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Limousine Liberal Hypocrisy

Jan 8, 2013|

Al Gore has made a fortune - nearly a billion dollars - but Howie is critical about how the former VP has been approaching things. He believes that Gore is being a total hypocrite.

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Regis something. About the what part about hypocrisy here there were a great one about the great column today in the national review dot com by Victor Davis Hanson is boring some really good stuff lately he's talking about the about liberals. And and now. They they yet -- portal we seem on bound by the same rules as everybody else that used to be. If you work. If you wore a if you a lot of money. He wanted to be in politics you had the play by the same rules as everybody else at least pretend play by the same rules as everybody else. You know for instance at JFK. You know he when he was and he was in World War II spotted in wonderment World War II boy was he was father rumbling. FTR for killing Joseph Kennedy. This is -- but you know everybody was in World War II even even Lyndon Johnson. You know who refused to resign from congress. And he he even had to join the circus and -- he got himself a silver star or something like that for going on bombing mission. It is if you was on the ball as he was just like he was just sitting in the in in in some. Part of a plane he wasn't a god error and -- and -- where you are on the plane blows up you're just sits at -- anybody else -- but not everybody who gets blown up gets -- silver stars. He got a silver star I'm sure everybody in the playing tennis star Kyle thanks so thanks -- you what I'm pretty sure that he didn't. He wasn't tail Gunner Joseph let's put it that way he got -- blatantly even Lyndon Johnson but but nowadays nobody nowadays liberals don't have to. Play by the same rules as everybody else they get it they they are not expected to. Walk the walk when they talk the talk you know. Peck former president Al Gore -- before he has made. Orchard of nearly a billion dollars warning against global warming supposedly shrinking glaciers declining polar bear populations in the like while simultaneously offering. Timely remedies from his own green corporations all reminiscent of the methodology of Roman millionaire Marcus lascivious processed. Who profited from fires and putting them out. Now Nobel laureate gore has sold his interest in a feeling cable TV station for a -- a hundred million. To the anti American Al-Jazeera which is owned by the fossil fuel rich -- family of Qatar. Will rush to close the deal before the first of the year in order to avoid the very capital gains tax hikes that he advocates for others less well -- There's a liberal trifecta for you. Enhancing a fossil fuel consortium attempting to beat tax heights hikes. In empowering an anti American and anti somatic media conglomerate run by an authoritarian best spot. All from former vice president of the United States who crusades were ending our reliance on fossil fuels and for raising taxes on the -- That he talks about class warrior Barack Obama who just spent his book winter break at a ritzy revel in Hawaii and -- beach. Whether the first family escapes to Hawaii or Martha's Vineyard -- cost but don't sold the image of -- 1% lifestyle seems a bit analogue with the president professed does -- For millionaires and billionaires fat cats and corporate jet owners. Who supposedly can afford such Tony retreat only because they have done something suspect. Liberal class warriors though need golfing and body surfing in the tropical as a separate while stating it is billionaire's estate. Because they needed down time to prepare for the next looming battle against the 1% others. Million multibillionaire Warren Buffett as a tireless advocate of hiking inheritance taxes on small businesses and farms. But he has pledged much of his well the gates foundation -- cost the federal treasury. Billions. Of dollars in lost revenue. Meanwhile -- inheritance taxes go up millions of terrified Americans will double up on their life insurance policy. An industry central for the multibillion dollar -- empire. So tax avoidance is another characteristic of the new aristocracy. -- Jeffrey -- all the General Electric CEO. And Obama point man who endorses the Obama agenda even as he managed to skip taxes altogether on his company's 2010 profits. Should -- say taxes are for the little people we try to help some of the liberal liberal hypocrites bug. 1877469432. And noble list is endless senator John calorie the summary for ma rating from. Victor Davis -- it's it's column today. Is a tireless advocate of higher taxes while enjoying his multi millionaire -- multiple states. In 2010. Massachusetts resident -- doctors -- seven. Yeah dollar yacht in nearby Rhode Island in order to avoid paying about a half a million dollars in taxes to his home state. Should not carry -- welcomed the chance to chip and a half a million twin insolvent treasury given his advocacy for higher taxes. Could carry not have purchased a small or yacht for four million dollars in order to budget for the necessary taxes. Gore Obama and Kerry after all tirelessly boast that the taxes they advocated would fall mostly on people like themselves. Omitting that'd -- -- fact that as we see from -- carries both the old course TV deal. And Obama's adjacent -- deal with Tony Rezko politicians not only mostly live on the public dole without the expenses but the rest of us occur. But also have a miraculous way of avoiding the sort of taxes they rang others about. During the 2008 financial meltdown. Goldman Sachs was the recipient of federal cash bail outs. Recently -- CEO Lloyd Blankfein wrote an op Ed in which he said I believe in tax increases. Especially for the wealthiest they are appropriate. Why then would Goldman Sachs rush to pay -- 65 million dollars in restricted stock bonuses to its own corporate elite in order to it to beat the new higher tax raise rates that began on January 1 isn't at an appropriate. Now from the -- favorites secretary of the treasury Tim Geithner the head. The hat of the Internal Revenue Service. He did not just pay is on he did not just not pay his own taxes while advocating higher taxes on other. Others but found in cool ways not to pay what was -- boarding payroll taxes. Improperly deducting his shot children's camp costs and taking improper charitable donations -- retirement plan withdrawals. Improper small business deductions and so on. The question and Geithner -- case was not whether he avoided taxes but whether there was any category of access yet. Avoid it. Then we'll get to -- get to the rest of what -- -- he goes on what explains the hypocrisy of the new liberal aristocracy. They were explains big get away with it because they they yet the media is is that no longer a it and India a watched. The media is all. The media are partnerships media world. There'll lap dog for these people they you know I Immelt -- -- those in BC. Now works for all those years before a sold out the Comcast he was he was -- that I mean they they hire people like comrade Chris and comrade Rachel. And -- you know when Klein and sergeant Schultz to to promote their run to promote their socialist agenda their socialist agenda socialism for -- Fur -- the middle classes for the working classes and and that capitalism. For the cronies of the the the -- thought Percy. That they are equipped autocracy issue it's the rules the country Jeff you're next with how we cargo ahead Jeff. -- -- -- -- -- -- or aren't a little irritated with you the past few times I called and actually irritated with the situation in the country my question do you bit. Who is it that letting liberals saw the clock and it said rhetorical question it's the American public that is we -- -- -- -- -- you talk about it like it's some. Foreign entity -- some. Foreign planet it's letting it happen when you are in the real question is how -- -- stopped. I guess we just have to educate our neighbors jump -- much sure how to do that -- I mean you know -- you know when you when you walk down the street -- use org to see you see you sit. You sit on the bench and you see all these people walking by. In the audience they've all got these you know they're all plugged in with a year earbuds in their rise in their texting and they're listening to their music. Deny that there they're totally disconnected from reality. If they don't they have no they these these -- the people rush calls low information voters it's not just -- -- -- welfare. Look at all these people that that that had no idea that their taxes were going up January 1. I mean how stupid can you -- Well apparently apparently stupid is the majority and rights. Right I mean you know. It pays it it pays to keep up with the nose just to protect yourself doesn't. So that you know what if something bad is coming down the pike it's going to affect your life adversely. You couldn't you could attempted to avoid it right. But these people I don't think these people seem to think what the government is it. The government is on myself and you know the government is it wants to help me so the government comes along and it starts taking away 2% of their pay increased. That their pay. The big award that they that they need to survive and -- shocked. Right but my point is this what you say you people that's we have gotten that the government we deserve. No that's right we live in a democracy -- couldn't review board of democracy etc. and times you get the government that you deserve and we have gotten. We richly deserved this this this government I mean. You -- used to be a joke that she didn't have to explain you know say you know of the biggest allies in one of the big allies was I'm from the government I'm here to help everybody. Everybody. Now I think people here. You're from the -- You beat the old phone. Brian you're next with. Okay what do -- make a break we'll be right back 18774694322. Point guard. 1877469432. -- we have this outpost on the website this this column by -- -- and -- it's and we do so because a lot of people want to what wanna grab that some post on FaceBook or somewhere. Party got a guy senate a five -- says that he sent this editorial from -- liberal bother guessing that the legacy -- this morning. His response it's -- not -- act and why shouldn't the rich take advantage of tax cuts even if they're in favor of higher taxes only a fool wouldn't. He then pointed out how Romney did in other words it's okay if they act like hypocrites because they say the right things. That is they say what liberals want to hear. You know what this city I can understand it. It's the same thing that happened during the senate campaign remember when when -- again wanna tackle it took. Four days ago we started the what -- and then in the globe picked up on it we were all chasing around. Saying. Did you put did you pay the extra money did you check the box so you you could pay the extra money yet to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts could we have this voluntary income tax. Increase box. One -- two states that has appealed his Arkansas. Lot of -- And she wouldn't answer the question and then finally finally -- to a question and no I didn't -- I don't pay a high rate guess what John Kerry doesn't -- guess what none of them do not -- -- Sparrow for higher taxes but they don't pay themselves voluntarily and they didn't she win then I talked to some of the millionaires and billionaires has to. The worse the were the went down with her Washington for 21 visit to one camp. You ought to have a photo op with Obama for higher tax I asked them I -- -- I found -- from a couple. And I actually talked a moment said do you pay higher taxes and -- the same same argument this guy's Robert. Why should my -- -- job that only a fool would not take advantage. And then the people then the moon bats started going after Scott brown and -- say well do you pay it at. Higher rate. How weak this Scott Brown put it. Won't know. Did you know what the difference is neither he nor IE. -- you for that matter who don't who does doesn't pay a higher voluntary rate we don't score around. Telling people should be pay higher taxes. Now that's don't. John Kerry or gore Grammy Warren or Deval Patrick all these people want higher taxes. And then don't pay well if there was check a box to give an extra couple thousand for the to the government. Devin have. Courts. There really hypocrites. 1877469432218774694322. The medieval concept of offsetting your -- through public penance is back in place as the Victor Davis yet to. The more loudly you talk about helping the proverbial people the more you were allowed to live quite apart from them without guilt. Do not expect the garbage collector in the fashion of being anti Mitt Romney yet to make a video complaining that the obamas never ventured outside their coastal compound. The compliment him on his worker just chit chat. Al Gore's -- limitations for the polar bear allows him that for -- 19 million dollar -- savings the money for media matters apparently offsets the facts of the speculation of a conniving George Soros almost want to bankrupt that the British small depositor. In earned him an insider trader conviction and in France. To be cool now is not just to appear to be rich but to appear care. Hollywood still seeks hundreds of millions in tax breaks on available small businesses they were in the they were in the latest package. One with a tax break for NASCAR and a tax break for -- parts. Is -- angry. When it's rather have one for four Hollywood or flow -- NASCAR -- for Windmills. They can't -- Hollywood does without shame because it is so manifestly. Compassionate Occupy Wall Street does not Q Bob and Beverly Hills Malibu although the likes of Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio make more per year than do most Wall Street. It's. -- next with how we -- ahead bill. And quickly want to. Sort it all sorts -- the vote bringing her back. Hurt. Stopped a plot to -- -- -- burger I would bring rose in the -- and if you wanna stop clock. Bill. Or that they really that Chicago Teachers Union she's right up there with Rose Bowl RO. -- But for real quickly. On OK you incident. He talks about a lot of things you do all it is probably a little more polished that'll look at -- Just say -- second. Don't really constitutional. Checks and OK now. She only does he believe 9/11 with an inside job. You are at their -- -- equally to -- yesterday. On that bridge in south -- OK okay but the vikings Q your -- said it hadn't been discovered. I heard it should be done Mexico and in the Second Amendment. Left right up -- right now. Well it may be may be a little more than a year ago one of them but -- to -- three years ago yeah. Okay Robert Reich. So it you start adding all the other -- -- it'll shots in. I don't wanna sell real crazy but -- -- I don't I don't believe I believe about nine and so what these people. Michael tiger -- taxes at all what sort of others. It's a -- critical OK -- oil. No but we all know Geithner didn't pay his taxes -- -- will -- none of them pay their taxes I mean that's that's they're Amal. Right I mean you'll have to that's not a conspiracy theory I mean that's an incontrovertible. It is not just up and you're not in charge on out so long as it is is that she sounded because. I really don't think he's crazy. I -- Why would you go on TV and act like that -- bill I mean I you know that's batch just not so that's not the way to win friends and influence people Dale Carnegie -- Well -- -- he's got a car willingness I think you know but like I do there. Place prior art world's don't get anybody to police action in the constitution ballots. The yet I don't discard them so rebel anyways did you have a great show -- It's still quite favorable. Thank you thanks so I appreciate that 1877. Forces the worst example pro baiting pro pro betting rose Kennedy's estate in Florida yep exactly. The repeatedly. Rose Kennedy hadn't set -- in Florida. In in twelve years and yet she was allowed to probate or prostate and for her family was -- the probate estate to avoid the death taxes appear. Now few if I moved to Florida and I claim I'm -- -- arrest that they're gonna send me they gonna send me a an idea. A form and they gonna say where do you go to church. You know -- Richie how do you have a telephone in Florida do you what will -- see your electric bill let me see your cable bills to prove but I -- I'm in Florida six months out of the year. Rose Kennedy you know. Now no problem. -- -- -- --