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Joe Battenfeld from the Boston Herald says Congressman Lynch may step into senate race

Jan 8, 2013|

Congressman Ed Markey has already made his intentions well known, is Lynch ready to do the same?

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-- -- world -- we are now joined by the Boston herald's political columnist Joseph button though. Joseph how are you. Good how are you do my mother she's turned 93 year old by the way bluesy. So. Some -- so what Golisano -- huge -- -- -- -- -- -- -- are muted but hey I'm totally with you on now on. Well I'm just curious I mean I mean if you don't like to Kenny and who do you think is the greatest side. You know I I think at that time the error. The beginning -- there obviously you can -- -- -- seeing an employee because huge influence on everybody so I'm not -- are. I Joba I'm just curious name one person today that you think is better than McCain. Just want to. Stay away -- Phil and I grew up. You'd LA army -- you know -- target golf course I grew up -- remember about it wouldn't -- overweight. You. Not that bad the only quote out. -- doing is karate moves on -- TLC don't regret or edit. Them but I do it. There. Are now Joseph so I'm just curious to got a lot to talk about right. Steve and Steve lynch Congressman Lynch. Yeah now apparently floating up. -- the then a democratic senate nomination should carry be confirmed what you're hearing what are your sources telling. I actually reported that last week to that he was looking -- -- any -- -- actually seriously look at that I don't think it's one of those already. Yeah I'm looking ahead in the that you see that the get attention and then I'm gonna end up Ronnie. I think it's it's a very good chance to -- But he needs you the guy cutting. He's got the kind of guy -- never thought -- -- the democratic primary and you know. So he needed to other Liberal Democrats -- to run in order to win because. Here is is voting record in his views on issues especially like abortion. Just talks statement the democratic. Profile here in a democratic watcher oh boy you have to ask. And so little wind it's hard Hilliard Democrat did to be a little different had a little different viewed as you know. It's so he's gonna have -- -- he's going to be attacked is basically -- Scott Brown Republican. By by liberals. So you need to go to local strike at it but I think even if we don't know what a primary in maybe you're trying to get his name out there immutable and let me thank Google Soviet congressman. So he gets the name out there maybe for a future election or maybe he's there you know there it's it's the one of the best things about this all John Kerry saying. I do it's it's exposed. -- -- In the Democratic Party had feuds that I love I love the infighting Democrats fight amongst themselves. They did that all states -- the a lot of guys would delegates -- like Ed Markey. He did especially. And I think he's a Barney Frank he did not protect Barney Frank you know and redistricting he sort of gave allow. And so there -- -- it bears a lot of people wondering are you really. Going to have to be quite literally you can use this as an excuse to say hey they would reportedly saw it there right now. The lucky people all are certainly a little wary about that a lot of a lot of different things could happen here in the next few month to compete very interest in. They can be -- you know explode apology good for the Democratic Party they have a nice healthy debate about the issues. It's -- -- just nominate one person decide one person like Liz Warren whoever is situation that they're gonna -- -- they might actually have a debate. In the party -- -- real primary and again it might all just back up at the end its sale let's give head mark he's so I hope they don't do that -- And it'll be good for the party to have a debate. We're talking with Joseph -- fell political columnist at the Boston Harold. Joseph is there anybody out there among the Democrats. That you think if they threw their hat in the ring. Could really give congressman Markey a run for his money. Sure there's -- a bunch of them -- I believe that Barney Frank would be Ed Markey for once I had. I do yes I believe it -- primary he's much better known across the state. Then then Ed Markey is he's even -- market's been down there forever. He's -- you know your low -- darling you got lots of national support you know he said he doesn't water run. So I guess we have to take mental work that he's not interest sitting campaign hitting him anymore but. You know obviously Governor Patrick I think would lend a Primerica ever Renny says he's not running. And I don't Obama went to lynch would -- probably like a bitter divisive primary is like kept a lot go out there. Who's also floating the idea of writing you. Even more blue collar Democrats item. Is views are extremely liberal. But he appeal toward the blue collar voters certainly than Ed Markey does. Are you gonna have some problems with as we all know he doesn't. Really -- interest first twenty years of his career. He didn't even are all in in districts that -- really who legal requirement they have -- it did look good. We live TV typically lived and rich suburbs and Merrill and so that's gonna cause them problems so Italian and it might be -- rich David there's some businessman Democrat out there. Could -- Coakley beat him. Yeah. All you think Marcia Coakley could beat Ed Markey yes I do I don't think she read the almost anybody can beat them except maybe Steve lynch but. And I do my -- an item. Could. Below and yet I'd vote democratic primary. Okay and happened to the general but I think I think I'd mpeg Coakley would be to have -- in a primary yes. -- it seems more interest in running for governor in the senate but that's what a lot of people are -- back. Ready for governor. So that's why this for a victory gives Scott Brown a nice opening its mark into their strongest candidate. I think that that would give a -- a decent chance or Scott Brown to -- I don't think it'll be tough for him to land in the states. Don't have a decent chance. Journal that put you on the spot in Mosul not a dynamics a lot of things can go on in the campaign mistakes gaffes. Let's just say Ed Markey is chlorinated. -- the democratic nominee seem pretty much emerges unscathed. Right the democratic machine backing Ed Markey told at all against Scott Brown. Who do you think would win. I -- you could be close but I'm I'm still gonna go to bed Marchionne had the democratic machine is behind me now. Then I think you'll probably land there is eager to get there this back and be nearly as big -- turnout. But I mean you saw what happened to Scott Brown he's still partners from -- campaign. He has high negatives just because all -- -- well worn through Adam really he's still fairly popular. But it's a democratic machine gets behind marking gets their turn out machine going again. Then I I think it's going to be tough for browse to -- -- I doubt -- win I think it's been a much better chance of running for governor. Let's say we have a much better track better record of electing Republicans. As governor and -- I think the big big big thing about ground where 8% as they got it how I know they gonna do the same thing they did -- in the last Sunday and it I have to Mitch McConnell and all. Votes lol hey Ed and the national Republicans. Republicans. Yeah all of you don't go any can't either discard it like like Warren at. Good nationally and -- -- -- alteration in the country so the national Liberal Democrats thought that wore a -- Shelby spoke to see not in the whole country. They know -- Scott Brown back in the senate Harry Reid has been playing against brownie and stand out -- Joseph also -- A lot of a lot of the Republicans and Democrats are. So they don't want him back to Washington so there it'll be the only race scoring and got to throw everything. They possibly can't have ground to make sure you -- and that's the problem. It was ready for governor that's not gonna happen any year -- many other races. It won't be so easy to hide that a few other. -- -- few other national Republican seat to run more as an independent wholesale let's go to you all right I'm still here and brown wants to run for senate. That you may very well but I I still think it's gonna be tough for him to land. Ed -- We're talking with Joseph Bowden felt political columnist at the Boston Harold. That Joseph. Elizabeth Warren has now been sworn in as the latest US senator from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Right despite her claims that she's proud over Cherokee heritage and her. Liz Warren is now saying you know what I don't wanna register. I was the bay State's first native American US senator. Well apparently she doesn't that she's Cherokee up to a point but she's -- Cherokee that you are predators want. We had been trying to recoup what you playing throughout Oprah throughout the last year whether she's actually considers itself every American or not he never. Quite yet to -- question during the campaign. And he just kept saying it's say they lowered over that she's proud rare days that -- let everybody got mad perhaps you about it god forbid that the reporters about questions about it. My colleague Hillary actual vote today and no. Broke the story there when you go to our competitors actually eight senate historical. Records department down there. Our military people they -- but it sounds like you know a good job doubt. So basically data so they determine initially whether somebody -- that they keep track of minorities and so in particular at W the minority they normally would. Put them down in new justice of the record in Olympic history in the senate as add a minority whether. It's -- Asian America and or African American or native American. So normally they would look at it and say well obviously this person campaigned there or or is first obviously is quite good news senator. -- South Carolina obviously African American you would be put down an African American. There's also -- senator also has the opportunity to go to go to new record. Person. While this and say I am a native American and they'll gladly write down she -- -- I see the native Americans as you would be listed. As massachusetts' first and Americans senator. So when we asked the question yesterday. They finally came back it said no she's not going to actually do that you are going to go and register as a native Americans. Also turned to a lot BD. Also seek the -- Native Americans editor which of course I know you're still very upset about Cuban history picking sides. I think she's still want the issue to go well which unit in pristine. A person keeps talking about how proud she is of being in every American into Google wanna talk about the issue. Well like kind of garden is like carrier remember for years he kept saying he was proud of being Irish. And then it turns out he's not Irish and all the -- -- -- Irish blood in them. No no don't just sit there and -- -- still views the Irish I -- so are you need a follow up to a wild out. I know it could just seem that this issue is still -- -- -- and it's those little girl at a cheap. Subject was there even even after being inaugurated twice by the way -- doctors summary -- yet to be inaugurated or sworn and twice that of the US senator. So it's I think it's not a thing that's gonna go away. And what could happen in the future -- people Washington. She wolf special unit there records but history not being known as a native American. So I mean atomic Cherokee right now I'm I need a -- They may not going to let you know I think they water really anyway -- detonated the I don't think the Cherokee -- mourning right now and let me banged around so I don't believe I don't -- Maryland court. We have been talking with Joseph -- -- political column is that the Boston Harold. Joseph thanks for coming on the show buddy thank thank you are right take care -- Well now it's time for the money matters report. With shock. Joining me is chuck Miller set from SHB financial. Chart we didn't go over the fiscal cliff. What does that all mean for the markets. They're all doing our job market responded well -- create the out there think that there. And uncertainty out there and investors know it. We had to debt ceiling debate coming back. Our Obama apparently you would expect to hear a lot of -- well part of our program are going to be implemented that we might see some -- jobs. Can I get the job and I got -- get. 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