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Avi Nelson - Hour 2

Jan 12, 2013|

Should we really be brainwashed into more gun control laws? Avi talks about Eric Holder and Joe Biden.

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Welcome back. This is talking Nelson now along the -- Peter Galveston tonight in studio that was -- But we should different this time I find that whole wolf fascinating and all you do too little bit of a departure from what we. Ordinarily talk about all -- You heard. There are sometimes in some places where the -- connect. And got a good -- email from Barbara Anderson. Who -- feeling better now about Obama's reelection. In another university isn't president I just have to go find it. -- Now also about receive physics can be useful and applicable to real life. Okay -- -- -- in the category of world politics by the way the phone lines are open. To you now and for any discussion to those of you were four bearing because we are talking about. Physics in the world of the universe. Now if you want to have had it in terms of the political issues by all means. And we start with. Comedian Bill Maher and Donald Trump. On Monday night's Tonight Show with Jay Leno. -- You know he is you use of Bill -- was one news filthy language about women -- a million dollars to the two way. The organization supporting the the president's reelection campaign one of -- -- super -- Anyway he was on Monday night when he -- Donald Trump's offer to president Barack Obama prior to the November election to release is such Obama's birth certificate. In exchange for five million dollars that trump would donate to the charity of the president's choice. And -- Mark. On the -- Offered to donate five million dollars to the charity of Trump's choice. If peace trump would release his own birth certificate to -- the Donald was not quote. The spawn of his mother having sex with a orangutan. And I could see some human unquote. However. Trump's lawyer responded to Myers offered with a copy of charms certificates and instructions for the money -- when he broke. This is the lawyer writing. Attached here too is a copy of mr. Trump's birth certificate. Demonstrating that he is the son of Fred trump not an orangutan. Please remit the five million dollars to mr. trump immediately. And he will ensure that the money be donated to the following five charities in equal amounts. Hurricanes -- victims the police police athletic league. The American Cancer Society the March of Dimes and the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. We shall -- me right. Now I don't know if there's so it actually there is a legal. Commitment after all he did say it. For mobile contracts are enforceable he said it in the public domain. And even of course obviously you is mocking trump -- pay me the estimate gonna help help the Dallas. But time that -- money went to some good news from. Let's see what else we have we have that Elizabeth Warren is disappointed all her fans. Because she is not going to list herself. Officially. As the -- things first native American US senate. And she describes herself as you know part Cherokee and -- Delaware Indians. And babies of mothers and women who knows. But she will not contact historians at the senate historical office to tell him she's native American. That's the office that list minority senators in its official directory. Warren's aids were -- refused further comment. But many coed Haley dean and associate historian at the senate historical office said. If her office wants to call ever listed we'd be happy to -- Well. She abandoned the claim that she was American Indian. In 1995. Shortly after receiving tenure at Harvard Law School I still think that. That it would be very interesting to see of Harvard ever used. Her minority status in applying for some kind of government grant is to give special benefit to that because if they did. Then Harvard perpetrated fraud. Now Harvard may have said it solution we didn't know by Elizabeth Warren did know and we would see how much academic integrity there is. However. So far. Martha Coakley has not done. Anything in that regard twelve Barnes isn't Cherokee was really consistent critic warned. Senator decision is just more proof warrants claims are suspect. Quote I think she just wants is to go away because she knows she has no proof. I think it was something she did to get a job and it was temporarily convenient. She's saying she's so proud then why didn't she declare yourself and getting involved in native American issues unquote. As compelling to me. Okay. And if you love the paycheck you notice it's a little bit less. Because. They'll as a tax for Social Security. Which had been cut back and now we're back to a -- level it was at six point two. And then went down to four point two largest went back to six point two. Show somebody making -- 50000 dollars a year. That's gonna cost about a thousand dollars. And there's an interest you quote that I wanted to read from eighty. Well a young woman she's Gabriella Hoffman is the name is public information 21 year old. From Virginia just graduated from the University of California San Diego. And here's what she says there's also quote. As a newly graduated person. Someone coming straight out of college I don't like the idea having less money coming to me. During this selfish interest of people in congress who don't have any interest in reducing our financial problems. This is an impediment for the future economic growth. It's going to make it harder for young people like myself to get married find a better job you name it -- What bothered me about this -- she singled out congress apparently no know understanding. That. Which the White House has played a major role in not getting these costs under control and of course we've got more coming up. Because now we're gonna -- it over the debt ceiling and already the Democrats are lining up to say that. No we can't have. Anymore spending cuts we have to have more tax increases. These something to be desire. 8774694322. Is the phone number. Now is the philosophy on which you know elicit their people just sign into it without without really good knowledge she's a college graduate. Text message code is 68680. And the email address a Nelson wrko.com. Okay let's go back to the telephone lines. Iowa and all you only have all how good oldest. And to producers produced a drum roll so we can introduce our next caller. It is Dave from Brookline get after noon day. I have a copy need to get out there is a little -- sick she won. I know -- sour -- need to move into the wrong. -- all I did was asked why she isn't signing up to be in native American in the senate what's wrong oh yeah. Don't you think she should she's -- -- of America don't you think you should be proud and -- and a symbol of of inspiration for people. Robbie I think that she should but since you know so I eyes so I think she should but. Well -- donated. Why is it okay when you say it and not okay when nice. Provocation and are consistent. I'm not consistent. I don't think she should side. But cannot be I want well more important pressing issue. OK if such could be imagined. Right well but yeah pressing issues and and I am actually disappointed in the president. I'm disappointed in the president because the big brouhaha this week about. The all white male cabinet that is very disturbing. It needs to be rectified. We don't need the same old faces the same act is up there all the time. I mean something needs to be done pressure need to be put on this guy. On the president. IE EM IM ish feel happy when I disagree with the president I could say see. CC -- jump on the guy every single week but no reason at all. It's always good -- that it. This is safe area. This is serious. Seats are being in question don't you think it's serious issue we have all white male I'll be self -- -- to think that this period. Well I don't think it's series I -- I would like to think we we get the most qualified first of obvious that that doesn't mean -- yeah I write about we should get the most qualified you're trying to say -- -- congress did you say it. I am trying to say that I'm not having success because you keep interrupting me. Two other two of the positions. Work just because two women just resigned from from the from cabinet level office also. You know tinged with regard to secretary of state that's a third of a live here. That's gonna be John Kerry you know the last time. About a white male was secretary of state for the United States of America I don't know it I -- looking up. It's been fifteen years I you have to real really but yeah I tissue that's a racist and this. -- -- You don't win the last time that they would say African American president you know win the elapsed time you know that they would -- Secretary of state it would African American. May have around women yes Colin Powell is. Condoleezza Rice the but we're talking about the whole cabin -- -- talk about -- talking about the candidate like that America that the cabinet. -- sorry is the same page that's shown by talking about your problems your problem that you want to have been deleted my problems -- -- country problem your problems -- problem. And it was talking about what Ron darling right now. Wrong and I am right in this case -- -- your problem is. That you just say -- you want a cabinet that looks like America. In which case you are. Willing to be to have a cabinet that is superficial. And in your judging by appearances set up by competent. And that's that's. So -- Hopped built -- a cold it Beijing is little to say that fit and I don't qualify. Can get through I mean that's the only stuff -- an individual white -- that you think he would. Nowadays nowadays I just told you that it's been fifteen years since a white male with secretary of state it does not fall. Well it by the way if your interest in and who named her Hillary Clinton Condoleezza Rice Colin Powell Madeleine Albright is to go back through all of those Warren Christopher. Under Clinton was the last. White male. But the point gave it shouldn't we just can't seem to understand that. If you put in black face up there just because she's black faced. But somebody who doesn't know what it's all about you haven't done yourself a favor. It doesn't matter who the person is in terms of of the amount of Melamine in the scheme and or the gender thing it's it's matter of competent. It could turn out that all the cabinet is going to be female. It turns out those with a competent people that take two of all people to attack Barack Obama over the cabinet selection as they say there were women in the cabin you boy -- images being part who cares. It's just not the issue. And that's one of the problems with -- America. -- we've moved away from this meritocracy. That this country used to be and instead we have all sorts of claims that people put out. On the basis of their skin color on the basis of the victimization. On the basis of their poverty they all. Think that they should get something special by way of a handout and that's the problem. So -- in this particular case I think the whole thing these absurd it's it's much ado about nothing and I iPhone at the height of irony. That it is coming to the desk of the first black president of the United States that it's true that Charlie Rangel is black congressman was also making noise about it. But it's absurd. And seven anyone. Why take these guys called time after time. I know a lot of people get upset. When when gave his son on the program. But Dave brings up issues that. -- Being brought about by people on the other side in other respects and I always think that it's advantageous because after he's gone we're still here. Shall we can get the record set straight. After he brings up the issue the reality is this has been a news story and it's absurd that he was on on mileage to talk about as well. So. It it gives us the opportunity to to talk about it I know we can be upsetting when you hear people on the other side. There's so badly wrong. They're up there and that's why the election didn't go our way last month. OK speaking of which I do want to get to some of the other issues one of them I don't know that there's those. There's 101. Lighter subject to get to it's made light by virtue of the players. Barney Frank. Has been lobbying to be be appointed interim senator. And he's the he's made it public to the point where Deval Patrick the governor rush to make the decision is actually getting annoyed with it. And he said this is Patrick and guess what I'm going to choose someone and all the other people on mileage are going to be mad that they didn't get shows. I'm ready for that to just relaxed will get to this when we get to. Barney Frank we've while we were finished with a -- now he's back in the mix of I don't know Patrick is gonna pick on Georgia there's the scenario where he picked himself. He can't do it directly but he could resign. Lieutenant governor becomes governor and and Murray picture but. We'll see what I just thought it's rather it's unseemly for four. Frank to be making a big spectacle of himself but so be it. All right lower than the gun control that we want to get too because. That is an important issue and of course there's the budget considerations. Should never goes away. But first speaking of considerations of budget matters we have our own local problems to contend with namely a break to pay bills back on the other side. Joining us on the phone number 877469432. To somebody else. Welcome back. This is not Nelson phone number 87746943. Through two I know they gave another one of the -- -- good to. I give the Tel 31 in case you're outside the united don't have. The appropriate phone service you've called tool for Putin's New York. Text message code 608680. Email address a Nelson. Jello afternoon indeed. Your next on the program. I. I have a comment about gave the call. Available only hyperion. Many times. We view I think he's going like. Anyway -- you know. You know you would be. I I would like to think that's the case but I don't think it so bad enough interaction within himself I think he's for a. Let me mention just something I don't know if you Wear this but -- In the shooting guy in Connecticut. If the collapse surrounding the door on the -- or his being flex on plastic bullet proof. And if they simply had to electrically operated sliding steel brakes behind that door he never would have gotten in. -- nobody has mentioned that. Very simple to prevent. Somebody from entering through the door. That's armed and with the proper. Alarm system I think if they wanna keep people out and one in there they think it can be done. You know the problem is just to give you an example. I think this is an unsolvable problem but. There was -- one of those articles and I chemical Russian and preparing for the program. Is a California high school. Shooting that just took place. All -- a couple of days ago. And that just ten minutes before it happened the teachers were giving. The students of protocol. Of of practicing. What should be done indication they -- To happen like Connecticut and this was a sixteen year old student. On with a shotgun that walked into his first period science class happen on Thursday and opened fire. They wounded a classmate. And the class music is in serious condition now. But the point is and California incidentally has the strictest. Gun control in the country. Now what you're saying Joseph is okay we need more we need more security we need to make -- show that even students are gonna have trouble getting in. And I suppose you can keep trying to do that but I just don't think you'll ever stopped at all. And and by the way you know Joseph even if you prevented him from getting in so some guy will be shooting out outside the school and -- clash comes out. He'll shoot -- or he'll shoot in the mall or -- the parking area you just can't stop. At all but. Then there's another aspect here and if for instance the media didn't report. And no I don't think it did report. And recently the shooting in Texas. I think the only show Warner true and then of course and someone was armed likely know someone was armed. They I guess they shot him I don't know whether they killed them or not but he wasn't able to kill anymore. This was so what can what were reported in the media particularly wondered true -- -- -- show about a week and a half of all I've been looking on the Internet to try to find it -- At that one there was a woman who defended herself against a break yeah it does -- differ on moment to get reported. Unfortunately -- I think these things are happening with some progress of the implication of lectures. Is that the media did report it because it showed the effect of defense. That somebody was there armed. Presented the shooter from killing any more I. Look I know that the media is oriented against. The gun owner and against the Second Amendment and in favor gun control. But I I can't believe that there would be such grand conspiracy in all media that this would -- the report it. But I I -- -- I can't can't speak for all the stories -- thank all. Incidentally and and another example also California. California boy accused of killing his neo Nazi father. When he was just ten years old that's obviously the -- the father. And he shows he got the idea for an episode of criminal minds. Which is a program. Or. That I'm not familiar with anyway this according to Los Angeles Times. Joseph hall is now twelve he shot his father Jeffrey hall who is 32 at the time at point blank range and that happened last year when he left. Well here before -- The show is rated TV fourteen which indicates it may be unsuitable for children under the age of fourteen. But the reason I'm mentioning it of course as it. Here's an example. Of a kid who says she was interested in influenced by. This this this particular TV program we talk about video programs and the point is that. Now war what do you do now again try to start banning the programs or trying to figure out how. How these things influence kids here's another story. North Carolina the death menus and sign language were stabbed several times. After another man mistook the gestures as gang signs you know each gang -- -- certain signs that they do and I guess. And finish this gang member of thought this fellow was transgression. And so. He still loved him. I think established 42. Stabbed with a kitchen -- several times. Law we knew now then nights. To swallow the these Stadler is Robert Neil. Being held on 500000 dollars secured bond I don't know why. They would allow any bond to be placed he's been previously arrested for assault by the way. And incidentally she hears somebody I would -- cute guy given a trial. -- trouble -- we hang -- and I realized given a fair trial but if indeed he did do that. I don't see why we need someone like that in society he's not going to be contributing member and I don't want spent 4050000. Dollars a year. To keep him in some kind of facility until some social worker declares that he's rehabilitated. The Who has ever rehabilitated the first place. Roy email then why are there no white people on the WGBH. TV weekly taxpayer funded show. Basic black good question Roy are they all ratios because they only allow black people on that program. Not to take that up with day. It's 774694322012. In the gun control area were shorted them. Couple of clips that are really interest and the first one is from Eric Holder. This is a clip that has emerged it was. Actually done in 1995. -- number of years ago and I must say that are called looks considerably younger but then again it's wouldn't we all. And he was making a point to some old woman's group. And there's just sort of play a little excerpt of it and they'll expand on it. One thing that I think is clear with young people and with adults as well. Is that we just have to be repetitive about this it's not enough to simply have looked at catchy ad on a Monday and then only do it every Monday we need to do this every day of the week. And just believe brainwash people into thinking about guns and a vastly different way. I love the term brain washed -- to. It was a -- now the attorney general of the United States and he's into brainwashing. The civilians in the population. Make you feel a little uncomfortable. It's deadly. Before that it wanna play the whole -- this is the Eric Holder program before they made comparisons to smoking. How when he was younger everybody spoke in now. The whole paradigm with regard to smoking is changing and people now -- the huddle outside her almost embarrassed about smoking. He may he showed that she can change in attitude. But there's a big difference here between smoking and guns. -- terms of the smoking the reason people -- the problem outside it because others did not want to be inflicted upon by the secondary smoke. And apart from the enjoyment than a person gets from smoking there is no benefit and there's a lot of downside to it. But there's no equivalent with regard to guns yes occasionally. We find that somebody intrusion into our lives in a very serious way with -- but the vast majority of the time. People are not using the guns inappropriately or illegally nor are they affecting. Their fellow citizen or their fellow worker or that the neighbor next door. So is this an entirely different approach an entirely different attitude required. And I don't want the the attorney general of the United States should be thinking in terms of brain washing. Another clip here that I want to play this one from the vice president of the United States. And at this Joseph Biden just recently was holding meetings with people in advance of his coming out. In favor of gun control he met with people on both sides but you know which -- -- in the kimono. But here's a little bit of what he says. The president said even if what we do only saves one life. It makes sense. Now I want to focus on that because it's and it's an -- throw -- line even to achieve shall only one like that's actually not true. I'm not surprised that Biden doesn't get it and here's why. We have something like or what they shall mean me 8009000. Gun homicides a year. We have just 40000 people were killed every year with on mobile action. Now using Biden's reasoning we would say well let's ban cars because we shape only one life it's worth it. But you see it is important. And the reason it's not worth it is not only. Is there the diminution of the of the life in terms of efficiency. And enjoyment that would come from getting rid of cars can you imagine trying to function in society we have to go back to the horse and buggy. But beyond that there are actually lives saved because of the automobile. They're -- saved by ambulances rushing to hospitals by people. Being remaining cars to an emergency pushing you don't even have to go to to injured people. All the things that are done via transportation. That -- like so much more efficient in terms of transporting goods in terms of making the economy of life. A much better processed all those things translate into -- being able to support more lives. So it's not as simple as simply saying. We'll take the car away and we won't have people killed on the roads. Nor is it that simple with guns. There's times when guns save lives of course there. Now the even ideas -- talking about taking and the security. But there are any number of times that people are protected themselves by the use of guns. And how much of a deterrent to crime is it that the populist that some portions of the populace -- on -- simply not. As easy case to say well we don't even if we save one life. And there's another point and then we'll go to the telephone lines. And that is. That. The people on the left are numbered of the idea that. All they have to do was pass laws as if somehow that's going to solve the problem. And if you ever need an argument about -- just talk about. Drugs. Yes of course there's no drug problem in the United States or elsewhere because we passed a law against it. You just can't solve problems like passing laws it's just not good enough. There are something on the order of 270 million -- in the United States what are you going to -- going to try to confiscate all the guns. Talk about provoking an insurrection. I think it is wonderful. That. These people. Haven't seen these people I mean the people on the left have been promoting gun control from. Biden to Feinstein and Schumer to the others and what's been the result. The result is that the NRA the national rifle so should association membership has gone up by a 100000. In the last twenty days. And they expect that their membership is gonna go from four point two million defied thing. Gun sales of skyrocketing. The number of applications. Background checks for guns has gone through the roof. So the although it has been accomplished. By this threatening of gun control is the exact opposite. Of what these people would have liked they are now more guns in society and more people concerned about. Having a weapon. Then before. Reminder as we go to a break my sister put on her door when I was growing up as a -- cautioned. Be sure brain is engaged before putting mouth in -- Message to the folks down in Washington and elsewhere in the -- would -- Cuomo the governor of the deal was injured on Mars Mars on. Andrew Cuomo may have seen an emotional clippers ranting and raving. All he's done is made it worse. We'll be back with your calls and comments after this somebody else and. Welcome back there's nothing else and let's go to telephone 877469432. To build good evening you're next on the program. -- heavy equipment although gotten -- and also. Meant to all of a stock. Or implement. These entire country is missed and hit it and don't want to be in school. They've got. A lot of is that kept pushing and pushing and pushing. These old Almonte. Programs. Is -- yeah -- -- and when you look at all these gun violence and goal. There are acting to bold people they're acting against the bowl system that they it will ported to and oftentimes they. Don't like. Sure I but. They'll they'll they are acting to kill people and -- -- some of them may have -- they all have some kind of social problems but I haven't heard anybody who said. -- I'm shooting my fellow classmates because I don't like school. Well but I haven't. Just upbeat just the fact that there's -- acting school -- is telling you it is something really -- what school environment as. -- some of these are at the university level -- has to promise. War is more. Big book this book is if somebody -- them -- The reason that somebody told stepfather is. She really she bill that's where you and I may disagree I'm not sure that these people -- rational. I. I don't think that you can come. I agree with you on the. What reason means reason means to be able to do irrational urge you to make it so that the rational so that you and and and I and others can understand. I'd be probably less than what I have opposite page I at a very great. Situation is -- -- People bought. Our first generation in this country. I think you have earth the second generation. And global -- this goal can't. And acting all in acting out. Import people. Race against this bull and sure is something really wrong with education. -- thank you. Well. Again you you're not going to be able to solve these aberrant problems. You are going to find a population 314. Million. That there are going to be. A relative handful. Of people so far away from societal norms from the from the standards that we considered to be part of civilization. But they are just going to be outside our realm of normal thinking or or our ability to understand that's why read the story earlier this one of the kids who kill the smallest ten -- -- -- It's not just adults that we're talking about here. 877469432. To the phone number Steve good evening your neck. -- I I think that the but I find frustrating that we don't learn any lessons from laughed and and keep the left when the debate when they are that they message states that no matter what you ask. Edit the better there answering that question because we are right or more polite insert sat in a rush out. This should never an issue about got an array of people right should have said. I have not -- of the dot -- -- -- it's an issue of eight. Mentally ill person at all shooting there we are who took violent criminal action against other human being. That the discussion point we're not gonna talk about done well knock your discussion on we talk on issue in which it's. Mentally ill individuals who should have been identified with because an adult system does not do it. Who commit violent criminal tax what they -- the Dark -- relevant not talk. But you know Steve eat we chose not to talk about it their whole bunch of people in this society who would talk about including. People who have commanding spots in the media show. Don't know what what I need is when when they're -- by the media you -- the liberals do it people you have to question Kerry -- it'll and so what their. They get their message across every time the question as the to the RA every time represented on the right out at everybody. Dole talked about gun control should ignore that and get her message out or followed. I understand it. I understand which ashamed that I don't think you can carry it off when there's such -- large. Interest on the other side. In pushing this issue by the way it's not just. That just media types of people or activist types there's significant interest in society. You know there's a significant quadrant to people or in favor of gun control. I understand what you're saying that they may be wrong headed but. That's they are they are there and they have to be dealt with and if we don't answer their claims about gun control. That those arguments will go unchallenged. But -- promise -- that money yet so they don't elect gets more than the other day they can't comment double after the squad -- So passionate after school shooting in the nineties they took -- apparently in in great Britain and several and then we cut out com outside dot com about about the thirty to sit here. Thirty if -- -- -- it didn't -- and in the follow up question -- -- -- -- air if you took all the guns away how are there any thought I'd know what apple follow. It was a particular point for them. -- Steve thank you. Like this since. That they're different society she can't do what illustrated in Australia confiscated all unconscionable work here just wouldn't. To different attitude from history. And it's ensconced in the constitutional. Second Amendment which by the way it was not for defense witnesses -- for home invasion or. Where to cut down on crime it was actually defense against the government. Which is what the founding fathers were concerned about. She we get one more in rush here last on the program got about a minute I'll give it to. How -- it would be nicer Fella called it could be brainwash -- to -- applicable law enforcement. It yeah sticking up beyond his concern about guns maybe you should mention at some point that about gun running to Mexico. Yeah I didn't exactly you know. You know I think my biggest fear here is the masters of unprincipled solutions will expert and predators saw opportunity zones. Unfortunately. I think that's right and that's going to be a gross don't have anymore time sorry. One there's text message I did wanna get to from seven anyone. They consider taking the millions of guns out of society but it's too hard to remove the millions of illegal aliens. It's an interest in comparison is that there are some the estimate twelve million illegal aliens of 270. Million guns. Nobody has really propose that by the way and that of course would be what they would like to do but even today. Those in favor of gun control realize that it's just the opportunity isn't there it would never work and if you tried it. It would lead to wholesale insurrection. It's gonna do it for us said thank you for producing our world won't be with you next Saturday but the Saturday after that look forward to being back with this is nothing -- But when. -- have been.