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They Are Shocked, Shocked Their Taxes Went Up

Jan 4, 2013|

On the left wing blog site Democratic Underground the Obama voters are shocked that their taxes just went up....Howie could not stop laughing at anyone who was gullable enough to believe President Obama that only millionaires would have tax hikes.

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Course my favorite story of the -- The democratic underground to the year. Not built up sol delta optional on the over fraternity but do you with the democratic underground. They are. Shocked. Shocked I say. That -- Social Security. Withholding taxes are going up. They thought that this this increase was only for the millionaires and billionaires. Certainly it wasn't very -- only had the Obama signs on your car. And that Elizabeth the war in the fake Indian for a sit at a major car. They can't -- event. It's great it's it's just that you know again it's it it makes and it makes it interesting and also. We're gonna talk more later on this -- the front page story in the Boston Herald today is a buyout. The EBT cards remember the number the all welfare recipients were going to get a letter. From -- that this was a big lawsuit was filed by Elizabeth Warren now senator Elizabeth Warren's daughter. On behalf of -- moon -- groups saying that. The the the people look the welfare offices we wouldn't call welfare office we called -- to. The bta. Bureaucrats had not been. Proactive enough. In seeking out the welfare recipients the lay abouts the gimme gals the -- guys. To make them my take it to make it clear to them that they can register to vote at the welfare offices. So the state was forced to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars probably over a million dollars to send out first class letters -- First class prepaid postage. Included in the first class letters telling the welfare recipients that they can vote. In the they could register to vote now it turns out. No one -- -- -- -- gonna tell us it's of course but the Harold. Filed a Freedom of Information Act request. And asked. How many of the letters came back. -- return to sender. Address unknown. No such number no such zone. 191000. 191000. Quote unquote people were getting. EBT cards refilled every month direct deposited. And apparently they don't exist. 191000. Will be talking with Schiavo -- -- about that from a -- I mean are we surprised now. Do we want to at least rub it in the snouts of the moon bats yes we go. Because we all knew that this was gonna happen or sport and as somebody last week. And this was a this was a woman I mean she is she's one of my idea but warm idea fellow residents on the eleventh. They the hope -- opium was a lot of though. It she said sometimes you know she goes to watch years ago a woman source with their credit cards. And but couple weeks earlier she'd gone twelve men -- buyer husband guy -- something like that for Christmas. And by the time she got to the next store after going to the -- store she given the same credit card that you used at the men's or the credit card been canceled. Because they had they -- it and taken the the the the sleuths. Back in the home office that long to figure out that should gone to a place that should never gone before idea habit amends habit actually in the had canceled credit card. And yet the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Keeps sending money out to. At least 191000. People. A month. Who don't exist apparently. They don't exist and we can't do we think about it and we don't wanna put. Put for a wide -- on these EDT cards electronic benefit transfer cards because that would be. To expect that's what the all the people from the EDT neighborhoods say they say we can't afford this we can't -- seven dollars per card. It's it's much cheaper to war it what this photo it's much cheaper to keep sending them hundreds and hundreds of dollars a month all these people. You know who don't who don't exist. 18774694322187746943220. That's the toll free number about how we partial if you like to what checked out the if you like to check out our rob. Our Internet service go to how we cart dot US how we cart dot US. And you could always. You can always listen there. Also how we -- -- -- US and find out -- sandy and I will be next weekend we will be on January 11 that's next Friday a week from tonight. And January 12 week from tomorrow night will be at the company's theater in the -- well in will be. Do we are -- our evening of -- murderers thieves gangsters and writers that the with Anthony Moret from the garden museum and a Casey Sherman who's an expert on the Boston strangler hope you'll join us 45 dollars per person. And it's the it's good two good take I think in an you know it's also we if you would like to world. Listen to the show there's another place to -- which is how we cart dot com how we cart dot com quick on the live audio streaming and also how we cart dot com you can take part in our daily Internet poll question. City what does today's poll question and what are the results thus far. Wish me in terms senators taking John Kerry's seat should it be Barney Frank or should -- Anybody else anybody doubts at 93%. As US -- in the yes vote for Mike Dukakis I mean I played open if you mean anybody else do you really mean anybody else that's like -- -- -- practices as board. I mean Mike Dukakis I mean Vicky Kennedy I mean anybody but Marty for I. You know. When you talk about this that it took it two ways to go here in this first now we can go whipped beat the EU people were shocked. That their taxes are going up. Which is pretty funny that. They didn't think I can hear you laughed them off. Patrice was mentioning this to mention that yesterday I think there when they when they had a prop two and a half over right that's the prop -- That's the most you can raise property taxes in -- in severe town in Massachusetts. Figured a year. So you have to open or right to raise it would 2%. So it they had -- the -- story several years ago a woman would work very hard prop -- apple Arlington. And that she was shocked after the prop to Apple's past. That she had gotten an increase in property tax. She couldn't believe it. She was just for people who work but the only people gonna get a property tax increase for the people who were against. The property tax increase in the that being one of the beautiful people -- be on the right -- the issue she would. Never ever have to pay higher property tax. She was wrong and now the do you people finding out the same thing we've got this tax will just for millionaires and billionaires. That's what they heard on MSNBC. -- -- Conrad reverend Al comrade Rachel Konrad Sharjah and Schultz. They all the -- were only for millionaires and billionaires and now just why. If you make fifty grand. Europe your page just went down 1000. Dollars per year. If they can't believe that we can't believe it. War. We can go with Barney Frank. Barney Frank who said he was through with politics he you know we got married didn't. Confirmed bachelor got married to do. He's 72 -- 42. -- -- we're gonna move pro gun -- And you know they were gonna get the pot plants ready for a purpose spring planting. You know get you know -- curable buds. Hydro products. And you know that there will start making babies. But now now now Barney now Barney says he has changed his mind. Which quickly forward congressman Barney Frank. Would you consider possibly being future senator Barney Frank our government calls you and says yes -- in for a couple months. A month to go no true we should go -- -- -- what did it which kind of like you're about to graduate and they said he could go to summer school. Hockey until. That deal now means that February march and April are going to be among the most important moments in American. Financial and -- this fight yet and I've got that no amount of record you cannot. Nina Berman good it. Hi Doug told the governor of the I would now like frankly can do that be good site. Would like to be apart that is only a three month period that would want to anymore don't want to look again but yeah I think for these individual -- got us a little arrogant. Constantly not being summer it's going to be a cold winter that the code at the end and they -- senator. I appreciate that aren't -- I -- this country -- that is an upper body up. 32 years in the house too much in the senate among house and OK god Barney Frank that. -- Barney when the phone don't ring a -- it's the rest of the people of Massachusetts asking unit. It too soon be awesome duties of a job like shot -- Give me a break. If you know the thing was. He had at a near death experience or what he considers a near death experience in 2010. You know while one shocked when he made an ass out of himself on every TV show America. And it was the Tea Party year in -- would be lost all of a sudden went from having five box in his account having five million bucks and count over almost overnight. And he got scared and then that will legislature again that to be a congressman. To continue to be a congressman. You have to suck up to the people who redraw the district lines every ten years even -- understands this. You know you wanna go back and look at -- kissing ass at the Saint Patrick's Day breakfast over the years you'll you'll see what you have to do. To make sure your district is protected Barney franks to quit that to two. Deal with the point what in the Massachusetts General Court even ball. He served in the Massachusetts. Court he still couldn't be bothered you know being nice to those people so guess what they did to. They didn't know what anybody to do Republicans or Democrats would do to somebody who was turned up their noses -- -- they gave him a district that was difficult. The game most Republican district India state. Not that that's saying yeah Stan. Because. You know Joseph Joseph Joseph Kennedy was elected easily. -- one of the most corrupt members of congress. Inside or outside of the black congressional caucus was reelected. Fairly easily with a little -- from a libertarian. He could've been reelected. He didn't have to be in this spot so now he decides she was. OK I made a mistake I'm 72 what alum I gotta go with the rest of my life. That's not my problem and it's not your -- it's Barney's problem. So don't cubs don't come seeking. A a bail out from my from us all right that twice. Get somebody up. Paul Kirk back again there are few ones don't give Marty a don't give born free pass him there and you know he's talking about all the gonna be dealing with financial issues. Barney Frank in his in his buddy Chris bod. Who by the way the announced over the Christmas holiday they've closed the friends of Angelo probe. In Angelo was -- was a guy from countrywide mortgage true bay Cuba. Chris Dodd the Barry. They closed the deal right over Christmas on the one would notice except for those of us were sitting by the pool reading the Wall Street Journal from cover to cover. Barney Frank. Is screwed up the economy more than 99.9. -- 99%. Of the American people and now we wants another ago sorry Barney -- back to all gunpoint okay. You're from a gunpoint now. Yeah you're from Boston when you ran for the congressional seat from Newton and up Brookline and Wellesley. And now now -- not eleven and at gunpoint and you wanna be the senator from Massachusetts you know me I mean again what might say he that there's a big different between Maine and Massachusetts. I know they used to be the same state I know I was born there. In lived here went back and forth all my life but still. Give us. -- and break. Now I'm here okay you're from Maine now you know go get on -- paying Greece husband's plane and go down to the -- that the grand Cayman Islands. You want Herbie and you know apply. Apply the fifty plus. Suntan -- one another's private parts I don't care what you just. Just goal away how could we may issue with -- won't go way. 1877469432218774694322. -- your next with how we cargo ahead Dave. I don't know -- I hope you can help straighten something out here. Who -- Social Security tax really effects don't union's. Members of the public unions sign where university. They're not currencies. Benefits when they are tired they'll pay into the -- I think some of them used to do that day but I think more -- more of a they they get into while. They they're in their in the system now I brought -- to guys that and working at my local supermarket who used to work at the DOC. In there working and they're getting they're already on their state pensions and there are they're just were there working enough to get the forty quarters. Americans need forty quarters to get into the Social Security system means ten years. I think any thinking teachers in this state do today. So security tax could be wrong about that. I think. You know you may I don't know I don't all the I don't know one way or another I know they paid Social Security taxes in the past before they got to be teachers. Analyze and again like -- -- lot of public sector people are expecting. Two while work once they retire early because they can retire pretty early they're expecting too worked up those forty quarters and and get on -- Social Security as well. Outside taught as substitutes are about ten years ago and I did Weyers I don't know it's changed. Since then are not you know if not then. This just about doorway Obama. You know. Paying office his his. You know what I you know what I like about this Davis and all these people on the -- woman Regis some of these some of these posts as we go along but the -- all these people think that they're gonna get Social Security. They think they think the system is legit but someone's gonna take care. I mean that they that they understand they have they have they looked at the actual were real tables here. To see that eventually is gonna be means testing here -- sooner rather than later they're probably gonna be cut off. Here it is. The -- here this is for Mac Solomon. The temporary stimulus reduction expired and Social Security is a good thing and you'll get the money back if you're lucky to live that long. Know you'll be lucky that your you it's a good thing if you. You'll get the money back if you're lucky that Social Security lives that long there's a better chance you will live longer than Social Security. Thanks for the call -- 18774694322. Okay here's a red Spartan. I have no problem with the rates 6% I have a problem that there was -- cap. It should be removed because after you go over -- 10610. Or whatever it is thousand a year there's no more capsule they -- -- -- Well here it is -- Berry now here's a guy. It does kind of -- I am getting ready to see my first rays in six years and I will be lucky if I remain on par with my take home pay the -- had in 2012. Between the increase in fight day in changes made in the benefits package all my raised does this keep me from going into a fiscal hole that this year. Next year will be another man. It would take a heart of stone not to laugh at this. But these people these people went along they voted for a guy who was going to cut their throats how many times that we tellem. He wants to cut your tour if you have a job he wants to cut your throat it doesn't matter how much you make. He's after you his constituents are people who do not work. Didn't believe -- -- did you. And now. Now you're looking at 82% pay cut. 18 says what would have happened if we'd gone over the cliff how when your taxes have been key fact that misspelled that it's a fact that -- be effected. So in other words it could've been worse that's for one strong black man dot com. A wonderful one strong black man so taxes -- -- -- it would -- equip them guessing. Mike your next with how we -- go ahead Mike. My machine may spoke on background. Yet the stuck in your shop and I cannot. Get my point across my life these guys and you know we have moral problem here -- called and came. That guy will mom goal. For this. He's he's. I got news for you Mike he's not running for obscenities in the senate he was sworn in a couple of days ago. -- Okay I'm a form call. Now just lectured on those which are both -- you do welcome. And one of the -- like Ali I am. Of course I am at the sixteenth. Yet very little. We ought to reaching out my long. -- explaining. You know not a conspiracy errors by any stretch but. Rang true to exactly what this man alone in this country. Yeah. I don't I. I think it you don't I don't see how anybody who works for a living can think that this -- this brand that this guy is -- to help him. This guy is out to help people who don't work you know. I mean he's he's out to -- 22 -- him Powell people who work for a living you know what every wanna call it a working class. The middle class the appeal he would have plural perhaps whatever. It's he's he's out to get people who actually get up and go to work in the morning he does not like people like that. He thinks is somehow those people are rock are unfair or treating people unfairly who sleep -- -- Now I know is sickening as -- And hopefully I don't understand how we get the votes of anybody who doesn't sleep alone. Why did they vote for. Obama. Have no idea and admit that there are around and then I'll thank god. Just in the last couple days. Thank god robot came back from music HE ELE I broke up education McCain say this and that left -- and you -- some of these guys -- Smart guys -- -- you know. It's propagate it you know these big great big crap they want out but I can't stand back to be so Smart why Eric boats in the -- of. I don't think he's that bright -- -- the beginning in the in the area I think he always got a free ride because of his pigmentation and you know he's taken advantage of the situation as a so many other people and that he -- this handlers and they're the ones that are that are rock. Imposing this. European -- social democracy. Office which is just gonna you know make all of this much pour in the long run thanks for the call like. 18774694322. How we will party be upping his pension by doing a stint in the senate AKA king for a day. Ottawa -- that I've got to check that out I admit the check it out earlier. 978 how we it's uncle Sam's fault to remember that I said that yesterday they said on coliseum is -- imposing higher taxes on. Payroll taxes on Social Security they didn't say but Barack Obama's imposing higher taxes the UC said it was uncle seeing. The was doing this because we can't we can't blame Obama for anything because that would be race studio. 187746. 978 I'm paying for the tax increase by eliminating the weekly contribution to the united way sorry. Night here's another 978. Bureau Marty please stay home I'll personally pick up Stephen -- in three of his three of his male prostitutes. To what that -- to come to Boston to visit 18774694322. Local 1032%. Increase passed to the employer pro they're next on track local won all three that's the IBEW. That's local 103 has you know on the zoning board of appeal in the city of Boston they have a member. Of local 103 on the on the easy BA and so they yeah if it but if if somebody wants a commandment developer wants to comment and put together -- building project for the city of Boston. The first question that guy from the local 103 yeses are you gonna use union electricians and if you're not in the -- union electricians. You get a Novo. Indian -- a vote in pretty much everybody goes along with them. The second question comes from the society of architecture. Are architects whatever whatever that -- call. They -- are you using a local architect and if you don't use a local architect then they get it and then they vote no way and so those local. While three of all the rest so this is how. This is what's called legal shake counts in the city of Boston. 1877469432218774694322. You were spot on in your assessment of Barry's lack of intelligence in the affirmative action pre -- he's been on his entire life that's from -- celebrate its for the children. It is for the children it is. 18774694322. Warm -- we are. Want to. 877469432218774694322. Please tell me what the -- stands for Democrat. Underground or democratic underground. And everybody says that they teach in Massachusetts or no Social Security taxes. Let's see here. How we went double liquor store today to buy some wine and they ask for my idea I wonder if that would affect what would've happened if I'd been if we would have been OK if I showed them and he beat the card. Well they they didn't accept three BT card that would have been it's I don't know why some kind of hate crime might think so. 18774694322187746943. Two to just what. I'm waiting to see CCR. We can't seem to find it days somebody out there there was an ad in The Herald today via RKO took out of happily that are a full half a page had. Color ad on page fifteen. Saying the were the only talk station in town now and a please two men and some guy called them and said. I tuned into what finder replacement for 96 mine and I can't believe no racist to homophobic homophobic etc. it's artery or is this -- you get your ratings up. So sorry. 1877469432. To remember Mary Beth -- and she was the worst public safety secretary in the history of Massachusetts. She was one of presided over the cover up of ten -- auto accident -- they said he was doing. The state police say he was doing 65 miles an hour he was actually 208 miles an hour. She was the one who presided over the state police crime lab when all the all all the evidence was being painted. By the by the woman -- -- and now it's gonna end up costing us hundreds of millions of dollars of Mark Buehrle and dollars she was one who presided over the the pharmacy. The -- Framingham. That produced all the poison that skilled. Over thirty people around the country and is gonna cost us more hundreds of millions of dollars. As soon resume Mary Allen. Manning left the governor's counsel be be warned the Democrat who. Was the watchdog of the governor's council who made sure that the the ruling terrible people didn't get the judgeships. She laughed at that noon on on Wednesday. And it about two minutes past noon on Wednesday guess what happened they nominated Mary -- effort for a judgeship. Mary Beth heparin and by the way is the daughter of the guy who was moved out of the courtship of the Boston juvenile court in two with judgeship. To make room for Jackie Bulger. Brother Y eighty culture. Who has since been convicted of -- felony for lying and obstructing justice tour manager. So she comes from a proud family packs. And they want to make sure that nobody we predict this months ago. That she was gonna get the job and that the law that denies it so this is what -- there and now she's been replaced by country club brawl. The former high share of Suffolk County who was the last time she was in the jail was walked out with an escort from the sheriff's office. 1877469432218774694322. We're to talk about the 191000. Missing EBT card recipients. In the next hour so once it. Six point seven says 191000 more anecdotes. Jenny if we heard back from the governor's office so we can discuss things like that and I wanted to come right now yes I do -- -- right now and that problem we wanna discuss the 191000 anecdotes. We wanna discuss the the plants he's got four in increased revenues. In transportation so what does sort it will improve the roads and bridges of Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Mike your next with how we cargo ahead Mike. Go ahead. No harm your next with how we cargo ahead Tom. Howard a -- double standard as usual I mean haven't you -- Israel against. Employees. With their pension and health care contributions that they don't put in but they -- you know they withdraw or the other -- much -- in. You know health care and what they've put in an essential. What they do it. That's true that is why we have we have an unfunded pension liability in the commonwealth the man bites in most states. That's why Medicare I don't consider that Medicare attracts some Republicans can demagogue and make this. Well it's the only about it now but it's really your contribution and we are contributing to something that people would -- -- -- cost us the ball club. Com here's the problem. The president of the United States said that nobody under the that made under 400000. Initially wanted to make it 200000. He had to push it up to 400000 he said nobody making under 400000. Was gonna have a tax increase under the. What are what is happened to contribute to what just tell me what is happened now. It's not a tax okay so it's -- last year are last year are -- fifty well. The dollar you're gonna have another thousand dollars they give out your how was it. How was not a -- a little -- pretending your income. Thought that was -- answer me this how was it not a tax. Win if you make 50000. You're gonna make a thousand dollars next last well this year how is that not attacked. A contributing to -- -- and get back it's that. -- what should not I had actually. -- -- and we -- men and pop -- but said you know you think about African swept. Because we. Because you know your taxes were going up and neither do I knew that all the other people voted for Obama because you know why did not because they weren't paying attention. -- What I -- so why all these people writing and do you say I'm sure I know my taxes were going up. I don't know why don't Republicans in the red states okay. All the ones that complain if you take a look at people collectively BP and federal funding. But think what -- -- that much more itself that it that's what people are some people are also -- so please don't there's. Police in voting for the welfare state is voting against your own interest where the war were rich -- the problem is here that the people that on the do you wander around all these other places. They say they didn't think their taxes going up they actually believe this guy. They they would keep tests come back and told them it was raining that believe. By the way I don't don't hold your breath about the governor I just have to spell your last name for the press office it definitely bode well for me that's okay thanks for the call -- 18774694322187746. Month. I only posted this because I know my will pop were -- friends on FaceBook will be all over the Xiaoping about now Obama -- in their taxes went up. He lied to all state. Don't ever -- -- happen probably didn't believe what he's at under 250 K it would it would not go up blah blah blah I don't mind I think it's fine. What do you think that's why we all. Due respect that -- You know doesn't make you think last. I don't mind I think it's fine says yes we can and we did. But it just gives ammo to the deep bags on the other side who were just looking for something to complain about. If you are looking for them to complain about having your taxes go up this is good as anything I think Cindy have -- have I posted anything on any blog sites complaining about the you don't suppose it's on his blog regulated. Did you get this for our venting session -- after that people workable or posting. There are the people from do you know the people from Democrats underground. There. Once corporate call blue -- Kiet cap. Trust me when you retired the benefits of having a Social Security check come in each month in the Medicare. Card you'll have been your wallet will far outweigh this meager 2% amount. Okay. That's. And the and trust me when Easter comes and. You get there -- More -- -- for you by the Easter Bunny who don't know that there really is an Easter Bunny through. Don your next with -- cargo ahead on. -- actually get on with an app so anyway. How do you know you -- seeking New Orleans true. What they do not we don't want. Improper. Why he's not gonna run for the senate up in Maine you know the thing is he's he's now -- Maine and he wants to be the senator from Massachusetts bond. Yeah he can keep driving Canada. Have a real problem with thinking that worry remembering -- I dawn dawn I -- you know I used to live in York county in addition the Cumberland county in -- -- -- a problem think he'll be a gun what is -- don't you. You know I mean he lives in a gauntlet with dude. That's where I mean that's that's where I mean I -- I you don't want him to become a successful mayor won a former. Even though it doesn't know what it looks like that's when he told the enemy in the day he didn't know what marijuana worked like. It. You'll you'll get like him once you know what you know him Foreman thanks for the call. 1877469432271. Judge temperament you call that. Which -- was -- in the scar but that's the way things work here in the program John your next with how we cargo ahead John. Probably Obama like a shot it would get rid of America and brought. -- And at this party for acting couple weeks ago yeah. -- -- about it o'clock I would look at the I think it is their future. We'll -- that -- what's this corn into space so people do stupid things in order to regret what's that Obama voters. Yeah I think you know I've I've -- to put that in my column last week on Sunday that by July. Gallup will conduct a poll and find out that 53% of the American public now claimed to vote for Brohm. -- -- always happens you know that's the way it always happens thanks for the call John 187746943. 2218774694322. What is in the state stop sending checks to 191000 Philly show up and prove they live here I think there's they're cleaning. That they that they are doing that you know this is what happened with this is what happened with Rudy Giuliani when he became mayor. They they they they stopped the well we'll talk more about it we have show on. 187746943221. Point guard. 18774694322603. Obama himself all the that tax cut two years ago now it's not attacks -- is buying into the Kool Aid. 617 how -- to paraphrase Warner Walt if you voted for Barry and Joseph the dummy and body or getting a tax cut. Your own words. Yes you do lose. Nearly at a pay cut okay. It's only the millionaires and billionaires and by the way do the math how does someone and make him 400000 dollars a year -- worked -- as. A millionaire forget being a billionaire. It's not just them that are get screwed you're gonna get -- just wide because they can only get sixty billion millionaires and billionaires a now are.