Wonky Warren

Jan 7, 2013|

During her U.S. Senate campaign, Elizabeth Warren insisted she believed that she was Cherokee based on family lore. On Warren's Wikipedia page this controversy had all been captured there, but the section has since been removed. Warren says she does not like to give Wonky answers but Howie thinks all her answers are now suspect.

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Okay now first -- I wanna get to today wars. Elizabeth Warren is I mean she's she's everything we anticipated. Everything we anticipated there's a great they. You all the -- Wikipedia works you know everybody's everybody gets a crack at it and for a while the lefties were running amok on Wikipedia. And they were -- -- putting in all these terrible things about conservatives in just that you -- it was typical moon bat. Shenanigans because they don't have anything to do. And they they were -- you know -- putting -- obscenities and you know biographies of Richard Nixon are all regular. Or Winston Churchill. I thought that they pretty much gotten it under control and that it seemed to be more. More knowledge yet you know it was more reliable supports Wikipedia you know that's the online encyclopedia for those who worked for the way. Where and it's put together by the readers. And but is it appears though it's not widget because William Jacobson from legal insurrection who's one of our one car. Regular gas was one of our regular gas last year during the Warren Brown's senate race. He began to check out what they've been doing on the on the Elizabeth Warren Wikipedia page and guess what they've done they've ethnically Wednesday. All those great stories that we would that we -- you know put the about the or borrow up pretending to be an Indian claiming that she was doing it to meet people like herself and via the fake -- apiece and the the fake below month. Yes and you almost all the stories they've all been school they've all been scrubbed off the web site the only. -- Really I mean. Jacobson is a great it is a great -- but he doesn't know how to why he would know how to track back on Wikipedia not that I know how either and he's asking for people to help out. This is this is all what's left of the story about her or Indian days. In April 2012. The Boston Herald reported that in the 1990s Harvard Law School had in response to criticisms about the lack of faculty diversity. Publicize the -- -- directory entries from 1986 to 1995 which was that -- having native American ancestry. Warren said she identified herself as a minority in the law directory listing. In hopes of being invited to events to meet people of similar background. Harvard law professor Charles fried who served as solicitor general in the Reagan administration. And had sat on the appointing combo committee that recommended -- for hiring 1995. Said that are heritage was never mentioned and played no role in the appointment process. That's it. Not exactly. Not exactly complete. And the errors I mean the the omissions make it -- that totally inaccurate summation of fraudulent use of native American ancestry but that's that's kind of person -- But there's something else here what does she spend the whole year last year. What what group of people that she talked about. The middle class. As in the middle classes getting -- and. But he people heard the word hammered so many times they started getting hammered whenever they heard or use the -- hammered. Well. Our friend a Sherman shark security from Fox25. Who was who was a dogged. Stalker. Grammy Warren during the campaign. Ran her down again over the weekend. And and she's not being -- issue Sharma does not being impolite she's not asking questions you know that are on toward below the belt or inappropriate. She's asking for totally legitimate questions and a it and in grainy Warren once again has has no clue how to answer. It was mentioned middle class what number are we talking about in terms of income level it's the number of issues. I know you would expect a very wanting -- from the united -- per -- miles. -- just personally just because that would be the way he would expect that something would be written in a bill for would be people with in all levels so Hercules animal it's okay. Planned wind strengthened. Education we make it possible. For our kids to Italian -- the question can we strengthen America's middle class and that doesn't Nina. A dollar figure tell us is by definition. I'm an -- group of people in a certain income level now. You're not going to do that they -- -- I actually I don't discredit it is one at a national and is making a million dollars in the middle class appointment under at the other way around about somebody. Who's taught school for ten years and takes off from here to go back to graduate school and -- is an income of only 4000 dollars. And -- -- but she's not teaching which says she fell out of the middle class I wouldn't. So it's like. It's a whole lot of of characteristics that define middle class -- such a little button to send. It's not a visit -- expression of who you're talking four. She's working for the trial lawyers and Hollywood. In wind mill owners. And Al-Jazeera gore -- issues and Chuck Schumer and Harry Reid that's who she's worker for. -- she doesn't even know what the middle classes now it's okay. It's okay not to know what middle classes I mean I've been thinking about this ever so it's like about it as a topic interest -- coach Sherman Packers questions. I can't define what the middle class is by an idea by by. Monetary. Definition. You know I mean I think in in New York City obviously. If you make a 100000 your your in them -- and low or middle class probable. Where's if you make a 100000 dollars in Tupelo Michigan you're probably in the upper class. Then same thing in San Francisco or Boston I mean that's about the that you need to make more money from me in the cost of living is higher look at the taxes and in the in. And California but she -- she she doesn't wanna -- she just wanna be nailed down. On what the middle class is because is eventually. They're gonna have to start dropping. Taxes down you know the market to keep now the Democrats are talking about a trillion dollars in tax increases. But just 860 billion dollars in tax increases now they want another trillion dollars in tax increases are gonna do it. Second it -- do anything for the deficit is not gonna stop spending does story another story in the Wall Street Journal today about how lot. About how the federal government has gotten a windfall he dividends to beat the increase in the top marginal tax rates. And so of course what that means is that when now at the top marginal tax rates are gonna -- are going up they gonna make a lot less money because the money is already ban. Disbursed. To the people to the people in the top brackets to avoid that in most many of whom by the way -- Democrats. Most of whom I would say or vote for Obama. So my question for you with what is the Mayo what is the middle class what's. I don't know like I think I find it hard to come up with a definition I would just say the middle class is people who want who have to work for. It you know whatever you whatever you wanna. -- up to say like. Ups 50700000. Box it's your middle class mean. The thing that the figures about this or 250000. But Obama wanted to say it was middle that you were in the upper class if you make over 250000. -- We feel women in the city of Boston the Boston area. And you you've spent your whole life working to get up to 250000. You -- your stops right. You when your spouse or making 250000. You've got you put kids through college you still walk a little bit on the mortgage. In your like sixty years old I mean you you. You you -- in the upper class. Thinks -- I don't think so but -- who was with Warren doesn't wanna get caught here you you know I mean -- numbers. Again though remember during the campaign. Before we found out that she had other family at three cars including your own personal white MG that she drove tour -- high school every day. She was talking about being on the jagged edge the middle class so when she was campaigning. She knew very well what the middle she she pretended to be the in mid -- person in the middle class she said she didn't don't stop talks she only owned. Mutual funds. -- distinction without difference as we all know. But now now she's been elected in this. Tribune of the middle class this this person who -- rule that she was on the jagged edge of the middle class she can't even begin that the find the middle class anymore. Because she doesn't wanna get stock when they when they start when they start moving down the income. The end of the millionaires and billionaires. Initially were torn people make over 250000. In the Republicans got up 450. -- But it's gonna start but now the Democrats are gonna try to start pushing it down. -- portion -- -- if you think you're gonna stop at. 250000. You crazy the everybody is going to why is going to pay that's another story I've got to -- more there was more great screaming and yelling and pitching. From the from the moon bats over the weekend about. About how they did know that Obama was gonna raise taxes on them I thought it was going to raise taxes on the millionaires and billionaires. They didn't realize that millionaires and billionaires are -- problem. 18774694322. Rush your next with Howie -- what's the middle class to you. Source about how we we have two classes today that produces. In those who want to suck up the production of problems. Producers and those who have be BT cards. Yeah exactly. You know how we -- look at -- -- warrant and that's -- -- speaker she was a captain in the democratic socialist economy. He's now forced general and democratic socialism social climate in the -- part of at all. Is right now the democratic socialist army has the high ground in as well supplied and god help assault. But the problem is rust that she says she went up -- -- so fast she's got the but she's has the -- -- -- She kid I mean this light this time there was no Deval Patrick around to throw the questions to so she had the just kind of tapped the two year. You know and and she didn't tap dance very well bitchy but she never does with Sherman for summaries. And it would end up. Rain there very good rush. 18774694322. Mike your next with how we cargo that Mike. -- -- But I am glad I'm like it's such on the subject or supplement the idiotic yeah maybe -- -- it. It was unbelievable. Occupancy shot that -- touch and -- well. Times that she's how many time do you figure she used the phrase middle class last year is she had abused -- like you know. 200 times a day for every day of the year. You know how pop up making it -- -- all the footage in the final hour. Should -- -- -- we want the -- -- -- -- help out some legitimately out. Right exactly and and then she makes up this cockamamie story about some teacher only -- 4000 dollars to go to graduate school when that that just doesn't happen to teachers teachers either go to graduate school after they get out of college. Or they go or they they go they go to night school when -- go to summer school light virtue teachers take off a year to go to and made in made zero money for a year army nobody who don't act. It's how -- killed about one popular labor support her or Obama are out of that happened. -- -- Well you know I don't get it either Mike I mean -- all I mean then you know the talking about the wanna bring in all these illegal aliens and it and yeah you know while legalize them I mean how how much more active across people who work in the and then there's a lot of the illegal aliens if they do work. They they're big they they work in nonunion jobs and undercut union labor they've been they they've been part and parcel of the fact that the the trade unions have I have gone gone to have held in the last twenty or so years. Because of all the illegal aliens undercutting them and end in the other thing to -- to get bigger they are losing their road they're they're Cadillac health care plans there they're gonna become a little mathematical. It was as fast as the rest of us but there was a net and when he sixteen I think it is 18774694322. But -- I live on the south short and our error in our thirties with a very modest income no kids and make about 2101000. Combined I have the cash and might change every few months. To -- the final what I hammer yes. Why is she not on the committee on Indian affairs. I told just that was car and the magnificent made that prediction in the Harold and he and day he knew that was one prediction that would definitely be come true. Just like a -- winning the Boston Marathon. 1877469432. To -- car. Middle class has been shipped. Squeezed. And hammered. Mostly. -- But don't ask her. Who's in the middle class if she doesn't know. Is it going from 97 -- the middle there there's only two classes the working class. And the mom working us. That's that's not that's pretty it to nine another 1978. Pocahontas dollars and mastered the art of throwing ball -- time she well. A -- do taxes eighty larger and under his middle class. Paul the UPS guy the middle classes anyone that gets hammered by taxes that's that's not a bad definition either. It's an evolving paradigm says 617 you know that's what they say about marriage. Evolving paradigm it's a question of which she's store you shop that sets 620. Remember she said the people behind you and wind direction east or. 21877469432. To issue the same journalist asked to see your native American family heir looms only to be night. No that was like Kim Kim Khazei for channel seven who did that. Granny Warren gives new meaning that -- phrase ruffled feathers just. Why 987746943221. Email. -- Behind. -- at trial say 77 for my wife and I make north of 450000. And I tell my kids we are the working war. I don't think 80000 is. I don't think 80000 dollars what is the conflict. But around here that's for sure. 1877469432218774694322. People say to that they're in the middle class but they make less than the welfare recipients will be next door. Well you know that's true too I mean that I think it was their story recently that you know when you include everything and it's not packed. But if you're on welfare with one kid -- two kids you get. You get the what you're government in me in come equivalent income of 60000 I think that's probably low ball and it through. 1877469432218774694322. But by the way the CBT stories don't worry don't worry about the missing 191000 people lobbed the ball says they're gonna scrubbed the list. What does that mean. I don't know what it means CME I think it means a sponge bath. -- vehicle -- I said my column yesterday -- -- -- good cold shower and somebody said no that no no -- list doesn't need to hot. Does indeed a cold shower need to hike call on -- -- Panama. I think that's probably more like at 1877469. 774 was a family owned business today the kid behind the counter city called is all me and complain about a smaller paycheck I told them his generation stupidity was the bank. I informed him to grab his ankles. Mark your next with how we -- ahead mark. -- -- Vermont are you good are you in the middle class mark. I don't know. CC it's okay for -- -- -- -- -- the middle classes as we didn't run on the platform we did spindle you're talking about look like and like her. Eight -- listen. Just before I get going a little thank you are less sleep debt balances here of course things. About the funniest thing I laughed and laughed and laughed. He's just funny people back. Don't we do we do -- I'm Regis and some of these side columns from the Wall Street Journal about Al-Jazeera today you're not gonna laugh you're gonna cry. Hey listen during the -- he has got to be walking person on the -- here. She'd lie her whole life. Get free rides a year freer or is there extra -- that see me do Americans. Know. Carrey gets nominated she is going to be senior. Center. From Massachusetts. After serving a week. In the senate. I -- how much the they have these two Brothers that you that but the tried to pull the same thing claiming they were they were Irish guys from Quincy. That -- from open. And there they -- the Malone Brothers and that they claim they got a picture of an all of the -- picture and they said this is our ancestors so we're now Hispanic or native Americans or something. -- -- I hear from their jobs at the Boston fire department she gets she goes first the University of Pennsylvania and then the Harvard University. And now if you can now if you give up your own racist. You know our -- -- and about the licensed I don't I don't know how. Well there must be more moved down normal people because I don't know how she got elected I mean we have late C. And we have comrades standard here but. The politics down there I don't I don't get it. Let's don't it's it's pretty bad it's it's pretty it but just tell a story on the on the -- York in news refuted here if you weren't with if you weren't listened RKO lot. And -- the -- we're shaping up to be such a good one for the Massachusetts legislature you know. That hadn't been a single state representative respite. Until January 4. Operate outbreak. And you know before that it have been -- base since a state rep had a pleaded guilty to to have charges. 187 this player Jose Santiago violated a restraining order he was when we went -- is predecessor in the legislature. He works on the state paper on the warrant payroll which is -- state or 1877469432. To -- now we are. 877 and 4694322. So also hope that Jose Santiago start game one of the 67 World Series. And -- -- about that I don't think it's don't think it's the same guy. Rich your -- with how we cargo ahead -- Ali -- agriculture. -- they that don't have pretty good thing that reporter it was for any or everything you went about it slightly on our -- -- -- back there in the year election. What she should've done was said you're -- -- to get for questions. Where -- have to answer what is that the level wherever you -- the -- -- and say so I understand. This war here for the poor. -- -- Failure for the middle class. Have to say yes your brother soundtrack. For a hammer. You have the great yet. Give what you got you got -- -- down on number because that when they come that when the that we Obama comes around. To raise taxes on everybody mentions that she's.