a coincidence. -- figure at all might I guess again I would I would point knocked out my 401K. Earlier this early or early last month not not a coincidence either. So once as that I have to pay a that 35 and seven to pay third. Nine point 6% -- 35%. On at 1877. To not force 694322. Most of was already gone anyway but aside what will that was left like took out. Just America but I don't wanna give any money if these people this one than I used in this might help anybody that issues in the money this. To you know bring in more -- illegal aliens you know. And just give give jobs to people who can't write can't read don't know when he bank which put them in these jobs for a 100000 a year. -- the only so all these government jobs now -- these people making over a 100000 a year to went absolutely. Nothing. The -- you're looking eat your -- of -- outside the dubious government office buildings that the key it they they can't speak. They they're ignorant. They the they the could work in a restaurant -- make a hundred grand a year. Mike your next what they -- while working restaurant focus they don't be too tough for now. Mike your next with how -- cargo ahead Mike. What we're doing. It for four years Obama. About 20%. All transactions. 221. First transactions just -- what that is such a partners. Are right barter my services. So I need to get the work I court that they at this. I tell what services like to provide him. You know interest and I'd trade my service and -- And I do this all walls everywhere key. It's not it's not cash in action. You know pricing it's a gimmick Walsh is -- -- again for -- Byron system. -- -- And right now what amounts to about 25%. Of all my transaction. Yeah I'd -- that the system. You know I can I give people discount rates -- you know -- you're gonna need cash. And again you know under what it all -- myself. Right of course you're gonna get off because -- But I'm suggesting you should do this Mike you want to stand by just saying that's of course she would -- give people like cast a discount for cash. But that's that's what -- Did it ever since this president took office. Before I was all of our -- you know why every transaction. Could be important -- it didn't add to the you know reported Powell. Every. I know I know I don't the thing is it argues that I used to wall was put money in the saluted the Salvation Army pockets. Mean I'm just even gotten out of habit of that idea I just feel like you don't. All this money is going to people who -- who were already being taken care -- but two to walk. Yeah you know treated to it to a life for brightly you know they they got they got everything for free and now expected to put in more and more money in addition to the taxes are already paid that this -- at. So they can get some more. But it's Christmas. Shopping season outside Wal-Mart people collect the money. But yeah hurricanes. You know I mean this government give -- money our. Money in the in the collection. That she was in or -- it's what are my options out. Yeah well -- Ya I I know I know you you don't look at this sub bill but they you know they -- that Peter king and all these Republicans and Democrats are angry that Boehner wouldn't consider the bill be for a before they left before with the -- the old congress went out minutes just packed with all this like crap you know I -- issues every packed with pork. Thanks thanks for a call up Mike 187746943221. What about the what about what ever happened to while the poor forms. Yup or from the pork farms are they were that they're -- luxury apartments now. Buying ten ounces of silver each month with the money I saved by quitting smoking tools seven -- -- for one case. Prices on everything you're going up while paychecks are. Going back now. 18774694322. Mike -- got a gun looking for a second job moving to a small apartment -- -- -- -- in that selecting all my money and that the intervals. A drain all my bank accounts in next neck and up next -- my credit cards cash in my 401K interred in my three CD's took a took over 151000. And used it to buy a ar fifteens for semi automatic nine millimeter handguns for revolvers and for shotguns and -- all the remaining cash. A stockpiled tons and tons of ammunition I'm not a -- I'm just afraid next week I might not even be able to buy a bullet. Let alone -- -- and let alone -- on if they want to start something. If they want to start something. But then come here and start with meal make Waco Texas look like small town news. 18774694322. Got plenty of the real -- we're gonna we're gonna need copper lead. Copper jacketed lead. Paul you're next with how we cargo at all. Hey -- -- -- welcome back can I get that you're one television show -- issue. Our late night with the remains of David Letterman. It is considered. A and grow and show -- -- -- Yeah some comments from John Boehner and your opening yes I heard a bowler on the news in mid today -- seem like Amazon. Like the forty minutes now or something straight. And it seemed like is further comments almost went towards. If you came here for your constituents. Picture wrong and you came here to do do right things for the country. Do you have -- further comment sector are your opening statement that you guys had permanent. -- -- -- Chris we have guys value that we don't -- Chris says we don't have any more of it. Okay and -- wrong but I know it just struck me. Really strange to -- came -- so might be worth the second glimpse. Yeah yeah I. I'm not you know I'm really not paying much attention to John Boehner these days are you know. Now know the -- struck a chord with me and it. In that in itself -- I heard it correctly been surprised me too much issues further out gays in the -- -- things look bleak right now. The other do that looked very bleak actually. I'm looking at moving her back to North Carolina next. You know couple amongst. North Carolinas and North Carolina seems to have been together right now you know that's Allred said the bill like that all Republicans they wiped out the or the Democrats in the Leo legislature and in the congressional delegation they have a Republican governor. Everything seems they electable Republican judges everything seems to be going pretty smoothly. The girl. Known for Christmas and I have and -- -- so might be good to go back -- I've been here too long. They have a lot of illegal aliens malveaux different different from when you and I live there Paul you know. Old -- The course you know -- ball work -- -- at their monologue illegal aliens. Thanks for the call the beat the top 40 AM stations they used to listen to -- worked in Winston-Salem girl on girl regular Mexicans now. The beat TOB for tobacco as a Mac is a regular Mexican station 18774694322. Tax holiday outlook. You know they always have a temporary tax is is never temporary tax it's always capped by a tax holiday. Always Mans did you ever know stuff like that the like what's happened with the payroll tax the payroll tax holiday is over. The temporary tax the temporary told the Mass Turnpike is that any work closer to being that's that's that's that was. That was supposed would come down in 1988. So that's that's been. That's been around a lot longer than the holiday on Social Security taxes says Joseph your -- with how we cargo ahead Joseph. How happy new year happy new year I'm -- on -- They -- I got a question for its open change is there another definition for that lecture on man. Hope and change dismaying that's. And I think our guys yeah hole -- -- just via. It -- it's just more BS that's solid is Georgia you know. Hope and change -- Thanks for the call 18774694322. Just paid an extra 35 dollar Social Security in yesterday's paycheck. Now there you go there you go your you know this is that. Cash is king. To a seven we're spending any extra money we got on survival your supplies for what is soon coming that's from Gardiner -- -- 18774694322. George your next with how we cargo ahead George. Or -- -- -- by at all at all on an image and I can get remaining faithful to -- you have now. And I'm not -- -- politicians. Now you can't trust any politicians. See. Ya at new year 18774694322. Let's see Bob my -- reloading equipment saving enough for myself and selling the extra device over. I pray and just had another baby in government got another 14100 a month what message does that send yet sends a message if you -- appears it. You know it's it's kind of repeal the laws of evolution the via. The welfare. System in the United States if you're if you're incapable of working and you shouldn't be breeding chances are you have a lot of kids if you work. And cannot support yourself chances are you while. You can't support a kid because you have to keep working to support the kid but you know -- because you're not eligible for a -- offered no one's gonna give you when he welfare but if you're a what if -- eligible for welfare to score and keep Kevin more and more kids. You know because the more kids you have. But more welfare you're gonna get. 18774694322. And now card. Yeah. 1877469. Worth three to two Josh you're next with -- cargo ahead Josh. I George and how hard. -- there. I have a you know the -- been telling you for four years supplies. Gold and silver pathetic I was crazy. -- -- about three years two years ago I started buying a little here a little there's been based on nothing but increase in value. And I'm -- find it appears to this -- does not use a bank secrets every penny into gold. -- -- over and and -- Done very very well with guns are going up and down. You like you cannot believe of course you know we all know the gold silver system do well. I recently I I've been here every country in Central America looking. We're out of time. -- --