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Avi Nelson - Short and sweet

Jan 5, 2013|

Saturday's truncated program about debt and guns.

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Good afternoon this is not Nelson welcome to the program I guess the first program of the year. New year and Malia and surprise for you. Not that surprised. We have a very short program today. We're gonna be with you only from now on to 340. He has a 345. We're going to be carrying BC basketball. So. It's nothing you said or that I said and hopefully we will be back in full measure next week. I want to -- though there was the opportunity of course are not doing. Program at all -- a short period of time that it was such an interesting week. But I thought it was worth at least having some opportunity to interact. Better body has to talk faster burden gets some of the stuff and sell. Use the phone number 877469432. To that of course is too -- for you that text message code. Is 68680. And the email address -- at wrko.com. Well I don't we don't have a lot of time and I I did want to start with this story. Published January 4. 2013. The world's former fattest man celebrated yesterday. That would have been January 3. After shedding nearly 650. Pounds. Formation and 51 years old. It weighed nearly a thousand pounds and lost two thirds of it. He now weighs. 330. Pounds his target is to get down to 200 pounds. Missions medical bills by the way so far. Are thought to have constant pent cost taxpayers. More than one point six million dollars. He's biting the national service. To fund it further surgery this is in England not here. Further surgery costing up to 50000 dollars to remove folds of loose skin left after his weight loss however. She were getting something back on our investment. 650 pound lost only for only one point six million dollars. Well it was an interest in wake. John Boehner reelected speaker. And much to do has been paid about the twelve votes Republican votes who voted against him. We should point out to read recollect that when. Najibullah she was last elected speaker I think what she. Had nineteen votes against our but I don't remember anybody making a fuss about it anyway John Boehner is the speaker. There are two really well action there's three major issues that -- -- try to get to today warnings of course the bill that was patched. The that has now been signed into law and that is the so called fiscal cliff bill. And the outcry from that or the aftermath which of course has been a division among Republicans. And this international war fear that bothers me a lot the other a couple of items that I thought were interesting is this ongoing battle now over the publishing. Gun owners' names. And where that's going ago we had a one. County clerk from pat Putnam counting. Named Louis Anderson he's not gonna give the name groups even though technically law requires. Him to and where's that going and the third. Item. -- interest is Al Gore selling current TV lets them TV station he was a partner to Al-Jazeera. A -- places. 500 million dollars and Al Gore gets -- hundred million dollars. Here's a man. Who was really elected president of the United States if you just look at popular vote. Any selling his TV station. Al-Jazeera. Hardly a patriotic purveyor of news. Time Warner the second largest cable operator said they're not -- carry it. Comcast is the largest cable operator I don't know what they're going to. So those -- the items that jump out at me you can and anything else that you want including talk about the world's former fastest man. Wyoming's typical 8774694322. The number. The text message code 68680. Email address and Nelson until the art care dot com I'll mention again because not everybody gets here at the at the crack of dawn for the program under abbreviated program today only two -- 345. So -- to get your calls in -- -- comment really about the the first about the bill and then we'll go to the telephone lines. This is the this so called fiscal cliff bill. There was a lot in the bill to dislike and the whole way the whole thing was handled but what bothers me most is that. Which happened afterwards. Is Republicans falling on two swords against each other. As if somehow. They are to blame. I don't know what strategy you would have wanted to employ to get a different result. But the fact of the matter is we have to remember. First we lost -- election in November 2 we control one a three branches of government. Third. I don't know what you wanna say even after the vote is taken you don't like the result. About why we're killing each other or. At least trying to slashing at each other. When the real problem the real political enemy here is on the other side it's the Democrats folks. Let's figure out there were no Republicans who were opposed to spending cuts we just couldn't get them through because. All the Republicans because of the Democrats because of Obama. That's where the political forces lie and play with regard to support for keeping the entitlements and everything else in place. So what good does it do to at international warfare. Name call. Criticism. Of our own when we need to ally our forces together in order to make some progress. I think it was would be a close call for me with this bill if I were in congress and then decide whether to vote for. Nor did get rid of the world we didn't get rid of but it indexed the alternate Alternative Minimum Tax. Which now is not going to. B a a problem. And it does allow us to fight another day what happened here was as of December 31 we didn't have a deal. All taxes went -- So technically. This lowered the taxes on everybody except in the highest bracket. And I must say that the argument that went on before. But OK let's keep the rates. To sing but let's get rid of the deductions. And so that will generate additional revenue that was proposed by the Republicans. And we couldn't understand why does Obama want to take that -- well I'm not sure what kind of a great deal that is. OK so the rich didn't go up but the amount of money coming from us and going to them them being the government. Would've gone up what difference does it make. If -- taking money out of your pocket. Because it's higher rate or because you don't have a deduction. At the end of the day there's less for you and more for government had a great deal. Depending having this structure really matter. One other thing too. And that is. -- a lot of people were talked about how Obama wants to humiliate the Republicans who wants to break the Republicans Charles Krauthammer issues -- one of the best. Analysts on and he is with the the best on and usually is pretty good he kept. Pushing this -- beating this -- Let's understand something. Obama never said that he wanted more revenues. Obama has always been interested in higher tax rates. He was consistent as far as that goes in fact it was heat who made the compromise because he campaigned. Diligently. Vigorously on saying nobody over 250000. Dollars a year it's gonna pay higher taxes. And then he conceded animated 400000. Dollars and of course in addition to that there was a payroll tax reduction is now going back up. Sure everybody in the lower middle class is gonna be paying higher rates as well. But I I don't understand that special motivation of Obama which notch. That somehow we should get higher revenue in fact let me digress for a moment and play a clip. Ed do we have the clip. Charlie Gibson moderating a debate. Between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton in the middle of the presidential campaign of 08. Now occasion that's that's a long time ago we talked about Obama being inconsistent and not having the and not staying with forty promise and all the -- but back then do we have the -- ready and we do this is what took place in 2008. -- In each instance. When the rate dropped revenues from the tax increase. The government took him more money and in the 1980s. When the tax was increased to 28% the revenues went down. So why -- it at all especially given the fact that a hundred million people in this country owns stock -- would be affected. Well Charlie what I assertive that I would look at raising the capital gains tax. For purposes of fairness. Saying he never said he can't just dismiss the argument over rates of low revenue. He was interest did enriched now fairness she's one of those words of that and for -- run it's still thrown around and nobody ever defined. They Russia failed their high school physics course or never took another one. Me tell you something the first thing about science that you learn is you have to be able to measure but the wise. You're not talking science hugest mouthing words if you cannot define fairness then it's an arbitrary concept that can change tomorrow. Today 20% can be -- tomorrow 60% can be fair what's the difference. But the point is that that was the motivation for Obama and it still is so technically he actually made concessions that actually he views it. Mean the fact that we think taxes are too high and that they should be more about expenditures. We have a different philosophy. But let's not make it that his motivation that was Obama's motivation was different from what it was I think quite frankly -- on average -- things were wrong. -- Barack Obama is not interested in breaking their humiliating the -- that you Republicans have to live with that for the next fight. He's interest didn't fulfilling not only his campaign promised but what he -- to be right I disagree with him but this is what he thinks is the right course of action. So we now have a bill that that that you did get through sport and you're in congress would you have voted for wolf think about it. Politics is the art of compromise. He's getting learn that early on here we were faced with a situation where if we didn't do anything. There was going to be serious problem a serious problem with the economy and there would be blame. Now poll after poll indicated. That Republicans were getting more of the blame than the White House and the Democrats that's the political reality of it. Should do you just go down -- -- with the risk that next election we have even fewer Republicans. In the house. And in the senate. And therefore we can do even less or do you make a compromise and say I've got the debt ceiling fight coming up right away. And that's where I can make -- Stan. It's an interesting judgement call I can understand how different people can come on different sides what I cannot understand and do not countenance. Is that those people who voted yes on their name called all the way from prostitutes or worse. For making that vote. They may disagree with you was somebody who disagrees with you is not necessarily. A hypocrite. There are people who believe that the left wing philosophy is the way to go I may not agree with them. But that doesn't mean that he really think my way but had been bought off. Or are doing it for votes. Any more than somebody could say to me you really believe in socialism communism -- just saying this -- in every job and Arcadia. Now sometimes people really do believe it. So my suggestion is the vote on now -- get past the name calling and even the criticism. It's time to aggregate those of like mind philosophically. And let's get ready for the next effort which is going to be. To have a fight over raising the debt -- And that's where some of these cost cutting measures can be implemented -- hole. They certainly weren't in this bill was at 41 to one was the ratio of increases in revenues to 22 cuts in spending for this Billick just pronounced. Something's very wrong -- of sixteen trillion dollar debt. And we're not addressing it. The other guy so wrong. What we have to be able to win and make the changes. In order to effectuate an improvement in the situation. Okay. Your turn 8774694322. Text message code 68680. Email address and Nelson at WRK. Dot com. Russ this afternoon near the icebreaker welcome. Good afternoon every epidemic a few comments said the first one. You know all that bad idea where he bought -- goes -- someone must have lost their jobs. What he's -- because why is he lost so much weight as me so much. That's right exactly. But our guards did you know -- -- really you have to call that bill and this group the taxpayer belt. Now I can and just understand and I can accept retreat when you're -- regroup and be stronger and then fight another day. You know it's like Dunkirk cartel I can accept that but -- the Republicans prove that they can be strong enough. Tool -- try to play the same game that Democrats do when it comes to lying propaganda. Well I wouldn't want to become I I wouldn't want to play the game where we have to resort to lying propaganda. And I would like to think that we can aggregate our forces and be Smart with with what we have to do to accomplish our goals. That the Democrats -- unfounded and untrue accusations. That unfortunately. A lot of the gullible up there. The second up. I think that's right that means we have to fight harder because he's always more difficult to to -- -- -- Try to advance the situation. From the pedestal of truthful from the pedestal lies one line requires a paragraph to straighten. And I -- one more thing I wanted to say but that's to a good sport but more on that one step up. A published in the hands of Oregon garments sold the cause and effect of that is every one that's not on the list. It is not an opportunity. For a predator. -- -- -- -- -- -- That's OK -- -- going that is one of the effects of that publishing the names have been a number of interesting things that have taken place because of that. And and it's it's probably worth mentioning. That. I saw. The head of the corrections officers. Union I think was speaking he said that since 9:30 in the morning since those rules were published. Inmates have been coming up to the corrections officers and telling them I know where you live. How would you like to be a corrections officer. With inmates in prison saying that -- your family in jeopardy because of course they know people on the outside. Then there was the person who said that. That she knew it had gotten a gun because. She had been she had had problems in the past within abusive husband. And now she was afraid because. Now he knew where she years. And so here does that mean that he can come and stalk her some neither of breaking some night. In addition to that there was a legislator. Who said that though he's concerned his name is Aaron Weiner I guess from in the in New York. And he called the publication irresponsible journalist journalism he thirty fears for his safety. Because. The map broadcast that he does not haven't gone. Should now he figures there's a target Megyn Kelly. Kept citing and I didn't check this but I'm assuming. That she's accurate as she's hugely irresponsible report on Fox News was citing an MIT study. That looked at this where the -- had been done before and the MIT study found that were doing went up. In those houses or against those challenges that did not have a gun after the names were published as -- who does have a -- So. Consequences to to what's going on here and by the way just -- smallish side. The newspaper that published the names. Now has armed guards in front of their building protecting them. Because of threats from the other side but I noticed the guards they got. More armed. And didn't cash get a bunch of people to stand around and hope that they can do it with ping pong paddles. We got to pay some bills back on the other side and immediately back to the telephone lines and Martin Nelson. Welcome back deciding Nelson reminder for those of you joining us lately and a very short program today -- at 345. EC basketball followed. Hopefully next week we'll have a regular. So let's get on -- -- 8774694322. Is the telephone number back to the line stayed in action program good afternoon. Hello Bobby. Not like to make -- 22 statements about two different subjects. The -- before you look you've just got to talk to one of them sold undeniable that on the first one. Is I can't believe them. This thing about Al Gore announces an -- I think that that's like treason that's number one number -- Scott Brown. Will probably run for the senate Q do you agree with that. Well I think he showed us -- -- I certainly a possibility I don't know what he's gonna Jordan not to go out. OK but what I wanted to say is that I listen to them you know different talk shows and the fact it was on you -- -- on your station. That done. It's been dismal. A lot of conservatives. Call up not only does Scott Brown have to fight. That the Democrats and the liberals but he has played his own party because a lot of conservatives. Will do you know. Except that they would not -- to. Put Scott Brown because the conservatives. And the guy. Crawled up. And they -- even voted in the last election for a little -- and and the guy that conservative but he ordered who has warrant because. He'd rather have. India a moderate. Don't Republican homes they've -- the election. Then to elect a moderate Republican. Yeah -- right good thanks for the call initial comments like it is very good point that you raised thank you. First with the guards' Al Gore who has gotten a text message here from seven anyways that you mean Al -- zero. Very clever cute like that. Al-Jazeera. Has indeed purchased current TV which is of course station. Al Gore's going neck from that a hundred million dollars. 500 million is the price Ty Warner said and I can carried anymore in the second largest. Station. A cable operator. Not and I don't know what Comcast is gonna do I think it is just remarkable. I got a text message from 617. It is who said that on the late show with Leno. Jorge de harsh as the Jazeera is better than back if she said that I would expect from joint base. I mean to you get some moron a point of view but the reason Beckett and this is Glenn Beck. -- blaze media and he wanted to -- current TV. And they wouldn't -- to and here's what they shed this easy quote quote. The legacy of who the network goes -- is important to us and we are sensitive to networks not aligned with our point -- on court. Now it is true that Glenn Beck is not aligned with current TV which is very left wing. Cable station. And very different from Al Gore but what's remarkable about that as they don't want to go to somebody they disagree is the make sure felt sure what does that -- About their viewpoint about Al Gore's viewpoint. Either way he's seen him on television recently as you remember -- earlier that story the world's former fattest man lost all the weight. I think so most of the weight that he launched Al Gore fund. He's -- huge but really this man was almost president of the United States and now we're going to have this network that's close to treasonous. Broadcasting. Right here in America by the way that money for that is is comes from the oil money of clutter. Get -- some people's habits -- QA TAR. Interesting that Al Gore should profit from that Al Gore first in line to tell us about green energy and -- We should save the planet he get the message. Scott Brown. I have no countenance and no. Sympathy for people. Who come up and say gee I don't agree with that. With Scott Brown on some issues therefore I think we should have an ultra left wing Democrats like Elizabeth Warren with whom I won't agree on anything. Just about. That strikes me as not only now minded and near sighted but downright counterproductive. You wanna move the world from where it is now. Let's say good doozy alphabet you want to move it from eight to H sometimes you have to mood forced from a to B. -- have to be. Eager and willing to make the compromise. To make adjustments in the right direction that's how you do anybody's going to sabotage. The objective. Of somebody who is better than the alternative in the name of the Asia is not good enough is gonna end up with a world that's a lot worse off. If there are too many people like that that explains how Obama and the Democrats get elected and you see what the end result of that. 8774694322. Is a phone number Joseph good afternoon your next in the program. I eight weeks. I'll look like -- -- wanting. All the all this. That. Can't look at the -- -- the public are. -- -- I think they're by our sport but there it was all. Fired up there right at. You while. It's about an hour. -- -- -- I think that the state history of this sport like. This story. Waltrip calling I'm not sure now all we have a little bit of a technical problems on that. That I do want to continue on with dish from some five Shimon. A text message to get Schilling will go up what will you say them. Well I'm not happy about the debt ceiling going up because the Dutch to -- what I'm hoping it cannot tell you frankly. I would go along with -- -- creation the debt ceiling if I saw enormous cuts I would make that trade. Because you have to try to accomplish something in order to solve the problem not I'm not I'm not optimistic about which can. And at the -- Schilling goes up with no consequent reduction in spending. And addressing. The league. The big gorilla in the room which is entitlements. That'll be very unhappy. I'm hoping that because we of Republican control of the house that we can hold the line. But you gotta try got to work for it and you've got to be willing to make the compromise the issue is not gonna go up and -- want to Sprint -- -- is not gonna win it. I'm gonna get the I do want some talked about hypocrisy and and with the other sites has faults things got to play this clip for you this is Harry Reid. What within the last couple of days. -- on the floor of the -- as you may know they have this big pork bill. Which is under the umbrella of we gonna help but the victims for -- So bill actually was pastor of first there was an age of sixty billion dollar to its full port there are things in there for. Fisheries in Alaska and and and so on down more. Let's play Harry Reid and then we'll do a little bit of the numbers wrong. When we had that devastating. Katrina. We were there within days. Taking care. Mississippi. Alabama and especially. Louisiana within days. We are now past two months with people of new York and the people New Orleans in that area they were hurt but nothing in comparison to what happened to the people New England. Can you don't commute can found me I shouldn't -- a human include New York. You're just not only children of Katrina. As the template for how we should handle this -- do you remember how George Bush was savaged for years because of the handling of Katrina. Now all that's the way we should Hamlet. And ask for the people in New Orleans and they have little bit of problem that the folks in New England boy did they take -- -- well I looked up some of the numbers. There's the hit. 18133. People died because of Katrina. 131. Died because of markings along. Katrina cost a 108 billion dollars so all beat the estimated cost is fifty billion. By the way keep in mind are asking for sixty billion for the total cost is fifty billion. Than regular retrofit. -- Jill I got a few texted to your action billions to lecture billions to throw around. -- -- that the Harry Reid if he's the majority leader of the US senate. -- stands out publicly and makes a pronouncement like that. You wonder why we need more Republicans and in congress. 8774694322. Alan good afternoon you're next to him. Yeah I don't think X hey I might tell you why I am. I personally am infuriated with the Republican Party. And why I call them names. We get -- we send these guys down there to support limited government. Tax breaks. And they get world -- is it like the last time we hit the debt ceiling. Boehner got -- -- -- and we hit the fiscal cliff. And to our embarrassment. We get. One dollar of cuts in 41 dollars of tax increases. And then Obama wraps up bases and it says well we've shown -- tax increases not the way to go. We don't have men that are going down there and fighting for our principles. I'm curious what would you have done if you were the man I. I agree I think we got. I think we got out of this last deal war. Then we could of Obama had all the cards and the idea that to the bush tax cuts are now permanent. The there -- other tax anti government and named permanent. We think you're right without -- nonetheless. You mean meaning any empty milk and -- -- -- -- Manhattan hotel window yet that's index that's what. I mean the seats they did it's not like they walked away from the table with nothing but at the same time. They did -- seem like this so concerned about public opinion. That they are willing to do what's right. Well OK until I -- hearing you right that although there or couple things in the bill that you think we're OK. You would have voted against it is that right. -- While you're hesitant and hopefully. I agree I still okay Greek. Obama had all the kinds agreed so we lost the election I understand that so even with what the thing with Scott brown and I can't stand them. But half a loaf is better than not. That's a very good way of looking at itself. Don't know -- -- so let's go back to the beginning you say we didn't have people down here fighting forest but. -- -- -- They either constantly gets old -- discussed. But jury you admit that some of the stuff he -- in the bill were pretty good and what I guess and trying to figure out when I asked you in the final amounts would you vote for a you hesitated and you know and I end stage. And -- -- try and block against our own but not raising taxes. Have always run under that premise. And the idea is it is and I am in the like grandpa always says just give the president whatever he wants invoked president. To protect the president would take full advantage and he would every want. And I know that Allen Ron Paul can say that because he just got elected to the senate and it's gonna be so cheers for example it. This coalition that's right so I'm not sure that Boehner didn't negotiate hard but he came up with the idea that towards them not sort of the plan B is it was all. That that there should be no income tax increase she -- on those earning over a million and his own party wouldn't go for that India and. Because we're only a little longer. February recently with the debt ceiling that Obama is back there again saying true but we want them to participate if this year we wanna know what wins golf deductions. They go to war. -- and some of the deductions were you know I hope not -- you're right we're gonna have another fight over this. And the thing of it is great to shut down the government Gingrich shut down the government it's not. You know if you know more about public opinion by if you weren't about doing the right thing to shut down the government is safe now we've done. Thanks Carl. Thanks for -- 8774694322. Failure in action on the program good for -- I RB out Scott. He'd turn is back on the constitution that's when I left him. Weight quickly jumped onto weapons legislation that's pending. Did the on the fire control the Second Amendment. -- -- very quick. To be one of the first Republicans to two. -- pro new legislation on that and I I think that's on his case he's got all line somewhere in India and it's certainly. Defending the constitution should be one of those. We are all we don't know what the legislation is going to be but do you think you have a better deal with -- Elizabeth Warren. You know I don't let them get the same deal from Scott Brown we pretty much know what the legislation is going to be senator Feinstein. Thoughts on that are out -- in it's pretty clear -- -- you want to go with it and it's Scott Brown it's. In line with that globe -- Al elephants aren't someplace else to cast my vote -- incorrect it is there is a special election like it's. Situations there are going to be slim but that's Massachusetts. I support him. If you can return back on constitution. They get there -- Elizabeth Warren type running against -- exporter. If illicit affairs and Elizabeth Warren type running against him which. And Ed Markey which using buried there and I -- that the Republicans would not come up with a a viable choice I know mr. deal that should probably continue what he's doing. In -- -- the. And here the last coalition sanction -- for calling that's good good corporate for a actual we've got. Just about about a minute and I just wanna make it that have people understand. We are having a truncated program today. Because there's going to be BC basketball. Coming up momentarily. And we hope that this is just a one time deal and the reason is there's a sports conflict there's but I think -- and years and FL play off. Football playoff basketball professional bass -- all the action also BC basketball so that's why we. Which in difficulty and I did want to just hold for a moment here. To be able to emphasizing and what's going on and they're tough choices that have to be made in politics. And of course it's always a judgment call as to -- you'd draw the line and you say OK I can't give in anymore. -- politics may be the art of compromise with the real trick is to know when you're going to compromise. And that's what we have to face. That bill was a tough -- but I can understand why a lot of Republicans voted for the next battle he's gonna be with the debt ceiling and hopefully we can hold the line. And get something on our side some significant spending cuts because we've got to address the debt issue. Ed thanks for producing I'm -- Nelson hope to see -- trickled by the way happy new year.