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Illegal Alien Roulettes

Jan 10, 2013|

Pablo Dutan Guaman the illegal alien who owned a truck which killed Matthew Denise when it was driven by his brother, Nicolas Dutan Guaman, Nicholas after having been released by the court with a GPS cut it off and fled the country. The court in it's wisdom is now releasing Pablo with the same GPS on his leg. We spoke with crime writer Michele McPhee who is following this story.

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Another illegal alien and again I illegal aliens kill more Americans than guns that's I'm pretty sure that that is a that is a a fact. And one of the illegal aliens who killed an American in -- in the year or 2011 I believe. Was up Pedro Guzman he was he was from Ecuador he lived in Milford. A one afternoon he that you decide to get in his pickup truck with his kid and another fellow when illegal alien and they got about a thirty pack of Budweiser is. And just when driving and got totally relate to us and they ran over a an American who happened to be riding a motorcycle. They they'd be dragged them more -- -- down the road they didn't stop the illegal aliens and that this is in Milford. And as he was screaming Matthew Denise was his name and he was screaming and yelling and you know asking for help they didn't stop they they didn't care he was just an American. And did they ran up on the sidewalk there were so loaded. And then the he was still screaming and he was alive and that to get off the sidewalk they had the back up the track and they -- it right over him. The -- right over this America. And they killed. So now warm. Now one and now the one of them is going to win now another one is going to war and one of -- one of the illegal aliens was. Was it was copilot was -- -- said that he did good he could go out on the bail. If he wore an ankle bracelet guess what happened he soft the ankle bracelet and and went back to -- Ecuador. Now another one of the illegal aliens has been released on GPS. And he's been restricted to milk production the other illegal alien was restricted to Mel offered through. Which is he might as you might we were near Milford demise well BN Ecuador but you know -- don't wanna stick around Americus. He wants to go someplace where they don't got mostly -- badges which is Ecuador. So. Joining us now on the line is Michelle McPhee will be filling in for me tomorrow when -- down at the that down and -- sandy at the this our event tomorrow night and Saturday night. -- she's been covering this case Michelle update us on the latest with Pablo gore mob. The -- that computer and the -- -- this story about how whom I backed -- that's why it's illegal Eliot you're talking about. We -- these parents. Knowing that there I'm didn't I would -- impact and that acts and they don't die because he was dragged to order a pilot that act. While screaming while screaming -- Well beg for mercy I mean that it talk about a hate crime I mean if you don't that'd been the other way around that would that -- called it a hate crime. There were called little lynching. Exactly what that Amelie is afraid very afraid of being up saying anything about that case because no -- at the biggest. Meanwhile they continued it's it's the only any guy that each one of these corporate meetings earlier this week. -- -- -- actually given a delay because you know what they're dealing -- now and get somebody who has directed numerous tactics to get around if we secure communities. Keep you got ready and you could -- that you beat up. App police after their I get tighter and -- -- all -- and and that. This war -- -- -- this before he killed Matthew Denise. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That but yeah eating at all act there -- and later on it well bill it shouldn't eat that -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That didn't speak particulate dialect. Found that our county. -- it yet and not the way it. And two day. Eat all the truck that was it until it happens to be that illegal. Block are a lot I -- -- and he went out on a he'd be but it'll. Be there are a lot of other -- out on the media imagine. And he -- act act like you know if I think all the police chief. But bill and that Nat Nat and that that I'm back -- -- in the Harry. And now they've let the second one ago how -- did Doug and Doug did the judge wave goodbye to him because he's never gonna see this guy again either. Exactly in this is a guy who actually read this very -- -- you'd think that we're all X 20. Yeah. For being ignorant you are great I'm a -- and her whole or evolved packet came up but there aren't a lot. Well man and so is so this is so this -- This guy you know the they come to the country they say we need people who war or you know were willing to work and there -- laborers. That now this guy did not only does not speak. English. Obviously none of them -- -- speak English he doesn't even speak Spanish he speaks some obscure. Indian -- and I'd dialect. But probably only about a thousand people in the world speak. We have to go down and get him a translator. So that he can -- and he can have his rights. I am not exactly the read the paper the translator an apple is plain -- part what you that's I'm speaking at that -- practically mentally ain't all these other. -- all art yet been very affected it and edit it completely Iger called both the league by the well apart. While he had laid out and it could see it no medical facility. About Eric act they I don't quite get that's the only active. Day off from work. Over and over and over and over judicial system can and that paint and make and we acknowledge that it taint our all of that. -- -- -- -- -- So he has a taxpayer funded lawyer and a taxpayer funded translator saw the picture today of the the last of the the MS thirteen people and to work who Kilby got three Americans. You know where are a few years back just back -- them. With as they were walking across a playground. He was wearing he was wearing -- ear phones so that he could -- he could have -- so that he could hear. The charges against began a guy okay -- -- a career criminal came to the country not even speaking English. And is he's he's just goes and starts killing Americans. I'm -- began an agent and a thirteen eat these apps like -- You know how American girl. About it. And how. -- your response to God's. Word I'm more worried about illegal aliens and I am about guns I got a better chance of being killed by an illegal alien under any circumstances. -- like Dubai god. While the mother you know what mother -- Maloney and -- and her -- I'd just devastated they get the didn't realize that it's it's been much in the way she. And -- and you know we'll prying -- new -- it would every day. The parent and -- and I'm Mike's. Higher number of people killed by illegal want -- -- being killed and actually. Exactly exactly well according again I will was quote Steve King 25 Americans today are killed by it illegal aliens have probably drunk drivers. I'm not saying in -- -- and nobody seems to wanna do anything about it the legislature. By the way that the largely Democrats are able now badly. They are a lot and okay yet -- -- -- to register our. And -- the court you know about African agonize subtle way that we can sell -- -- and he can use their outline how do what what he's managed to do. But I -- getting out on each get raped -- a bit call and get back into the -- that it was able to register could be technical people. And the biblical liquor store. Then by whatever the hell he wants. To 07 says -- the ball the ball the when he something about this oh that's right he's giving them free tuition. Well that's right exactly I mean honestly I'll let you know how to treat you like illegal please for the love a guy actually -- Alito. 978 says how we it's the -- fault because he did not scream for mercy in the illegals native language. And that's the only ones to record and I'm mark I'm yeah. He works for a living so that they can paint it out but at -- like attorney arguing that the guy can understand Spanish now. Even though it managed to worked for the united they update -- brought me here. And you can't get it hit into an American taxpayers and the public school so it's just it's extraordinary apparently can't understand a word on what -- -- well. This is justice. And you know the thing is to even if he -- even if he is convicted you know we just gonna get a slap on the arrest. He's gonna ignore a couple of years like the illegal alien from Brazil yesterday gets convicted of killing an American. They get work toward a half years and that's what an American's life as were. For -- if you're if you're you you know killed by a drunk illegal aliens to one half years. And never batted guilt and he caught up and it taxpayer credit halfway house and handed EDT -- -- a -- security. He doesn't know how to function in society which is what every single. Kind of get in the when they get out of Delhi is. Right right their automatically issued the BT cards that's -- -- other -- -- -- we haven't gotten in two week that we should be given to of this in the in the new year along with that along with the people with the 7000 dollar balances on there he beat the cards. Got a couple people wanna talk about there's some Michelle you wanna stick around for a couple minutes short putt for -- cover in this -- Michelle. You rally permit you know. Thank you I appreciate that Michelle. 18774694322. Mark your next with how we Kerr and Michelle McPhee will be element for me tomorrow here on the Howie -- show go ahead mark. To. Real quick all being one of the -- one of the options on the north where -- -- -- -- or for making arrests yeah there's. Just grew on -- every day now hope that all came up through Mexico Wal-Mart. But brokers that are your body and who -- on the target PP. Just what the registrar of motor vehicle a written warning. For allowing -- like operation. -- over Internet run. Around yet X number legislation. Should -- now. All while. So what does -- -- I mean what is he gonna do what we work what can he go he can't he can't arrest or -- Know it's it's good football look at this problem. The other thing you can do this article application and. Hey hey mark your from the nor sure what the hell's going on with the Salem news or they -- -- they have they come up with a new PC policy not to identify illegal aliens. You know all the all the only American -- as well. How hot because I've been getting these are you know I get -- the of the police blotter and I haven't and they say you know. 88 Salem man was arrested fur driving without a license they used to give given names. Thanks for the call mark 1877469432218774694322. 774 how we I did some missionary work in Latin America this language excuses crap. You know if they speak and Indian dialect they also speak Spanish they used their local dialect among their friends in private and Spanish in public like that worker at a bank. Well it just makes it it just makes a day you know -- it's it's another excuse for continuance. It's like whatever -- at the trial date nears for Whitey Bulger what happens Michelle you know and I know right. -- put -- back but again. Gay or is golf course got the Irish got the heart palpitations right. So now this guys come up with a new excuse he needs a he needs an Indian translator he can't speak Spanish anymore. Brian your. They determined that the diet not that's the people know they claim that any pitching. I actually and the domestic and he's crazy he's you have to go to general -- and it's not a right now -- that -- in the Richey hospital. Now now I know yup it's it's always amazing the worst people end up in the nice hospital waiting you know. Like but a lot like the guys who killed by Jeffrey -- that's where they that's where they spend most of their careers like -- A brand your next with how we Kerr and Michelle McPhee or have Brian. -- -- -- -- but remain here how it applied to remind everybody out there that. Second Amendment has nothing to do with hunting rights at all would have to do it that civilian population. Being able to defend itself against an oppressive. And I'm not civil government. And that but that's the whole thing I think people kind of forget that it maybe you know that ten round magazine clips. It's not about hunting it's about defending ourselves against the repressive government. Right yeah I mean that you a big -- more engaging in -- -- -- street you know we all we all understand that that's the you know and he -- there there were the setting up straw met you know that likely this is it's about shooting deer -- you're right it's not as noted there was shooting here. Mike your -- with Howie Carr and I'm Michelle McPhee go ahead Mike. -- what's maddening about all this if you have to balked at a quote this -- say all we can't let. You know the select few documented workers caused trouble being that died in Iraq. And quick note Mike it's an anecdote all -- word. It suits and it's the right now to -- -- -- but like incarnate. Super. Right new town is not an anecdote but but this this guy movement is an anecdote the -- Brock got. The woman not the Brazilian who killed the -- American and can't last year she did downgraded due to a map yours that's an anecdote these are all -- I don't -- -- Arabic you know record -- Richard brought is mine and I don't think that. He gets slammed into it until bite LEL and they he'd judicial system electrocuted and -- at school he reported -- orbiter. Keenly -- at a ticket that's the political. I remember the I remember the they -- the globe delivery guy who were a few years back who was struck down a struck down a jogger at -- And the guy was wearing you know while reflective gear and all this is no way the guy economist -- just -- all over. And he just he just abandon this paper route drove directly to Logan Airport and boarded a plane back for robbers well -- Like that guy yet he had the -- -- remember -- when asked. That spot there -- concerned about it Sunday Malek. Yeah that's in Rhode Island that was in Rhode Island right. I like rain -- but yeah. He he I'm kinda stayed and he -- her rights but I didn't know what people earn that faith in the -- lecture fled the country. It's it's. I you know and then and then they just wait for a while and then they they always come back to eventually they always come back in a wide because there isn't any welfare payments in Ecuador. You can -- be key parts are iPad staring at the. It. Jack your -- with how we cargo ahead Jack. And it. This I don't know -- -- distinguish between Americans and -- legal -- And if you look at it was -- determined on my instead of. That you're gonna say there -- -- -- Americans America knows it -- how. I always go back to their old policy it's more fun to read often name is just to read that a man. A man from Salem. Was arrested for driving without a license and un inspected. Uninsured. I'm a registered vehicles to. Could be in the middle it would be an incident that gender identity disorder that's true on the mountain and. That's -- that's right. That's right mayor Adrian you're next with how we Kerr and Michelle McPhee go ahead Adrian. That this is second -- Condit and only if they do this a plant that has so much myself for keeping this story going about Matthew Stanley's. And it might remind everybody about what Deval Patrick. We thought was was -- as simply can't get by illegal immigration. I'll I've never clearly what you said it was an illegal immigrants it was a front driver who killed. Couldn't even think that the kids names you know this person that really may be met I could think it was no one doesn't forget -- on back -- But he couldn't remember that his name so I thank you don't let this story about. That's strong again and again don't get -- and when not illegal but can't count on a topic complaining about the X number registration. A lot. He actually sent them out out front reporter. I want you guys that did it million but -- -- The boy who were on the taxpayers side. The only we're undecided and all these people you -- -- the goalie going the jobs Americans don't wanna do but apparently they don't have to work during the day because they're always -- at the state house seven these demonstrations. You know space with a call Adrian Jacqui you're next with how we Kerr and Michelle McPhee go ahead Jackie. Hi -- on Hamlet that are. One at about a story in grocery shopping Ikeda and eight market basket over and tell me. And the woman next to me -- cook lobster -- at 399 Nina. I noted she hit three small children at her. And I decided to follow her through the check out. And watched it she paid for at least. Of cooked lobster tail that tree EDT -- How worried -- it bullet bounce back. I thought you had I thought you had -- -- lobster in the cook it yourself by I know that's you know it's it's really a mean spirited thing for the welfare rules -- to require but he sushi bought already prepared flops there. And I kind of get it only it would you -- a new rule rule for that second and not high. That's why can -- -- and now -- the only guy because all of a whole lot out there on the taxpayer. OK so huge so you can't buy a lobster new -- Jackie is what you're telling me but you can buy. You can buy lobster were -- it is it do you buy lobster that's already been taken out -- -- I -- -- will hold an intersection a common unit up. I was wise I don't know that we we need to bring on some welfare experts say here you know maybe we -- we only gave him two or three different languages that we're. So they. But Kelly I don't -- can you buy cold achy by like frozen -- you know you go to what you go to like that -- stores they have four Rosen. Lobster -- And you just have to applaud and then that you can heated up to you by frozen lobster dot org you can. Anything that's not -- -- I've prepared meals but you can't walk into a whole foods and get to try to make it black and oral forward and get the project and she. The right now. Will we saw yesterday I sent it to what we submit to -- -- O'Connell she asked us to send it to work. So once an -- a receipt from a convenience -- Pittsfield. And the -- script Reebok's on his EB key card and he had he had a balance left of 7066. Dollars. Seven I don't it'll all -- six dollars. -- Molly ball exactly okay we'll keep us informed about this -- talk about it tomorrow on the show when your element for me okay. I bet we will highlight thank began to have a lot of important that we are. Thank you I appreciate that Michelle. I hope everybody is always working for about partial like the guy who sent me the the the the receipt from Pittsfield the 7000 dollars back at that may end up as The -- splash for a before too long. 18774694322. At least for lobster buyer was getting food most of it just gets converted to cash. Well -- you're trying to push China sneaker with that 118774694322. On our.