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Al Gore, Al Jazeera, Al Qaeda

Jan 7, 2013|

Even the Wall Street Journal is dismayed at Al Gore's hold up sale which resulted in the sale of Current TV to Al Jazeera. Howie was appalled at the sale and sounds off about it.

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But first I wanted to did -- to tell you a little bit more about the Al-Jazeera. In buying current TV and in what exactly they were buying it was a great great column -- In the Wall Street Journal. About though exactly what the current TV was all about. Gore's environmental investments have prospered thanks for government handouts in me and eight justices Holman W Jenkins junior. His current TV which is in the process of being. So Al-Jazeera as attracted a miniscule audience and its seven year existence it averages 42000 I was 22 sorry. 42 it's still not -- 42000 viewers per evening last year get the payday coming to mr. gore will be somewhat greater than 070. Million to 100 million depending on which estimate you prefer. We never subscribed to the theory regarding success of life that it's not what you know but who you know. We may have to rethink. What -- had going for was mr. war. Who were dropped in on media moguls and explain why it was in their political interest to -- current on their networks and -- subscribers five to ten months for channel. They never watch. Just saying no wasn't worth that the companies who must run a daily gauntlet of Democrat regulators in Washington. Not to oblige mr. gore would be to face it every congressional hearing. The likelihood of some legislator lamb basting them for quote unquote censoring. -- progressive voice. In other words he walked into a place you know much like welcome. And say this is a nice cliche that he. Who would be ashamed if someone was to throw a stink bomb through the front window. So the industry became a bitch who waited to transferring 100 million dollars a year what might otherwise be its own profits to owners of a cable channel nobody watched. These carriage arrangements current TVs sold valuable assets. And the fact that nobody watched was probably not unrelated. If you're not pleasing the -- or you're pleasing somebody else usually in a way that makes for -- reprogramming. Would bring living on the -- France of cable moguls. Certainly didn't help. Current put on a rollicking liberal TV in the manner of MSNBC which justifies its existence by actually attracting view -- All gravy trains must come to an end in a world of Netflix and cord cutting an extra nickel or mine is no longer so easily slipped past cable subscribers. Time Warner Cable was the first to bid good riddance dropping the channel from its lineup the moment the sale was announced. Mr. gore is clearly getting out just in time but not before extracting one last political rent. In return for using his famous name to help Al-Jazeera XP and and a skeptical US. Marketplace. Don't look for us however to melt the irony of mr. gore. Where you're against climate change pocketing fortunes from mideast Patrick or Patrick rats. Mr. gore has been in cash in mode for awhile what's more his style of entrepreneurship is rising thing -- -- world. Crony capitalism. Shall respect must be pay. -- -- it's it's no more of a joke then. Matt Damon financing his bomb movie about fracking. Through the United Arab Emirates. Now there's another story in the Wall Street Journal today. Inconvenient truths about Al-Jazeera. How much and carbon offsets does mister or need to balance is estimated 100 million from the sale. To an oil -- but there's a more serious issues here issue here. Writing for himself and mr. gore Joseph co-founder Joseph hired a lawyer and Democrat fund raiser explained. When considering the several suitors were interested in acquiring current that would include went back. It became clear western Al-Jazeera was founded with the same goal -- yet. Real. Among them quote to give voice to those whose voices are not typically hurt to speak truth to -- -- Or wow. The that you -- it. When they talk about speaking truth to power that's when they -- that's when Democrats it's they speak truth to. When Republicans speak truth to power -- -- hate speech. So -- said this weekend that you know when Democrats are there was talk about national conversation like right now and have a national conversation about gun control. Wind liberals moon bats talk about it national conversation that means they wanna chance that deliberately but shot got. That's buried -- -- national conversation. Mr. Hiatt also asserted that -- I did significant due due diligence he wrote that they spent a week and Al-Jazeera headquarters in Qatar and it was impressed by the journalistic integrity he saw there. The journalistic integrity. They found there. In 2007. The liberal nation magazine said quote field reports are overwhelmingly negative with violent footage played over and over there's a clear underlying message the way out of this spiral was political Islam -- -- Dave rash formally of ABC's Nightline with Al-Jazeera English language station in 2008. When producers and get higher. Ordered up int he American program here's one I told about last our mrs. Listen to this. This the station George -- -- says she doesn't mind working for. In 2008 Al-Jazeera front thrown on your party for Samir on par when he was released from an Israeli prison -- -- Palestine liberation front terrorist team the kidnapped an Israeli family and -- in seven and ninety in 1979. He shot -- father killed four year old daughter by smashing your head against rocks along the beach. In footage available on YouTube. Al-Jazeera is Beirut. Bureau chief -- come car a similar. To cut the celebratory cake and says this is the sort of the Arabs seem -- In 2009 use chief Powell -- alluded cut. -- week the host of the network's most popular Arab language so show sure -- and light speak but Boettcher -- and life. Parallels how wells gay friends feel about sure -- and life. I don't picture Rio likes gay people are mature -- the law the Koreans law. Some on here this is also available on YouTube. All I'll I'll take this oppressive Jewish zionist the end of people Holland do not spare a single one of them all -- -- count their numbers and kill them down to the very last one on quote. This writer says perhaps mr. gore the inventor of the Internet does not have access to YouTube. K let's see here. 187. So this is through the suspect this is media missed the network he sold through. 18774694322. Al Gore zero. Al Gore's era my -- as the new celebrity host on Al-Jazeera will be the clintons. Do you remember what Dick Armey said about Barney over a good old days yeah I do remember that. How we are blocked current TV and MSNBC on the cable blocks I'd rather the kids watched skin -- 978 I -- foreign companies could not own radio TV stations in the US -- let's poser those her to rest deal. Radio and TV stations this is what this is cable this is this is different this is -- basically -- more unfettered. 603. Al got a rich the same way Jesse Jackson that's a good way to put it he did get rich the same way now the same way that will take a couple of calls on Al-Jazeera and in Al Gore and then we'll move on to war the bobcat news from west -- where on your next with Howie -- go ahead run. You mentioned that conclusive and -- that they quit because idiot the American programmer yes it's in Calgary who bought the right now or. There's at all out of it the American program. But like I say you know I I think the sky Holman Jenkins is on to something ball was was a shakedown to it to get on these cable outlets. Another gonna say that now the cable companies are gonna say geez we got a perfect excuse for a getting out from under right. Write to me what cable companies that write -- this thought I mean what this is quite while people watching today anyone black. And how how many and antenna most are gonna turn it off when they when we get the English language translation of sure -- and law. That'll be that'll be a big ratings winner wanted -- It's bunch of B. That. Thanks collect call. 1877. Among the monkey it's it's a damn shame the monkey business channel has been beaten to punch by Sharia law and and light. You know that was that was a show we were you know now it's too late -- -- looking at that. We were we were enough pre production -- that show but it's it's too late now yes -- are next with how we cargo ahead -- Hey Ali I think I get along with everyone else political life constantly. Don't do anything to advance their agenda. And it seems to be working my question is all right it's it's doing all this stuff what are we supposed to do this stop this march of liberalism -- This stop was over twenty years ago it seems stronger than ever what what do we do. I don't know what we do you Jeff all we could do was hope that the American people wake up at the low low information voters as as rush calls a month suddenly he had decided to start paying attention that they. That they you know get out of the clouds of pandora and start listening to what talk radio and reading newspapers whether it's online or in print and and figure out what the hell's going on I mean. This this increase in the payroll withholding taxes is a -- isn't a job. Well I don't know let when I agree with you what you're saying that there is like that that's happened but look at it this way. What about what about the conservative states we had forty years and you call you. You want this guy is so far left this guy is so close to communism if you don't wanna call that. If he did not bring out the conservative base there is no conservative base. I -- I agree I agree it's like Mitt Mitt Romney was on this company I mean I don't think it was 47%. But there's. There's like guaranteed 3540%. Of the electorate that just lives that is not the model working classes. In brought in they're not meant not gonna vote for a Republican under any circuit and they're not you know. Who's taken who has taken a haircut since the first of the year. Mean not that that the people would be -- cards it's the people who -- there the ones who have taken a pay cut you know. Let's say you're right that 40% of the people are committed leftist in this that's gonna change. I could not committed itself to -- to committed leftist they're committed loafers. Okay then why can't the other 60%. Dominate the polls why do we lose them. Because they also control education and a lot of and a lot of things especially the younger people who -- educated in doctrine it is more like get in these liberal institutions I did have by. Have lost the ability to -- their own best entrance. OK so this stuff that you hear that conservatives outnumber liberals who don't want him here this costly that's all that you. I don't -- yeah I don't believe that anymore I mean that's I I think that was are laid to rest in the last election I'm in the but the -- the most you can say is it's still 5050 split. Of the country. Yeah you guys like you were doing a great job I'm gonna be really -- the army and am not a doom and gloom about I have lost all. I'm looking at this situation saying I'm fifty years old. And Obama -- myself wouldn't it -- because I don't think this is gonna last much longer that the American experiment I think it's on the way out. I I I hope you're wrong I don't necessarily disagree with the pirates opened today just a little story in the paper. It was about the the lobster catch in Maine it was another record catch in Maine last year for lobsters. But the prices are going the way down and so somebody's some some spokesman for the to the lobster industry says. When -- -- get the prices back up until this economy gets straightened out I -- to myself. -- that's gonna happen it's certainly never gonna happen when Barack Obama as president of the United States I mean were written for another four years of malaise. There's there's no other way to put it. -- your next with how we cargo ahead bill. Just and I'm from Delaware and I thought about your. What are called -- democratic vote. Yeah. He just aren't we people like Deval Patrick and John -- short -- Mumble and you don't need. Oh yeah I agree Warren it's like. I'm astounded that they -- keep my money. But she also excuse all I wrote it and it's just adding that hot -- ground loops. And hottest Duvall actor -- and reelect. Well he he Deval Patrick got reelected with 49% of the vote I mean he had help from a -- Canada to you know since been prosecuted on bond. Very flimsy charges. But I mean -- in the Elizabeth Warren's case they got the machine now they had they had all the the union all the unions. All the moon bats. -- welfare recipients the lowest information voters. There with a word that there were an extra million voters between G annual or the the election in January. 2010 that he won and the election in November 2012 but he lost. He got 350000. Of those million voters extra but she got 650000. So -- she won pretty easily -- -- -- still -- answered to me Delaware stands up for Biden don't you think. Oh my god yeah. I I stay awake now aren't not that good -- that and so where are we got check it. I can't figure that I -- more gasoline but it seems to know. Basically doesn't drink either you know that's the weird thing I mean what's wrong with the guy I mean I could see if he was half in the bag primacy in the east nutty things that you said last week. He said the some woman -- Told. You I was trying to make it a joke it's called sexual harassment of Republican about it. I want like it's something that anger and we ran against because it's back and made that point plagiarized speech. -- miss maybe at -- I mean the that it's kind of scary to think of the he's the vice president isn't. Exactly Obama then we actual Giant Eagle by. -- -- I know exactly. It's pretty it's its -- It's it's Monday it's not good. 18 sevenths 207 you forgot the point out that people don't vote with their heads now they vote with their feelings. And I know that set I mean it's it's very different and they don't think -- sports that tickets anymore either that's another that's another problem but Scott Brown -- that's. That's just fallen totally out of favor people -- to vote straight party line you know it's like it's more like Europe. I don't I don't quite understand how that how about the but it certainly has that well 18774694322. How -- I think the increase in payroll taxes only on a social security and Medicare so guess who does not -- it's a Social Security's -- -- as. So guess who does not have an increase in taxes on the paycheck any government or state worker who does not contribute because they have a penchant. I think a lot of government workers orange Social Security are they made and maybe I'm wrong maybe that may -- wrong. 187 -- Let's see. Five away how we my in laws are highly educated however they only read the globe and the only read the global climate mentioned some of the -- Warren issues they said they had no white there of course this was after they voted for so as long as the major press controls the message Massachusetts will remain a democratic state. If somebody mentioned me we've been talking and we've been mentioning the the 191000 misting EBT card recipients. They disputed discovered this. Ironically enough -- a Democrat voter registration. Last year. But they're that they can't they can't find 191000 people who don't have that didn't even have to go out there were given this goal two front war. And stooped down to pick up their. There're they're welfare check anymore it's automatically deposited direct deposited in their accounts. So they could be anywhere in the world and again they're getting them the money set to one. And they and until they sent out these voter registration form gifted to get more votes for Elizabeth Warren. And Barack Obama the they didn't know how many people had -- Banished or how many people had never existed period. So it it turns out it was 191004%. Of the BT cart population cannot be -- my 81 million dollars a year. On account for and you're right about the -- but globe put the initial story was in The -- on Friday. The globe picked company. The web edition on Friday afternoon but I don't think there was ever I don't think -- ever has been a story in the print addiction which is still. But most people see who read the -- there hasn't been a story about the 191000 missing EBT. Recipients in the birdie birdie there would they were talking on Friday about this an increase in the state income tax and that's in like the media pair of the of the globe story about it. We'll talk we'll talk about it I guarantee well John you're next with our car go ahead John. Out. Europe and on the Orange County Choppers. Are gobbled. Up. Elephant. Horton their. -- we go back channeling money to terrorist organization. What you mean Al Gore is a terrorist or image and I don't know you know. -- just said earlier indict all about Ellen yeah yeah why not yes yeah how. Getting back and go yeah. He gave he gave them 400 million and now we spent and now he -- he gave Hamas a terrorist organization 400 million. Now he's giving Al Gore and his investors 500 million dollars to buy this crappy TV network. Do you still in bed with a terrorist organization. Why you're still in bed with a terrorist -- -- guests but -- you know that nodded then then again and I gonna go after Al -- any more than they went out human that you remember Al -- one of his top -- was it was one of the people and Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac made tens of millions of dollars they they quote the blocks they got caught. They never got prosecuted they had they had to repay a tiny percentage of the money that they had. Absconded with from -- after cooking the books in Munich had been a private sector rob publicly traded company that had done something like that everybody would still be in the Kenya. And they wouldn't be at club fed either. But these guys all got away within an Al Gore's gonna get away with it because Al -- a member of the club. Thanks for the call John 18774694322. On our car. Good -- if you -- 18774694322. 617 this trip we're getting her cut that's a lot of on bonds has rhubarb you know what that's that's an excellent point but she is getting her cup. Yeah they the it's been around seven years they were still married right that was before it came out that he was. He was touch and everything but the third rail he was calling he wasn't calling a male escorts she was calling up female masseuse news. His to his hotel. -- called mob get off me you -- go comics. 11. Of the best lines of the new century. Not so new anymore yes anyway -- 18774694322. Wanna get on the trump like today's a good -- to get on the -- lineup people about a mile away in profit because of the weekend. Director -- -- number you wish to leave a message that we may or may you know play in about how old thirty minutes is. 61777934696177793469. You know -- that we talked about this rather last Friday but the the Obama supporters are shocked they are shocked that fear that the taxes are actually falling on them. They don't they they thought that it was only fallen millionaires and billionaires. Little did they know. I mean not that they weren't told. Enough times probably should a minute with the Euro by themselves. That. The Democrats are gonna try to get money. Out of everybody who works. If you worked the Democrats are not your friend. Well maybe if you have a hack job act no show job their friends but otherwise if you have a real if you have a real job and even if you're in the public sector you have a real job. -- -- Fire fighter. He MP. Teachers too for that matter pitchers have real jobs I don't know why they have this commitment to idea. To the Democrat. Machine but anyway these people shocked. Sure. That their taxes have gone up. This is from indeed this is from The Washington Times. By -- -- This is one poster on the do you -- -- democratic underground what have. In the my Social Security with holdings of my paycheck just went up my paycheck went down by amount but I don't feel comfortable west. I guarantee this decrease is gonna hurt me more than the increase in income taxes will hurt those making over 400 grand what happened. It's really great too that there there they know. -- that's always know. How much what what the other person is thinking and how the other with the other person's motives are there able to see in to someone else's mind. Then they know who's going to be hurt -- target money's being taken out of them it's like the old the -- old joke you know. They -- a recession is when your neighbor loses his job a depression. Is win you lose your job -- Ronald Reagan said recovery is when Jimmy Carter loses sister. Shocker Democrats who supported the president's reelection just had all year that his steadfast pledged to raise taxes meant that he was going to raise taxes. They thought he planned to just hit those filthy one -- -- You know all the once word fortunes through their inventiveness and hard work. They -- a free ride would continue forever. It's approached the group by a guy named and one half mile race. Course that's his real name matches. Not harmed -- bird. I know two exes I know -- expect between 983. And 984 dollars less and might. -- -- -- -- And. Here's one from Democrat to the end. My boyfriend does have a lot of expenses and his feeling squeezed right now and having his paychecks shrink doesn't really well. Blue in the blue says. Most of my friends didn't realize any -- her. More payroll department didn't know what good job of explaining but coming to share shoes. Bay here's -- my paycheck just went down soda and my wife's. This hurts us but everybody says it's a good thing so I guess we just get up and get used to it. I call it a tax increase on the middle class I wonder what they call -- somebody on this thread called -- a premium nope it's a -- and it just went up. Well I would say that's a troll. That's a twirl gotta do your best -- that week. Honeycomb eight. 86 dollars a month has a lot that would pay for groceries for a week. More than what they pay for parking every month after my employer's contribution to about a new computer after a year a new quality church whose every month from. Mumps and Mike COLT paid for my hormones. -- -- On sailor at discount price paid for what they spend oh my god every month food vitamins treats. -- It would take heart of stone not to laugh or read -- few more from the yet what is beer. Meet Virginia. Really hold -- ever supposed to pay off my student loans of my already small paycheck keeps getting smaller -- sister how Obama. Nancy for longer ham. Nancy -- him I don't think I wanna see Nancy and her long. Was much more furious bleeping Obama bleep you this taking out more taxes -- better bleep and help me out. That's good asked about what you can do for your country ask what your country can do for Euro. Very upset to see my paycheck or less today. Alex. Obama I did not vote for use sold you can take away a lot of money for my checks. Of the -- four. Christian -- and I'm starting to regret voting for Obama. -- Obama is the biggest bleeping liar in the world wide oblique that I vote form. You know I've been asking myself that same question Dave why the movie did you vote form Stephen your next with Howard cargo ahead Stephen. Ali when I heard that impact tried to -- contact. IPod can -- I didn't think he would come up with. 500 million or even 100 million what they have -- -- and Dick Armey. Admitted to use this just -- what's. Formal one point three million dollars to pull back. Campbell Limbaugh to ensure that they would say nice things about the people should -- for. Same thing. They don't wait a second Steve they'd why he'd be -- -- had no idea. Why they then I heard ads on both of the shelves. Was not for advertising and army said that it did against. What was that deal it wasn't good yeah. Armies are you Stephen -- better I mean -- army is had a had a falling out with freedom works and so naturally he's gonna say bad things about him. Those shortly I'll tell you I was in the back and I listened to war rush and that they both sound like they sound like cats committee. 18774694322. How -- you just interviewed and identified a handful of low information voters yeah but there's there's. Billions on. Of course dozens of posters on democratic underground sought to blame at all on. Cindy which I think I guess who they blame that on. -- Taxes went up because the leaders need to dig us out of this criminal deficit hole which we are -- which had been -- 'cause actually work. All during the bush years. One has been helped by spreading the wealth around a little. How -- took a collect people that's for. -- -- In -- had to be George -- Satan went in the other suit I did that's the same thing as anyone ever seen George Bush and Satan in the same room. Now. Every one I like this every one has been helped by spreading the wealth around. We're at one PBT cardholders gonna help by spreading the wealth around level. 18774694322. Richard you're next with how we -- ahead Richard. Hi Alex. You know right after the election. I heard there was 700000. -- people that. Had written in from other states although all of the states. Wanted to secede from the country. And I know I know this is is ludicrous even to think about it but what the the Republicans -- -- elections there's no coming back once he the freeze up all the aliens to vote from illegal aliens. That the Republicans will never get back in opposite. What are the possibilities. A split in the country. They're like you said there'd -- -- -- nonexistent Richard I mean that you bit the part of the country that split -- wants to split out from the rest of the country is a part of the country that pays the bills for the for the for the Obama and Obama Nation. Why did what they mean and plus how would you split up I mean it's not like you have it. I mean you have some geographic breakdown but it's basically but will the working classes want to split and get out from under the -- working classes right so I mean every every in every state there's a there's a group of working his group of people work. Who wanna escape from the -- working -- Well originally I thought not been felt like east and west the Democrats can happen we'll have that happen they want to -- But you know Alaska and Hawaii were out of the continental United States. Well it will we could switch to red states and Blue States and they can only rule and they don't most states. Well how we gonna stop the people -- people -- the Blue States I mean you know hundreds of thousands of of workers are leaving California because the beat the top. The top of marginal income taxes now to thirteen point 3%. Plus she got it some calories out to argue she got a 10% sales tax. Here if you live in California. UBE. You know you got to be George Lucas or Steven Spielberg David to that. That's what you need to make make ends meet in California. The whole -- West Coast is gone we were visiting. Family in Washington State -- worst in Massachusetts. Yeah no they aren't they steal they steal elections at least they stole that election for governor few years back at least. At least we have that we've had straws in the kind of semi steal elections but never never flat out after the election like like was done. In now what eight years ago. 18774694322. How we I just laughed and laughed my -- over perfume my employees bitching about to take home pay going down. I'm just waiting for the sudden influx of reasons they deserved raises like my taxes didn't go up though. And -- car.