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Max Robins Monday January 7, 2013 - Person of Interest and The Killing

Jan 7, 2013|

Max Robins TV Guru and Vice President of The Paley Center (formerly The Museum of Television and Radio) was with us to answer all of those nagging questions about the boob tube...the big topics today were Person of Interest and the 3rd season premier of Downton Abbey.

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Hip hop artist in Internet personality. In that Smith polity. That's like being a freelance writer in the old days. That means he posted his own crap. Frederic Eugene Buell died Saturday in Renton apparently of a self inflicted gunshot. The younger bureau went by the name of Freddie. TV which featured humorous and -- segments offering often with the moral. Or cautionary message. His father said this post not only our family but the world. Yes he said the world. Has lost -- talented. Sensitive. Brilliant. Young man. Who lit up our existence with his. The last message on Freddie used Twitter account express. Despair and heartbreak if there's a god and he's calling me back home he told his parents you love them. His final message. I'm sorry. That's a sad story. Max we were in negotiations with ready for a new way up top shelf on the business channel I know I know it was going so well. -- from Max robins as -- along is a long time veteran journalist covering the broadcast TV industry. He's here to answer your questions about TV at six. 87746943228774694322. Max is a now the executive vice president of paley center for media in New York City. Max I was a shocked today to read about it news here and in another series that we've that we lost out on Europe that would have been a natural for the monkey business channel. Yes have you heard about the the new reality series all my babies Mamas. Sounds like you haven't. And yes. So proud to be a member western civilization. With. This is John cast -- columnist for the Chicago Tribune if you aren't already depressed about American culture in the entertainment pimps who produced such garbage. Check out the saga of the rapper. And his ten former girlfriends and eleven troll. Only eleven -- eleven. Already there's an online petition blasting the producers for creating what amounts to a minstrel show was what Kirk well -- Yeah. I mean is is there a note today is there. Well on some big football ratings -- the -- I have that we finish -- -- Kelly yeah. It's more needs more information before that a football ratings could well at its stars Atlanta rapper shocked -- Lowe whose real name is Carlos walker. In a publicity still he poses with his costars all ten of his babies mothers who live with -- -- mansion in the Atlanta suburbs. His -- new girlfriend is his old this is eldest child. I can't wait for that. It in a related development Max read in the Wall Street Journal. Cougar town. Have been picked off the waiver wire by TB deaths. Actually actually -- But it but it's -- funny. And from the same team notes. Via. I just robberies deceased used to like to say can protect. Yeah I know I like that too from what we can say it's a more I was happy when I saw on the Wall Street Journal this morning. That was victory and call in via 71 says better to have the network's support from the taxpayers. Needing referred to shot few lows. Speaking of that less we talented that out. The premiere brought record seven point nine million people. Probably because the the the football game was early. A -- -- if I it would -- been on Saturday night it would -- as well I don't like -- -- the football game Saturday night was the worst of the bunch at bay and the vikings and the vikings but it's still it's still 26 million viewers -- On a Saturday night of it. Only one sided game with the vikings using a quarterback nobody ever heard of 26 million viewers. And the Redskins and Seahawks that almost 34 that was a good guess I was a decent game that was a real -- -- Now for PBS show for doubt. That. It. Something tells me those analysts see. What's it -- Just allowed yes -- 1877469432. Macs any talk about the new epic show the Americans. There's some good buzz around I'm looking forward to that looks like fun I mean in at a course one of my favorite shows on TV returns tomorrow night. What's that just. Is eastbound and down coming back for season four. I believe it is funny show one of the few shows that dead that I can count on one hand I would recommend that you. You know the premise of that right now what is that it's the -- This guy he's -- likely to stumble -- pitcher in the majors and he'd like his career explodes causes you know abuse and every level. And he goes protecting becomes his high school coach and he still total total -- is still complete degenerate it's great. Well let's Oscar indicated that they would just tell a story about Leo prep prep school headmaster -- sounded like that that especially over the weekend Steve Forbes was the chairman of the board of trustees. Dummy and -- Yeah so that's what that does sound like a good that that's sounds like a good that does sound like a good show when we're at what is it what by network isn't on that's an HBO HBO. Hey Max I read a read a story in the Wall Street Journal earlier about how one they said that how while war basically par laid the current TV and two way into -- half billion dollar pay day. And they said that he basically went to the to the networks and told -- so many words that if they if they added that not to the meat to the cable providers a big cable providers and told them that if they picked up by current. They wouldn't have any problems with congressional regulators accusing him of censoring liberals liberal media we -- liberal networks. Shocked. And we'll sit -- are that all the Time Warner dropped it like this as soon as he was out of as soon as he was out of it. Well as soon as he was no longer protect per. As soon as you were there were no why didn't they no longer had to pay rent money is Whitey Bulger used to say -- like that -- protection he called it rent. -- It I -- score of course it was under yeah hundred million bucks for a first they -- for. For a channel that has fewer viewers than the monkey business channel even though were not on the area. -- Is that it was classic with the -- Gore and his partner tool side wealthy beat him now much more wealthy. Indeed what you really need more money. At one point that -- -- about a couple of years when they hired Obermann and they brought in all these people who have been very successful. Brian great great. Great program. People being -- successful cable networks. -- you know the -- and from what I understand -- but well you know we don't need professionals we don't. Network. Well I don't know they obviously you know how to run -- television network they certainly knew about -- -- -- sell one. And I think you'll see is. I'm sure from some investors. There was a -- -- Com. They would be if they carry out here. They would have to it is possible it's any. You just look at what they're paid -- out -- and what Williams for. Read I also read today that the the most popular show on Al-Jazeera right now which show -- and life. I'm looking forward that's that talk about must see TV. I can't wait it. -- I went a better name be sure -- and death considered the number of death penalties that they have -- various offenses and -- are real law. Guys. That they -- -- completion -- and they have the sequel the penalty for real love. Tonight Abdul loses its rate that it is clearly illegal -- USA coming back. I believe it is OK let's go to the let's go to the phone lines here 18774694322. And again where were all looking forward to blow my babies Mamas and admin QL -- it -- work. -- -- This behavior your next with Howie Carr and Max -- go ahead stay. I've seen Las Vegas a couple of times. And it's filled with bludgeoning alcohol abuse and back. -- that's got Sarah Jones and -- from Al contrasts. What's not to like about Sarah Jones. But unlike ms. -- This is let's make it in the sixties and there isn't a cigarette or cigar or -- anywhere to be seen on the show. Now wondering is this what kind of spent. Knew that or Steve -- in one word its network right Max. It may well be absurd to surprise of the you don't see any idiot I'll take my problem with that so it's just. It's great actors it's it's a great topic to explore for TV series I just think it's horrible. Yeah I really gave the trial watch the first four episodes. Yeah that too disappointed. Yeah I've heard from people people who share this my same pace and TV that Sarah doesn't make nearly enough appearances as the girlfriend that next son. You know I would give me but that would give me more interest but the am I gonna spend an hour you know and I'm -- -- blank. -- having your next with how we card Max robins or had them. -- -- -- -- Op to show the killing. It and all guys are back. -- guys is coming Beck the killing. Them on it's been. Killed got to. Are. One more -- last year it was sure how I'll vote. A boat in the Amazon but people want it it was bill spooky weird like ghost stop. An Irish open it you know it is not come back. TI don't know me and you gotta be a little bit more specific than that. Yeah. I I don't know that it that it was only on. You're it was the first year or -- You say ghost them. -- -- ratios have ghost set amount ghosts and believes they have bother us. Thanks for the call Steve got good -- We got to show a development monkey business -- got a ghost of vampire. Zombie and the cute little kid -- a -- if it. And Abraham Lincoln at. That Max we mentioned last week somebody just a text that about it NTELOS supposedly putting a box that you'll be able to get channels ala cart any word on this. Well no way you almost can't get channels go -- It's and I think. Tickets to big consumer electronics. Open detail Las Vegas. Watch for a lot of news out there all sorts -- -- It's pretty you know you can kind of cut the cord quit your card network together I mean if you're TVs. Digital TV. You get your local stations -- great reception and with you know. In the web there's many different devices. You can you can pretty much rock and -- -- court. Cut the cord one of the one of the phrases of 2013. I think I think so to receive more and more I mean the one thing it's tough if you look. The one reason -- no but terra nova says someone says terra -- is what the guy was think about it yet -- on long gone up not coming back okay. I mean how we should be the one of the reasons. If if your sports. And maybe it pays to have cable you know. By. Yeah and if -- -- hear yours your if you're a sports and you're subsidizing everybody else's. In most of what you want you can get by other means. And and most of it legal surprise. -- but I meant I'm more football fan and I like to watch -- I don't even watched much college basketball in the regular season I watched a little bit but not much who wants a final four and I watch but I watch our hearts our madness yeah. But it -- I watched the Red Sox every now and then watch the rats are upon. Yeah and you get the sex though. -- don't need it but I don't need I don't need all the other I don't need like. You know I don't need 321 in NHL channels mean at a security -- mattered to me if -- -- non strike an uphill -- -- -- right and a lot of a lot of the -- news channels I mean you can watch over the web. Yeah most of their program over the web via. -- then your next with Howie Carr and Max Robbins went down. Hey -- do impressed -- our next big band. Wanted to don't want I didn't have Campbell even stole. It com Russia into the but I guess that. How it anonymous murdered last night was actually really impressed with the. Really I will will take a look at the ratings I didn't see the -- and though overnights -- for. Football. For doubt it will take. -- called the and so we're now someone says the name of that show was the river but it's gone through so whatever the name wasn't canceled apparently. Paul you're next with how we car and Max -- from the paley center for media New York City -- have all. Tell me LB you know person of interest -- That's still an okay that's an -- solid performer. -- -- -- Let's see -- councilman says that the at Chernobyl was about dinosaurs. How do we ever get them confused. I don't know so something must slips. Officer marks at -- here's some more Al-Jazeera shows we've done this before we all of Jihad. Two and a half infidels. That's how I met your Campbell. -- How about the Joseph potty punch -- -- -- -- -- -- your next with how I'm surprised more people government screwing around with these in the crazy names of just the way it went this way. In the news without for five days. I. And -- sometimes you to -- well maybe. One and -- on your next with how we -- Max Roberts go ahead on. Yeah we're just one -- your plan that -- Thursday night at 10 o'clock it is a new show come on on lifetime called double divas. About it custom or are -- shops and should be entertaining. Fifty a custom bra fitting show I don't know about that. I can't do not act together and -- right smack material and I'm gonna watch it. Oh by the way for that caller before Amish mafia it to about three million viewers so that's pretty good yes these. -- beaver state fitting in has a recurring question here and how we our show isn't what what why did they call it the Learning Channel. He says and I don't anymore it's now he now Pete Rose in this bimbo have a show what are we learning here. But there -- no such things machine class or paste. For women to inflate their blasts. And then -- to hire some old fool the worst -- -- fool with money and some claim to fame was forty years older and likely to check out fairly soon. I've learned something already. Buehrle Buehrle pitches that show well really makes you wanna go out and find out what I limits on. Might -- I think most of the time people on the phone right -- -- Let this sound like real good video to me. Let's leave your next with how -- guard Max -- glad Steve. It was going on how well the show you -- out. What happened that show called gifted me and it was about a doctor in New York who are involved in the multitasking capabilities appealing people. To avoid them. Okay thanks one more can Medina. Let's Mecca deal. Greg your next with how we cargo ahead Greg we could go crazy. Since that Larry Hagman is coming down for breakfast anymore. What what's going on with Dallas. As the major hit -- -- watching. The funeral. I would keep going with the -- you know. Absolutely. Keep the that they seek -- a local I'm serious could basic level lookalike for Larry Hagman and bring him back as a ghost. In the half and half phone. I'm sure why why not. Why not -- Mr. Wilson died in the hours in the new mr. Wilson on Dennis the Menace were out of time Max and thanks I talked to you next week that look forward to it outwardly well. -- --