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Chump Line Monday January 14, 2013-Baby Shower broke Out

Jan 14, 2013|

Our favorite message on today's chump line was a reference to a news story over the weekend where a 200 person brawl started at a baby shower in Brockton, MA. Our caller went to a fight and a baby shower broke out.

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Government -- -- -- Mexican mastermind and you can and what crap from my cold. Promoting and have a seven day waiting period for condoms Mr. President want to think. Yes -- it was for the fight. -- I'm still waiting for the quote from the baby's husband the baby's father I mean where where zone whereas misses the he didn't seem to be anywhere in the area would during the during the fracas and of course they blame the police. The police over there's -- 100 people ally getting. 200 people writing at a baby shower and by the way there's a lot of kids there to it's a baby shower -- on the night and anybody have to go to war and -- I forgot they were firm Barack. The problem is that all about -- book when I see fit now he thinks about that. Well it beggars the Waltham. If we can fly into the moon so it can be the man on the moon. Yeah. Baby's daddy used the term. Like I prefer the save the husband. I mean how can she be pregnant if she doesn't have a husband right. Mean she's a she's eight months pregnant -- their first child that's what she said Maria at the Pina 22 of Barack. She blamed the party on great -- -- she blamed it on party crash is now whoever -- party crash for baby shower. And overly aggressive crops. Although the these cops were so overly aggressive -- -- installed in the they had the call for backup from the state police. Can't and east and in Randolph as well as the Norfolk county sheriff's department. But they were overly agree they pay some people they -- some people we have some actual audio from the the. And this was -- club -- -- bid came close. And they had to what they had to halt the court proceedings for wild us this morning what they they brought in a translator. I'm gonna guess they were looking for Portuguese translator. -- -- haven't had on the outlook Maureen if always delightful. Job creation. And what this is one -- of -- themselves. Yeah that's the that's probably been the most -- industry in the United States right now gun manufacturer they got that they got we being less they got. They and and people want ammunition to it's not just the guns they need the -- they are afraid. They're afraid to what he's gonna do to try to circumvent the Second Amendment is to watch outlaw bullets in some fashion or dollar I don't think he can pull off what. He says he can do a lot with executive orders I mean hey let them all those illegal aliens with executive orders you know what the welfare rolls -- Diana we had to bring in some more. Where. And I pray. That -- loser. Can -- away. That's right without you well the would've been that baby shower last night and can't. It's no excuse me -- -- I'm even to the -- world we have triple X number twelve that it couldn't -- typical what you might think here's what goes on -- Maria is too much. A it's going to be a big week for. Triple XL. Number twelve patriot sisters nieces as -- war we prepare for the big game against the -- I'm all for putting president Obama's faith on mount Rushmore -- that we don't do it. After about a week after that fish it'll slowly slide -- of all pop star wrapped -- Bechtel yes the makers of the Big Dig. Now and now we want to and extend the Green Line and wanna extend commuter rail the New Bedford and Fall River because. We've had such amazing success. With our. Mass transit projects here in the common. But is that the -- want to restrict our ability to defend that. If they let an underwear bomber into the White House Al -- public enemy number two. If you didn't hear that story well Mike can repeat it for. Of course it is and how much John Kerry papers that it. Question did comic that Bob -- go -- the -- crap again in my out of our hair for a few hours. Wall -- log into making sport committee lines and was already. The arduous enough experience. Like him on -- important war and it Burgundy allows mine that. About six year old big play yet -- field. You can get that Vegas she's had it up. And move. He didn't even wait till the Packers assumed room temperature -- flip over to the patriots. But it is correct that within one what is at task that -- didn't -- that -- cover billion dollars football. I held that it. Yet it evolves point two announces his plans for or for for new taxes on Wednesday night at the state of the state. Address you used in the yeah it's going to be. It's gonna be great you know it's it's it's not a tax votes it's -- invests its revenue. We needed revenue in order to make an investment in the future their future not ours their future. Did you think the world -- -- off. All work so. It wouldn't want war it's. Yeah none coach of their -- ball -- check oh excuse me that was Donald Trump the all the while Belichick. And and they've already. And. And -- give this to the Mexican drug cartels. That was your last jump line message thank you for calling out retired -- jumped. Okay. That's that's it for the chump like that at the chaplain is the recorded voicemail message service Howie Carr show. You can call leave a message of any hour that there and I including weekends troubling number you like to leave such a messages 617779. 34696177793469. We met me in a clear message this time each weekday. Yeah yesterday it was the site and -- broke out. -- --