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Meanest Mother in Wyoming

Jan 11, 2013|

An article in the Northern Wyoming Daily News from an irate mother who decided to sell her son's truck after he was caught drunk driving on New Years Eve. The six-line ad told a powerful story: VERY mad mother selling 16 yr. old son’s 1993 Ford Ranger. Drove 3 mos. before son forgot to use his brain and got caught driving drunk. $3500 OBO. Call meanest mother in Wyoming. Do you agree with this mother?

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Let me tell you another awesome mom. I love this that -- -- it is sad in the north in Wyoming. Daily news. This sixth line and told a very powerful story ready this is exactly word for word verbatim what this ad reads. Very mad mothers selling sixteen year old son's 1993. Ford Ranger. Drove three and forgot to use his green and got caught driving drunk. 3500 dollars or best stopper. Call meanest mother in Wyoming. Our do you love this morning 87746. Died. 4322. That's 8774694322. The like this you think it's good to be true you think this way this is really mother who would be that tells ethnic. That she would actually take out -- net full scale trucks. -- -- -- selling sixteen year old -- 1993 Ford Ranger drove three months before us son got to use his screen. And got caught driving drunk. Cause the meanest mother and my -- it's like. It would be fake. But it's not state. This mom is a divorced mother of two boys nineteen and sixteen. The youngest son is the one she said the dot uses brain he ended -- get arrested for driving drunk. So now she said that when she. Purchased this truck for her sixty general time he came -- a couple of conditions. He was supposed to keep his grades -- Stay out of trouble. He was holding up his end of the bargain until new years seat. Bad night this -- at home waiting for sixteen year old son to return from a day. When he missed his curfew something he rarely did she became concerned and sent him a text message the reply she received was not typical. In fact -- he told us that her -- text message to her need her weary that he was intoxicated. She asked if he needed -- right now be home in an hour. Ninety minutes later no side of the -- Like any. You -- that was caught up in the night's revelry and ended up getting arrested for driving under the influence. The Wyoming state police caught the boy's mother to coming out and it was on the right on that she decided to sell the truck to teachers on eleven -- RX and didn't want to sell the track. She offered to let him buy it here refused. -- next few days. Brought impassioned pleas from both her son and her ex husband first all her ex husband should check out. And his business. EG. Said that she held firm because it's out of his business he and paid for the track -- did. In G held firm she placed the ad that ran on Wednesday in the local Wyoming paper. A day later the story at the Internet and now her own hasn't stopped ringing so the question I have for all of you. Do you think she is the worst mom in the world. She calls us up -- mean his mother in Wyoming just think that that mom was mean what you think that she did exactly. Which she should have done as a parent. I think shoes nice my own apartment that night I left the jail for the night. Did she picked him up she didn't beat him senseless. You think you might have and -- -- ditch. If you mother did buy -- Carly and by the card she purchased the car out of Alomar made him walk home. And that's what she should've done that she gave it right on she was concerned she behavior like the parent. And now much gone home she said okay. I'd buy into trapped in a conditions. That required you to behave appropriately. So that you could keep the truck. And you got current. He'll lose the track and act like parent. 8774694322. Because her ex husband continues to argue with her saying that she should. Had given her sign a second chance. -- key to serve a second chance that he's basically a good kid you had a bad night in she shouldn't have sold the track a public -- -- humiliated him like that. While I'm high -- -- what about you 87746943. To do. That's 87746943220. Any idea. That she started the ads like this very mad mother selling sixteen year old's 1993 Ford Ranger. And his kid only drove up at three months. Before he forgot to use his prey. And when he -- T -- is playing. She gets a call from the local cops Rosemary isn't this the winning rocks showed today. Between Amman in Georgia. Who took down the 220 pound intruder. Today's mom. And I am. So Prada both of them they may women. They speak well for our -- both of them. Aren't they did right and that protected the first unprotected yourself in the second one protective orders signed. I. Cannot tell you had to -- -- I have to say. To do with the fact a lot of it. Basically I was calling to say I'm a single mother a pupil aid to now. 24 and 22 and I wish I had done for them when I add them at all. I K -- easily. The weapon at that bank. -- let sunlight. That's one of them so much easier. To aid to their ears it. Stay and stand strong especially when Euro. So. It goes until her out. -- let me ask you do you think that you weren't easy -- kids because you want to be their friend. Well not at all I was eating like it's because their father. Was rotten. I'm Molly I'm -- he only credit side and I don't mean that it was that you physically and -- need it well by some ways but he always made clear -- -- how disappointed -- like them. Because they didn't do what you want them to jail. So you like it was a good cop bad cop in that area. Yeah and then normally the bad cop you know I had a pretty. Straight and narrow kind of person myself but what he overloaded. I had cheated give them some greatly. And I know even when I was doing that. I didn't like get. By. It would and should talk on the -- up to our top parents so well we're definitely. But Rosemary you know thank you so much fair share -- that -- us and thanks for the call. I'm with 774 who says Michelle that was his second chance the first was her text do you want me to pick you up. That was his first chance. He lost that -- so she did have a second chance and that's when she went to pick them up. -- as this mom and demean his mother in Wyoming or is it finally somebody parenting -- kid and not expecting the government to do it for them. Yeah actually due to great mother I'm concerned that solid that the album up much but back then they're not child and well they're not. If not that's what I did I side job my wife -- -- think I'm that somebody comes and you just keep all along that -- got away they go -- well. I think that's good but that -- about the gun issue is we we got down at Fort -- where they have although shooting. Yeah I'm not that we got all those old tree you've forgotten. Yeah and not look on the haven't gotten it wouldn't allow any of them epic -- -- only -- Arabic and they were the major that was -- everybody. Well that that that but they don't (%expletive) all that much. And meanwhile that guy Malik. A son is still getting paid with taxpayer money I think his -- is 6000 calls a month. Korea and at a street -- -- -- Again nobody ever wants to talk about that that's not our workplace violence as the Obama administration calls it. Magna and BI TIA it is absolutely maddening. 315 says boy that's sixteen year old in Wyoming got -- easy if it'd been me I would have been safer staying in jail that have -- my mother get a hold of me. -- -- -- This is the Howie -- show I'm Michelle McPhee it is a great show about some. Awesome women. Welcome back to the howling and I know a lot of seven feet in a rally car and I love this text or 978. If. Adam -- is mom. Was a little bit more like the Wyoming -- We might have avoided a tragedy. And that is the absolute truth so I love this story if you didn't hear you just tuning in. Meet the meanest mom in Wyoming. I call her an actual parents. She easy. Opposite. Those people from New York City driving to Boston for the holidays. But -- -- I just side. To find silent video games at the restaurants. Did -- not -- angry email to the Massachusetts Department of Transportation and shockingly. The -- DOT. Who wouldn't respond to you. If you found that fast plane -- -- to offer few grand piano and immediately New Yorkers -- action in Massachusetts. Because they'd want their children. Having to look -- violent video games now my solution that would be don't give -- quarters. To pretty games but not now. Massachusetts responded by removing. The video games from the rest stops. Well this mom in Wyoming is quite the opposite she bought it hit a car in 1993 Ford Ranger there a couple of rules. Keep your grades up stay out of trouble. While he didn't follow the rules he guard trunk I needed seed in got locked up the drug track. Now she's fighting whether ex husband is a debate about whether or not she should have given him a second chance. But instead she plays and had. In the Wyoming daily news under -- still -- very mad mothers selling sixteen year old son's 1993 Ford Ranger. -- three months before -- -- forgot to use his brain and got caught driving drunk. The birdie excuse me 3500. Dollars or best offer call meanest mother in Wyoming. I call her the best mother that I have heard about. Cents an hour ago we talked about the mom in the crawl space. Who was protecting her nine year old twins with a 38. That she unloaded into bank one impound her. It's a great day of -- winning -- Brad pretty big guy next on the -- our show at Michelle -- Well. -- I think of beer and a lot in the seventies -- Your children a car accident one of those. Well my old problem I was sixteen that I. You don't get a second chance or something like that it's a one shot deal marks it gut -- -- acres and I was tortured. Our board and I think it is whether. It's it's a friend -- to -- -- -- that a jury to dale knock on any more you -- you know -- myself -- number. Your -- somebody on you are wrong to call me. But I will not go to your funeral would be something stupid that's just the way it. Children kids on Friday is the other in the US not the -- Butler -- And now -- ex wife equate to beauty of our kids. Op art that I like that sulphide bet he -- don't want all of and you know you know -- -- to our. -- -- -- excuses are but I don't have a brother here thirty but later because she took the decision. The broad front thank god nobody else in the car appeals -- But you know and it robs. You know to do without because of what happened. You know I -- it and the other thirty years later you know you'll come back from your stock and getting killed and a car that should torn right that. Well thank you Fred I'm sorry feel a lot that's an awful thing but this did exactly what should happen and so sickened tired. Of the moms and dads who want to be Dick kids' friends are you Donna on next and how it our show. This -- I tell you. This woman has given her -- a second chance. She gave a second chance at life he's lucky he didn't kill it kill themselves or. Some other people that -- would be -- And you know. Don I have to say that detection of the set I would have been safer in jail. That's my case too wouldn't you would have been safer in jail. Yeah right exactly. And you know this is no accountability with children today not they. Can do what they wanna do and the parents who say you know if you don't do as you've got to get this consequent and they never followed through. This is -- Problem with children say they want the government to parent their children like a couple for you are driving to Boston during the holidays -- where. Aside. To see violent video games and you know exactly you. Have a job to do your parents don't give yacht kid's quarter -- if you don't want them to play violent video games at a Massachusetts stressed out. Absolutely but you know what parents today. Seem to think that by being their friend giving them everything they want that's the best way to do it. When it's not easy to say no to your kids we all have to do it but it's still bright thing to do OK and I know I. My apartment in the background and the fact that you have died you know just -- -- be ups and maybe I don't know. Thanks Eric I'm gonna rank top thanks Donna great way he acts on how -- -- with hi Gina. -- out. We had a similar situation when -- darted away just got her license than me but Herat Alec cheap car. But we ended up taking the highway from her because she allowed whatever friend than unlicensed. Driver. To drive her car and they had been drinking. And we took the car away in question was not happy about it but. It taught her a great lesson we've we we're not friends with our kids we -- parents and they are wonderful kids today they're adults now. So she is she rocks she is not -- mom. She is an awesome mom I mean I loved -- -- because she's mad. I mean she just say visit 1993. You know Ford Ranger the -- buried Madd -- selling sixteen year old son 1993 Ford Ranger. Drove three months before us on the got to use his brain got caught driving drunk I mean I love this woman. And her husband like I mean give a second chance -- now in my -- and I -- on board -- it totally. Todd Kelly what are crowd but I love -- -- can access and the one wants to be welcome law. And he got to be buddy buddy with the kid and that's not gonna work. Then on the one about -- -- probably a little. Easier than he was but he would you know -- we both agreed that she wasn't ready to have around current because she couldn't be responsible. Now did you do you paid for the first when you got out licensing out to first guy did to parents by the did you about it. It was the kind of bit my mother and I care and it was a 75 dollar for it -- Elaine station wagons. I think. -- have would. God I don't remember. Heat it was better than my first car which was -- Headed green Ford Pinto demand of the windows app that I did part myself but what baby sitting in friendlies money. Well my next car my next Kyra the bulk wagon that had no -- You appreciate its old old yeah a million yeah we're talking about back in the seventies when I had my -- Oh but -- is not the -- did the right thing absolutely. I love -- -- beg -- -- at all and you have great kids to show parred the canyon next time. Something you welcome. But we lost in let's go to Lisa hi Lisa. I -- I want that Michelle -- -- Elaine you do a great job. And that mom was being a parent and I like she did. Was wonderful and I know what an island Wyoming I'd buy that from -- because. I think she needed to hold him accountable our daughter it. Did not factor but she hacker out permit and while we're at church. At a function she. And our vehicle or right McDonald's and back again with gesture permit. So she didn't drive for. -- -- on and she don't get her life of the Erie -- and the eighteen month period where's she at a permanent. Cheap. -- take about the school and walk wherever she needed to go. I -- -- and that's what should have and has to be consequences and I think you know that's never part of the discussion consequences. In in. All of these mishap happened tragedies. You know had the consequences earlier. We might not be talking about for example of their big consequences for the illegal. Who hit and kill Matt detainees he was drunk when he beat up the cop. When he beat up the firefighter the -- -- guys are rested for a driver's license three times that 28 year old from -- Massachusetts below I've. Absolutely absolutely out she'd be apparent. Consequences she -- his light up in light the others. And you -- -- someday hold him accountable I think it's wonderful I think it's more -- acted that way should we be better -- to -- today. I'm with you Lisa thanks for the call press yeah -- we -- show welcome. -- -- -- I get four from thirteen -- twenty years old. And I'm almost firefighter. And I've been very honest with them about what happened and people drive drunk they are not -- to their friends. They don't get -- occur without putting their seat -- They have they understand the real world. -- I haven't I mean I don't Obama beat -- but they know. I don't comedies that don't come back. And -- mother. You know it's that this -- -- story that goes out parent or when I grew up I don't know about you. All he's I would rather stayed in jail honestly -- I'm not -- all -- Not my parent my mom would kill me it was I -- all -- we were terrified. And inevitably he is still own ball I want and actually right. That's right but I can't last as well as -- get the right -- And -- I've been out of shut -- is. What does Norton well story is that she said hey you wanna by the truck. You get a whole lot you can do you want you can either parent about the track he's like now and I don't by the -- than shut up. Our -- your vehicle that -- and she certainly did and it's nice to see people parent their kids chorus. While they took the call DN. Do you love demean his mother from Wyoming. Has not decided -- -- our show. It's a good date for strict parents let me tell you then you know -- I raised my little girl this is true story Eric little girl. -- and I -- with with me and act Robert Irwin day detention what do and or chores well guess what Vermont did well but she hauled into court. The court said. Well we're gonna change to cut the arrangement now values and shared past the exact you know try you know I said I said. If you guys I don't straight a student -- that you've got to raise. I got to -- and may have -- she was like you know fourteen years old I would you know I wasn't gonna be -- of the parent. That lasted about it but mark my daughter was back at my doorstep that's what. We -- she is Ivy League school right now on a full academic scholarship. -- -- consequences in yacht young kids can do a lot better in the real world because when there was an obstacle. You actually other accountable for it. On the show on T this is done how -- our show.