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Don't mess with this Georgia mother

Jan 11, 2013|

Police in Walton County, Georgia just released 911 calls from the husband of the woman who shot an intruder 6 times. In the call the husband told the wife " "If the intruder finds her, shoot him like he taught her". Does this story make you pump your fists for gun control?

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I am apoplectic rate now at some you -- now. -- I talked about this yesterday afternoon but this idea. That that illegal immigrant his name is Nicholas who -- And -- school mine in August of 2011. Hit a motorcyclist in Milford Massachusetts and that motorcyclist name was Matthew Denise. Met Denise didn't die -- the impact of that collision. That 23 year old with a bright future patted him died when he was dragged a Google who had thirty pack but in the backseat. Sitting right next to a sexual -- by the way and a passenger next on. Heeding heed the screens. About 23 year old Matthew Denny's now -- stop he actually went up on the sidewalk in an attempt to get away. He backed up over -- -- and that's one. This -- young man that -- is he has absolutely devastated. Ever sense and not just at a loss. Of Matthew's life at the repeated. Kicks in it's Dominic. That they've received cents courtesy. Of our so called judicial. Process right here Massachusetts. Really Nicklaus blue -- the accused killer is doing now. He's kicking back. In a cushy medical ward using tax Payer funded money for his tax Payer funded lawyer. Who got a taxpayer funded interpreter. But I don't know that interpreter didn't speak. Did -- -- this -- life killers village and he got yet another continuance in court it's it's an insane insane story. So what are you about -- clue. Who gets arrested on January 4 by the Cambridge police for driving with a revoked license without a license and they get arrested the very next day hey man. I think the Cambridge please -- and stupidly. You're right Chris. Why did I think that became police acted stupidly its -- I'd tell Leo. To address somebody who doesn't have elections on Tuesday in an arrest him again on Wednesday that tree. Behaving stupidly. Profiling you. Spain -- -- -- illegals have more rights than us. You should see them coming in to deal with criminal offenses and being treated like any other better then. -- -- -- And 666 said. Let's not forget when that topic tended to problems kid in the trap. The little spelling to be wouldn't talk to the cops because not police he got a bad guys. Eighty -- and by the way. Have. -- -- So -- -- nine kicks back in a medical ward. At a taxpayer funded facility -- taxpayer funded food it's not going hundreds taxpayer kind of blank. The family -- -- Denise continues. To be kicked. Over and over and over again. Yesterday court ruled. That -- boom mine's brother Pablo could get out of jail with a GPS bracelet. That's legal and. Probable minded guy. That registered the car using the X number registration appalled that we was supposed to have closed in Massachusetts. At the end of the last fashion. Reading -- -- -- because of racial proudly at the registrar of motor vehicles here in Massachusetts came up with the interpretation of law with senator station. Let -- to -- on -- in a car on the road that proves your legal resident really. I used that cell phone to pick up a package at FedEx. A cellphone bill in the -- absolute break. So -- Well be released but the GPS monitoring device and -- -- is gonna pay for that. And -- -- that it pain that. Started about that little factoid. In that didn't drunk illegal. By the way we've been in the country from outsell that of the seven years and during the course of those seven years he's been arrested for hitting a police officer. A firefighter was assaulted by -- on -- ENT was assaulted by this illegal. He's been arrested three times driving without a license already. Right. So I'm. A passenger along with his back -- little six year old in the backseat. And that passenger. Shots he is GPS bracelet off his ankle fled after Ecuador and called the police chief of milk in my. NN NN and. I'm back in Ecuador and I am getting married nanny and -- -- I kid you got some brazen these people are. In what happens nothing. Absolutely nothing because the criminal illegal people get arrested on Tuesday and then again on the Wednesday. Which just happened last making Cambridge those people -- The law abiding taxpaying. Citizenry. Like the family of Matthew -- Have to take time off work. They have to stay at the court -- in and be infuriated. Incensed. When this perp walks in with a giant pair rosary beads over his white teacher. Mean how does the does that -- well I found religion after he dragged a young man to his death a quarter mile give me a break. So we need to get off the subject and we will. And a few minutes I -- apple take a few calls on us. 87746943220. -- -- he's gonna kill us both for not giving out the poll question. Take the pole at -- Dot com. Interest what is our poll question and what are the results were thus far. Did Ben Affleck get robbed by the Oscars. Yes. 36% agree with you yeah I just before percent say no he did not I never predicted in the and that Argo was very. So yes. So as -- Texas said. That GPS is at this stage has lost track probably. And two it's 207 -- made says. Well Michelle. Is picking on him he was just want to distorting uses EDT card. Timothy what do you think here on out our show -- -- -- Our group thank you particular call. Are just looking you have short to learn -- Obama my vote. And I dropped by your -- far being in global lobster and certainly your livelihood. The environment hopefully as well called escape once all of my career -- by car everything up to and including my underwear they want so. All right because I know. Personally. Fisherman in the last on it that have been passed by the feds. So vehemently that John Kerry and Scott Brown all had to step in and protect those -- from further federal rest. Do you have a copy can beat -- a fight beat opinion -- if you commit a bevy of crime the -- crime and an eagle and -- get. You'll get it and taxpayers who have already picked up -- -- bills. All of course and here's why isn't that also knew the law enforcement agencies abstruse should obfuscate. The web him. In the implement illegals so driving unlicensed under torture murder and torture vehicles. They don't take a more. I mean who they are. -- And murder weapon that was used in the death of Matthew detainees has been -- skated by police. But the brother rule registered there are using them all because that I mentioned. That -- Accused killer's brother is also in the country illegally but he still has a track. Registered to the brother who is currently incarcerated with rosary beads around his neck. So he goes home with the GPS device. Because in get this doesn't really driving -- -- -- ready to head banging against the steering real. His lawyer argued he needed to get out of jail with a GPS because he had to go to work. So oh applied. He's here early LA folks but -- to drive as part of work. And I may think that the president might not to my crazy does sound stage so I legally. He gets it GPS device that we all have. The papal wide because he has to go to work in his truck that is not supposed to be driving just doing the jobs Americans don't wanna do is just committing homicides -- The manslaughter. That Americans don't wanna commit Jimmie and acts on -- our show lock on. I don't want. I you know -- My my thing is that. The governor there was elected to look help but it taxpayers and -- -- -- -- -- and Al -- being in and help protect. I'm Jim did all Patrick here at Massachusetts and ran on the campaign promise that he would reduce property taxes. This year my property taxes went up by 12100 dollars a year but I'm about a month even I don't and that -- Thanks a lot about Patrick. If it doesn't seem like he'd been looking now but he people up masters -- been looking -- certain boulders. -- -- -- Well that's exactly why we still have that mayor of blind -- Antigua running -- down now. Because he delivered the only Navarro and it's laughable at laugh out -- funny they have the attorney general. The one who famously said it's not illegal to be illegal in Massachusetts. She the golf. And it looked like she's trying to be tough on -- in Tebow by suing him. Sit down. So -- he did it -- -- in his campaign coffers Eddie gotta legally anyhow. By trading at fire tracking a -- that heavy equipment in in twelve undercover police -- That was shipped mysteriously two of the Dominican Republic tiebreak I had. Why that's why they allow people like that to run -- because they deliver those votes. Technically it's not illegal to be legal in Massachusetts. It's crazy thank you for the call Jack -- next on how to articulate Michelle McPhee had to. Yeah hey all of this crazy stuff that's on talk radio is part of the liberal deconstruction of the state and of this country united that you -- your listeners. It's not gonna stop you're all gonna talk about it and everyone in on the table but the last is gonna continue. Being well in this country and no one's gonna do a darn thing about. That's what you showed should be about what you -- Do about what's happening to this -- in this country and I let me show. What's at stake UN and that's exactly what we -- when it's worked before because the thing that -- lawmakers on either side respond to his public humiliation. In the way in which to really aggregate -- isn't where I seen my state -- RIC might state senator in public. My -- is -- is my senators happy after Sally I Aaron Stan. I you really let the ball tactic get away. What interpreting the new law are about illegals registering a vehicle a -- let that happen. If I run into them on the street in a restaurant at dry clean as I embarrass them. I call their office. I write in emails I have all my friends and neighbors do the exact same thing and that's the only thing that they respond -- when. Most of the people in the state if you asked them Hoosier state -- most of them don't even know -- states senator. That's how you get involved -- what do you take yet to act on Alec art show welcome. -- -- -- Well I don't know why that person -- bracelet off. Was not a no fly list. That's a very agency -- Mitch I'm wondering. -- -- Responsible to put it on that left. Why don't we go after the official news -- put on the list. That's the problem here and now in the idea that they wouldn't keep an eye on these perks from Ecuador. When you consider that Tim cruised unemployment has spot with the government in act would allow the years to try to get this guy accused of killing his girlfriend and his girlfriend's little boy. Beating them to death and dumping their little bodies in the dumpster. Donna Brock and I believe he's been fighting with Ecuador of the year is because they refused to give this killer app. And you know you know watch another accused killer witness to a killing. -- money is from the same country that won't extradite somebody who murdered child. -- The bigger question how does the conversation I'm hoping we can all have 87746943220. By the way the -- line is open 617. 7793469. I mean not the top of my head I can think of five. Families. Who -- personally. Devastated. In Massachusetts alone because an illegal killed a member of their family with a vehicle. Now the I know that top Q. And I am sure they added death total is much higher demand by people in Massachusetts that I know I'm sure. Everyone listening right now can think of an incident in which one of their loved ones what's -- got killed at the end of an illegal. But nobody wants to talk about that instead we have this one to nineteen. Demand for more gun control. When we don't enforce the laws that -- deemed criminals and wackos in the first place. All you hear the -- bits of people like little. In discussion. On the lack of facilities for the mentally ill. Discussion. On why we don't ever. Enforce the laws we do have to keep criminals. Off the streets with guns not now when I hear this story. From -- -- Georgia. This is playing -- her. Broke into a home had visited this is really why -- I I bring this story right to New Hampshire. I that you Kimberly -- So that poor woman. Who had to deal with those savage. Animals. Those teenagers. Who deserves and said hey you know didn't do tonight within and somebody. That -- somebody and what -- -- You stay in the attic or. -- -- -- There today. It's kind of an area not a -- -- Jason to worry about it. Here in California. Are you sure. -- -- You -- chairman out. But I. That aren't -- horses and to bring a surgical. -- and help it or had -- Christian community here. Sort it. Chosen weapon yet. -- car pull -- and Joseph Torre. It's in the bedroom. Bridge -- Remember everything that I showed he is going to -- or. On the phone and then yes sir we're dispassionately right now -- Melinda. Well no wonder if this fracturing. She shot of -- and she should -- She shouldn't you shouldn't focus. Pure and again. -- -- Well enough. I -- chills forgive me if I'd just fist pumped. Nobody in the studio right now when I heard the husband tell his wife shoot him again. You know -- fist pumped because I know what happened to just -- a woman she is powering. In the bedroom closet at her home. In Georgia she hasn't to a nine year old twins in the closet whether she ESM now it outside the dual. Opening door -- door. So this robber Paul Slater who have parent. We intended to rob the home owners but for some reason shifted his focus defining the woman and her nine year old children hiding in a crawl space upstairs. So. The police. With the Walton county sheriff's office said at some point you must seem like the kids go upstairs -- are heard them because he went upstairs. Pried open the bedroom door the bathroom to -- the fact that from Iowa. And then pull the opening the crawl space to get to these two little kids in this woman who was home alone without her husband. You know what she did and -- When I am asked are opened and her kids were put in danger. No no don't she tired. Six well let's I hit -- In Nate had a chance to escape. Exactly. The type Robert stage and they got him Bloomberg have. Sort of re all this action and rational debate we should be adding. If Kate's. Hat a 38 herself in her. Hampshire -- and my burning when knows. And -- slash Kimberly Cates did that ends in slit the throat of her little girl who was Smart enough to play dead Jamie Kate's. If she -- -- -- with a 38 of her husband had gotten that phone call and said shooter. -- and again that woman might be alive today nobody wants to have that conversation. But -- well. 87746. -- 4322. That's 877469. Point 322. Of the question I have for all of you. It did you just fist pump. When he her husband say it was -- -- and and you find out that this guy who. Roped into this all. And had just pulled open the door across space where this woman with a loan withered to a little nine year old twins. What united jubilant that the response was at five of the six bullets that she had fired her husband -- remember everything I told you. Shoot him shoot him again. And five of the six hit their mark in those kids are safe today. Like he would talk about that -- guy next on how to pack show welcome. I'm so choke back and I'll stand. Up it was you were talking about. -- cochlear underdog this morning today -- out this morning. News conference vote. America. Up by all -- -- But yet I'm curious to know -- investigation ninety as well. Structures. I just -- I -- I have exacting in dollar at the press release from the AG's office and Martha Coakley tough on crime she locked up at the biographer who ripped -- and some I don't eat -- that's a terrible crime yes I am you don't tell the work. I'm sorry. In 191000 missing welfare recipients in the 500000 others don't go to work at all. Those are little more pressing. They aren't as he -- -- the case. From a company. Connected did maybe properly. It has been sit in the attorney general obviously 06 months and I'm not agree. Solo all the paperwork -- no -- -- Out every prop up. Still have people but poison somebody ripped off from. Oral sure she's obviously. On law. And -- -- but I think we need to put billboards up -- Just listing all the corrupt people on the story. We have and clips and have a billboard for that dog thank you so much for the call good luck -- it. Did it -- and -- I got you the job he welcomed it. Or shall I go and I want to talk about that we all are out Croat -- -- around you bought it points. You know I've traveled for work the different countries operate that different country legally and out not even allowed to drive in that country. These people are all -- -- Robert I'll want people aren't to a government -- there's no. No longer need to protect bout against -- this is greatly. And what's the best part about it as the barbs -- -- the text is the best part is okay well calamities here illegally is not supposed to be working. But they gave them a GPS device that the taxpayers -- for -- so he you know legally work every day. A bit saying this is playing I don't I I'm glad that I travel all -- it been different factors all -- -- And then all of a letter of the law because you know you're gonna be locked up it's going to keep away. Around here -- quick but wanted voltage drop back below the elbow while. Do you think here in Massachusetts are -- learn New England gave. With the exception I mean maybe. Do you think the big -- fist pumping like you and I are deep thinking in Massachusetts they would have found a way to prosecute this woman who is hiding her crawl space. Violating the ball right of the of the bird alert. Also I'm sure there should be strong up -- now for sure. Sure. I -- -- -- whatsoever -- Massachusetts government for a big element that aren't just cook. This is you know what that purple led to -- thanks for the call. That's right folks the parent. Melinda and her two kids get out of the house face carry out of the house she leaves herself on her husband the 780 -- minutes doesn't help his wife and kids live a dead. 78 adding minutes -- let's cut out of the house. I turn the current data out of the house as well he was found nearby. When his car on the side of the road. He was on the ground bleeding from the face and body I don't think he used to believe. Kelly what about you you're on -- heartfelt welcome. And -- of -- northern I was disappointed about was she didn't have a pump twelve gauge what kind of maybe there hasn't helped bigger guns and. What -- don't look upon the husband is. It was fantastic in -- analysts you know multiple shots that. Why do you well you know we don't know what's happening and yet you are you on the phone with your wife she's his stat. I gas I'd be -- I'm not married and I'm just saying neglected -- and -- he was a big deal he was to let you all to one of and a mug shot and flocks. Opera gala so that's anywhere I can find the ideal of -- husband seeing shoot shoot again I'll throw up -- FaceBook page Michelle now MC PAT -- -- Not only -- Called guy called earlier in -- going on the shell is just shall preside until these people go crazy stat put up billboards. You know no love lost -- didn't shut up they kept -- in Beijing Beijing. And if we don't get to that point. I don't know we wouldn't comment -- -- -- -- we put up but the ball why is the -- numbers and all these people's numbers being -- and you shall. Israeli the only -- he's in Boston last. Well thanks -- for the college and I'll throw that number up as well Mike is a page. This is the Howie -- show on Michelle McPhee when we come back crystal played again we come back the audio. We'll play again I'll throw it up. We are it's our job -- I believe of -- let's. Looking up some stories. How about this 220 pound burglar that's her. Paul Slater and went ahead and the Associated Press mother is our -- rescue of children by shooting intruder touted by NRA. Not about it to be by the whole country would you agree. 877469. Point 322 Amish on the fetus in the highly charged out. Our Tom blank is open 6177793469. I did post this audio up on -- but page which is Michelle went out. And TP HTE. -- -- security get to keep anyone else fist pumps like guided but I urge and. -- -- -- He opened that door should she. She doesn't want to get. A couple of Joseph -- And better and parish which -- Remember -- in the national. Or. On the phone. And yes -- were dispassionately as right now. She shot and shoot shoot. Shoot shoot and she -- she shouldn't focus. Pure -- against. Surely. She scream -- her she shot him a lot. Show them a lot. Because that's all right. Was well able to crawl out of the house wounded. Getting into his car driver weight -- cracked. I have an update on whether or not their guys indeed still alive. But what we do know a dead heat what got a family friends heat broke into the house. He was going to initially -- the house but instead he heard this woman in our kids movement around in across base it I mean just think about that. He not since he wanted to kids. Upstairs. Said captain Greg hall what the Walton county sheriff's office. Because he went upstairs pried open the bedroom door the bathroom door at that bathroom door. And then he pulled open the crawl space to get to them and he was met. With five bullets in the face and you don't my response that is good but how many do you think this is gonna be part of the discussion on gun control. 87746943220. I sign up remains that I couldn't fist pump when that lady -- to the home -- since I was behind the wheel. But I did laugh at how eight K thank you blade. But a good job. At the end. I'm -- EU is in dealing with state with the exception may be -- mean. Did that we would be applauding a woman who controlled her breast self or are you with 413 who said Michelle. Massachusetts just -- video games from -- rest up because some cuckoo bird was outraged by the violent team being used by a child. Really -- really. -- seven -- said. In math they would say she should have presented herself -- guy in and wait -- left she is excessive force according to the moon bat. At excessive. Force big guy next on -- art show Michelle McVeigh. I was good doctor study -- really really disgusted over Ed Rendell comments let me get your show you played the odd couple of boys. -- yes and Ed Rendell. The I got an -- say what I wanted -- He says that the good thing about the new account shoot him is that the intensity on their side will match the intensity on. -- quote unquote that's pretty disgusting thing to say because there is no good that comes out of issue. It's I had to pick a side and that -- we are talking about a mentally ill whacko who had a whacko cuckoo bird -- And -- local bird mother took her a whacko cuckoo bird kid. Two of the shooting range now Howell anyone could have possibly present prevented that anyone from either side. Is beyond any of -- which is why this argument continues but there is -- aside as the only side there is it is. Piggy in shame and remorse for the families give me a break. Absolutely and it just goes to show it's not it's not about protecting it is about furthering the last agenda and that's that's what it's always been about that's why get so upset when people like. Yet what we can go ahead and stop by ammunition because we don't need thirty Broncos we don't need -- -- -- you let these people in the door you start giving them an opportunity to take more and more because they're not gonna stop English people of this country. They get quiet and these in these horrible tragic. Incident like this. They use it to their advantage and never -- good crisis go to -- it's very frustrating. That. Yesterday beyond meeting between the vice president and the NRA. It was what -- -- about protecting children it was more like about what kind of -- -- we damn what can we do to stop. You know all all the or something like that from spraying all these people sell if you wanna protect kids you liberals out there are just stop abortion if you were protecting the. Way up the charts the idea thanks for the call at an -- on how cartel at atomic -- and I just love this story. It in I can't believe that you could possibly. Politicized that other scientists say look here's an example let's strategist. How both sides of certain look at this objectively look at this reasonably ration of Lee but that doesn't enter them and that's kind of rationality. Reasonable. Thought -- words in the air dictionary. But this isn't rational discussion this woman saved her kids' lives in she didn't end up like pork Kimberly heats up and I'm very New Hampshire. Well. He didn't. I have heard that a different arm but difference of opinion when it comes. To this whole. Gun control saying I'd saved a lot of -- we call conspiratorial here. But there's a wide that's been going on on this mission in and around the scene hopefully and but certainly. With a roar shooting. In the Batman movie. The -- abortion is upon building. In the back into -- to a tropical. But what hasn't really been discussed a lot within the mainstream media in and and hopefully. By the fact that I was -- it up and what was. Exactly in those meant the fact that his strength knew that he made violent threats and alerted the school -- nothing. Those are real conversation that we should be acting a better. -- apps apps absolutely but as well as -- in the new -- and we 45 minutes and 47 seconds from the end of the movie on the paparazzi snapped. You see the -- agency to look at the bottom of the map. Well I'm not gone out any collide as she is actually have a normal conversation today Adam thanks for the call good guide. Okay. Dusty dusty is dad I happen -- know is a very cool dude dusty is is the intern for the comic art show -- you get in cases today. -- It. Alonso right signal. Yes you definitely need -- Japanese at an elegant Browning. Nine millimeter or about thirteen in the -- that would have been good but they did not be any incidents there's. You know around. Just to do it justice -- back on the middle of salmon shark but what I figured I'd just -- -- -- between. Which it is talking about that the -- as there. You know. I advise anybody we have never done it a tiny hands pick any district court in this in this magnificent well. Eagle in the -- at about it is not a Clark and more distant traffic court if you will. Till till about noon time. What you gonna see as a responsible people. Who made a mistake they're gonna pay for it. They're gonna get -- for the registration. Be inspired me have been arrested for their expiration. Being expired may have a maturity with them slightly -- Traffic ticket sector that it didn't go through this system victory in the price. -- got the other part. And in one of 47% like when you said and weigh about 63. How we last. The case -- because he -- people know what's in these men mean I didn't speak English I mean I don't have an interpreter and you're just gonna be continued to the next time. God knows where it lives god knows when it came from they're never gonna pay a fine -- and so it. That's exactly my -- and that's why he'd have a new crop and talk about that at 6 o'clock tonight. I'm Michelle McPhee we are the Howie -- show right Fidesz. 207 said. Why aren't we calling this a democratic war against women taking away their weapons to defend themselves and their children. This is how -- our show.