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I Am Not Your Subject

Jan 9, 2013|

A former Marine named Joshua Boston who has been with the military for eight years wrote Senator Diane Feinstein who proposed a ban of assault weapons after the Newtown shootings a letter saying he would not register his weapons with the government even if a ban on assault weapons is passed in his state. I am not your subject. I am the man who keeps you free. I am not your servant. I am the person whom you serve. I am not your peasant. I am the flesh and blood of America. Howie said hoorah to Joshua....

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Would you turn your gun into the authorities that President Obama. -- package to -- know. Now it 98%. Say give me liberty or give me. The illegal aliens it's have been ordered to go home. They're not going home right I mean there were Obama -- -- lines. Why should people who warned Obama voters away Obama if his own voters won't -- -- Avaya. 18774694322. If you still level Baughman Pocahontas lines are long long -- bumper stickers -- start moving them now laughing out loud. How two faced can liberals be candlelight vigils for animals but no way will stop demanding their right to abort abort abort millions of babies. Should these these candlelight vigils for animals -- or something this is new. Media as the country gets whacked year one year mean it's stuff that you really wouldn't. Have would would be occurring I mean the the reason I'm sure Wisconsin. Established hunting season on walls is because these walls. Were running amok and really doing a lot of damage to farms up there especially Kelly thank -- dairy capital that's what that's what Vermont. Industry is is about two very large degree. So so these idiots. In in Madison who didn't who never worked -- farm and probably never worked period they they have New York. -- have more sympathy for the wolf than they do for the the farmer. Who's trying to produce food for the for the milk in the cheese in the butter and in all the other -- and the beef but these idiots are are eating. Just it's just I don't know it's another sign of how. How silly the American people have become I forget who senate mostly a -- during the break. A nation of sheep. -- gets a government of warts. What hopes. And that's -- -- kind of wolves that they're having this candlelight vigil for enough in Madison these are two ways of wolves. How we the people living next our sportsman's club shooting range of trying to shut us down for years now we've been received an email from one of them in the days after the new -- shooting. Complaining that a member had been shooting at the range in the neighbor could not believe how unbelievably insensitive we were. And that they did not understand how we could be that way. Now -- that's. -- -- Al Sharpton didn't call for -- -- control. After OJ went. His work. What a phony excuse me. 18774694. Victory. 2218774694322. You FaceBook. For an tomorrow. With that conference I get tired to see in the stuff pop up on -- -- much like computers might not an opera. Well it's gonna be worse could no more people are gonna send them because you responded. Well some of these people YE you know why I. You know I have -- it's going to be B 66 followed by the next 66 by just gonna keep it -- is gonna get worse as I never. Have a lot of NC and the always wanted to have a lot of forums. Maybe don't throw a party forming some time. Yeah and you Ajax to show up there you -- Brian says if if why you were store on the loose or wonder how many of his guns he would've turned and exactly that's what I said you know Whitey Bulger. Eighty years old and estranged hound. A fugitive. A fake name. For for years no driver's license or any kind of identification that looked at all. Realistic and yet somehow he put together a Major League arsenal in Santa Monica. We're pretty we don't yet they think that. Joseph bite me. Another guy -- below average intelligence despite what he says. Is is gonna come up with a solution talking to -- Eric Holder who doesn't know what the Justice Department is doing spreading guns around Mexico. And Tommy The Who doesn't know what is what's going on in the in the bedroom. Next to his bedroom where his son is plotting a Colombo Columbine. Pipe -- to -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 18774694322. It means they can post comments directly on your page for one -- subscribers can only respond to your posts. What do -- care. Cindy what what what the white care they post comments on my page you don't yes exactly. All right before you buy you talk about guns. Joshua Boston this what you want it's we're told about former marine -- response to Dianne Feinstein gun control bill I am not your servant I am the person whom. You. Sir. -- This is a she she came up with some kind of a gun control proposal here let's see here I'm just. Reading it. Room. I will not register my weapon should this bill be passed. As. I do not believe it is the government government's right to know what I don't. Norway think it prudent to tell you what they own so there may be taken from me by a group of people who enjoy armed protection. Yet -- cry me having the same. You ma'am I've overstepped the line that is not your domain I am a Marine Corps veteran of eight years and I will not have some woman who proclaims the evil of an inanimate object yet carries one. Tell me that I may not. This is a good latter. I M not sure subject I am the man who keeps you free I am not your servant I am the person whom you serve. I am not Europe has I am a flesh and -- of America. I am the man who fought for my country I am the man who learned. I am an American you will not tell me though I must register my semi automatic they are fifteen because of the actions of some evil man. I will not be disarmed to super feared that has been established by the media and your miss information campaign. Against the American public. We. But people deserve better than you. Joshua Boston. Corporal US Marine -- 20122004. To 2012. Sums up that. 18774694322. It's it's. It's it's so true. Why -- I constantly see let's -- went away console we see a disarmament position devolved to the argument about jets CBR and another fantastic arms. The average citizen couldn't afford one or maintain one of those types however the Second Amendment clearly defines that the citizens have a means to address -- government when the first fails. The First Amendment isn't about speech relating to honey about American Idol are on the move -- 1877469432218774694322. I'm a member -- -- -- -- gun club our rightful. A rifle range has been shut down by the locals. Where's the candlelight vigil for coyotes -- the pet cats eaten by coyotes. 978 we start a fund raiser for the Brookfield bobcat. You know the Brookfield bobcat probably left the old left the little -- home. And take care knows those little cubbies are kittens or whatever you call. You know who's gonna those puppies who who who will who make sure that. Poppy bobcats kids are fed John your next with powered car go ahead John. -- -- I am ready onetime gun rights activists. Sort of side -- structure -- search center. And I have a word of warning. For my fellow gun owners who are listening to the program today. Massachusetts. Currently at latest count has about 240000. Licensed gun owners. And although that number. Approximately. 111000. Our members of the gun owners action. There is pathetic and I hear a lot of great -- there. From my cold dead hands this -- around the country to a year ago hours. And they. Five million of them are members of the NRA and less than one million member to Gun Owners of America. Our if people won't even pony up 25 or fifty dollars to defend their rights. What makes anybody think that there are going to which Houston and over their -- when the so when the police or military come to their course. A kid I kid I just can't see that happen and the only time in the near future John and torture saying about the you know people if if people want to walk. You don't take part in a political crusade they they should pony up. Little less articulate quick bit of history here in 1967. Mayor went to New York City. Got the City Council require. City residents who possess semi automatic rifles registrant and he swore up and down that you would never count the states. And he was as good as his -- he never did it. 24 years later mayor David Dickens got the City Council. To -- those same guns and they most certainly got to stay and so yes they can and will happen here. How many how many god guns do you think they actually picked up in New York City. All right I have no idea they didn't I'm sure -- didn't take -- up from criminals. Right exactly. So your -- sort your if your abiding citizen why would you turn over. Well what what are what are these people like Mayor Menino Mayor Menino it was a big gun rights for dubbed anti gun person. What is an easy what is we have a speech on TV once he gets patterns it. With today I I am telling all the law abiding citizens that we are going to come and get it whatever neighborhood you live and we're gonna come get your guns as for you criminals we're not gonna take your guns away because you know you we -- you won't get them to us. Right and that's why isn't it amounts to though is -- all this amounts -- Well it has been and his strongest saying that people won't even take the modest steps. Of suspending a little confession maybe even a little time to defend their rights from people that are trying to take them away. I have I have a tough time taking seriously a lot of this talk about they're not connected you know take my guns at me while I'm alive. I just don't police. Yeah. Thanks for the call John one NATO. So -- says cures Morgan interview this marine. Josh what Boston if you wanted to give people say -- or get a letter just -- drop jawed corporal Joshua Boston. Joshua. JO OS HUA Boston when Boston but the you'll you'll get you'll get a letter public this year -- hear that. I was in the I was in the club today and the Ares you know on the stationary bike introduced to -- that old -- old guys that come in there every day. And one of them was going. And -- I saw one of those convict people on CNN yesterday he was crazy. Mean these are these people are real and so I mean I don't. I don't know how do they live in Wellesley I mean they must of just inherited money and just lived -- their entire lives or something but. They -- so -- and they they just they believe everything they see on TV and they believe Obama's the best person in the world. And they and they they -- we thought that you know like this guy yeah Alex Jones was from the you know from the NRA. And they they world they were for. Extra pounds but the bad that's the point that's I mean that's why he that's quite piers Morgan put him off. Because he he knew that. Low information voters like those two guys in my club would not be very very impressed or be very depressed at that did to think he was the average gun owner in America. And that's also another reason why C and is now 29. In ratings among all via cable. Channels because. Large numbers of less low information voters have figured out that everything on. CNN -- -- 18774694322. How we -- all know the real reason why government wants together get our guns if they can get the sheep that believe lies we will lose -- the sad thing is the liberals believe it and troops. Two and are too stupid to look at past history and they say they are the Smart ones. 1877469432218774694322. How we in the late eighties the Hungarian Olympic shooting coach told me why his fellow on Gary and for oil and on their gardens to keep their guns from -- I'm looking for garden spot myself. Okay that same corporal early candidate to a CNN info bay what should we give you any kind it any kind of sound with corporal -- Boston on at. -- your next with Howie Carr going -- -- It automation and up toward George nineteen boarded by sixteen billion that came back toward to a -- All of them despite weapons would be created millions of them. It captured weapons to -- it was sort traumatic experiences. I've got like what are being built -- at least a lot. -- he coop would gut and they were coming back or not schools and attacking people things like that point is. 68 million people came back experienced that and they weren't -- -- -- doing that kind of destruct like that are happening this problem is not the -- It and what the markets -- this -- -- -- do that -- when it's okay you want to ganging California. The -- -- you out of erupted over reckon we equate to go and search all the weapons are. All I'm sure that they would the weapon -- like to go out to people Wheatley. Com go abroad to -- guns and permits so it's it's really. Well exactly -- -- -- the -- Poland -- politically protected classes would be allowed to keep their guns. -- Rockaholic sixteen million people -- -- -- -- Lotta old people had posttraumatic -- I know you write about audio Murphy you know you don't -- the guy who didn't I didn't gonna be shooting Rampage -- was Daniel went away who died a couple of weeks ago he was a medal of honor winner though you know and in Italy in -- -- oh yeah. And I think over 400 medal of honor winners -- work -- and a believe a single one of them came back and shot up school to. To me about. Dumb some why he felt the need to ride to the senate -- in the way she did. Senator feinstein's legislation is essentially. Stopping us from owning an ar fifteens if if it passes. Once we register these weapons they won't be transferable to anybody which means once I get old if I want to pass these work my rifles down to my children I won't be able to. Because it'll be registered in my name in the law says it cannot be transferred. Now to me that sounds exactly like I'm being. My family is going to be disarmed and down the road and these weapons. I understand that bad things happen with them that things happen with cars. The second -- put their for a reason. Has put there to prevent things that we don't want happening with our government. When you -- -- fire with a letter. Right Bewkes in -- on you because many don't -- people leave -- policy talk to your child without registration for the child involving. All the various platforms -- -- in of that in the various missions you have to get what's the difference. The cars are specifically mentioned in the bill of rights. When arms but no isn't IR fifteen assault rifle. Neither must gets nor his hunting or sporting but everybody seems to bring that. Under the roared as you know numerous. Gun controls and Americans did it questions agreed areas among my question to use this. You know what these weapons can do better than most. And he throws throws with -- cases. General Stanley McChrystal who was one of the colonial this is an American -- In Afghanistan on he was on MSNBC's morning Joe's point you said this. I spent a career carrying. Typically third and sixteen and later an import car being hand and a four car being fires a 223 caliber round of just five point 56 millimeter at about 3000 feet per second. When it hits a human body the effects of devastating it's designed to do that. And that's what our soldiers ought to carry. I personally don't think there's any need for that kind of weaponry on the streets and particularly and around the schools. In America. Problem was set from a very high ranking recent -- general. That's during a majority also has found -- down your hero Barack Obama. Piers Morgan so you know what are we gonna talk about that the guy. Stanley McChrystal. Just wasn't totals will be waited three years to -- sport nobody cares about is more nobody's mine is pork. And obviously you're going to MSNBC. Picture sound cuts for the strong words -- would an easier anymore. 187746943221. Please tell appears to shove and it's Eric Holder going after is is he gonna go after bats also. Just going to -- hells angels club and ask for their guns. I am now registered Democrat because I got -- Reggie -- as a Republican I'm not an NRA member for basically the same reason. How we we need to be and the corruption in the media it's this is where it started this mess today is it's a sad day when the TV -- your guard is your god excuse me on your next were powered car going had gone. You know -- I just want to bring out that kinda settle back there related to fast and furious and how it relates to the Connecticut. Play it too fast and furious they try to shows statistically that the guns were coming from the United States going illegally to Mexico. They couldn't show that because most of the real lethal stuff was coming from Mexican police. Mexican military and the F various military entities throughout central and South America he -- stepped up through corruption. This to me as an entire attempt. To show that these guns were being sent to about what they lead over two to 3000 and -- they now have the statistical information they want it. They were waiting for horrendous event to take place in Mexico. Which is not a difficult to do I mean you every week just keep bodies hanging from it and it just. Right to -- they should mayors -- they know they going to police academies and ended gunned down everybody like it's Afghanistan you're right. -- horrible stuff so all -- we're waiting for it was the right more and. Put that in the media with the fact that. 3000 of these guns came from the United States they never would have identified that they would be 1% of -- And then under all the turmoil in the end the -- -- What what which generated they intend to do attract aren't. Just doesn't -- using -- Connecticut but now the Connecticut thing is just horrific I mean if it actually brought -- he has -- with night vision might do granted. And and it just devastated but they're using this. Never let it. You know -- I thought I -- on September 11 I thought well if there is a silver lining to this terrible thing it's so we're gonna clear up the illegal aliens because fifteen of the nineteen that were involved were illegal aliens. And they just killed 3000 Americans. Yeah we're supposed to be here we're told we can't hold that against illegal aliens we can't hold anything any crime against an illegal aliens. But we can't I'm repeating myself now from earlier but we cannot hold. Any gun incident. That happens any kind of -- Psycho. Somebody for my teenage waste land that goes crazy that's blamed on all gun owners in the country. -- limit is amazing in the early as the -- that. So it's upside down I I don't Q what the issue with. When it went becoming pagan will worshipping in remotely having -- ceremony for a movie I mean. Well I I cannot believe what I'm watching transpire before my very -- And that's scary thing is well aware of the people coming out saying enough is enough. I know there there aren't there are enough people who say enough is enough for a -- there that there are -- they are out there are working all these jobs to support all the people were working at. Somebody says that that -- that piers Morgan thing gets better which got a little bit more of it. Well I'm gonna take one more shot at trying to listen to -- bring up the woman in Georgia that shot the -- wrought by the guy five times rests. But seriously you know you know as well as I do that BA off 51 as modified to perform almost exactly like an M sixteen and we know that and he's always. James Holmes is trials going on now that in a Rorer. He's able to unload. And -- Seventy possibly mole. A bullets in so crowded listed as a matter of minutes we know that so the difference is almost. Indistinguishable in terms of fire power -- as close range. No it's not even sure the weapon and four NC seem resigned to engage targets with precision it medium ranges. Not for close quarters combat. Right that if you have an Al fifteen what -- -- courses all your hundred meters away you're gonna cause extensive. A significant damage. As possible true but that damage is guaranteed to happen when people aren't allowed to. -- Concealed weapon. And this movie theater. We're teachers aren't letting Kerry won in their schools -- -- -- -- that we love so -- -- is everybody in the mideast it would be -- was an -- fifteen. No that's not what I said I said they should be able to carry such weapons they should have that choice they shouldn't be denied that right society events but let me actions of -- Right and again I say this was despite those that choice is fun if everybody exercises that choice and legally allowed to do so you could end up with every -- you -- it's -- every school. And every judge in every shopping all in America with everybody armed with a -- fifteen assault rifle. I magazines it until houses he's that we are in it in a minute line where does that lead Americans to offer them. Also wild west -- Well please. They said this is gonna happen whenever Texas instituted to say it's concealed handgun laws and it hasn't happened. And so in the eclectic this mall shooting there was a 22 year old carrying a concealed weapon and presented his weapon at that at the threat -- held -- fire. Just like happen and it congresswoman Giffords shooting. There was a CHL holder there and he held -- fire. The American people aren't as gun happy and trigger happy as they're being handed out to be by the media. There are smarter than that they know when to hold their fire. They know when to fire and we can increase the chances of success. So these people they cut is situations for their survival by education we got a -- making this a taboo subject to everyone because it's scary. We can't give up our rights because we're afraid. Rust president of the opposite that is it I believe the rights of six -- seven year old child to get to school without the fear of being loaded com and you exceed and these guys I'll show you mean sliced and Nelson an excellent spot or. Journal appears I don't disagree with you I don't think -- children should have to be going to school worried about being murdered. But we have to accept reality no matter what laws we pass and lord knows we have laws. And in the last assault weapons ban it didn't -- -- I'm from happening. It is up the West Hollywood shoot up from happening. These things happen there are criminals in our world that we have to contend with. And disarming. People and taken the out if they -- fifteens out of their homes. Isn't going to help there was a lady in Georgia who shot him -- six times he laid down and cried and got up and left. Now imagine if there were multiple attackers. She only had six bullets in her pistol. That they're in more than one attacker. She could not be alive today. Well again I would say that I -- doctor I would say piers you're fired you're gonna be replaced by Joshua lost I think he's about -- talk show postman not piers Morgan. He certainly has more facts at his fingertips. 18774694322. I group to a seven that T separate knows nothing about America he needs to leave. He needs to leave and return to justice he needs to this beast the end in the dock. Next to -- Rebecca Barack's as former colleague who's charged with hacking phones he should be there to. 1877469432. To -- car. One. 4694322. Paul the UPS guys says he cares if everyone in the mall has done the bad guy thing. We kill as many as he can before it's taken out the bad guy is the only one with a gun and kill as many as he wants. It appears is just trying to use -- use this as they as a way to get people's attention. And it's it's getting attention -- at the quality of the attention is basically from people who -- -- watched the acts clips in the morning one's gonna be too good to me and this guy right. You know who needs to be irritated like this side and you know. At 9 in the evening they they and this is not point to improve ratings. One hates it may improve the number of signatures on his on this petition demanding that -- yeah. Deported from the country 18774694322. 617 -- Morgan there interview while Rahm Emmanuel about the hundreds of gun related deaths in Chicago pop gun laws in action people buying droves exactly. Let's that would be it you know that would be great interview with the yeah mayor Emmanuel what what exactly. What effect of the search engine gun laws had in Chicago -- I think I think are there or. 500 people killed by handguns last year in the city of Chicago which has these. Incredibly. Stringent laws to -- to prevent them from falling into the hands of the people there are apparently falling -- John your next -- powered car go ahead John. I would usually you know like try to quit and quit the sometimes funny with yet but I'd like a little -- in the confiscation -- again you said earlier you don't see is happening any time soon. Name me one thing that Obama has applauded. But he hasn't pushed through -- executive order okay that was already in -- there are laws simply from participants. -- times of emergency. They can already confiscated guns that was witnessed -- Katrina right there okay. Yeah it was great the right thing and Katrina they've by the way people people where there were these armed being running around the city. In either in eagle on footer and canoes. And the National Guard was going around confiscating guns from law abiding citizens that they needed to hold off these armed gangs which which had no -- attention given up their guns. Well there you go all right so they have. How it's gonna happen. He cannot put executive order it could be any crisis the economy collapses the game OK what's the name of the crisis that this. OK then what's gonna happen is there's going to be a voluntary the people kind of turned the guns and could they don't want -- out okay. Not everyone thinks this is a joke but the other done throughout history all right. They also roundtable that's what the military police there local Dolan -- -- they'll confiscate your weapons into all these cowboys that -- -- -- by the government. I got news for you have notes of supply line you have no gas supply line yeah communications have already been compromised all right. -- -- -- John there are anybody wants to fight the government purse say it's I think what people wanna do is if -- if this if you don't with this. Paranoid vision that you just laid out whatever comes the past. What I think -- would -- have the good the guns buried in the yards like the -- like the you know we give the winner or gangsters when they were looking for punching McLaughlin and -- Keyon. They didn't carry the guns back and forth to Boston and Somerville every day you know after they were staking them out they buried the guns. And then that up the guns -- and you know in garbage bags in the mid dig him up every day when they went look on form again. I have to I have to laugh I I don't exactly like the I'm paranoid visions stated this. Was just during -- that's how it's done. And that's what it's coming anything that's gotten as audit gives content. There's told me these tours mini guns. Job there's -- This. Won't happen. What I was Al Gore not elected president in 2000. John. You know I don't know the -- you know what Clinton said right. He said GE said if if Al Gore had had tried to make amends with the gun people. In the states of our Arkansas and his home state at Tennessee. He which you lost by narrow margins -- was Clinton's home state and his home state he were one but -- the -- people voted him that voted him out of office. It -- -- now how Gordon and adopt this Obama there's anything you want it got. What I'm saying always I think it's going to be -- -- -- if you tried to take people's guns away from them it's going to be a disaster couple and now don't tell not don't tell me there's not going to be any more elections. I'm not gonna tell you that even -- solidarity trying to push that through our right. But what I am telling you it is true history this is -- would spend on this guy has gotten everything apple want. Gotten it doesn't mean I can make the attempt -- the attempts made there are gonna be a percentage of people who rise up against. There's a question about. -- well what age sixty if they come for guns many will be stolen just in time yup that's what it's going to be Mike -- was stolen the guns in the backyard. In in in a garbage bag thanks for the call John Ray your next with Howie -- gore at a -- Paige Alley where TimeCrawler good Google and thanks. The job my grandmother what -- husband Jules wanted. -- over boy will want to another bullet in Korea and myself -- grandson to it now. You don't you. Are now she says that there were to sit that they would be gross double -- -- -- -- body weight topic. Because it's so far out still what one double and so. On the radio from England and it actually have to -- well -- will want -- won't want to. And which way it. -- Didn't tell what money about an. Now -- Austin church also we -- banging on I would just die. I was just really a museum exhibit of Britain during a world war rugby World War II when Florida when I was down there and Winston Churchill cups and we just have to hang on until the west comes to our aid. You know and you're right he was thought he wasn't talking about can openers. But I put it says -- set last week that the people you expect to keep -- Second Amendment right because the only thing you know people get mobile home. Thanks for the call all right 18774694322. On our car. -- in Springfield after the tornado the National Guard arrived arm during their first night's deployment that was repeated gunfire on the bad street the next day they were fully armed until their departure. They should have been fully armed that there when they arrived the first night might Euronext -- powered -- gore had Mike. -- -- -- -- bill actually actually hope you don't have to do it of course cynical but it got a wide. Almost no. Don't grab that you want all upset -- -- -- very little quote crazy. Okay after the gun grabbing don't. Problem. Yeah there's 300 million guns out there might that's what that's what's gonna stop from the would be -- it would be a disaster on so many levels of the try to confiscate guns. If they do that they'd like to get the guns but it's gonna have to be slow motion now are.