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Ninth Time Is The Charm

Jan 8, 2013|

A Massachusetts man arraigned was released from the Hospital into jail and held without bail on his ninth drunken-driving arrest. He has an 11-page record with the Registry of Motor Vehicles, including multiple OUI arrests and permanent license revocation since the 1990s yet he owned his own truck. Howie was outraged and wanted to know how can this happen..

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We've talked much about drunk driving lightly with the -- there's a guy here and which were Leo this is just astounding that this guy is still out outright. This was in did this is in Brockton guy's name is William don't. DOT UND 65 years old he was rained yesterday and he and in the hospital and -- in hospital. West maybe should right now. And he had a deep tease when he was in jail I had noise there -- it was -- it was the what are you bust those guys record. Chronic drunk driver with an eleven page. Driving record was ordered held without bail Monday after pleading guilty to his ninth -- of operating under the influence. It's. We we occasionally run into these people you know we were -- occasionally stories about people of 8910 offenses. But this guy is different because he his license was revoked for life in 1998. 99 that's fifteen years ago. William -- 65 was arrested last Thursday when police found his red pickup truck parked in the middle. Of west main street in Avon. When button -- down his window. They're responding officer -- quote immediately hit with an overwhelming odor of alcohol in the truck overwhelming odor that's but state police words. All was right in your report that Fuchs you detected an overwhelming -- Don't and failed once sobriety testing gave up during his second voluntarily putting his hands behind his back to be -- -- license was revoked for life in 1998 according to registry of motor vehicles he has continued to drive. What I wanna know is if it be if his license has been revoked since nineteen mediate. How did police find his red pickup truck suggesting that. That he actually. Had the high eagle and possession of the pickup truck if you if you don't have a driver's license how can you get a pickup truck how can you get a car. Get a license to get a car was licensed to buy a car. You don't need lessons to drive a car -- -- car what you mean so this guy can have a he gets even though -- licenses revoked for for life. I want to have somebody else drive it -- you know I mean you can buy a car and analyzes. I mean acts and -- that I thought we were cracking down these X. Registrations that people were by Skype update a that's the way to or they were trying to crack down on the X registrations were people would. Where people would die without licenses would buy cars they call them the column X registrations but illegal aliens have been abusing the system apparently illegal aliens have not been the only one -- have been abusing the system. In 2001 this is three years after his license was revoked quorum court for life. He was convicted of operating under the influence in Abington in the next year who was convicted of the same offense and Bridgewater and always been convicted of at least. He's been convicted at least eight times dating back in 1977. Yesterday prosecutor she sought to have don't held under the State's dangerousness statute a hearing is scheduled for January 23. Based on his history in recent events we feel there's a real question whether he can be released without posing a danger to those around him. Norfolk district attorney Michael Morrissey said the statement that's kind of an understatement as an at seven and an understatement. In the Avon arrest officers said they found open bottles of vodka and Bud Light in the passenger compartment prosecutors said. Don't has not had a valid license war active registration. Since 1994. -- -- if -- -- active registration then why are they calling it is one wherever saying it's his. Going to be destructive because -- registration for Penske owns it he's got the title to -- that means it's his track. What does -- registration that he hasn't played somebody's got the title to it that means it's his track. Yeah but how disease but you'd you'd need registrations. Until legally drive don't want to although we don't -- -- you also need to registration license plate. What was -- what played was on this. On this may have switched to play from somebody else's car -- made -- not calling the why isn't he charged with attaching a now without forged instrument that are whenever -- can start us out of stuff now check -- the Brockton enterprise -- more on this story after he's released from the hospital on news in jail now. Wanna know about this one but we we owns this track of how we as -- he has he has registration but he apparently what awaits its. These -- these these these questions that you know use -- -- These this these are -- for mysteries column in the Roman Catholic Church thanks are for mysteries. How does he does he get away with it's it's like it's like uncle or more with the actress with the driver's license. Uncle Omar. The president's uncle. Is an illegal aliens. But he has a valid driver's license he has -- bad they can't take away as valid driver's license because. He -- it with a valid Social Security number. Even well he's not supposed to have a Social Security number used the Social Security number he's not opposed to get -- driver's licensees to. He has had his license revoked for life several times but to little effect. It's incredibly difficult to remember one individual from getting into Carson a spokesman for the state Transportation Department. I can't think of one way it's pretty easy to keep somebody from getting in the car. You don't think I think you know what I'm thinking I want to lock him up for -- -- wanted to lock him up and throw away the cage. Did they have to wait till we kill somebody I think the guy is has proven it to be a -- -- Shall we say. 187746943221877469. 4322. You do not need a license to register -- car in Massachusetts. But he. But he doesn't have registration it says this the story says he doesn't have a registration so how does he have a license plate. Forget the driver's license I know I did I every illegal alien in the -- I could I could do I could do. Stop I could use my yacht -- filed with the illegal aliens being arrested till 7 o'clock in the and just play the bugle for the next two and a half hours -- I you know what does that prove I wanna -- license plate Paul your next with Howie -- go ahead Paul. Yes. There's stated that this -- embarrassed in terms of the way addresses the serious issues of -- drunk driving and molested children I'll go -- cardinals couldn't legally intoxicated. More than any kind of -- problem machines but this day and age it. I don't understand. Why KB is this more serious offense and we -- have a habitual. From bill like this stay here -- The city account which she lives it. Doesn't have a solid they have that much of that place that they can't be aware that this case here to control for years. And even his neighbors later revived by -- finally of that that I don't mind again I jumped in the -- I don't mind you know attacked abide drive at all. He he he did no way. Or you don't have Paul I -- -- 65 years old he obviously has a severe drinking problem I don't think he has a job why does me just move. To some rent an apartment near liquor store or bar room so we can just well could there. I -- -- that particular -- the way the other courts have handled them with a slap on the rest just like the set of files. Situation is just showed how pathetic that I believe you on this note here yesterday I was -- shown in the camp and eventual guy who wore the building. President. Lived you know what I ask them what I should that he paid his rent does -- his pockets. To know what to say. I blew that I believe that actually you really give me Irish want you to big oil guys OJ. And the big guy that was June of this year which got a kick out just fine. So it's all we all American city but it's also the city which the president of the United States limited. It is something that I wish I could've done got tickets on my cabinet and have to pay for years well probably they've put -- in the interest of -- Now I'm sure they did this as you start to run for president decency he sent people back in 2007 -- of people and to work pay off all of his old unpaid parking tickets now. By 2007. The reciprocal agreements have been in effect for for many years you know the -- -- he should have been able to -- was driver's license. But Agassi. I assume he was because you know well like I said it's perceived to be different rules for the the -- whether you're -- these attuned a year uncle Omar. Or Barack. You know the thing is I know that this guy never killed anybody right but. How many chances does he get if you had guys running around. Shooting at people on the street you know distorted drive by shootings. And in any and he never and he hadn't hit anybody that you think that you think that keep letting him out. If be in the nickel back and it starts shooting people again I mean the the czar. But this -- see if the refusal to continue this way sooner or later is gonna kill somebody. Right. I mean how you like to be told that. Loose a friend or family member of this guy and you find out that he's got an eleven page rap sheet his -- license has been able pokey at times. At least dog drive around it and nobody -- seem to spot them. -- -- He had he -- track even though it doesn't have a driver's license your registration. He owns a track. Now yet to get the plates from somewhere. You know sometimes the illegal aliens receive you see they've they've via patching. I for what they call attaching a fraudulent instrument or something like that they that's what -- that's when you were you were your patching idea stolen license plate. But die I don't see any I don't see any of these charges were maybe will biggest shopping in the Brockman -- Bob -- next with how we cargo at Bob. Howell. Had been worked -- That they acquired office. It felt like -- let them have -- you know Harry got about Harry. You know -- they all -- acted not an expert. Boy how old truck. Our truck is -- -- -- general. All of all of its registration like acts. -- -- So we but he couldn't get so Europe but the question I have is. Couldn't get a plates legally and you're telling me no we could not get the play its way. Are absolutely not not bad but it -- -- -- the -- private on private property at all. I don't think -- as a farm ballclub a fake you know -- at. And I would just try to make the white -- Are you -- like by usually like he could be like Broderick Crawford in in Highway Patrol. A lot of a lot of dirt road after he loses and I just kind of public way the role and -- idea right. Right. So he so this is cities during the is a stolen license not the story. What's going on with that thanks for the call Bob one except -- -- plate that's that's what attaching points. 1877469432. To play probably hasn't expired registrations that that's a good point so. Yeah he could easy to get as. You know lot of people have little old license plates in the garage. You know you just that you just put him up on the wall you know you've seen that a million times. And maybe just went and got third just don't wanna Beebe got a one of aspirants to give of one legal license points. Chris your next without -- ahead Kress. This got a pretty much say the same thing it's our ownership you know its senior all of its tick bite hard work on -- like its already firm what it does is licensed we can't drive it plates. There's got to to have. Check where the entire walls covered with wage Poland iconic couple played -- around the I do to they write about that he got -- somewhere and so the drive apart lately illegal. -- Yeah there's only one way to stop a guy like -- drive from drive and that's lock him up. Yeah exactly I don't know how they let these guys out after. One offense most. Yeah I know him regularly give give somebody I I don't some people say don't -- -- -- second chance they aware that license forever but you know use to make things a -- for people. There was a story in the -- in the globe actually on Sunday about the this guy the guy who who want him. He hit the first one the first female state police troopers and she was an -- issue she became. -- she went to vegetative state. And she lived for seven years but does she never had you know never had a real life after that. And she finally died and now now we're gonna try him again he's already done 21 half years I think in the Plymouth house correction. Forum. For for a negligent driving now we're gonna charge him with vehicular homicide and he's he's come he's complaining guesses you know not point to a party. It's almost like double jeopardy that's recess. And he he -- that he doesn't -- since this happened ten years ago in the Qaeda isn't a license she's a real estate agent in Cambridge and Hugh walks everywhere. He's you know what's you what's in the street in Cambridge you know you still know it's what a stinky stuff mark your next with how we card or have mark. And -- If -- -- just gonna random person sort of broke drowning -- -- of the plate somebody did. If you registered people are registered are under is smaller and she's dead basically -- actually it's passed away. And that's why it's not showing up the -- register illegal. All -- OK okay. So this year yes we should be I guess you know I was gonna say -- they should charge him with that but. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We're gonna -- we're gonna take away your driver's license for life for the fifth time well I mean it's kind of pointless as -- at. Yeah it is exactly the atrocity debt debt than it is easy if you're -- I don't find his mother's name is it any harder by the bill of sale and everything where are. So I you know you detect and say the -- that certain. Yeah I guess you could put him in jail for that kind of stuff right. But are not for a long time. This strange to be permanently off the street. -- I'm just saying -- technicality. Usually are registered car in you need to pull out dead mother's name but you know. This side of talking. You know maybe maybe a good product apple way and our own experience -- -- That well. When -- -- a college have. Market. I removed to a move to a place that's with I mean look at uncle. Does uncle Omar live within walking distance of the chicken -- yeah. Doesn't have to worry about this stuff do you just a league walks out the door and a block later he's like he's got is he said in his own stool this than it was on favored Motown tunes. -- ordered play to win. -- -- -- -- Like let's talk radio doubt you know no reason why -- set the all seeing -- -- -- -- spears begins. They don't wanna say any more that other people think for about. -- -- I know I -- I guess the biggest 96 mind settled on their new war -- new format. And and -- I wrote today in the and one of the trade publications markets house like five other stations. You know -- what -- what -- the -- -- what's the difference -- -- -- -- -- -- and you know it's the same station has met. It's like yeah I'm -- -- to our noses same spot or overall we're right but like I said I think people. I I don't even look -- disagree with somebody on talk radio at least I learned to see are people saying how people feel. In Iowa I understand. So well why does it of people come from. Thought I'd like beer -- could have quite disagree. But I think the younger generation nowadays. Just basically wants to have that little I'd add to that a little always. They have no interest in what's going on in the world. I don't you know what sometimes mark they just walk right out in the traffic you know the complaining about the electric cars you can't hear him sorts it's the it's hazard. A day what's a bigger hazard is when everybody's got their plugs in there years and they can't not nobody can hear I don't hear you -- Wheeler come and Adam. You be violating constitutional rights golf specific area blogs you know. Like department account the president and its product I'll get in trouble but it -- Writings and I got I got a guy got a little bell on my bike in Florida -- -- -- on the bike path every day and you know you know you go you'd. And that means so that means somebody gets gets all right but half the time. And nobody moves and you looking to -- the kid here big big big because they're less than the some crappy music on there I'm on their device whenever it is banks. The call mark. 18774694322. On how we carton. 1877469432. To stop whining about your bing -- problems says to a seven you sound petulant. -- I was just pointing out that that. The people now. That are walking around. They they really don't probably for anything there that you all among the -- all the bike -- Right so your -- you're on a bye week. Or you're walking you need to be paying a little bit of attention culture rather than heaven that plugs in your ears that's all. I I'd just put it in it amuses me more than anything else 18774. Although it does amuse me when the votes command on November 6 -- I see these people out of that -- Bingo bing bing to and they don't they don't move I mean I I got a few woman who are going for -- 186 disease they don't don't they know they then I don't they're not listening to. Magic radio and CNN on those on their on their little -- earbuds. 18774694322. Joseph your next with how we -- ahead Joseph. And how it. This guy is the one with the bonehead in the passenger's seat -- -- -- 11 and so they were lost and it ran out of castrate. Is it is I didn't know that is that the is that what happen. Think this is the same guy yeah. I start last night's fox yeah and they apparently they got stuck at an intersection. And ran out of gas so the pastor called the police and said. What would you rather have -- would you rather have a lot wider gaps you know they they admitted amid the they made the right decision for their like I asked. With the bank has nothing is too -- is one problem might think is going sized. My my grandfather back in the day he was quite the strength of its second fifties I he told me stories about getting pulled over by the police. Drug that is -- and you know what they did most of time they -- on the call somebody come to and go home. You know let's say what the problem today is that. It's big tent no shown now they they they cracked down on these guys on the street level. But when it gets to the court level it's the same thing maybe is that they don't don't -- control. You know. -- -- -- grandfather was not nearly as much of -- menaces this guy that's. No I didn't see within a small town and things like that but you know my grandpa -- me one -- a couple of national bank okay yeah he can with the -- we killed. But not on the road anymore was up on -- -- Beckett and he thought it was still driving it he went up -- -- -- how long to open label called. And he's -- has doubled down the road just postpone. You know what I don't think you know the cops came they worked the count possible so that in the panicking and my grandfather right at home. It will become that the current moment. They couldn't do that now they reset themselves -- set themselves up because and if your grandfather ever got into an accident like a week later somebody would with dime out to. You know when they get it's who owed an almighty god it would be helped by the I can remember Joseph one when I was a college one time I went down to -- UMass Amherst to Ward Just for New Year's Eve you know. And I I didn't. I didn't feel like I was that loaded and it's a little like a minor ten mile drive but the cop pull me over he says. He said just put rolled the window now you know just rolled dwindled down in the golf course it was like -- -- ten degrees. Any -- -- Think is that I've noticed what's going on -- to strong drive and it was these shootings and things is. It's seems now that we are more worried about the individual rights that we are -- -- whips the public's safety. You know what I mean it seems like these individual right is what's important but it's. I think right bend over for this guy Williams know what you think. I -- you talk about you know that they talk about cats having nine lives did this guy's on his ninth and ninth hole you why. Right and waiting for the number they are. They are. -- it. Get someone says get the audio it's priceless it sounds like Joseph name was riding shotgun -- is it dark you've got to clocks -- -- -- A will get that we'll get that it's on the -- Apparently thanks for the call Joan thanks for the tip from a thanks for the tip there 18774694322. 978 Howie if they make the electric car emits more sound want to draw more from the battery that's from Paul the UPS guy. I don't really think it's a big problem with electric cars because all the hell wants the drive electric card register put up this glowing press release at the end of the year last week. -- Sales a ball went from seven and president in 211. To 23. -- and in 2012. They didn't point out that. The press release that put out last year stepped. According to sell 50000 volts this year I wonder how many of those 23000 that they did -- went -- went to governments. Marge your next with how we -- at march. Hi how we. I internally you noted you can register car without having like that. Right but how can you get play with a I guess I. I I understand that but because that's the X registration part of piece of it but I mean the key he can't get plates I don't think Alicia have a license. Third I and I don't know about that one since registered at an insurance agency biggie the place. Then he could probably go to the registry. Now he's got a registrations. -- letting you going to tell her something to two ladies. A -- I don't know he would he would need it. It is a legitimate a legitimate insurance agency would give him wouldn't give him policy when I mean it that it. He has hit you don't have to have a license. You don't have to have a licensed million. -- like that I know someone who her courage registered and her mother saying because should listen internally insurance is cheaper. -- your mother apparently. Merchandise. Thanks for the thanks for the call march 1 -- -- finisher -- story actually got to hear that he just thought he just said about you but not drink yesterday I had a couple of the old traditional -- I was streaky with a future judge. And they and yes or said he said that just wasn't -- -- I I've had a few I -- -- she that's wasted world on the window and drive home so where you going oops I Deerfield and he said he rolled on the window and that don't put the window up to you get home. -- -- -- ten miles away and and that's what I did I got home no problem. -- -- -- --