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Chump Line Thursday January 10, 2013 - Al Gore Air Hole

Jan 10, 2013|

Our favorite message on today's chump line was a reference to the whales frozen at the North Pole. A caller suggested that we send Al Gore to create an air hole

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Is that. I know we gotta we gotta find out this I you know we're yeah I think The Herald is gonna file a Freedom of Information Act request to find out what the highest balances are these cards on the open. Representative O'Connell and find out something as well that's that's it's just -- is an astounding. We think about it if you had -- -- you -- not working and you have any BT currently has 7000 bucks on I mean isn't this great country one. Everything free in America. An -- and it -- you don't need and well executed here. That dot the Potomac news Geico. Somebody texted me and said you may -- -- beat them bullets which assured me ten Beers. And -- did happen it didn't see Mac. It. Maybe I should -- get -- -- magnet just make -- a card make it a car carted to a man you know he beat the -- to a magnet that that's a good idea I may do that. 617 what just happened to your reception intercom happened to my reception is there another channel yes. AM 830 WC OR NA MA thirty WC aria. And soon and a couple of in less than two years there will be permanently another channel and will be on FM. And I can't duplicate that I have my throat that is mark it. -- I -- you guys -- but I totally thought that. How we our employer gave -- flu shots I passed so far form for employees who got the shots now have the flu like I've heard that I'm gonna I'm gonna -- roll the -- don't take my chances. Greenpeace could be really helpful for the trap nowhere else -- -- Al Gore. Dolly has to do is obvious that there was blow on the ice -- that hot air coming. They'll -- Wales will be free. Three will soon. Well regulated -- being an -- protection against angry dear. The rate of that is secure and there shall not be. If -- one of -- say that you know what that's that's the way they -- written it down but didn't write it down like that they said they didn't say well regulated hunt club they -- well regulated militia. Think about that at August and it. People senior senator from map to good energy here. It will appear here. -- -- -- That's true. He's that he said he'd been a busy guy as we had the run for reelection twice in to -- reelection twice in two years now maybe -- or election and then reelection. Now we may be running a third time. -- can you do anything to do it and you always. How -- -- like compared. If -- -- -- actually history it has in body and spirit of what I play well actually. Anyway it's probably at least one. Completely counter with Connecticut polls thanks buddy. Too late to get -- in the death pool that pool closed -- Rex was a minute. New England and it is guards. And crawling to apologize. I met -- why not let trailer. You see Rex Ryan's brother got fired by the cowboys yeah -- A buddy of a much better year than Rex Ryan dead. -- I'm I'm I'm you -- bring in the millions Rex trailer he was he was great in his day but. I'm glad Rex Ryan is coming back from that I'm telling you that's the best comedy show on a TV last fall that she get it that you get an Emmy best reality comedy TV series. Of the fall. The New York football giants. -- Arum didn't like your. -- -- -- -- Not a doctor okay I don't salad serum. Soft stuff you take if you get poison. And he made -- -- what do you -- your old guys from the wider. Electorate don't think no load stock. He's he's back in the news you know he's fighting he's fighting the bombs he's fighting the flu. He's been getting ready for the state of the city address a couple weeks he's he's back he's the mayor is back. But apparently someone's always pockets. Over the ABC and I have -- -- since he got back. What's up with that. We elect as they would put the table. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Only judge him by roasted though are they I think there may be having a shortage of Botox and VC or dramatic it. That was your last -- line message thank you for calling out retired U shout. OK that's it for the jump on that if the child porn is the recorded voicemail message service about how we are sure -- call on. We -- message at any hour of the day -- night we may or may not play your message at this time each. -- -- Greenpeace that they even helpful for the trapped a little bit from the Al Gore.