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Alex Jones rips Piers Morgan apart over gun control

Jan 8, 2013|

Alex Jones, infowars.com host, takes no prisoners on his all out assault on Piers Morgan and his gun control arguments.

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-- -- At six. You can also let's -- -- 686. Savings well my friends. It was on last night on CNN. Pierce Morgan. That popped up British win back. Who has been on a campaign. Really for years but especially since then you've found shootings. In Connecticut. To push for a comprehensive. Ban on gun ownership. Basically calling for the confiscation of most of our guns. Crowd on Alex Jones. From info wars. Now as many of you probably know Alex Jones is a very popular. Internet radio talk show host. Me he goes on about the new world order. He goes on about the power of big banks the builder birdies in particular. He's also a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment. And so pierce Morgan wanted to debate Alex Jones. Because there is a petition going around. Which has now been signed by a 104000. Americans. Saying if piers Morgan who is a foreigner. Who is not an American citizen. He may be illegal resident but he's not an American citizen. If he is calling for essentially. The destruction. Of the Second Amendment. The elimination of the Second Amendment. According to these people signing the petition that is treason. And he should be deported and sent back to England. Were apparently don't even want him in England but let's send them back to England and let the English deal with him. And so the piers Morgan. In raged incensed. That Alex Jones was one of the key players behind this petition. So I wanna have them on on CNN to debate him about gun control. And I got to tell you that puffed up English when Barack. He he got punctured last night. I mean he. It was a slaughter. Alex Jones destroyed him. He eviscerate an M he dismantled them you can see it on pierce Morgan's face. He had no rebuttal whatsoever. He seemed Sharkey was stunned. He was flat footed. Alex Jones ran circles around them. And it was almost like a cage fight. Where there's piers Morgan thinking he's gonna do is sophisticated British. Do you know how many people have died in America every year due to gun violence do you know. -- the crime rate of gun violence in Britain is how many people died in Britain. Compared to America you know we DNL. And Alex Jones just went right to -- like a hot knife through butter. I mean not old Texas boy job slaughter. That puffed -- British went back it was a beautiful thing to see. So I mean everybody's talking about it. I wanna get your take here is Alex Jones. Right off about. Taking it took to win back -- cooks. Why do you one of the former. Well we did it as a way to bring attention to the fact that we have all of these farmers and the Russian government the official Chinese Government. Mal said political power goes out the barrel of -- gun that killed about eighty million people because he's only got to have the guns. So we did -- the point now that this is globalism. And the mega banks to control planet -- that they taken over in Bloomberg AP Reuters you name it bragged that they're going to get our guns as well they take and everybody's guns. -- -- -- And the American people and when they get our guns they can have their world tyranny. All the government buys one point six million bullets. Armored vehicles tanks helicopters predator drones armed now in US guys being used to arrest people in North Dakota. The Second Amendment isn't there for doc Cummings it's there to protect flush. From Thailand local government and street thugs take the women in India your piece earlier on CN I was watching I'm very Anderson Cooper show. Didn't tell you that the women and India have signed giant petitions to get firearms. Because the police can't and won't protect them the answer is I -- and I have FBI crime statistics. They come out a year late 2011. Twenty plus percent crime drop in the last nine years. Real violent crime because more guns means less crime Britain. Took the guns 1516 years ago. Tripling love your overall violent crime true we have -- higher gun violence level but overall muggings stabbings -- you can. Those men raped that woman and India to death with an iron rod -- feet long -- can't stay on the iron rods the guns the governor rod spears didn't do it. So I now that it gets even -- -- injury. But they were gonna play more clips. But he's completely right he is absolutely completely right. Notice the American government is armed to the teeth he's completely right they have predator drones that are now being used on their own citizens. They bought a 101 point six billion bullets they got tanks they got assault vehicles they got everything. And the purpose of the Second Amendment. Is he's completely right it's not to go well content. Is -- moose hunting. It's dared to port -- this citizenry. From a potentially tyrannical government that's exactly why our founding fathers put in their right to bear arms. And to protect your family from criminals or other predators. That's exactly why they have the Second Amendment. And what's CNN and what MSNBC. And what the New York Times in the Boston Globe will -- tell you time and again. It is and how many parts in the world where people don't have access to guns how people are being slaughtered -- On a regular basis. In a row Wanda. 800000. People were slaughtered. By the Hutus and the Tutsis with -- east. -- -- -- -- There was any guns used it is what around with machetes hacked and people he's completely right about that story in India. The women of India are begging. To have access to guns because the cops keep turning a blind eye to these masked gang rapes. We're men are reaping women. And they're saying well the cops don't care that is a very chauvinistic sexist culture they think -- your provocatively dressed you deserve it. That's the attitude in many parts of the world. So if the cops won't protect us we have to protect ourselves. So it don't look he's killing him he's absolutely killing him now. I would leave out because I don't think it's really true. This idea now that were on the verge every kind of world tyrannical government. This is the problem with Alex Jones. He makes a lot of very good points. And then he'll rule we just got a pool we just goes over the top it all goes right off the edge. That's I think that hurts his argument. Because Danny comes across frankly as an extremist. I mean say what you want were far away from having a tyrannical world government we're not there I know they want a new world order. I know they want some kind of world government we know what the left has been pushing for 400 years. But there's no UN world government on the horizon. There's no world government meeting in Brussels or in New York not yet they have a long way to go before they hit that point. So but anyway the. Point is on the substance of the issues he's correct. But then and this is why I have to applaud him. He has been -- said some things. That I have been saying for a long time that my friend Pat Buchanan just recently said and that many other set. Which is this. -- gun confiscation. Program. If the liberal left. Really goes after guns and tries to take guns and disarm law abiding citizens. You will see a revolution. You'll see 1776. Because the gun owners of this country. -- people who believe in the Second Amendment who believe in our constitution and we will not be disarmed and this empowered. And you will see another 1776. And here is exactly what Alex Jones said cook's role about it. Let tyrants did it Hitler took the guns Stalin took the guns mounted guns Fidel Castro took the nominee Hugo Chavez took the guns cannot cannot tell you. 7076. Multi mix again could. Try to take our firearms doesn't matter how many little things you get out there on the street. -- informed that their guns taken we will not relinquish them do you understand. And pierce Morgan turned white as a sheet. He turned white as a sheet. And then it finally dawned on him I think. We're gonna break this country and half. If I continue with this radical anti gun agenda. If I keep talking about confiscating guns. If I keep going along -- Dianne Feinstein says in my -- 51 votes I -- the guns from everybody in this country. This. Is an oppressive and tyrannical and act. As what occurred in 1776. By the British this is a fundamental. Assault. And and and loss of our freedoms and liberties. And there are still tens of millions of genuine American patriots. Who love their freedom so much they're not gonna stand fort. And you can see it on him. That when he looks like at a Texas boy like Alex Jones he says son of a gun. He's yanks hammered us in 1776. They may rise up again. You are playing with fire pierce. And that's what I think what last night's debate truly meant. Is that for the first time. When the left laid bare its radical anti gun agenda. They now witnessed the full force. Of the backlash. The full force. Of what is gonna come to them. Should they actually go down this road. And so now pierce now is nervous. Here she is very scared. Pierce doesn't know how to rebut. And so he tries to switch the argument is now it's no longer he can't defend the argument on the grounds of depriving Americans of their fundamental rights. So many sorry to say womb who. Well you know what Tom. What about gun deaths. What about gun -- but -- argue gun deaths so much higher in America are they so much higher in America. They are in Britain. The country are left where nobody wanted me. Where I was part of a hacking scandal. Where I was very fired for web publishing false photo Rosenfels star race I'm just. That's all I am. Alex Jones. Took that argument apart as well -- -- baby. You will not take my right are you go through background set to get guns how about prozac you know the number whoa that's a big sponsor in this. Our battle class of drugs just to quell lo gotta cut that off don't ship them to don't wanna talk about the the US not the cause of death is suicide now because they give people suicide a mass murder bills come -- -- answers give more money and a psychiatrist -- psychologist and put more crazy people want drugs make until people we're just trying to have a debate too you know consummate this when you. You're sick of the same old script your -- is fine but. How many -- mode is whether an American -- you know. There were about 111458. And about 74%. Of those were gang related gang -- shooting each other to get three and a half before -- -- doubles in the how many people died from infections and hospital -- -- -- Only 7008 to self defense that's right. How many dumb mothers -- that in Britain how many great white -- just how many. Kill people every year but they're scared to swim fly how many -- and I just -- in Britain a very low amount arguing over the I'm going to design. I was only a few hundred now and how many downloads as I've actually actually did -- statistics are coming on right Europe figured you do that -- oh boy -- love you very violent crime capital of Europe London telegraph or maybe by a simple question. Well that's the old there's great value I don't know that's the -- -- and I -- I think to ask me some little factoid so often know a little fact I already said earlier talking about it and has already lower. None primary because a miracle to go to any show exactly what you've got hordes of people burning down cities and beating old women's brains out every day also ridiculous they arrest people in England they defend themselves that's on record. My god you got a total police state everybody's fleeing that country because we hope -- You had to flee here by the the -- just -- you fled here and once you go back and face the charges on Hannity and scandal also this question how. I tore apart. -- and is just now getting around the guitar part. I mean yes if you confiscate everybody's guns if you ban guns they've done in England and many other countries in the lips sink hole. But how many people get charged with guns all the murder rate due to guns -- -- oh well yeah but why don't you look at the murder rate for everything else. You don't wanna talk about that do you pierced. I'll muggings are up stabbings are up murders are up violent crime is up you wanna talk about that do you pierced. And then he says oh how ridiculous it is that all cities are being burned down really pierced. You mean you forgot the massive riots. That practically crippled the country a year ago. Where East London was practically burned to the ground you forgot about -- nearest. Look across the channel pierce in France. Where there -- a lot riding like crazy in the suburbs of Paris. A and don't wanna talk about that doing do you appear Steve said hundreds yes is that she's 35. While the point is you -- -- just eleven. Do you thousand do you understand make the difference in eleven found out England once again I knives now because tens of thousands -- get us out do you want to get an open. And wouldn't answer that. Forget -- 35 your constant that's the only figuring keeps mentioning I'm I've I've seen clip after slippery debates all these. Gun rights advocates insist. 35 have died in England do you understand thirteen 535. Yes. And thousands have been butchered because of my -- there one about state tonight you moron. That you what do you understand that stupid. Objects. Don't kill people. Guns don't just walk around and start shooting people might just don't start walking around stabbing people. People kill people still -- them. And here's the other point. It was just brushed on but here is also -- think Alex jones' right. If you look at their Virginia Tech shooter. If you look at the Colorado the war Colorado shooter. If you look at the Newtown Connecticut shooter I could go on and on what did they all have in common. They were all mentally ill. Many of them on serious psychiatric drugs and medication. And yet they won't mention that. They won't talk about dot. And he's completely right you look at CNN -- -- -- these other chart shows. On CNN or fox or MSNBC. It's pros dark. It's anti depress sense there just giving you one literally you've got a problem that your kids on drugs get them hooked on Ritalin. Right away six years old get a hold on Ritalin. And nobody talks about the long term devastating effects of that on behavior and violent behavior nobody talks about the not on all it's always the guns the Second Amendment our freedoms. And then Alex Jones lowered the boom. When he said you know what pierce. -- nothing more than a hatchet man for the new world order coax Roland baby. And okay we're not gonna get our -- by the way you guys always say we just gonna take descending on us okay always other stuff on Simeon -- aren't even. Are rifles aren't even use but it a fraction of the crimes the most numbers up. Okay they won't go home and don't let me ask you a question which weapon was predominantly used in the rule -- -- she said. Cut him for they are fifteen various in the semi automatic just arrived here -- -- -- -- -- -- takes very very low that was it do you agree was the single. Biggest shooting in the history of American terms it. People didn't -- she -- Did you know that. No I believe that there were others about it the other guy is all about over thirty minutes this was the single. Biggest mass shooting listen you know I don't look now and then bombings of the Wall Street and up -- -- -- and that was -- what if I don't know senate firearms and we trust -- -- the phrase Hugh Patrick -- to say no not only this the Second Amendment is separate -- you know you're not guilty. Do you know which weapon was used in the Oregon. A quick unrelated child. Do you know what I read in which he's been Horry didn't you know -- a bit mainly Jews and I don't -- show. I mean he's got nothing to say did you notice he can't rebut any of his major arguments he can't. So we asked to resort to this we -- -- he arrogant British attitude is little fact or eight. And he goes on about we -- weapon was used here -- each weapon was used there. What I what is said to him is this. Pierce with all due respect. They chased you out of The Daily Mirror. They chased you out of the world of news. They chased you out of every major newspaper in Britain. Now if it's so much better in Britain and if it's so much safer in Britain and if it's so much more civilized than Britain. And what the hell you doing here pierce. And so my question to you is. Do you agree with Alex Jones. Or do you agree with pierce Morgan 6172666868. Tom Europe's first welcome to the corner report. The called army -- wake up. People gotta wake up what's going on here. So I -- you site with Alex Jones absolutely are you getting married -- that twit. How did your right. Countries that have that have firearms. Like Israel like I believe it's Switzerland. There's not high crime rates over there. Because everybody's on the but he. Look at a city like Seattle worked very easy to get a concealed carry which is larger than bought that they probably have a quarter of homicide rate why. Because people are -- pistol on their person. Okay the murder is basically happened between gang beggars for the most part. The sparse home invasion firearm it's not gonna happen and -- out. Apple a very liberal city why people are armed to the EOK. On the bought the map which you. Most of our crime happened and area B in Boston between gang bag charge shooting what about. And it and unfortunately the occasional kid that gets caught in the crossfire. And what do we do we capture the gang beggars. That the -- part walks it partly -- or get enforced no. At that Tom look you're completely right and -- consistent look it's an obvious point but I'll say it. Have you ever heard of anybody. Assaulting a police station trying to rob a police station why. You or shooting range. Here have you ever heard nobody wants a stick up a shooting range there's a lot of money there I'm telling you told your robbers out there there is a lot at nationals -- Russians. Old everybody's armed I don't wanna go there that's the point to build Europe next welcome to the coroner report. Good morning to yet but I just want to mention what kind of king George the third is -- general -- to. To take away the weapons and gunpowder at the arsenal Lexington Concord. And also. The government has appropriated. Private ownership before president Roosevelt. Appropriated confiscated the goal that became illegal total gold bullion on and they. Government did pay for the bully on that Jennifer bill might have owned. I mean bill look I think. What I think liberals don't understand. Is when they wanna go and destroy the Second Amendment they are playing with fire. And -- fire for the first time. Really reflected itself revealed itself on the screen yesterday. And I think that -- mean that's the meaning of the debate. Is that piers Morgan thinks we're gonna lay down we're not playing down Charlie Europe next welcome to the corner report. The morning good morning Jeff it's -- that you -- history lesson 776. OK. I'll polish Jewish person came to this country but anymore I'm Solomon. He was being prosecuted important he came to United States say -- to him that I'm deliberately. Why -- you here to serve this country -- help this country you believed in this country you know what he did. He was a spy for George Washington -- 76. When -- holy Shia and valley forge what hungry they couldn't be don't -- -- -- content Solomon. Raise money with the Jewish community to save our holy (%expletive) you know why because the militia what's -- -- -- -- It's so great that sort of British they wouldn't look that good old USA. I mean look we took up arms to overthrow it around Michael King -- That is our history. That is what forged our republic. That's why the Second Amendment is -- sacrosanct. It's why the Second Amendment is so special. It's why it's the Second Amendment right after the First Amendment. You can't have one without the other our basic freedoms rely upon our right to bear arms. And -- with the liberal left don't understand. Or in fact they do 1% and that's why they're going for our guns because ultimately they want our freedoms. Steve Europe next welcome to the -- airport. Good morning yes I would -- -- like Steve. Good decade until towards the trust -- and social liberals don't wanna talk about the mental illness and Leo how all the drugs that they can't be just most of our own home. I guess hate and slightly torn as they can have our weapons when they commit another try and try my cold dead hands. Payments Steve. Steve and just do I reinforce your point. Here is exactly what they said about medication and drugs. And why the mainstream media has been complicit in silence about the widespread use of drugs among our kids -- -- I understand that people. Who were mentally ill on all the surgery on the whoever's there's always -- -- shoot them up -- Alex wanna go -- -- this topic 'cause there's criminals I don't lose my right iris out because there's criminal I. I don't lose my -- also the question yeah you know what the weapon use laws listen let me ask you a question and all I've got the FI statistics that must listen and there are these so called semi I don't know if you -- to my -- when we come back here and you're not gonna dry runs when we -- The notice. Notice he won't let him talk about the drugs. Notice piers Morgan will not let him talk about the widespread use of antidepressants. Of Ritalin. Of prozac. All of these drugs that we know how serious psychological consequences and damage. Nobody wants to talk about that. Every one of those shooters. Was addicted to these kinds of drugs they were they were any mentally disturbed and beat heavily medicated on drugs. Nobody wants to talk about the original pace -- salary. Big pharma. Jeff corner on the corner report will take all of your calls Jon robbed dawn Joseph west. Right after this break hang on we'll be right back. There are 96 point nine reasons to listen to WRK. Okay here is just one of the here weekdays six a 9 AM this is Boston's only home for talking -- six PW RK go talk with. The NRA no real means of politicians. Ought to count the same thing coming up and listening to celebrate what she's -- you know and I'm about wanting to stop. Twenty more children getting -- -- that you read about that I don't think it's very power I think it's people like us and not that to us but Americans who care about guns. Foreign doing enough to make our case to the public the -- not because we think it's there should mean given that issue over to them because they have lobbyists they came money. But in the game the people determine the outcome. Welcome back to the -- report this is Jeff Horner Boston's bulldozer. Cleaning up though liberal bull that was Alan Dershowitz on piers Morgan. Basically. Saying all you're -- you're brave don't know your brain was so courageous the most speaking out against the NRA. The evil NRA. How come we've -- the issued to them. Notice. Every one of the shootings from call combined to Virginia Tech to Aurora Colorado. To Tucson Arizona. To the Newtown shootings all of the killers. We're mentally ill. Who were on psychiatric. Medication. Serious psychiatric drugs. And one of the most common side effects is violent outbursts and thoughts of suicide. You name on. Whether it be prozac. Whether it be packs sold where you can name the medication. And so we have millions and millions of children many of them teenagers. Who get hooked on this stuff given to them by their doctor because god forbid now every problem has to be medicated. And yet the liberal media establishment. -- talks about the gun control and yet nobody talks about medication control. Nobody talks about banning these psychiatric drugs that have tremendous side effects but I think our mind altering them literally mind altering drugs. Nobody talks about the and these guys going on about all the NRA and their lobbyists in the money. How big pharma. How about the big pharmaceutical companies pierce who sponsor your program. And give you millions of dollars in revenue in line your pockets you fraud you you prophetic fraud. -- stands -- like he's the man of the people standing up for the children the twenty children. So let me ask all of you this. We blame violent video games. We blame Maurice. We blame guns. Yet we never blame. Drugs. We never blamed psychiatric mind altering drugs. Which is now a multibillion dollar business. Which I -- doctors are handing out prescribing like can be. Why is it that nobody is talking about the real issue the prevalence of mental illness and psychiatric drugs. 6172666868. Have you witnessed any of the dangerous side effects. Of these psychiatric drugs I wanna hear from you John you're up next thanks for holding welcome to the coroner report. More Arctic that are a couple points I had and it appears more an art science where anybody or better financed by California. Managing. He got -- Just try to incidents which we're glad we. -- and what are quite. John your your your phone connection is very back try to call is back. Rob you're up next welcome to the coroner report. Age yet but denies any reality the first period due date may take -- -- taken away again that he had to pick up opponent -- the NRA. Number it till the are they liberal law glove Alan Dershowitz talking about this did they -- a band needles when that -- Bonn bureau. Punches like -- would be reopened don't think -- are never that. I'm net and he defended that murderer. No kidding they've -- put together every US if they noted that it ain't gonna happen to me these great people. Although the occupies a sociopath okay. If although they all look the same because they're all all the people like themselves attract each other and what you gotta do -- Japanese -- always being end. All boycott those companies that haven't. They do at least TV stations blood spewed it paid in the -- they -- to do dictate -- these liberal yes and one question educating -- functional. MRI today Gallup separate all the great people still know right away look back. -- -- All right apps apps apps apps. I dimmer electrical -- Jake Europe next welcomed the coroner report. Hi aghast at the pleasure speaking with you look I I met psychiatrist who has achieved since I'm a conservative Republican. I love listening to see you you're like my mark compliment. To her however. I eat -- Think something about what you're saying about psychotropic medications. The problem is. But people don't address mental illness. We have people have schizophrenia. Could hear voices. Who get solution to all who get paranoid. Or people who get illegally contraption. And start to have got -- it or not reality based. It fracture or has bipolar disorder which is very common in frequent mood swings. And people need medications. In order to treat those trying to continue beating had a psychotic. Or mood stabilizer. Or any anti -- Whatever that medication Egyptian art. How. So the problem is into it a lot of these people are not dedicated. And -- people don't notice the signs and symptoms -- that's a -- and then they get it done and you should somebody up in the eighth. -- -- -- But it happened. So easily. You need to be no ticket I -- -- you're talking about which has the other problem. I -- I -- primary care physician and psychiatrist didn't even amount tradition controlled no. They are too -- what medications. Bet we can't say it like it but -- and that they -- the people think that act like alcohol and hit came up during a pretty. So. It was very very -- people I come true conviction you wanna you know he might they had acts or you may -- -- -- Deepak. No you know and they ask you this as you are you are psychiatrist. One other thing they -- because of accidental overdose in the United States hit those types of medication to a combination look at the things like -- And we didn't tradition need to tighten up about that. King I have been hearing horror stories about side effects of xanax of talks -- Of all these drugs if they're giving to a lot of teenagers and kids that once they try to get often it. There is a rage there's anger there's. He Lawrence. The -- about I mean he can guarantee you mentioned there's our third very different tracks drug that tackles can't take a pass all of a I can immediately mentioned. Xanax. Re enact a deadly day at the Pineiro different and they all have different side effects so indifferent our troop withdrawal symptoms. Let it but in any case you know most of the -- people are under the care -- -- psychiatrists. Are being watched. And no. It. It was that was at this site if you are bipolar. And you have a lot of -- their ability. And although some more and could she want an anti depressant. And you have -- anti depressant could act any new or it could -- -- -- -- under the care about psychiatrists. And they're watching those things yes. -- before I let you go. All of these shooters from Columbine. To Tucson. To new town to Virginia attacked. Do you believe that mental illness was the primary reason and cause for those slaughters. I yeah I funeral I think and I think that the so late Q. I think it needs to be a -- them and appreciate you that the liberal left. Is. Making it -- control issue. When it's a mental illness and intermittent. Issue. Let's not kid pretty Smart I love you thank you so much -- in my -- I by John Europe next welcome to the coroner report. Margaret sicker and are prepared or better you and your nice and clear now John go ahead -- Are both sides are expected about woman's fertility yelled at work and have the courage her career steals the ball on the radio -- was yes -- And it's good people like her it. Not that professional they'll put a lot of people like our would be a lot better opposite. Society I think there would agree with that but what I wanna say that I ever heard Diane Sawyer or. It -- it up from Britain mention anything about secure most recent incident. While public for the wanted to promote all the laughs we bury your husband's corner guy comes up sort of funerals are -- sure. Purebred or shut up and are out with some other while he think he's gonna drop a -- Okay all right I'm AJ can open. -- very fresh and -- -- life and then collapsed Friday luckily a warrant from Logan to build Georgia who works at all -- sitting at her all off. And no control Barack are profitable by the rebel. Socially -- -- -- got got her walk this legally registered firearm. Mr. Morgan. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- in the closet door -- forsee what what's her children she fired off shots from our thirty day which by the way all the liberal welfare. It is semi automatic weapon don't have put the -- in what. And then you get -- keep all of the trigger that by definition a semiautomatic weapon that they will make for much. Well she shot back I think they are aren't -- -- -- that didn't get hospital bombshell that -- spare parts pay and it is a lot who have extraordinary record but probably got out on -- article on the -- first light. However nobody talking about that. Join me -- brilliant point and I've been saying this for years. Nobody talks about. How many lives guns safe nobody talks about and on a deeper point. And I'm gonna say this appears Morgan when a drug addict comes to my home. In the middle of the night to rob me and potentially murder my family who's gonna protect me pierce fuel. You're gonna come Superman with your puffed up by a British wind bag attitude you're gonna comment. You're gonna you're gonna come in -- save me pierce they're gonna sing and you know. Any -- we don't shoot a parent I know. Sheldon Europe next welcome to the -- report. Good morning Jeff -- I got two points first of all I think it's a toxic cocktail between these drug that these kids are on and -- violent video games that have no consequences. Children video -- you just have to reset button starter all -- and you get a bigger federal and what -- I think the other the other point that I have is that. We have to carry guns and the gun manufactures. Probably some police ourselves and tell you -- why do we need these big bad looking guy about hunter and also had just opened my house. But they're not big bad looking beyond their guns like a lot and you still aren't present are stuck. I don't need an assault you write what I think what it does it will allow these people that are. Already set off a wide and on some current drug playing these video games they walked -- TV's Paul looking done about it. Still look like up an M sixteen or some assault in very. And it hit it enhances -- They're desired haven't done it of its big InBev looking at about a functional -- our -- that they use to do so but. Sheldon is the problem as I agree with what a lot of which -- saying especially on video games -- and I disagree about this. I think they're very bad influence on kids I'm not saying they lead the murders but there -- very bad influence. But like the guns that were using new town with a hunting rifle basically it's a weapon that's used for -- thing. So when you're dealing with people who were mentally deranged. Who kills his own mother. And then takes her guns to shoot up a school. Banning assault weapons has nothing to do with that nothing. Literally nothing. West Europe next to welcome to the call and report. -- and I don't wanna see you. I just want to a couple of things to not get off. I think you -- doing what he's doing English they always say on air. -- go ouch don't look there and I do agree sometimes he goes a little too far but the general message that he's. He's there on aren't yes aren't. And I mean -- I mean look I want Alex has a very popular Sheryl mock cannot tell them how to run the show. I think if you laid off some of the more if he didn't jump off the cliff can go a little bit you don't go out there. He would not even out pump pump out a better show a more popular show that's my opinion. I totally agree with you and I am glad that they're still true patriots up there and I am now I don't think you god bless you think you could keep bringing -- -- -- spent. I'm so happy. Thank you so much -- it's my pleasure. Don you're up next welcome to the coroner report. Yes Jeff we're gonna knock your socks off with this one and 1855. The US Supreme Court ruled in -- ruling. So vs no wind blowing and 15 -- -- page 396. In this certain patent ruling it's sad that no citizen has any standing to assume -- enforcement if they other victim of the crime. Even if the police were present during the commission of the crime. I grabbed. I mean I -- to be honest if you I mean I I and a salary coming from instinctively I wouldn't sue the police. Instinctively -- instinct as a human being is it's up to need to protect my wife and my children. That's the essence of the Second Amendment. And that is is universal. I asked those Indian women who were mourning for that poor woman that was gang raped what are they saying. Don't trust the police don't trust the state don't trust strangers. You have to protect yourself and your family. So most human thing in the world. Tom Europe next welcome to the -- report. Good morning Jeff pay out you know -- in the comic side effect the most if not all of it -- -- -- -- Suicidal thoughts and if you. It anger irritability but yeah you're right suicide -- Pressure suicidal thoughts especially in younger people I mean it's very common twelve -- that younger people on antidepressants. I'm more prone especially teenagers you have suicidal depression so. He is a look at that -- I would -- did mention though that more. While they got off. And Tom that was see that's what it was revealed when ever he went to drugs if you noticed. He'll let him go -- a lot of other things. Korea went to a sponsors. The guys that put money piers Morgan's pocket right away -- thought up until wolf won't be getting off track he cut him off right away. 1776. -- time and again if you try to take our firearms. How many limit as you get out there on the street begging for. It's taken we will not ruling which -- do you want to stay here. We will continue the conversation. Right here on the corner report. 6173666868. Jeff corner right back after this break the sun will rise to.