Bill Kelly

Jan 6, 2013|

Bill Kelly talks fiscal cliff and speaks with Congressman Stephen Lynch.

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Okay. Welcome to W mark you know this just please be right no I know -- a -- Absolutely it's as you know Kelly flamboyant resume their Kelly Kelly yeah. When you see here what is pretty different. Life is good. It's a beautiful day you know there's two parts of the city -- -- and for the -- profile. -- a great place to be. 6072666860. Were alive right. We are consumed my girlfriend here with me. Clearly clearly. Bill KLA. It's like Christmas never happened hotel behind now it's -- -- we are we were here room. Through the night one night we. Talked to a lot of folks who really really had. Some great thing to say people worried what we see right now those fear. Stark fear and most of the faces of people many of the calls we've been taking so people don't know what to do. Actually they don't know what to do I don't know what to sing with this new year. Fiscal cliff I don't learn to drive. Yes six point 72666868. Which means. That we're safer now. Remember when congress is in serious session. Neither your life nor your liberty -- the appropriate senator -- just. That is correct we will have more taxes. Then there were more taxes from us and -- them do it looks like. Eventually gonna -- around but the fiscal cliff settlement I think was a standoff and I think -- to Quincy what they come up with next with the debt ceiling. There was special guest that may want to comment about them the bottom of the hour wanted to say who. But. Really do -- do you like to say. To think started -- I'm just glad to be here with the topic this is exciting always exciting. But it's exciting 617. 26660. To 68. It's exciting ways to -- and be successful is that it's not that I am but. Finally have our own I finally have the dream of my life -- in my own bathroom. With the filming and I finally achieve that. We have a master blender and we -- master -- -- of -- the bedroom so. Spoiler extremely is -- And so -- made -- visit. But fortunately everybody in my house wants to use my bathroom. So. I mean our Bethlehem he took that's right and it is the community bathroom inside battery incident and we won. My grace so ours when -- shower for everything. Everything their happened so in my bedroom two there we have the house William was. -- your Cheerios in our event she's at some cheese it's you know so. This is what I have to put up -- gentlemen. But you know what they had letters on them so we was spelling he was spilling things you know Dixie Dixie which is a dog we bought. I was forced into doing this dog. And we spent thousands turn to train at the promise me and walk it every day. So I think there's more to twice right to Biddle tournaments more than that -- she walks herself. We've we've -- brought it to a trainer. 6072666860. We've gone to a trainer who was the most incredible dog trainer on earth he never had a dog he couldn't train. Pins -- just she was very incarcerated for a week has America. Actually Nortel up to -- three -- three weeks and then the first what Thursday we could visit. So we shouldn't carve the current supremacist we have the -- to women -- -- walker wanted to make eye contact with her we don't Wear sunglasses where that's right. So this -- went through and then something happened around the second weekly call -- -- and -- -- -- 100% success but Dixie. Think she's a human or something right. He said Dixie is no seriously you know tennis that's all six pounds of her so anyway it's a story in my life. And she -- mainly dogs -- it's true. Pictures for sale right now she is not fifty dollars sketchy -- -- journalism -- if William and Mary Matalin are listening. They will be calling in and 61726660. Were using not live on Sunday but we will be. Quite some time for those who you know it used to calling him. We seem to never called down from the southern part of the visionary C Mimi over playing him could have been doing new. Mom -- -- I can't believe Mitt. -- that and then look good afternoon to you. Ahead this were led -- a wonderful aren't so happy to be -- Thank you latest chance there was temperature ugly weather but it's grade out waiting but the news third season them down at -- coming errors in her right. But buttons on the. Good reviews appear in the hell you doing. Oh I'm Aaron -- thanks. -- news from your favorite son in the ruins I think you will soften the one they're one of the -- to rock absolutely. Fabulous. Grossman has -- -- parent and conclude June. And if you ever felt that precious big they out -- it's. -- -- all day it was. You tell I mean me and that's why he wanted to come home about though let her at bay are unhappy ending and -- -- DN I remember that we are proud of everybody. It we -- bring the children that there are no Miree Madeleine is babysitting dogs in and out. He noted that the by the that I can't believe I can't either. She's old enough to wherever recoup -- Which cost more than my first car into. An historic announcement my second car so we don't know what how she was looking good then the first. How old guy today in our goal. So after I had. Christmas break yardage yes yeah all our interrupting anything you Gaza say if NASCAR thanks Warren -- The radio does not scare me -- and neither does the telephone. Scares the Dickens out of me in new I don't cook what should we cut and just. So you want -- I can't believe you can't guess is awesome book. You know you win now and it's not so let me be the policy -- felt that it should. You know why -- the radio -- up. Fabulous way to communicate is still a lot of people and I hope you got have allowed people listen listen. And because you've got so Smart about things. And you learn that aisle from me. This man -- -- -- -- -- sometimes he'll pop quite that true when he. Analysts generally don't listen to me you know just a spoon on the radio yet threat there wouldn't know our political analyst with the Newton. Whatever what did he -- to her he did record me one Time -- and did not. How many an appetite that he was funny to hear myself on the on the radio truly can help a bit because -- when that they get on the tape recorder I didn't. So whatever all the telephone sure I cannot stand it aren't so it felt not an -- -- and that's a lot of north Koreans. Can only mean we're in the heart of -- -- -- -- you are your momentum and. -- -- -- assassinations they love being the. You -- yes it is so wonderful place and how those low quality of prayer and then. People that you Iran Iran -- people and have been nice this party's been. The nicest things because gays and tell you know hello and Colleen do smoothly -- all and all all all the people dead the dead rat Mitt and I can't think of -- that Keppinger -- -- -- moment here at -- and they were. And I think. -- good to somebody who's doing well down there in -- -- It's wonderful hearing you all saw I cannot listen but this being your fat cats have this new. Add that a little prayer and play it tonight at bats you're shelling and no it's going to be fabulous. And I note that everybody's going to love you like we do we lose to remain key and we just. I have eight kids and now you're listening. -- From Canada must return his first -- I know -- very first -- -- -- so -- I asked my ideas for what felt like I did it Colin said that he knew Alex cowling and humans can our house and move didn't let the bullpen. I know ya know a lot of bad things and -- people everybody Collie and with a good -- a lot of birds and couldn't do this little. And we are happy Monday is his mom never granted at it but you gotta let me get off. Excellent marksman we're actually getting a call border which where some. War of I bet she's stimson coliseum monster of a 61726666. It was love you love being. It don't turn -- like -- back right you never know we wouldn't be until we would love this kind. We did Joseph from the north and -- Joseph how are you doing. -- -- -- -- it's great to have you call -- I can't believe. I cure this the first bag that would but -- -- there it's optional. Well good Lisa went approach I know I. And out without but I hope that's you know like general Russell threw it in oak -- with people like cup book review to go up. I think that you can get -- troops. -- six -- 72666868. There's. It's open or -- whatever we wanna talk about the Joseph we need to go -- -- to go to we're -- to beat after the show where to where the heck we shall we go in the north and a sincere. If somebody does the most -- through there at their web and are usually might might fit report Madrid and all those other restaurant -- I have been going for the left output if I didn't want to -- Don't turn on on film -- -- to do. And then and then we've also -- recorded over the people -- you have price. We want the -- qualities. Or that it was straight. And then not -- a veteran groups that meet all of our place that it's close motor vehicle that's part of no no way to -- not reflexively vote. Oh yes that's the meat for all say oh he loves the meatball -- -- -- yes he does believe me. -- believe he was the annual -- they're using a meatball sandwich last night with a and I -- chocolate metric seconds ago and ovitz is great and. Very does this coalition sounds like a pro you know the second there around. Whom you have a winning numbers -- -- -- -- This is what's coming up this is my life -- the Central America cement it. The good life but -- -- -- let's go to bed don't have your kid that it continues -- good and Angola and disposing -- -- Both of you. We'll -- know what's new with the -- -- scenario what do we -- coming in general. Over -- than. Right now OK you know probably some cherries from the great book different Chile and many. No foreign maybe a few teachers or give it already had that -- because so often. You know that probably they'll probably frozen located inside. And we look great outside of frozen in. Well great we had a good Christmas I hope Joseph have a new year working. I want clearly it was fairly well look I don't know why it took thank god the -- -- -- everybody your development if true it -- -- To to look at this very. Believe Erica -- Laura -- belt -- you sort through your big. We cannot -- -- -- each and every good well. I never he never forgot me and I forgot him on some oil but he never forgot me so. What can recite your usual you have very beautiful part. Do you know -- look for Cuba hard to triple. Great but I will Leo and you it's -- I thought of this from the borrow my parents to do him a lot of you are truly Eddie -- no offense has picked up verbally or did well with Soviet tribute to -- the people should be mopping up. Well thank you Jeff and I give up there have to show my video from a have a fast forward button there for a few parts of it and I'm gonna make my case. And I do have to receive Peter what will say don't get behind me. No no matter what really shows -- you're the best we appreciate you don't thank you for calling and we're Leonardo Davis. -- -- very much and spoke you know this show you know look continue to make up. It's programs. Thank you -- cutlass we just another -- We kept him on hold for quite a while you're there. Bill that went to thank you and your new show and now we're trying to be in touch -- Yes where you are -- I will be in touch with the hope your new show -- well. Well we're just doing real parents find it really isn't anything you know it's like it's nothing. And it's fun this from the hard events. We were forced into doing -- account. Well he's. A lot of -- a lot of suffering today in this world and people need a lot of help and I suffer PT SD and it's a long story but I can't go into it now but don't. I hear doctor Pratt and if I can get some help on their will but they your Braintree right. Yeah -- we are now we're we're. That's nothing today about we just wanna have hope you have a great new year well we hope so we just wanted to wish you well under new broadcast saying let's listen to Colin no thanks takes care appreciate very much -- This so we -- thank you know first evolve. They set out and you're never gonna be NWR to know what's the first thing they told him his children -- radio -- And then the second thing they said after I was on what's he's never gonna last so that was seven years ago that I last. It was just meant to be dale megapixel and -- -- put John kept on has been great hasn't yes. And it took me a long time to get -- up to speed on -- I've been working seven years South America to give him -- -- -- though is about the radio industry. I know he's left and right now and missing the -- that there last laughing hey I mean look I say east Tennessee tech still -- as a we are. In transit you said I'm bringing Kelly damn how do you definitely don't take into it down earlier tonight that certain Indiana soon and reason when I TP walking a straight line. -- -- -- 766668. You do keep me on a street line. Within my -- girlfriend's co surely do it an email from -- after a. Because you're planning here's a picture of her firmly in our children and -- that you know build him up. So anyway. Everything certain German my life. And we do wanna thank Tony temple on all right excellent -- give us an -- and a hundred bucks here to do their beliefs and kind of got it. -- so he's doing in new dog. Yeah acts so their receivers and missing. And it's some sort of an exotic looking Bulldog. One possible of course. Can't wait to meet this dog yeah we'll have to have have to have the -- Dixie yes meet and greet him that's for sure. So fear ladies and gentlemen if -- they are ugly word. That's what we see people are struggling peoples. We mile -- -- what we do we -- on seniors spoke. If they're not worried but the story about their children. The kids in the tornado. A fifty year range right now and what's happening out there we. My father had the same job his entire life worked at a hardware store -- far department that was that. He was bartender at the Knights of Columbus Tuesdays and Fridays and that was it. That's only did they -- it was a huge huge time back then huge error the and it wasn't how I grew up where plugged into these lassie was found last -- on one of these soon. Subscription services running joke and laugh -- I'd forgotten about lassie that you register those pop went on for William and now he just won't sit. But I think what happened back there and I think it was black and why this is right that's wrong you don't do this should do that. Unfortunately when Timmy does something wrong because of looks a little different than what there was in my house. You know if I took the -- And tip my pants and I don't think. It would have been able to Reynoso John you don't appear. Pants in the paint to turn and turn them around you know in my house it would have been screaming but it -- -- we wouldn't have been done well you would've figured out it was not a good thing today is there would appear in the pants a sort of would have done I would have -- the parents. William what -- hidden pants true true I mean. It was this morning William set you off whistling -- Williams crossed the tape was -- -- when daddy whistles it means he's happy. -- -- -- There have been nice -- Great year last year were trying to build now -- the thing that happens after Goodyear is you have to. I try to win the championship against you have to stay motivated. Work on the brand or -- trip. Or condom brand so. I'm working on my FaceBook page which unfortunately can. He steals all of my friends I have no idea why you only say that sealed me off sorry can't be a public image. And she's got more friends we do have to have some privacy on the air until and you can't just do. No lol I want to have a page where everybody can come and see well let me you can do that but. He needs some privacy controls this whale. -- just gonna cluster of friends there's only thirty units there was the biggest cluster of ever gotten and -- them how did you do that. Bill what must see -- France where derived from me you're kidding me. I didn't think sore -- like the rules kiss from her schooling but we don't yourself competitive -- -- -- Anyway folks I'm very. My FaceBook pages and -- cover despair and Kelly's -- -- didn't try to tag you and think psyche peers that is true or deter you from my wife. Particularly in the senate and on her us. I don't know FaceBook is is communicating with friends old France Sam lane and it's far away that's the way I use it. I use it to build -- -- -- -- YouTube and yes the bill telegram and what is that. Okay. It's the people who work fourteen hour starting her third top -- OK and we have we are beasts of burden these super and that's what they. -- -- identified with so. 6172666868. Historic. I dig Cyril is in -- things have happened near the talent. The talent on WR to know is astounding. Astounding levels of talent Jeff. Corner in the morning is huge she's gonna be the rock star of morning radio queen city and it's happening. It's bigger every day how we -- you know doesn't need me to tell you. -- an incredible person that they are the thing about her earliest of workload. I can't imagine doing what he does. Writing books. Been taking all the calls he takes he's -- on all the time and then. And doing his columns in what turned their current. Nationwide. Many of their services that we. Don't plug into. Their future how we put off on this one of these conservative boxes free Republican he's got his own. -- thread because there and they set them up every son every Saturday every senator midnight -- senate to Howie Carr thread and then. This column when it comes off over the wire goes on there and then. There's thousands of comments on that and that's Sunday column. So talent gore here and daughter out of New York you know. Once unspeakable. Radio takes more Bridget takes more. Creativity I think that television but I could be wrong. Newspaper Garza was one of -- don't really if there's always going to be on TV. TV guys always wanna do not consider networks a local guys wanna get on the network can. So it's like the pecking order tell the truth and what what do you -- -- kill besides steal my -- I am not trying to steal geisha and political. And ye just like to bust my child is William Kelley says and -- -- -- Kelly junior for what's new now we're going to. We bought a new generic juniper group for remember which I don't I don't think I would -- it. In March is so thin and -- is safe is safe three season Jack but some military rant. Okay is the collar parents and and she's walking out of the house -- wish she hasn't hurt us but I'll think about this okay she's got her. Blouse on the -- down and you know they have to Wear and in her blazer yes. I think a sweater under that Israel her blazer and the and the jacket share in a scarf -- She says she's a layered up and -- shouldn't she looked Archer's gonna freeze to death from them. From exposure -- in the house which is just seems to be fun -- token you know I mean they are out into. Whether from walking from class class at Portsmouth Kathy. Whomever doesn't do a student and yes so we're going to save some money but not -- we'll post some exam. But it's a great place. It's a great -- I can't imagine com. Having an opportunity like that in high school yes they keep them focused daily. -- Monday through Saturday they don't have time farm much Cheney thing no. Known for it and they they learn what other than other than academics and sports. True she she's playing basketball this term since she's enjoying you know. Basketball. She can post up some Protestants aren't you bring into that you know apprentice opportunity and don't include -- you know sort of what -- the -- -- the average. Can we still listen to Portsmouth. -- and priestess of Providence College games and put back in the sixties you know we've been praying. From for a -- for Providence College. Pretty -- Catholic family Catholic Democrats. But we did we drove to the polls that's useful resources do we -- our licenses. And that's kind of how I think the failure of this. Last election goes I mean it's. I mean it was a terrible campaign. On the side of the other Republicans. And I think they have a good -- to -- with the American people but they just didn't. Didn't make the sale you can't scare the pants off of people. And tell them that if you can't tell people things you give -- so we're going to think I agree nationally. When I go to Joseph banks to buy a suit coat that's the first thing I tell them I'm buying a suit coat from coming in here. Don't try to somewhere else. And I'm leaving with that funky looking for certain that I'm never gonna Wear a general feeling good about it. Because somebody just sold me something. That's kind of what life's all about me to feel good right. Yes. I mean the far removed and chicken farms with a full of freshmen which can be civil. He's never gonna sell and even to people that live on a chicken farm that don't have any money. Well guess who sold the most stuff. The full of parchment like this he can sit at the kitchen table and he would spray the stuff in the air it was smell like a strawberry right. My mother would smell it she thinks we are actually at one time in my life sentence my house since smell like a farm house. Back when I lived in Princeton and -- Father was a multimillionaire. So for a minute in my life I can actually smell something. It's not like a pharmacist she would -- But -- and Fuller brush. My dad original from the hardware story. Then the full of our stuff would all go out the window. That's why you say you're gonna throw things out the window at powerful brush I remember when that date the full of brushed off fallen out the window. And he told mr. Blankenship and September pickup. The Fuller brush on my mother had a crush on him or not. But he was of real sales and John you know. My father was the most honest. When we sat down for my dinner. We would -- That was the time of when we settle all disputes your when your father gets home this is the time it's my third but if you know what my father didn't care. He had to do he had to you know he did what he had to do to -- my mother to chastise us for really. There's a pretty good judge you didn't wanna you wanna punish us. PP just enjoyed. What we were doing which was living. That many children it would be hard it's always yeah. For calmness. It was just me. Within the house at all times the serenity in their own division avenue and it was like a fight for Savard was more like survival right EMI guess. So a lot of things happening all around us are they confusing us are they making us fearful. Are very. I mean it's. It's 230 on a Sunday what would -- be doing their offer was made in mineralization I would be walking home from my dish dish -- job. Which was early prep school that you windy windy -- -- on delivering papers what HL's man of. Fifteen. False legend and a half fifteen or so my row -- so paper out sort of fourteen bucks for the paper can't. To return to Edmonton star could be and that's what they're listed. He got the paper out. We moved away from the country -- to any tract housing development. That was the end of the farm that was the end of the acres that was it we were we were -- five we became. People who. Lived in the development and school efforts were merely to feel like a million bucks my dad get it tempest. Upon their -- which was designed. To me to working men feel like a millionaire running room and when the president when their opponent to preschools and the -- was -- -- -- -- car. He felt it was -- he did feel like a millionaire. And world driving around we had done. Electric windows and I think it's an air conditioning and had FM radio which there were no stations at that time. For the -- so. It was a great life -- my dad loved. His family and you love it's. He he wanted nothing he wanted to Pontiac tempest anyone to be -- night that's it. Why did nothing else in life. Anyway tonight's economists Tuesday front and work two jobs. And dealt with my mom and consistent but this is what it's for it's like oh my goodness -- -- -- -- -- They're triple as a hot skit so it shouldn't. I don't know if that's amazing so. Six was 72666860. And we're. Maybe during a special guest today we're not sure there'll be good for different. And maybe something that might be newsworthy or of knows -- move and if that's security so it would be great -- that would be great. So you're dealing with a lot I mean to kids. Co-founder of -- of my business I just from -- -- until you do whoever is where you surprised. No I wasn't supposed to happen I -- every anyone that founded the business would -- to have you as a co-founder as far as I'm concerned we have bored tone right. We cut to Massachusetts with being. We had a knee so with the floor you can -- through before and you could see. The -- road sometimes if your feet were just right so that's true it's pretty much what we hand and now it's all different we're very fortunate so. Geez I see boring eights as soon as -- our congressman Stephen which is that possible. He euronav you know they'll -- -- congressman you're on the hardest. I'm doing great how are you my friend. Well we're -- -- we're honored we're privileged I used to always very very nice to speak -- -- mama my pleasure my player I am a frequent listener so our city Saturday program anyway this is -- -- little -- Well I think you're Catholic friends. I -- So that they churches just declared that the show spent seven -- and this you can use says part of Bennett's. He -- credited with the burden -- -- That's good to know that they're too well how are things going for you. Well very busy you know we've -- spending a lot of time in Washington. In session trying to work out the issues around this fiscal -- -- -- fight is not over by any means yes. In some ways it's become even more difficult. Because the -- because of the looming. -- debt limit. I again and I also are so orchestration which. As you know would require. An across the board cut of fly anywhere from seven to 10%. In each of the big government council. That that could be here. Vick could be a real disaster if we don't if we don't approach them properly. Well we know I think. Having more jobs will never I think having people employed is gonna get this country going to and I think that we -- having a lot of I think you have a lot to do with that. And we should Americans want jobs wouldn't you say the congressman. Absolutely. I do -- Do you cure an awful lot about -- -- but you know good to lever that people most commonly talk about a fiscal question discussion are. There's one or whoever on taxes to raise revenue. There's another lever arm. Budget -- -- to push to cut spending but the Booth there's a third lever and that whoever is gross corrects and stroll. And and and can. Conveniently that whoever provides. A great opportunity. You know to choose to get us out of this show so while we are. Principally talking about their search to adjusts the spending side -- -- taxation side. I think we all have to be mindful that. That we do not want to damage that -- area outgrow so that's where I I see are great sensitivity. On on the part of the negotiations. All on on these two other areas I think the president's. Orders I think one of the reasons that he. That he. I relented on beat 250000. Limit and above what is that. I think it's his negotiators felt bad. Going to add lol. May affect our growth area shall we couldn't afford right now and that. That it may be better to let some time trashed. And some strength to growing the economy. So that you know what's more people working more people paying taxes. That that that would be eight in engine out of recovery. But we want to recover this where this is the first generation I think where people are truly worried about you know when we get to the kitchen table as you did probably. We basically have a -- you really didn't get to the table back in my identity then we we were all doing something but no. I'm so what we're seeing is a lot of trepidation in the thirty to 55 year old group. That the American dream is not there anymore and also congressman the the you know the I'm Ryan came across and then he got marks in. You wanna talk about your fellow represents but. If we're not gonna make this unless we reach across and help each other. And there's going to be some way to put this fight assigned. You know guns and abortion taxes and in Bennett and spending you know we've got to put the rights got to settle down I'm very disappointed in what happened the last election with people on the right it was awful. But I do think how do we get. When we get through the hey how we do it. Back to being able to govern and being bipartisan which I know -- a hackneyed phrase. Well I think you'll look I know what your background from from here you speak can you that your story -- delightful stories that you. I can. You know I've got a similar. Very humble. Background growing up. I think debt. Some upbeat. Some of the disconnect between what's going on in Washington both the house and senate. The disconnect between what's going on Washington on what's going on on main street -- which -- broad term. Is the result says that a lot of those folks in Washington do not share the experience of average American sandwich which you do them. We're which I do an end you know I find myself frequently. In those discussions weighing him. With a different perspectives. That and I think that it will help us enormously. You know we'd we stop. The extreme. Or rhetoric on right. And the left to -- which you know we've seen far too much of that and we've got to coalesce around. Some central idea even if you are liberal even if you are the most. You know last. Not individual -- political persuasion. You have to realize that it did you care about. Solid public education that provides opportunities. For for many of our young people who will not of a washout and the opportunity should hop. Low income housing. -- -- health care. Tensions. Social Security all the arranged -- short corner stone dog who are both the liberal idea and and a liberal. Tradition truth told so -- -- didn't go to Trenton. Now because. Because -- social out of -- -- so so that even told people might have a liberal ideology. We have to realize that -- all of that congress is such staged if it would mean team unsustainable. Systems that collapse. That means that there -- folks could have worked all their lunch. In -- and social security and now threatened with extended benefits because we have mismanaged. This system. That means. All told health care system. -- if we if we don't if we don't get rid of the defraud inefficiencies. Then our ability to provide health care benefits to those most in need will be threatened. Them if we have to keep. Siphoning money out of a pipeline that should be going to public education Troy teachers' salaries. And end. Decent school buildings and stand up all the things could go towards a solid. Educational system fought for every one. All the owners threatened so. It has to PS fiscal reality that we we come to that he can't just ignore all that we've got to get down. And figure OK what what's the what's the best way we can do this. Yeah look at the mechanics of -- Mike taught to young. Don't -- a lot of Irish saloon called electronic. Exploration I used to describe legislation as. As machine and we accept your you know important an all torched now we're beyond of people like I described it as its software. This -- you know legislation there's this shot where. -- that debt carries through our our our programs within society and in and orders are our priorities. And and you have to dig truce on this legislation. As complexes. Only 400 pages or here -- patent you have to figure out. What is this legislation going to produce in the hand and and is it gonna make things better are gonna make things worse and sometimes the complexion the other. It makes it very very different culture to talk about. Number one into discussion. You know on the airwaves everything out to people down to -- eighty the bumper sticker now. But. You know I I really think that good we have to look at what this legislation doing. And end and be very careful about. Making major changes should win when the inconsequential or not quote I'm not clear. That's correct we have. The union fellows picketing outside my office and most of our political restrain him I don't know one over. -- talk to listen what's going on he said I've worked in two nephews all I want is -- turn so I told my. No woman that was with me one of the people of my staff execute discussion coffee. And make sure there's a cup coffee every day in that so if -- reach out it changes our outlook but we. But we if we do it it if I do Obama you know I don't care -- he -- -- on him for doing I can do whatever I want someone. Not that I'm not trying to brag but. We've got to reach out to each other. And help. The union movement started with -- -- still in your pretty familiar with aren't worked in steel around it was awful what they -- -- the workers and and they treated them like. Like meat and then we had to have the union. Movement to bring this country into its. -- it's -- -- I guess in the late fifties early sixties but now how do we get the unions to be your friends are generally to the people on the right to. Back cough. You know it's an amazing the conundrum. Video it is but I I think there's there's little while with a lot of room for improvement. I think -- Look we didn't act I think what what angered labor. And I'm not talking about just unions but stopped working people everywhere. How when when we have. You know maybe you're I have to go there was a bill on me. On the floor Nelson Montana senator as well. To to extend unemployment benefits. Folks and and you know at that time I think one Malaysia is ten point 26% to the highest level since the depression. And you had a lot of people out there who desperately want to work I don't know jobs available. Well. You know my friend on the right. -- -- -- Basically kids take to cut them off feet and nobody knew that the jobs were not there even though they knew these people work. Unemployed and socialist tradition their own they still vote to cut them off and leave them with nothing. On the other hand. You know that adding that Democrats -- actually more more more sensitive to the plight of those workers and but but. But that was a point of contention that provided such -- You know I have to say that this you know even even. You know locally actual out of that there -- a lot of people were resentful whether they work. Where they were you know workers are nonunion workers there are resentful that they knew they were scrambling trying to get jobs done and they -- You know that the Republican right. In Washington saw that person and saying that they did more work -- trying to demonize them so we have we just got to get away from that dialogue with the other food a lot more common we have different shaft. And which we've got to try to do things best for the United States instead of thinking about what stretch for the Democrats or Republicans. Well I appreciate that congressman and it's and I think that. You know it we're we're pretty much of I'm a fan I'm not I'm not afraid to say that I think you're. -- your own accomplishments in your life aren't signified. What a person can do -- worker who decides to go to night school and Harvard and wow -- And you sooners can't go thank you too and we've just so I'm very very. Appreciative in coming on the show we always welcome any time of course. So there's some great things to talk about and -- and I wanna say that I really appreciate you know my my guess ninety's. My -- 88. Luckily I have five sisters who. Turn into and a niece who who also care -- on a regular basis. And you're -- safe money strategies and we really have -- you really have targeted which seniors say you know eight. -- policy and approach to their financial that I think protect them. People -- all the vagaries that are out there and and the mistakes that they might make -- and -- some very common sense approach -- to that. I think that's that's a real gift to us as well -- listeners so. That's why I listen to apply lessons that I wanna thank you for all you do and I know you're very very new Bolton. A lot of our charitable. Church or around the city a blossoming Massachusetts so not thank you fear your generosity kindness as well. We appreciate it and we look forward to speak you -- you generally very very appreciative kill innocent of god bless okay. Todd thank you thank you Kelli thank you report probably around yeah. It over the show congressman I'm really worried what I enjoy all this he sent a lot of strong things that make a lot of cents. Thank you thank you about thank you to oh OK Douglas. When I was agreeing to a call. That was the main thing. He's an amazing if you read his biography. That is when you see him when you see consulates in person it's like the perfection of politics it's everything. But that a person in politics is supposed to be doing. They've got to get elected first right to number one thing you have to get elected number two. You've got to legislate -- -- three people have to like Q if to support the people. Who support new votes you know we're very pleased about that call. There -- very pleased about other congressman we have some has been on hold for a very long time we wanna give her and that's the looks like Marianne isn't. Yes that is how we don't. I'm very good -- you know it is why don't wanna results and they don't invite -- go right to announce how well we can't tell -- hole for a long time. That's okay because I was looking to the good word. And -- I learned a lot myself so that was OK I was not a finally driving to my sister. And does so I had to wait till layer arrived here to call you would you name them -- that was -- not that we're at the weight. But I wanted to thank you so much for always valuable gas where we can. It really soon I mean it's we love you you know overwhelmed we got out Santana I. We do this for anyone then I know it. Bill and that's why I'm so appreciative and I wish you all the blessings that god can give you and -- -- staff. That -- Finland. We just appreciate that but -- -- you know we should probably we love you -- Marian. Wright kicked out of us. Well we're not here to do endorsements resumed their. And when we you know we appreciate that very much -- that's. Not our purpose we're we're just talking about things and -- -- and that was sweet yes so we really don't wanna identifies people are. Villanova and you know was very very private things that happen when we help someone. Now we do have our Christmas show sometimes and we reach out directly make sure people are just some help so. We're fortunate we're still working on the three cars -- -- yes and you work yes so if you're listening. Out there those are happening over. Working with Sullivan -- -- Stephanie. Yes CSI and seen the emails going back and forth -- OK I think there was a quote bills coming through and -- we're all set so those would be fixed and then we have a part of the wheelchair -- last thing we have to do right yes so the wheelchair apart due for none on it we're going to be so that's if we do you wheelchair apart I think. The -- -- deductible yes General Electric wheelchair. And she can have on the highway and -- company -- to doing what she needs to do. Then that's what we're all about gonna help each other if we don't whose gonna help us. IE I know of that very next morning and you are on them feel that -- Is I'm thinking OK -- get Alexis to help me and and I mean you've got up early and a huge not to. All of my health and I mean well you are amazing. And thank you let me you personally. Yes handled H one -- and others say it took. More time name -- -- not be handled that day. We want to dwell on it is -- right we wanted to you know people than that with three or of people -- no oil. The option to believe that I think there are close to TN ten people total three -- oil one moment had not had oil in a year and a half and was using. Space -- her mother called 6172666860. And her mother called decision is a fringes of a burned to death. With a space -- so we we -- I was gonna. But I thought the oil was very important to people learned kids -- no money for years and shots obviously -- I do get those things going ES. I think who was it that got us. I guess we were able to get a gift card for target that she could get up in Woburn. So we were able to buy it online and deliberate. In mover so there three people had Christmas as soon. Nobody really -- food so that's one of the system's working for that and and we have a person with yours boss -- was on a transplant program. And their cars repossessed in the other car was broken down so we're. Working to get that fixed. Correct so we see both sides of it. We definitely do we work with the very affluent people. But I do in -- but don't we reach out its I've never seen anybody unhappy when we were. Helping them out if you count now you know we've done an all -- we've listening to preface -- anything to write a violation of some of those words -- it. We. Believe the look in people's eyes when you're doing something for them above and beyond so. We're trying to get more of that to happen. In our in our lives and we're trying to do. You know we're trying to help other people -- trying to show people how to do that. If everyone does it -- even a little bet you know it makes a big difference. What's true and sells awfully. Polian -- and not finish. And it's probably not the strength of our brand. But I've seen enough I fought with people enough and it's basically North America not to do it anymore there's no need to. And help the people I can help. Protect the people I'm supposed to be protecting which is my loved ones my clients' money. -- people in my an -- close to me. And -- that try to -- make that circle larger. So we can help other people outside of that so. That's what it's all about for me. -- -- It would be very difficult to come from more meager circumstances than me I'm sure. I do have arguments for some phone talks about how bad things were pure Americana well we didn't actually have an indoor -- -- well you got me. We have what sort of its own people but it was inside at least and eventually had a furnace -- for really kerosene stove which blew out. But somehow we made it I guess. It just from doing -- thing that you're gonna is being Irish week. Our DNA is struggle. Struggle and people. Basically coming after us our routine basis over there in the late seventeen hundreds early eighteen hundreds to. Four under what little we did have which was a potato crop crop that they needed. By the British needed to. Circumnavigate. The globe and expand their empire so we were kind of -- In that we don't. The census to an irishman is a little different because there -- coming around to see how much more of your land they could take over. On behalf of the queen reload the queen right to have any hard feelings but. But I can that there were some hard feelings that we don't know about those. But basically. It's a it's a wonderful life for us we're very blessed Toronto we are. And she is Susan so dog -- kind of -- -- religions we Celtics -- Dale -- -- that kids are -- for a classy but our colleagues here will be we could well. That's for Americans so darn I can see that we are not selling Dixie -- -- the whole thing going to occur Chrysler's. Net. So I won't do it. That's for sure. -- -- is -- -- -- -- for fifty bucks. A bit. He'll be driving back. With -- order for about a week it -- -- totally take over your house she looks just. Like toda from the wizard of -- but a lighter in color. That's what got me hooked. And then he Google click here interior and little Dixie popped up to secure couldn't stop is it cute this little saying you know so tiny we can hold her in her hands give extra that you started. She can't -- and now she's aware she's four. Yes she has male attitude she broke the -- praise though lowered persona -- Katrina Adams. No it almost. Almost broken. So that's certainly -- over the life of bill Kelly McCann in full force here. 6172666. Series sixty unit. -- -- What a beautiful Toronto. There's a gorgeous sun has broken through. The skyline is incredible. What's happened to the city in the last forty years if you look it's totally. It's a different. So different -- we used to save up for Red Sox tickets believe minority could send it. The Q -- -- -- in twelve dollars in gift for tickets when I was a kid and -- -- now we do it took us -- school my dad on the functioning school. We Bronx school for opening day lap and we turned up in the decline of seats in -- sit in the bleachers. And that was a dream yeah it was a dream. And things have happened now -- commercial the ticket she kept -- 600 dollars market dollars sitting up in the top. Tennis for us it was the Atlanta Braves that's right. You guys have a great run in the ninety's so we DN. And in Georgia football's always spirit in yes there's challenging notre -- on top this year. Looking for another championship. Can believe it no big price. They pray to saint Mary before resentment of holiness in the in the locker room we just found that -- coach Kelly isn't. So his name so. Prayer does work but I never hurts to study in school -- journalists remind help to. Resilient to a tough spot if you know of what -- good mental impairment to surprise him here or yes to the -- float this one. What's gonna happen to me -- my face. We will no doubt Brian may open another to go ahead. If we just as we just had no doubt about the fact that. Something went wrong -- school we've got home. There was going to be a problem. There was not going to be a debate. About who's right who's wrong we really did this mean it was like triple punishment. The teacher. The principal mrs. Carol. My grandfather was always focused -- folks are working first so he took the blue -- He signed. My father gets home from work when it finally gets home to new movie or something and I just want that was my entire life Whittle your father gets home. Doing my mother chimed in you know so we respect for authority -- Irish. Thing we know there's an -- respect for authority. Go to church. Worship. To his job. Educated get education. Into your life. And also. Failing. And it's nothing's changed. In that respect. In the last 55 years ladies and gentlemen. We wanna have a family we love we run worship god the way we won't do it. We want to vegetation for ourselves and then we want our failure to be educated. We wanna have good work solid work. Group with which we can be proud. And we wanna move ahead. And move up in life and then. On the way you know who believe a little something for somebody else maybe make it better. So times are tough. And we have a great guest today Congressman Lynch. Was some very good words people on both sides of the Arnold can listen to that. And maybe get something doing something but I listened to those words don't -- yes. So we have to reach across this year. Any. Appreciate that this -- do right -- absolutely. And we should have another person of note here next week so. Can't say for sure what we've been told that might happen so it will be worth it. Too soon and if that does happen. And rip. 6172666860. And a number that should be etched in granite no sign this building how many years. That call in -- -- an active. So where we're heading out. They're very shortly. And if you -- to Phil I -- it yet you know went by quickly and it flew by you know. Knew that the board a little bit for. A show that wasn't such -- schedule recently some of the board's really the Duma. It's good win a nice -- here and everyone has always nice. Some wonderful players are KN OWR. Cano is Celeste blessed -- instant hand mikes ready just water. But don't fit friendly. Yes a media victory which we've got to be real careful on the thereof. Being in his self proclaimed to victors of anything because. You never know when things can change with this is an amazing transformation at the station. And really stands for head and shoulders above all the talkers. Really the last man standing no sexist. A pun intended but I really has some masterful job and I think we don't really. -- came upon a lot to do that in my opinion just as an outsider I try to stay out of the business. Of the station -- it's been around longer for her was here and be here. When I'm gone and it was an amazing thing never happens. If you're an insider in the industry how. The folks here at WR to pull this off is an amazing story. And you could model business after it. Mostly a perseverance and I think the challenges are all -- I can't really speak for the station but. I think -- we are to meet them. And we're certainly very glad to be here very privileged right. -- -- Soon and look forward to next Sunday. Yes next Sunday we'll see you same time -- inflation. The dance so my girlfriend and love you Pamela seat to fit kids. Two seconds zero to have a great Christy we've focused.