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Menino's Bum Zones

Jan 10, 2013|

Boston Mayor Tom Menino was annoyed at aggressive panhandlers in the city. His answer is to create bum zones where it is legal to beg. Howie was for the bum zones as long as they were not in his neighborhood...

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The mayor's much -- them engaging in the war against -- He's also in the war against -- Mayor Thomas mumbled Menino has pledged to crack down on aggressive panhandlers including finding those who violate proposed new restrictions but he blamed a surgeon hub bankers. On federal and state cuts. -- only becomes a problem when you start grousing folks when they're in their cars or walking on the streets the mayor said yesterday that's one of the things I want to try to awards best we can't -- this -- He just noticed this. He just noticed that people are being harassed on the streets in -- it -- their cars. I mean I guess maybe that may be in addition to all the other medical procedures that they performed on him in the hospital and then in the Spaulding rehab over the past few months may be that he put the scales off his eyes. This is this and earth to -- This has been going on for very long nine in Boston and everywhere else. We're going to try to set specific areas in the city worked him handling will be allowed. I hope that hope that make it very clear what those areas are so like and make sure like -- never go near them. And also will find them and do them yeah they gonna find them all right. Can you imagine the ACLU letting go letting the police find bombs. -- that are there it's their First Amendment right it's it's become a major problem again mayor it's been a major problem for a bear re. Very via real long time. The Herald reported yesterday that a task force set up by the mayor to deal with an upswing and panhandling has dropped drafted a proposed law that would create fines for aggressive panhandling. What is aggressive panhandling again these these words that committed their of the big become loopholes for a of these. Visa Burke and stock clad bearded. Red diaper global -- pieces as Michael Savage would call them. Aggressive -- here. You're you call aggressive panhandling like holiday exercise first and set -- -- and I want. I was on the Boston I want you listen to this. The task force was created after herald reports about escalating panhandling including beggars dangerously wading into traffic at busy intersections like do we square. Again -- worst -- what happened in 20112. Square. An early 2012. Occupy Boston ring any bells. There were tons of bombs there some of the bombs went over and decide to become occupied people forget there was more spare change to be made as a as a -- person and as a bomb. So they -- -- -- temporarily became bombs. Until the until it became occupied bombs and set a regular bombs until the police finally busted up their encampment. And a drag them away. Menino blamed the spike in panhandlers on government cuts to addiction and homeless funding. Really where where those I did -- there were -- -- and I didn't know had been any government cuts to addiction and homeless funding. Saying the government government is continually walking away from people's problems. Oh really. That's why we have more people whatever and food that's why we have fifteen million more people on food stamps IT IE BT cards because the government as walking away. That's what we have more people are never on SSBI. What do you do when you deal with bombs and what should be done I mean and I know you can't just lock him up with them unless they commit a crime and drunkenness is no longer crime unfortunately that was us. That was a very poor decision by the Supreme Court. Many years ago now. -- wrote saying that the drunkenness is -- disease community can be camps can -- be a disease and the crime at the same time. I just like the -- mop and a parliament and tournament detox because most of Omar wrote junkies of one junkies are. The drug -- -- or Al east of one form or another. But I just I never do you ever given to -- borrow money I never get Obama out here it's ten blow. I see a bomb coming towards my car in the first thing I do was hit the button and make sure every every doors locked. I have no sympathy whatsoever for bombs. -- your next with how we cargo ahead rust. You know Ali it's overdue for always sponsor of the bomb. Mark yeah you know and we collect some money. We send them down -- -- does that do sometime during the month of July. We get to let it -- with a lot of cans of beans you know so they can defecated down there. They don't want cans of beans they want cans of Beers. Siena and a gallon of wine and -- will give us they expect to go along with the. And and make sure make sure it's fortified wine -- with a screw top data. That you you know you you know you have your first five or six glasses of wine in the morning it you'd -- got a problem trying to get -- that corkscrew trying to get it trying to get in the corporate and -- you know it's. It's so much easy -- with the -- with the Dutch group. And how we will also find out what influence the beautiful people will have on. Yeah I think -- I think the beautiful people the beautiful people are pro bomb until the bombs actually decide to grab a quick power nap. On their -- lovely. Just power cleans the steps on Beacon Hill you know. And then they called they called 911 immediately and demand that these Heupel -- be removed from Iran Augusta precinct. Thanks for the call -- 18774694322. Bill you're next with how we card -- -- -- -- now to -- to be yet been out -- Pulling -- cash -- out hope you'll probably it'll stop where I want. It. Every fall for a portable -- it's I. I let -- -- and they also -- order or act that act senator. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Like good guys but. I don't want from the next -- Oakland you know. Yeah I like how would decrypt side of the world to help but like all the site that I. Took a Obama -- to -- the bullet. I think it took me you can kind of what we're decode that very predictable but it. Had he -- doing sector saying you know. While that the bulk of them. I know -- seen the stories in the paper you gotta you gotta make 60000 a year -- did too wide it was well somebody on welfare in Boston you know you're you're absolutely right bill. I -- the other day they hit they quoted the city councilor Salomon team is saying. Yeah there's quite a problem down there at Mass Avenue and -- have been them only a caps I mean no kidding. Again this is nothing no this -- there's been this problem here for as long as I can remember. And oh clinic about it the fire you. But for the of -- there. Yep so tiger sheriff Joseph off like. -- -- -- Really build a bridge well we should all we -- all the support what. Textbook that affects public well. 187746943220. -- you've been hassled by bungee go to Spalding go to -- planes. You know you get the you get the you. You know they put the the bit in your mouth and then they turn on the electro shock and that -- and pretty soon it hurts but pretty soon you don't remember all the bombs going. -- -- -- I'm broke I'm doing on. Julliard next with how we cargo ahead Giles. -- -- -- -- we weren't secret messiah it straight kind of neat I mean that you guys you know are -- clear it was and they still make big. Why should Joseph don't you know don't you understand there are when there's a Democrat president that there are no homeless people. This is just a very localized problem we're discussing here you know. Yet even apparently Hampshire. Conquered that they have problem until -- -- -- the Obama people with your bumper stickers. Ali you know they come driving -- I'm I'll wait for them outrun them and we did they see. Great would it be great to see above one of these quart one of these intersections with the long lights like like in Boston on the cast of mass it's at. I voted for Obama to -- help me please. Let you -- You got a lot better hate bomb any bombs that are list the got a lot better chance to getting a handout from a Mitt Romney voters than you do from an Obama of the Obama voters they. They talked a good game but they're pretty cheap. Although in my case I voted for Romney you know acted and diddly squat economy -- your next with how we cargo ahead -- Alley -- that Warner doesn't mean -- it. There's -- proper amount of money. Are you coach a combined job. More one of my favorite thing when I had a one -- -- the place in the on Marlborough street on my favorite part of the tax bill every year was when it was when I get the last agents -- Do you wanna check -- check the box to give a scholarship to give a dollar in scholarship aid. So that -- ski given out like it's his own personal bail money -- you know wants me to give some money for him. No I don't think so well I mean that that I would be more likely to give Obama money than I would have been to give money to -- scholarship fund for. Deserve quorum quote deserving students in the city of Boston. A -- your next with power -- go ahead jump. Hold on guard Thomas you're next with how we cargo ahead Thomas. Yes hi nice to talk here again -- -- -- the apartment -- the town house managed mansion overlooking the Boston comment when asked value. Is five million in the market value must be sevens so many to reside as my neighbor for a couple of weeks in all of a sudden -- find -- offense. Start a lot. Thomas. -- such a brilliant observation that's what this is -- -- out. I don't. He had -- to figure out what's going on and you're absolutely right now are working out through you know character here. It. I never heard him talk about a bomb once in the last twenty years I -- -- small apartment house and this is the number one problem facing this. Right I can't. And I play -- and equity. OK Thomas good like got a good luck replacing him 18774694322. Could have negative -- -- more calls appear somebody some but somebody around. Somebody around that some calls up 1877469432218774694322. It's so true I never thought about that. So you know that the thing is he had not that I think he takes a lot of walks on the common but. You know if you if you want if he's walked across the street and you are down on the common. You you basically want to want to get to be dark. You can't he can't sit down one of those benches because every every bomb a bomb has got every bench staked out. Then but of course you probably wouldn't wanna sit down anyway because. It it smelled the in the whole the whole area smells like an overflowing Europe because of the bombs have. Just been you know they vote. They've gone across the street they've -- across Fremont street bought total liquor store. Bought the bought the fortified wine and a than they've recycle that back into the ground after the -- after they've used it. And suddenly the mayor realizes there's a problem because he's not getting it right directly proxy alt to want read anymore. Don your next with -- -- go ahead on. Well -- or you go by what four or -- We walked Teixeira sounded there's guard Robert -- sort of -- you know it ought to -- it. And -- -- just short term residential or what you go to talk to be looked at. They are -- -- -- If that's the what -- -- the they should stop our apologies I want smuggled to other global Tibet. Well Paul is so we went a W this industry awhile later in order. Book. Got you know the worst thing of the worst thing of all what the bombs is the ones that go to the convenience stores may hold the door open for you that the -- at the convenience store. Play and you're supposed to tip that. Like you couldn't open the door yourself like -- it would have been a lot less of a problem you know if it might you don't have a million other headaches when you're live in the city. But now you got to deal with this bomb demanding some money because he opened the door which you didn't even ask him -- -- thanks for the call -- -- your next with how we cargo ahead Alan. I rallies I was down in on down I twenty market a couple of years off for a graduation. And they were a bunch of bombs outside a restaurant there and one had to sign. Need money for bear. -- -- I think the I think those bombs I think those bombs do better than anybody else you know you're the least that someone abusing you know -- the tell your friends Suu Kyi. Right I know they'll probably have to be more honest on it would have been I need some I need some a money for fortified wine. That's what they like is that wind it's got the avid kick of the of Al grain alcohol and you know so that's -- it's gives a little it's like a needle beard -- prohibition thanks for the call -- Tom your next with Howie -- go ahead Tom. Hey -- I you know I want to Copley Square one area powers and in order be trapped in the morning and work out of it pretty early. And a tropical running by retired over a -- for Olympic trees that dot in the bomb. And I hurtling see. -- in urine on the walkway. -- already pretty regalia burial back. You know it's amazing it's that you could be fines for curbing your for not curbing your dog but I think you can't before but a human being what is now I want was -- -- -- human being was fine for not curbing himself in the in the back bay. If it's gotten out of control how it's unbelievable out there. And and it would have been what is -- -- that you models can't really do anything because he's supposed to be a liberal right. It is -- fact he's blaming them the government is not spending enough money on problems on the on the problem no I don't think that's the problem moments you know. Thanks for the call 18774694322. Point car.