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NRA Resurgence

Jan 10, 2013|

In the past two and a half weeks The National Rifle Association has increased it's membership by over 100,000 people. This just as as Vice President Joe Biden gears up to meet with NRA representatives today to discuss gun control legislation in the wake of the Newtown shootings. Howie felt this was a good sign.

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So we're big guns the news -- so. Governor Cuomo. Governor Andrew Cuomo has he went around the bend last night. He called for closing loopholes in a state ban on assault weapons and ammunition. Magazines that carry more than ten bullets as part of a wide ranging gun control package. He proposed in his state of the state speech Wednesday. Now let's let let's -- we have that cut it to we have like cutting of him he's a parent -- he's he's even more emotional and the judge was in New Jersey excellence nice. Maybe you forget the extremists. And simple. No one ponds with an assault rifle. -- -- They're throwing a. -- the power line. This is beyond stupid they're referring to the speech rifles notwithstanding animal sciences murder spree are involved in hardly any homicides. More than five times as many Americans are murdered with. Knives. And rifles all rifles not just assault rifles quarter on quote. More Americans are murdered -- blunt objects more or beaten to death with a bare hands. I -- to more Americans are murdered by illegal aliens that buy assault rifles. The idea that banning assault weapons is the key to a more pat peaceful America. Is ludicrous. Likewise with the ammunition magazines to carry more than ten bullets I don't through such magazines they're countless millions and circulation magazine is a simple device made from sheet metal whispering. Like thousands of -- many thousands of Americans could make them in their garage years. But let's suppose that you could magically make all such magazines this year. All the would be mass murderer needs to do was pre load say for -- in magazines and carry them with him. People do this all the time Italy takes a second or two to drop an empty magazine from a semi automatic rifle or pencil and pistol and slide and a one. The idea that lives will be saved by making magazines smaller is back. And yet. This is pretty much what the Democrats have stopped. Now we have been called -- call on this week it's pretty good called she's got on. She she went to this a story in the in the in the Sunday New York Times -- -- -- a lot of columnist to -- My style my stomach doesn't allow me to read this on the New York Times I April weeks -- I can adjust it plus. Plus like Camelot. I'll buy the product spending four box. On the New York Times and it's lemon in my eyes will be giving money to somebody's got a guy on the might of -- the New York Times wants to watch. He wants to exterminate people like me and you know I daresay. Why would you want I want to give them money under any circumstances Maclin goes for the Boston Globe through. In Sunday's New York Times Elisabeth Rosenthal claimed as the title of article put it more guns equals more killing. She based this on evidence that would never be permitted any other context of the times one anecdotal observations to bald assertions of an activist -- repeated with absolutely no independent -- by the times. I think that this kind of story gets written a lot in the New York Times. In not just not not just when their -- trying to promote the liberal agenda although most of the stories are about promoting liberal agenda. Of course she did not go to the she she did not -- go to the east the academic peer review long term study of the effects of various public policies on public multiple shootings. In all fifty states over twenty year period. Performed by renowned economists at the University of Chicago when Yale William land this -- law. That concluded that the only policy policies to reduce audience incidence -- and casualties from mass street earnings are concealed carry laws. But times will never mentioned the studies. The study instead Rosenthal column proclaimed that armed guards did not reduce crime because quote. I recently visited some Latin American countries were guards with guns grace every office lobby storefront ATM restaurant and gas station it is not made those countries. -- -- -- -- -- So there you have but the clock prone than the sun came up their -- Cox crowing caused the sun to come up. Rosenthal went to Harvard Medical School. Here's a tip high crime areas are often bristling with bulletproof glass heavy duty -- got a windows and armed guards the bulletproof glass doesn't cost the crime it's a response to crime. On Rosen -- logic. Hospitals kill people because so many people buy in much in hospitals as opposed to outside of them. But again what do you expect this what happens when you read the New York Times you read B asks. 187746943221877469. 432 true. How we we do not use thirty round clips were hunting we keep them for the chance of someone breaking in -- when the government finally just doesn't care -- wants to take all our rights away. By the way how we on the Yahoo! website and MS in news account of the Atlanta mom who shot the intruder remember that she gushes from suburban Atlanta. Referred to courage trigger happy. Refer it trigger happy OK now let's say. You you we hear a guy trying to break into your house your husband is not around but your two year old -- your your nineteen year old to. Twins are -- Those -- -- people out you -- in the nine year old twins you retreat to when upstairs. Bedroom closet. The guy come punches the punches up the glass on the front door with a crowbar wets himself and perceives the start. Wrecking the house downstairs with a crowbar then comes upstairs. Looking for someone. Rather than property that he can wreck with his crowbar he opens the door. To the closet where mom and the twins are hiding. She shoots him. Once. Twice. Three times sport times five times he finally falls down she's trigger happy. You think she's trigger happy. I would say if anything she was too conservative you know I mean that to -- she didn't have too bad she didn't have a some kind of but -- too bad she didn't have ten rounds. She got a port for half five more rounds and -- 1877469432218774694322. When -- mention of silences because nobody is on them killing spree with one inside of Halloween time on that house. How we correct me if I'm wrong the last time we tried to take away the guns was the king of England that -- yes that would be George the third. Yes George the third ordered a roundup of the -- guns it would happen right in this general area. One of our land and -- of spicy in my in the opposite shore shall be reading. Ready and are willing to aspirin and ready to spread the alarm to every Middlesex village and farm. The words of Paul Revere as recorded by Henry -- long ago. Who like myself was more in Portland Maine and like myself later lived in Cambridge. What a coincidence. 18774694322. How that worked out for the king of England by the way when he tried to take away the the minutemen rifles. How'd that work out on the yes eighteenth of April and 75 when partly when hardly a man is now alive who were members of Spain Wednesday that famous day -- year. But we remember him in our history books so. That worked out too well. They killed a few minutemen but the most most of the casualties were we're -- Fred you're next with Howie -- go ahead Fred. Their -- Pedro you're next with how we car. How it they're real reason to -- what they do bounce away on all our our morning -- -- yeah they wanted people that they picked our way. It's -- -- in no golfer. If Obama was really concerned about the kids he really do about it is he wouldn't think of future way to put in debt. And and marquis what are we target our unity talks. Yeah who you talking about marquis earmark or marquis or Biden. I. -- -- -- -- But see now the mark he's running for the senate you know what's kind of Malarkey marquee sometimes you was sometimes -- get them confused. And I. And I wanna get my head thoroughly dot. You are that's great yeah a Pedro you'll you will not regret. That's in our. Doctor Destefano did you know that I may soon be on TV. Why aren't I I may soon be on TV went in and have for doctor Destefano showing them how great my hair likes. Let's imagine how I'd probably -- like you -- Spanish and yet all that lawyers who made some borders who really easily out of this country at war. You gotta do what. Page why isn't that why why don't why don't -- the people come over here pay more attention to what's going on. Yeah although it -- state -- wore black yet. -- and it's -- -- see when I say stuff like that people say I'm just mean spirited and all of us. You know and ending Iran's own people -- know there's you know -- bit about the -- -- why. All these bans would -- would -- give away all the cool people keep them or whatever about a lot. Right exactly. Exactly. Any -- marked -- why they don't. They did not so like they don't do they want it took big big draw a breath and gets -- whopping Gupta vehicle alt alt alt a parent governing -- Yeah I I'll tell you what happens Pedro there's still there's still driving around 57 the solos in downtown Havana. Not only I want -- there and -- why -- we ended boldly stated main engines and and all Fleetwood Cadillac. The Big Apple are. You don't you don't. But don't have been good for about two years to clean up the gangsters and just you know some don't like you don't get rid of corruption. And then he should've moved on and now Cuba would be like with Cuba would be a 88 showpiece in the Caribbean instead of just a big. Prison. How we are secure look like in out. I you know all right Alison it's that it -- a bite you looks like units in battle. -- -- different part of Florida State job has become all reports. Yes it got. That's always upbeat probably -- -- -- this second should also bet it's well what they're all cargo to detain people -- any Q. Now I know pay drum old enough to remember I could I ever and when I lived on the beach and Palm Beach when I was a little kid. Achieve those two the two boats every Tuesday and Friday morning -- the gambling boats going down from Jacksonville who -- Then on January 1 1959. I never saw those boats again. There were gone. And it's it's -- it's a damn shame what happened to Cuba. Thanks for the call 1877469432218774694322. The only question all conservatives should be asking Obama the media and all Democrats who want to infringe on our Second Amendment Rights with these so called executive workers is where is your constitutional amendment. I know you're whereas yeah -- yet. If if this is such a good idea then they ought to try to passover is a constitutional amendment -- only need to get a pass by both houses of congress signed into law by the president and then -- have to be approved by what three quarters three quarters of the legislatures. Of the United States of America. Do you think you can get through three quarters of the legislature's BP getting through half of the legislature's do you think you can get us through a third of legislatures I don't think so. -- how we someone should ask Cuomo if he has security guards to protect them from the year because evidently shooting -- is the only reason to have guns. Police in Florida asked why they shot a man who shot caught up eight times 68 times they said that's all the bullets we. I'm a onetime -- dapper dapper O'Neil the late great Boston city councilor in his friend leave any lines one night they got robbed by this idea held up the -- by this guy named. Because it was limber. And and so in the guy got the money and he was he was running away and that apple pulled up the equalizer. And let him haven't renal bonds. And -- Loved. The guys in the ambulance guys in the ambulance on the weight on the Boston City Hospital he goes he goes. Why did he shoot me all I want it was his money. That's why he shot you and burger. 18774694322. Of those 57 this photos hybrids. Well you know what they -- if you mean if -- hybrid in the sense of being able to log going to the water they sometimes they make them and hybrids so that they can. So they can just drive right down the beach and into the into the Caribbean and try to get the Key West to escape. The workers' paradise the the utopia. But it does so many of are great leftist leaders could dream of making the United States of America. 18774694322. -- -- are. 1877469432. Threw. You through -- women like me had guns because we cannot count on them like Cuomo. -- is a manly man he lost his wife to a polo player. Kerry Kennedy remember. She's the one who said she knew she's an issue was arrested for drunk driving which says bush never -- steps that must be some mistake what the -- ice for Craig -- A Kennedy they are desperate for drunk driving what I hell's going on here. I shall be -- birds fly. All they need how -- is for Scalia to kick off to make every executive order perfectly constitutional that's a scary thought but you know the thing is those those liberals on the Supreme Court they march in lockstep -- -- mostly never go off the reservation the that I wonder flake you know while Sotomayor. And and and Ginsburg. And K again and brier Dudley addressed each other -- comrade. But which of us will be writing this dissenting opinion comrades. Is that your turn now comrade Kagan. Yeah you know even though it's in the constitution they don't I don't think they really cared much about the -- they are available for a obamacare right that's working out. Isn't it it's just -- What a wonderful life there. The NRA says they have 100000. New members since the sandy hook shooting 100000. The number of paid new members jumped from four point one million to four point two million during that time. Our goal is to get the five million before this debate is over the -- told Politico as Mike Allen. So now the the NRA is meeting today with the -- with. Vice president Joseph bite me here and -- -- -- from a lot of Malarkey as Pedro said. All right. Dave your next with how we cargo ahead Dave. They -- going out. Is -- -- -- are really interested in that David Gregory for Meet the Press what's going wrong with that magazine clip that the DC Albania and against that. Now dubbing then that's you know that's -- that's a good question Dave I mean has that case -- just I've been -- I mean he he committed a felony did he by having that back -- Absolutely it's so don't so don't come -- we -- any more gun law that when you're not even not. And force -- one -- already on the books. But he's a beautiful person Dave doesn't it say and I invisible ink this law shall not be enforced against the beat the beautiful people. I thought they what they can have all my guns. As long as I can see -- -- -- -- and shackles and chains being drug -- some and I walked and they can have all my parents. Second -- the second thing I want to say I renew my membership in the IRA yesterday. And I donated extra money as well but they -- also asked me about one -- that don't need an extra 35 dollars for a new initiative to well armed guards and every single school which is being headed up by eight. Congressman from Arkansas -- when it hadn't been done as well but I got just wanted to point that out here. Thanks for the call -- 18774694322. 617 during hurricane -- India but if Cuomo was was to run for the big chair would be able to what look at him no more. He's he's just. He's just a goal long catalog -- -- just you know -- to see he's he's doing what's expected of them you know. The New York Times were a lot of right a read an editorial if it's not in the paper today it will be in their tomorrow or Sunday. I congratulating him on his coverage. His courage. Fill your next with how we cargo ahead fell. Our you don't. But is that one of the New York before I -- to maybe I was licensed to carry. And it took a year they do background check -- you have to show aren't. -- -- reforms that you have to give them a review each. That they can check what all the doctors and -- medical history. As far as anything in your background they went all the way back to my grandfather. Well well well. Formal orders stay in there and say that these guns are illegal -- aboard ship trapped. I mean he's got -- on line situated cheat and the American public has no idea because nobody gets. I mean you talked about what before about get away which -- what about clothes -- remember billion dollars. The Mitt missing billion dollars -- the Corzine -- IG Corzine -- former governor of New Jersey in the former allies in the former senator and the former chairman of Goldman Sachs. It is an open people's. Actual but he probably thought well that's okay. Well we got out. How about how about what do you what do you got into the big now. Accident and -- he was wearing a seat -- that he did they write them up a citation for that are not like here remember I don't think it. Certainly not going to get the 400000. Dollars what was sorting and New Jersey because she was -- problems and it was all right all that. I gave a lot more than 400000. Are able -- that. I thought it was five million -- -- -- and the able highrise. Highrise apartment building in -- work she was going -- was commuting into the city. To what go to law school -- she was tired to be in the union boss and yes she she must they had the goods -- on the money she ushered him down for you are Corzine -- -- Corzine is a bit that's a classic example what about Rangel we got -- the Rangel quote now. It you know. Help us all leases leaving the cabinet another another Scott another tax off lob that the us secretary of labor by the -- don't worry because guess who is still a still look IE in Washington. Charles Rangel from Harlem. You'll hear what do we know and of course -- concern and questions have heard it of tea and direct it does speak for itself. I wonder whether -- space for itself what does it say he's going into the second term it's embarrassing yourself. And we wish you talk among his curriculum needs and that we were very -- Mitt Romney -- these women body and in a variety of things. And I kinda think there's no excuse when this the second Terry missed the first time you can say people got to know. Pull as around disqualified when you get this job number one. I had thought and may -- itself that it could be done half a -- bit problem with people just know each other that trust each other. And women and minorities don't get a chance to about -- -- and they have reputations and experiences not knowing. But what ever it is when you do have minorities who understand the problem is Colin Powell tongues spoken out. Is people not knowing that talent that women and minorities have. And ever heard of it described that way the Harvard problematic I'm gonna use that from now -- go ahead felt. We got this other problem viewed at these what do Republicans like -- and sort of -- are uptight and I -- -- local Republicans and actually make them. They saw a runaway apply don't put the fire out. And now I know I know we had a computer computer Kim was disgraceful on on that top pork laid legislation that sixty billion dollars. And -- Egypt India and you know he he and Doug Christie were were both really. Really made fools out of themselves. Should come out of it and eagle at rush and an adult literacy and it could duel because you have a big -- do you have you can reach a lot of people. Republican I know people say don't -- at all. From a Republican applauded because since the -- but the Republican Party should it. Eight cheap faulty component. And -- it should be pushed. Presidential order. -- that the push this through a -- Yup they in a I I don't know what's gonna probably be at took some Poland says only percent of people said they were Tea Party but I mean -- Tea Party is not like being you know idea. A member of an organized group its its just your philosophical. Bent I don't know I don't know what -- the pollsters were hoping to -- know what they were trying to do there were tried to say that nobody was a Tea Party member that's what in the that's what -- -- You know only only 8% of Americans say there in the Tea Party. Okay 187746943221. Now we are.