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Should we have criminal background checks on all teachers?

Jan 9, 2013|

Why should we allow people to teach our children without an extensive background check?

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We have so much -- covered today a lot of stuff happening. And a lot of good local. A lot of very important local story. Can mean one of the key stories and there's no getting around this. News there is a Massachusetts. Bill. That has now been essentially prove my lawmaker. Which would require. Work occurs -- child care centers. Teachers and school bus drivers. To be fingerprinted. And have criminal background checks performed. Before they can be hired. So the bill now requires fingerprinting essentially teachers. School bus drivers. Workers -- childcare centers. Also it would apply to everyone adopting children or becoming Foster parents. When asked if he would sign the bill. I mean mean mean Governor Deval Patrick said quote I thinks so. He's not sure maybe. Probably most likely. Muddy not a 100% sure yet. He's got to talk it over with the with the ACLU. And see if that's Kosher with him and with them. Apparently here's how it would work. You you -- you apply for the job or you get hired for the job. Before your officially brought on board. You need to have your finger your you have to be fingerprinted. This would then be sent to the state police for restate criminal history check. And then forwarded to the FBI. For a national criminal history background check. Many civil libertarians. Are opposed to this. Many believe this is again adding to the national security surveillance state. That this is a fundamental assault on personal civil liberties. That teachers. Bus drivers. People who work in and the adoption business. Is that they have not done anything wrong. So why treat them as criminals wife fingerprint them. I did I disagree. I profoundly disagree. To mean this is a bill that should have been passed a long time ago -- very simple reason. This is not. The America. That I grew up in or that you grew up -- we now live in a different culture and then a different PH. And with the prevalence of child pornography on the Internet. Which case after case. If teachers abusing children. Teachers molesting children. Teachers having sex with students in school. With everything that we've seen from the John -- -- case. To case after case. I mean here I mean I just I have a mall right in front of me I mean then if you should just unbelievable this is just the last couple of years. Aid for example a bright future in mutant. David -- to -- Was sentenced 35 years sorry 45 years. Being part of a child pornography ring. This man taught me a school for twelve years I don't want a child pornographer teaching my children out of school for twelve years. There's another story again a former Massachusetts teacher. -- faced the Fall River man a long time teacher died middle school. Was indicted. For molesting a child and it goes on and on and on we keep hearing one horror story after another. About our children are being preyed upon by sexual predators. And so it's a different world that we live in. And in order to protect our children. I'm sorry. Nothing personal. But the old pattern of coming in for an interview and then having such a couple people make a few background phone calls. To check your references. This guy just doesn't quite cut it anymore. Those days are long gone. And so. I wanna know. If you if a teacher or. Bus driver anybody US contact with children I wanna know their pervert. I wanna know if they've been convicted of possessing child pornography. Or they've been convicted in the past like John Irvine. Of molesting children. After being sexual offender. And I don't want had a files and I don't want child pornographers. Coming anywhere near our children in our schools. Or on the buses. Or if they're gonna adopt children or be in a Foster care system. So to me this is an absolute slam -- it's an absolute no brainer. And -- mean the opposition to this. Is misguided. Gates to me. Outdated. It is -- now that the Internet doesn't exist. In issue looms in the child pornography is not a problem. And it assumes that we don't have a problem with our teachers. I'm not saying all teachers molest kids far from a 99% of them do a fantastic job. But that's the point there is a one or 2% chance that somebody will fall through the cracks. And so if you fingerprint them. If you have background criminal background checks conducted. You can catch many more of them before they -- even come anywhere near having contact with our children. And so. In this sexual -- culture that we live in in this permissive culture that we live event. It is now time to put the children first. And so my question to -- is a very simple one. Do you believe that teachers and bus drivers. Should be fingerprinted. And have criminal background checks conducted upon them. To either get a job or -- -- third drop. 6172666868. Is the number 6172666868. You can also text that says 68680. Rick thanks for holding of welcome to the coroner report. You're trying I think this is a very good idea and surprise isn't -- it has been implement -- already mean. Problem I I know who's gonna whine about dish you'll start hearing the teacher's union whine all right. And you'll probably hear gay rights organizations wind as well. That we can thank the gay rights movement property. Somewhat of this sexual relation to children I mean they're they're teaching kids in elementary school now. About being gay chart there's no place for that that's something that when my kids get my college. Let them discuss it themselves are really has the Paris job but now I think this is a damn good idea. Rick I completely agree with you you're gonna see that teachers union are gonna X they're gonna squeal. They're gonna complain they're gonna cry. They're gonna say were harassing their members. Where presuming that teachers are. A guilty before proven innocent thus -- going to be there argument -- not innocent until proven guilty but they're guilty until they're proven innocent. And no this is just a safety precaution is nothing look it's nothing personal. And -- making even more personal to all of you. Many of you know -- adopted two children I have rushed in and Ava when I had to adopt Austin -- about. I went through extensive. Background checks. They fingerprinted means they did a criminal background check ice where do you they want to see if I was a terrorist. They what they they made a terrorist background check. They did a drug test they did a year and -- They wanted to see if I was healthy they looked at my income they had me undergo a psychological analysis like sort of the heart to be on the couch where a psychologist. How do you feel about adopting children on tally to about children. You think you're ready to adopt children yes I'm ready to adopt children why you're wasting my time witnessed the -- look like a crazy person deal. Yes he routier's Serrie has set myself up for about one. That's all I -- that and had a heck you wouldn't believe they a fire inspection are home inspection. Because I was over forty I swear to you when I adopted. They wanted to find out because for health reasons. I have to have a colonoscopy. Compact a -- on -- a -- on Oscar pre participated in the -- programs that are you telling me. Colonoscopy. Nevermind that -- fingerprinting or criminal background check. I mean they they they would put it bluntly that the pints of blood out in the checking for any it's the men aged as the HIV test. A -- is at the I hepatitis tests. You know Jeff I don't -- the bus driver has been background checked and all that stuff but I think that teaches that's going a little too far not one mention Sarah -- Because it's become a teacher you have to go through an expensive process of education and attempted to get to be a teacher. I don't think people are going to be spending that type of money to get a degree to be teacher just so they can molest children it's just that's ridiculous. -- drivers make -- you know they're not. I don't know what else you're called on cooks a mean I can't believe you're making this argument -- because you're telling me. Can't tell you that a -- and just. Fingerprinting and background in check all teachers is ridiculous on -- your and it's a little too much -- are you telling me there are no teachers who have molested children I'm sure there are. Our but I am saying and I according I'd say no regular process of an interview. A resume you called we do some background checks -- UCLA to do any hiring a regular person. And they really want the state police are background checking all of our teachers slow the pace of that and cooks while we pay for that is part of securing. As you know as protecting our children. It's it's hard you know it's it's part of protecting our children Cox I mean obviously if children have if teachers of molest the children. They paid for their education they spent a lot of money they went through the interview process and they went through the cracks. America believe -- -- I can't believe you're making that argument. So you'd rather put the risk if you're you're risking that -- have a potential safety of our children. Just because you don't want a fingerprint a few teachers. I said the bus drivers -- find daycare center workers as part of that bill and I agree with that the teachers is a little ridiculous why -- -- teachers -- molest children. So do you agree with bill -- do you think that teachers should not be fingerprinted. -- CIA -- -- for the teachers' unions Maria. Thanks for holding welcome to the coroner report. Good morning I agree with -- hundred different teachers should be transparent before they become neutral before -- -- -- -- there any student. Okay that's bad -- -- our team used to be tested because it sounds like he is a lot of some. Oh that's -- -- that's that's my grandmother I haven't yet got great kids I don't know why do you guys to all women in my bank. Are great and it gets better fit worldly later and they appropriate that the trend the eight ball. On the outside the faith that the -- -- you wanna down. Well I gotta tell you Maria did not coach here executive producer and when Noah starts going to school. In four or five years he's gonna sit he's gonna sing a very different -- He's just coming itself the last -- very well I I I. So you're at -- defending child molest your -- afraid of coddling child molest I'm just. Ending the good teachers -- Probably take that that argument will hold -- -- about teacher I'm defending the ones who did nothing wrong and I'm going out doing slightly as an artist like we're -- argument Jeff. One guy shoots up you know a building and I wanna take guns away from every every one. -- a couple of teachers surcharge of us -- children you -- how widespread throughout the entire school system. What are cooks I mean and we're not talking about taking away summons fundamental liberties I'm saying put your finger. Into a database and make sure you're not a criminal assault you're not a child pornographer molest her that's all that's all I'm saying. Mary you're up next welcome to the coroner report. Saying that I love it so. Why not why I got to go back we are happy Corey check. I'm not exactly -- are not the criminal elected background check but I'm. Why didn't he just there was that all day. I mean every cheap if you -- it once yet. What's the big yep -- card check on him. Mary I completely agree with you and I don't know why teachers have this privileged status because of the teachers unions. And look I'm sorry here with my kids 67 hours a day. There have been numerous teachers convicted of child pornography of abuse of molesting kids. You know schools like -- Where this has gone on and I'm sorry. But yeah I don't think it's unreasonable. Marry if I have to adopt children and undergo colonoscopy. Nevermind a fingerprint and a criminal background check I'm not asking for colonoscopy. I'm not asking for any steps. I'm not asking for them the consultant psychiatrist. A simple fingerprint and criminal background check let's make sure the person is not a criminal. And is not a sex offender and is not a pornographer or child molester I don't think that's unreasonable. To demand of people who daycare markets unless -- bill proxy. -- Europe next welcome to the coroner reports. Hi thanks for taking my call my name. I think it all the people in the industry the teachers about drivers anybody that cafeteria -- any -- it has exploited children. -- should be the first planet didn't say yeah let's do it let's get that are not a priority area. I am here because that like kids that I wanna protect that. -- Yeah I Regina -- to mean I would just be then the natural normal response. So I think that it says victimization mentality all taught me I have to get a fingerprint. It's not about you attempt -- that kids -- -- And it does not about the kids were you doing in that profession to begin with Steve Europe next welcome to the -- report. Good money HF. Literally and I'd I don't believe -- just -- that -- that he would. Background check the bus drivers but not that teachers because they spent all that money to get educated they wouldn't do that. -- -- the last two people that got a lot at stake I think contracted. They can get a table one of -- the -- The Obama and talk about how much money he spent educate himself pretty well as the children I don't think you got anything -- with the amount of money. I would trust a -- strap this bomb blast and irritable are struggling getting the -- but don't they I think there was one that you may be a lot. Few years there's been more teacher has been a -- Quite well I don't know it's an epidemic. It's -- look -- -- -- majors. Are big -- I think you're right -- I -- I -- to go to call -- our ideals. To our big -- -- go to -- background check so I don't. -- Russell the ground. A coach tiller wrestled to the ground you touch my kid I swear you up a break your mouth a break your teeth -- kill vehicle exceed background check. There are a the whole people who -- further education. Data home molest children. That's for the other people but the good people. -- you're up next welcome to the -- report. They got orders showed you begala thank you -- Yeah I think it's really should be extended to all people who received one died from the state government in other words. You got not just limiting it to that we really have to look at this as they usually if we could extend that the people who Getty BP -- And drug testing all of the things that we you're really concerned about a lot of it could be reconciled. Immediately because just the fear that being checked. It's gonna -- and people could help the lottery pick up near -- would you really be objective. The passive way of -- a lot of problems. In addition to protecting. Young and protecting the tax thought and I don't mean to put that in priority but we can't support any of these institutions. Without revenue that is being handled appropriately it ought to get your thoughts on the. I jog I think you make a brilliant point first of all you should never apologize to protecting the taxpayers. We're going broke we're going broke and if we go broke we can't pay for anything the role -- the school's loss -- the police nothing. So I love the idea of fingerprinting people -- BT cards. I think he would we now a lot of fraud and a lot of abuse. Look once you start taking state money. And you do the start living on welfare you're living on other people's money. Then I'm sorry but you -- you if you if you've lost some of your rights. It comes with a cost and the cost is we want to make sure not abusing the system or you're not a criminal. Or whatever it is that you're at the address you say that you are -- not out of state there -- many reasons -- 191000 welfare recipients are missing. That's our money. That's the that's millions and millions of dollars. So no I think look. I respect teachers. I had some excellent teachers when I was growing up I know many of them -- first class work. But there are abusers and molesters among them. And we have to protect our children. And -- goes with school bus drivers or childcare workers. Look I'm adoptive parent I had to be fingerprinted I didn't complain I complained frankly with the colonoscopy. Are about as a bit ridiculous. But. You wanna guys our child as what they want although it. And that's format by the way that's what I'm gonna tell my kids when they grow up when they do that teenage you're not my real daddy routine. A must say I'm not sure real -- Do you know -- did -- so I can adopt -- you have no idea what daddy did for you. This is from 603. The talks are pouring and you can Texas 68680. This is from 603. Disagreed. New Hampshire requires teachers to be fingerprinted. Again I am a teacher I am in the union we should be printed the same as anyone who -- contact with them in school. Younger I don't see where we disagree there's six or three we agree. All he disagrees with cooks he broke a 781. Cooks is right you are nuts like how we. -- yet okay. So this very good company now at least I'm in good company I mean with -- how we love that there. He became becoming keep comparing me now he makes my day 617. You left out one group of people the priests. That's a very good point by the way what the priests have been doing for the last 1015 years is is really despicable. Very disheartening. Yes they should be fingerprinted as well. 978. Agree with you 100%. How about the school janitors also. Yes and the lunch lady yes the crosswalk people yes. 603. I'm a teacher. Bring on the fingerprints. Also any parent or anyone who wants to volunteer for field trip should be fingerprinted. Why aren't and think about that but you know that's a very good suggestion. 50 wait why no drug tests I agree with you. I think they should also be drug tested. I mean we we broke a story a couple of weeks ago about that teacher who came to school and was handing out bought and we need to students. And he was getting high in the classroom. I don't -- stall -- teaching my kids. Bob Europe next welcome to the coroner report. -- -- Okay I'll make you know Europe next welcome to the -- report. Yeah why he's doing love -- show Rocco thank you -- yes yes I -- out here apparent. Everyone involved that children should be fingerprint of brocade is pretty. Especially when you have. Like cookies and -- says. We we parent we can't afford to -- -- the years to get paid print this because in the archaic system. Its position or 8900 dollar that the child is about potty trained. So that bishop who wanted to keep -- for someone ginger -- -- yet he should be fingerprint that he should be -- should be background check. See because it's all about the is. But not in person look and see people phobia but it's all about it. You now that the -- -- trust me on this -- changes it he's a young man he's 32. I ran about three years when his little -- it's about 35 he's going to be to the right to have Jeff corner on this issue. As I once I -- -- -- it's 35 I'm 43 currencies thirty till when he gets 35 -- three more years when his little mall becomes about four or five. He's going to be the big is background pastor and fingerprint during the and in the country John Europe next welcome to the coroner report. I get our -- I protect my call -- -- I would I'm kind of wondering how many of the 191000 voted last time -- -- -- other than that. I could agree with more of what you said you know the state passed the great wallet past even though I'm not a big. Proponent of passing laws the laws but when Melissa Block that passed it needed to be done just like they're still needs to be done. And I believe what you do the researcher gonna find that most states across the United States. Already require. Everybody that we talked about the sport -- contact with kids pretty educational the apartments that date they have to go through this so it's it's time that we do it in fact I would add one other thing too. I I don't know how often you have to renew your teacher's license or your accreditation but you know you have to go back and get certain amount of education. I would think that what should be done visit periodically whether it's five years eight years ten years. But there should be some part of a number where do you have to go through it again. On a regular basis because just because if you start out playing doesn't mean the UN. Sorry when your joint retirement your every yeah I would every five years seven years ten years whatever but I agree with you. There should be a period where they're gonna be retested. Just to make sure that they haven't done some things. Where regarding child pornography here. Child abuse or whatever it is and nobody knows about it -- slip through the cracks are completely completely agree with you. Mike thanks for holding welcome to the -- report. -- Jeff I empathize with cookie. Mean I'm hardly any from under the union that's for sure I don't think it's gonna really glad I don't -- what exactly fingerprints are merely for the future. You know it could tip until we LP. Innocent mainly because they're used for -- under -- this person. Michael and it is our our you know I am number Michael on what if take John Irvine okay who what is now accused of molest staying and reaping thirteen children is a 11 child a diesel. He was a sex offender who had been convicted in Los Angeles in 1989. His wife ran an unlicensed daycare center. Now what if they had fingerprinted him and fingerprinted his wife when I mean. Thank you Erica FM condom. Pardon me but Corey check what I -- -- -- mean not a good lord that's what that's for -- -- management huge burden that's not gonna do -- good play actually a guy that's -- I'm agreeing with cook edit it's just way over the top and not necessary. Well I mean look I mean all of -- would look without teachers molesting kids illegal activities are not doing -- -- completed a court -- -- probably weeded out most of them that we haven't I don't -- we know most of my wanna weed out all the marketing -- everybody well I'll get pretty much your outdoor record that. What Mike if I do an extensive criminal background check and I fingerprint somebody and they committed a crime in another state. Or they have a history of possessing child pornography or being in a child pornography ring but it won't have gonna tell us. Or perhaps a reference is coming from another state and in new teacher. You have no background on eleven by the end they're they're just being presented with the opportunity for the first time so -- be their first offense. Well remember Arnold and I don't know I mean look. I look first of all of teachers who -- many of them you get into teaching later in life they may have previous records that's our number one record report aren't well. I don't moment Corey check is not winning on an awful -- So I mean I look I look I gotta I gotta tax sorry a tweet right here. Before volunteering in the classroom parents must submit to a Corey check fingerprinting is too extreme. This is from out -- in mass now I understand we have Macquarie -- but I'm telling all of view it's not catching everybody. And I don't think asking people to be fingerprinted so we can find out if they and another life another career yes. They had problems with children they were on record or. There were allegations against them for molesting children or having child pornography we need to know as much about the people that were hiring. Because we don't want to put the children in jeopardy and really what's so extreme -- I got fingerprinting -- my adopted. You show up you stick your finger in the machine they move your fingers around it takes about five minutes -- somebody else. What's the problem you're dealing with kids all day anyway. So suddenly you're gonna tell me you don't have five minutes to do a criminal background checking -- fingerprint. What do you where you stand on this issue should teachers bus drivers. Daycare workers. Be fingerprinted. And have a background check performed there is now a bill in front of the governor. Meaning he says he thinks he'll signed it. Should he sign it should he not sign a 6172666868. All of your calls right after this break on the coronary.