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Would you track your kids with a GPS?

Jan 14, 2013|

A school in Texas wants to track their students with a RF chip. IS this ok with you? And, would you do it yourself for your own kids?

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Her record this is Jeff Horner -- bulldozers. 6868. You can also affects the six. Story -- massive implications. Slowly but surely. They're now portion. Of foot traffic tracking devices forgive me. Call upon the -- for students. And elementary school students. High school students. And so a Texas school district. Is now. Attempting to put sort of tracking devices are called locate your chips in student ID badges on several campuses. And then it's a pilot program. And apparently it's gonna start spreading across Texas. And other school districts across the country are now looking to emulate. And essentially what it does it's we thirteen 141516. Year old on campus. You have a student badge and embedded within that bunch. Is -- -- -- chip. And so for example. In northside independent school district in Texas which is apparently the third biggest support for -- the fourth largest school district in Texas. 4200. Students can be monitored all day in school. -- GPS like precision. And whether parents have a fifteen year old girl her name is Andrea Hernandez. Who requested. That she be exempted from having to have dislocating her chip on religious grounds. And the argument was it about her and her family. Is that this -- dates for them the mark of the beast that it's somehow -- panic or diabolical urging monuc. To have a chip. Put on to someone's body to monitor them throughout today. A judge has now ruled. That an in -- as she can be transferred to another school. If she's uncomfortable. Wearing a locate -- chip. The bigger issue is this. Would you want your kids. In school. To be monitored by school administrators and school officials. Tracking your child throughout the entire day. They would know their entire movements. They would know where they would beat. There were no would they be doing. Did know exactly what they're the location of that student of your child. Anywhere on school grounds. This is gaining a lot of popularity among some parents. -- -- the kids are in trouble in case the kids are doing drugs in case the kids are skipping class. Durden who are not in school this is a way to find out if kids are missing class or skipping class. And this is why it's starting to really take -- Texas. There's also a financial incentive. Many of these schools are given extra funds an extra money. If they have a high class attendance rate. That's why there's this Porsche to -- locate or chip or tracking device upon students. Let me be very candid with -- I skip class when I was in high school. Cooks he skipped class when he was in high school. Kids are kids their 14151617. Demean the idea. Are putting a tracking device on a child on a high schools to enter an elementary school student is to -- orwellian. The state and the school has no business. Tracking our students at every moment and every time. Because it's. Once you have a tracking device. It is inevitable. That what is coming next. Will be surveillance devices. You will have cameras put on the students not just locate her chips. Once this school. Can put -- tracking device on your child he your child no longer has any rights to your child. Is now essentially the property of the school. And now if your child goes to the bathroom whatever your child is doing. Some administrator. Can track that child anywhere. At any time. And next. -- gonna put a camera on them it's just it's it's just a logical next attention. And so the potential for abuse here is immense. It is immense. What if you have perverts in the school often in the school administration. One I have little cameras are tracking devices he's got a very pretty girl up a brief 1516 year old girl. Who winning Sheehan the in the bathroom all when is she in the shower. Or when she finished gym class all war. She's skipping class. But I'll go confront her. And say you know want if I won't tell your parents if. Me you know any. Scratch my back I scratch your back. The potential for abuse here is immense. Your child is in school. 151617. Part of growing up. Is making choices. And learning to make the right choices. When you start putting tracking devices on your children in school. You're taking away those choices. And you're giving school administrators. Immense power and knowledge over your kids. And so my question to you is this guy. I got there you have that power. I didn't. You giving to kids over to the school for 78 hours a day yet to teach my child. But not to track their every move every breath they make every move they take I mean. That's not staying but hopefully I'm just telling you running a bit like -- really is becoming I -- I told -- it's it's becoming like a school police say eight. I mean it's not the school administrators and business. -- not to know whether I'm in the library at lunchtime reading. Or whether I'm in the cafeteria talking with my friends. Or whether I'm taking a walk on school grounds. That's not the school administrators business. The school administrators businesses to make sure is a safe school. Environment. And and now who the child is learning. That's the school administrators business when it's not there to try my child and every second every moment. -- Now. He's home coming out of this school has -- responsibility to keep your kids say I have problems school systems -- doing it. I have a major problem with the school system doing it I don't trust them -- kind of power over my child. You trust them to teach your child did not know where they are we are all pine -- 7 AM at 3 PM mountain yeah. And coming all right I'm just telling your business is to give -- good to you look at -- a good principal how good teachers provide good classrooms he should. And provide a safe environment. I'm not telling you does that mean pilots safer environment is to know where all the kids I have to find out if there's if if I've been bastions in the bathroom at all wolf for. Destroying our faster way to first period and second -- -- -- missed third -- then at six early. Like what I know the school the teacher then writes a note takes attendance. And then this is the principal won't call me and let me know if options mines school. But. They're -- our job is not to put some tracking device my child is not a dog. My chose not an animal right got to -- -- Every second of the day knowing his exact location. It's think ultimately stayed dehumanize nation of our children that's what's now happening. So 6172066. 6868. Is the number might question do you is a simple one as a parent. Would you want -- tracking device put on your child. Every day as they go to school. Would you want school administrators and school officials. To be tracking your child every second every moment every minute of the day. What say you 6172666868. Is the number. Marine Europe first thanks for holding welcome to the coroner report. -- beyond everybody's there could be you have a middle school. And I don't believe that but let her back I gave I don't know when I went to school you go when they take attendance just like you said Jeff. And I would get a default without my mom would get it won't cost. From the -- at all. Because the typical ocean in tropical today if she harmed because he usually the protocol is my mother would have to call in sick if I was sick. And you -- back to that principle no I was in school. I was exactly the same for me marine and I don't see why. Why that you know why why why that has that changed now. There today is schools of 6700 kids its principal gets -- they -- all very hard. Everyone else and I we have school administrators and that's their -- that's ridiculous that's -- drop -- call to parents. Clinton political. High level of what -- Cecil all of a sudden now really all of a sudden now the administrators can call up the parents that. There's suddenly now they can't there's other things do they call it a parent what they've been doing it for decades. So why it is big change now all of a sudden now and the GPS people all they're gonna make out like bandits. This is another boondoggle to the GPS people so now. -- seven high school I have to be tracked every second of the day. Here let me give an example of why would want -- tracking device on me OK for perfectly innocent noble reasons find out -- this is -- cooler and high school this is Jeff -- in high school. We know here are really high school. ED 48586. Okay go ahead. This wanna get that visual we got a -- give blond hair mullet. Won't know what I mean a lot more hair than as you and I check out I had not manager -- a leather jacket I was a big tough guy would win Levi's Jeans and congress running shoes and and and a leather jacket with an AC/DC T shirt. I honestly would sometimes. Go to the high school chapel. And I would break. Now that's no one's business. I didn't want anybody in all the because there's something very intensely personal to me. And in fact I knew that some school administrators were actively Hoss file if you were -- practicing Christian. They -- you -- fun have you a lot of teachers did. So I was in a chop on honestly I would pray. This is ridiculous telling you come so we they have no business knowing whether prime minute chapel they have no business. None zero manner. So to suggest -- let's -- our guards at every classroom doesn't want my kids. -- track I wanna put armed guards and every class should prevent massacres in shootings but having an armed guard patrolled the hallway. Is something very different than putting a microchip on a child. That monitors and watches them every second of every minute because I'm telling you and nobody can overcome this argument. Tracking won't be enough. You're gonna wanna see what your child is doing. Right because that's the next logical step. Well what if there you know -- in the bathroom but -- either smoking in the bathroom may -- -- doing marijuana and the bathroom so we have that little cameras on -- The potential for abuse is immense so what's next girls and about to our guys in the bathroom and I guy's gonna get a little peep show. With the camera looking at them. I mean to mean there's certain aspects of privacy there are no one else's business. And yes sometimes students skipped Klaus the parents have to deal with -- attended a part of growing up. Is learning to make choices. Not being watched over Big Brother one B four hours a day they got to grow up. Eric Europe next welcome to the coroner report. Well computing is still a lot of mud under this morning you have got to take the pretty content oil had a jab Mike good and that's. I mean that's ridiculous you aren't exactly what took its debt you sit there you are told -- who are having teachers would Guidant. That's that's step towards -- Then what you're then then then making sure to -- school closed with a kid did and they have a legal responsibility. To make sure that the judges say they know the -- -- More vulnerable this what Erik Coleman once second I didn't say teacher if -- looked to me if you're a teacher you ever write to bring in a gun to protect yourself. In the world right now. I'm not that's about seven perk that guardianship wanna -- to make sure that. -- want to punish it what is supposed to great. This I don't understand now now in the wake of -- what we got to put -- some kids go. I don't understand why do you lose your your challenge you don't get in -- -- This you Eric -- -- but I don't essentially what's this Q what's this -- with having. At my high school Arnold -- a -- lead our school is an ordinary high school we actually had security guards. They weren't armed. But we -- security -- we had two big security guards and that helped now in the wake of today actual harm them how to professional security guards at a school. So nobody can come in and shoot the place up. But where we go from there to who. Putting a microchip. -- honestly would you like to have a microchip -- -- were some school administrator is watching every move that you make your. I'm telling our future and I think that -- that they have a responsibility along with a -- dark yeah I have this achievement not like a lot. You write them up but that's the problem that is that guilty and that's clash I don't know like 3540 kids in the classroom. When you were in school they're probably no more than lights when he hit that. And it didn't -- between -- then -- now and a lack of a lot more. But the problem of keeping track of each get to Egypt. In -- -- the only school ground -- all edged up. We need to know he's just darted through school if it's something happened in the Chad and the kid did something where they walked out of school early walked out of McLeod who are doing what -- supposed to do. You can't -- its gonna do they're Christian school. Yeah -- I know that's the problem everybody suing everybody. But that's not the issue that's your child. He send them to school they skip -- the -- responsible and the parents are responsible you're responsible to write the note to the principal. Don't call and informed the parents. But. Look I'm telling you. They're gonna know when you're going to the bathroom. They're gonna know when you're showering. They're gonna know when your brain they're gonna know when you're in the chop all I mean this thing can go on and on. So we're teaching our kids that have actually no sense of privacy no sense of individual dignity whatsoever in the name of quote security. Michelle. Europe next welcome to the corner report. Good morning -- spectacular against this job. I didn't plan yourself perform -- make it once more. Eric it's exactly great he's -- -- -- at least talked about my husband suffered teacher and a large city. Old sister in the Boston area. And my kids went through -- Operated. Critical. Bit different today than -- many high school is gonna still find this policy of open. He opened and -- all the policy where they have. That student -- -- freshman year birthday how many cuts they can make. I'm afraid they're great they're effective. And I keep somebody who is fourteen years -- that I have freedom. It's irresponsible. CAA. That the agent are complete. Brain development. Where executive functions. Are solid and completely formed a human brain is the -- it's (%expletive) -- -- 22. So that and also my final I gonna go to work hard back everybody to where. But you could talk about that but my final grade is. These people that are and seek custody and yes we are basically in the -- responsible for the wealthy. And their safety. These people who might -- they are not considered a golfer until they're eighteen. We both are so. Privileges and expectations. And we you have to realize that we're no -- -- It is vastly different and even when you look at school that I open in high school many years before that. Out of the world changed. The situation to change. See this problem that the kids must base. Our schools. And the I just. I have absolutely no problem we're having a microchip. And I hope that you expect as. A microchip I understood it that it that you're you're making that into a position that's not correct. On the school tax on the cool kid writing. I have apparel that Charlie thank you -- you thank you know meanwhile they have to Wear the idea they have to Wear the match. So you're being tracked. For the full time you're in school. And to mean we track animals we don't track human being X. Full time we don't do that. -- it's it's profoundly dehumanizing. I imagine and think about your child. So your child now is basically got Big Brother watching -- the next step is cameras and all. Cameras everywhere and then eventually cameras on the -- some -- yeah I know that. So just cameras cameras and -- so it's going to be cameras on the and you don't think the potential for a data files people school administrators. You know I mean you're in the -- for more let's take a look I think depict what are they writing what are they thinking what are they saying. Janine Europe next welcome to the -- report. Time yet he could be here for -- I have. Let's play devil's advocate elaborately put -- Hit and that he -- if you let their ability. We've had an incident here in Seattle. I'm quite a year ago where a teacher was caught having sex with me. Thirteen fourteen year old who got pregnant I am not once but twice. And he had no contact order against him or. The state but once again because she is now considered affect the failure. But he's still went after me anyway. And now they're married. So. What about that. I do I agree with you. -- that's the other flip -- your menu anticipated my next argument might -- my other argument well OK if we got a track the students. There's a lot of incidents now teachers molesting kids it's one story after another so let's strike that teachers. I wanna know what you're doing. I wanna see you want camera on you. So you can't be abusing my kids. All low I don't think all the teachers unions and all low that your -- Motorola -- for us god forbid we should be we should be. Surveyed. Have surveillance on us that throughout the entire day all mall why. Cars may be Europe the last week when you're on now your break. We are not teaching class you're not really doing extracurricular work. You're Rauf may be for a quick sandwich at -- -- a little quick work out. Instead of being in there grating when you're asked when you're on the off on the classes that you're not teaching -- throughout the day. When you're only teaching for classes you have to glasses off. Hole you would like that now I'm Sharon Europe next welcome to the coroner report. Good morning. I work in the school at it I'm sure I can get the ESP up to Egypt would be OK if something like their. It's the chick didn't want to know where you were did you take the backdrop. They've had their friend you know here are you carry my bags are army and I promise you are. Where if you leave school grounds I'm going to be dominant beat the hell out of you. I'm gonna head off now. And you know get a high with my friends. Right into it and it just that they can't pick Richie could very -- need to be responsible and start making efficient. It's leaking out of a class a GG needs to report that the she -- responsibility. And their legal for the chick but. -- say that. You know -- -- have a badge without Sarah is six outbreak is technically that. Sharon sign carrier it's just right now just the GPS tracking device I think it's gonna morph into cameras. No one's mentioned cameras yet except for me I think is the next logical step. Once you start tracking when GPS. A -- you're gonna want cameras. But my point is will the teachers will they Wear those tracking devices so we can monitor what they're doing. On school time throughout the entire day war I think the union would have a problem without one. Doug you're up next welcome to the -- report. Jeff I think you need it to tin foil hat out. Okay we'll go ahead shoot. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm a teacher also I also happen to be that the heck out of our security committee -- committee at my school. So I have no problem with this and as a teacher I would have no problem with my administration knowing where I am. Because that's part of what our responsibilities are. Were. And it sort of mentioned earlier trick your -- kids is our responsibility. And you know we take attendance certainly pursue caustic -- -- -- every class that goes in it's noted. But that doesn't mean that that's. You know ticket doesn't show up that we as a teacher go looking for because we don't have the time we're in class we have to do we have to know -- kids are. If we have a fire in our building. We have to know where everybody is so we can make sure that we get cannot chase safely if we -- locked -- same thing we got all kinds of issues here. And yes I'm not appointed somebody else -- is that you know kids bringing you don't. You could completely developed and part of our role as teachers educators is to help that development and help them to make good decisions and -- -- We're Doug hold on isn't part of growing up. Making your own decisions. Learn how to deal with the consequences of it so if you're gonna skip costs mommy and daddy -- gonna find out and you're going to be in trouble. Or your grades are gonna suffer. And that's just part of life. But it's like we don't want the kids to even have the choice anymore because we got to put a tracking device on them. Now let me ask all of you this before we go to break. -- takes -- logic now one step further. Who we Juli if you could. Track your Childs even outside the home sorry outside the school and outside the home. Would you even want to do not think about it if you could track your child. All day. Know exactly where they are outside school outside home in school whatever afterschool. Would you do that would you be in favor of that kind of technology. Would you favor GPS system that could track your child. 24 hours a day so you know where your son or your daughter -- 6172666868. Will be right back here on the corner report.