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Chump Line Wednesday January 9, 2013 - Biden On Guns

Jan 9, 2013|

Our favorite message from today's chump line was a good news bad news line. The Bad news is President Obama wants your guns. The good news is he is sending Joe Biden to get them.

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It say what you really want. -- You know well if in which itself. I had nothing to do with setting up the Internet via FaceBook page today it's not it is. It is not my -- obvious it's in the think computers never in your job. Such a strong suit. I get by on the computer. Got this with a guy who panics when he heard music coming from a giving up pop up that with playing standing senate isn't isn't coming from my computer I mean seriously. Sandy I want to take I want you take care of my friends my 66 friends. 66 friends today Smart 660. And again. Is their problem with that. Like having friends you know. Perhaps perhaps and as -- age. I've decided to become less hermit like and I would like to go to the parties I would like to go out and hobnobbing with the boy boy. It thanks for being a night game. The doubt Charlie Manson as they is this. Access to a FaceBook account. Name. What what would it matter if it was if he was my friend mr. Charlie Manson was much different. First they tell us what the -- And they tell us what to drive -- obamacare get here they wanna pick who's got your about it. I think people are going to great parents who actually you don't want the prospect is. It's an amazing thing you know I was I was elective on the platform of producing a fundamental transformation. In the most successful country. In world history. So we as fundamentally transforming it into way into a very mediocre that Third World hell. And he's thinks he's doing a bang up job. And he's very proud of so. I'm record on FaceBook comic -- caught in the I was a great. Spoke grip the ball great all good to have them aboard. Social media -- We didn't cost me I'm just tired -- in the same names over and over again and plus I know some of these people. Steve Murphy wants to be my friend. -- he's the president of the Boston City Council these companies want to partner pressed himself either he's probably got -- announced today -- -- balance you. -- glom -- on -- I don't know. You know what I'm -- brown made a she wants to be my friend. Sandy. And your point of this is -- Just why shouldn't I should insult people that I but I certainly something them later on. Why they if they took the time to wanna be my friend. Question I wonder why shouldn't I reciprocate. Those -- you reciprocating. But they -- -- they now. Everybody knows now. And one of the other people as a sales girl here but you know sometimes sometimes she gets me free stuff. She should know better at that point. Well Obama I wanna be your friend that I want to freestyle the continue yesterday. Days get hot -- Dream. Or not I'm American public -- -- -- Exactly. Exactly. I don't that this is another thing I don't understand about the Obama administration but again a good crisis and never -- go to waste what -- they. How does -- how does he think it's going to improve the United States of America to be weaker despite not having anyone have guns. I guess maybe he wants the United States to be weaker that would be the answer right. In the -- Patent but then. That being built in -- He's the second guy who's said that Cindy after the jump like we try to get that the mayor of the mayor's statement on the blue. -- -- -- Export -- and hopefully it felt to me. If you do -- get it and in the -- in the -- They how we did you see Bill O'Reilly last finally beat the abuse seem to sound like he knew nothing about the many attempts at reform of the 191000 missing or that or that house some. Of error or that HW we're sure some simple laws would be implemented soon got to go national. I would I. I. But most people know. Across the nation even if Bill O'Reilly doesn't -- that we have a big problem here with you beat the cards I think. And I think it's getting worse by the day you won't be another thing to know -- will be something for for congress to try to find out. How many new people get are added to the BT -- every day. Three people were added to the SSI rolls SS and the guy. You know all these extraordinarily expensive welfare. Programs. That Boren from which no traveler -- returned to was to paraphrase Hamlet you know he's talking about death. EB key cards of the same thing and assess the guy you know once you once should there can never go back. -- -- Obama coming forward you're -- It is important Joseph Biden being in charge. How to like have a meeting with Joseph Biden -- the -- what what could Joseph Biden boring to the table and he. I think I well I have a much higher IQ than you do I suspect. -- when Joseph Biden started getting these kudos for bringing both sides together during the fiscal cliff during the yeah. During the week between Christmas and New Year's I knew that. There was really nothing to watch on TV anymore. As far as the fiscal cliff was concerned because if Joseph Biden was in charge of fixing it. He either wasn't going to get fixed or there was nothing defects -- God who did what am I talking about or both. We're both. It has a lot of Massachusetts. -- got regret that the current driving. That would -- an alcoholic. Just made this show or got it. Just means there's an epidemic of bad ice -- going around in the local establishments around the states courthouses. Well I -- who made that. They're defending a black lesbian or Hawaii against the judiciary. You -- what really has judges. I do. I do hate judges. I'm told just tapped to warn act -- -- have a minimal -- on any of you to. Offerings. But I'm I am -- 100% force Sheehan enough recent. The judge who was passed over because because the other judges hater if the other judges hater. The final over. You know by by. By your enemies you were judged you know in and any any enemy of the judges is a friend of mine even if she is a judge. You and immature man drunk. With power well. At least that's what I say to you if you were on the Medford City Council. With the power to him. We have -- report. From a few laps every now and then but that's about it. We would kill somebody under the First Amendment it's not a court. It's a matter or. That's will be for me we don't pass -- to -- anything. A look over my illegal aliens and warm up my -- bugle for the next next part of the show. Well you know people you're all right. Well quite a bit. Expensive what it. Why why did they all have security guards. Not just there a particular politicians a year talking about movie stars. Why -- why did they if if if drugs guns only cause trouble than YE why do they want guns in their house. I don't understand is it is it only. The rednecks like ourselves who who get into problems with guns. Rosie O'Donnell is not a redneck Rosie O'Donnell is is a capable of hiring people who couldn't protect her but. But it's not okay for someone who can't afford to hire a security guard to have an equalizer. In the in India bedroom. Why he needed an equalizer okay needed thirty while Clijsters. He news is some veteran jurors. Needed some push knives he needed cup play ar fifteen should be that some call the C news thirty -- Didn't need any of those new style of gangsta -- he just went with the old style gangster. It's. We have -- memorial service for my state dinner tonight. What -- right after this. I got some stuff. That's a good -- there we we just got us are scallops and red fish from the Cape Cod this year dot com which we recommend highly the people who want to -- quality fish delivered to the doorsteps. I guess some of the memorial service for those scallops I'm planning on eating for dinner tonight. Tomorrow night W memorial service for the red fish which mimic and to some sort chowder. That was your last jump line message thank you for calling Kelly tire usage jumped. OK that's it for the child flying through -- playing is the recorded voicemail message service about how we are sharing call and leave a message of any hour that there might including weekends. We may airman -- play your message at this time each week David chump when number if you like to leave such a message is 61777934. 696177793. War. 69. The -- Obama it's Communist or you're gone. -- it is important Joseph Biden didn't charge. You --