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Ginning Up Fear

Jan 14, 2013|

President Obama said that the gun lobby is Ginning Up Fear that the government is taking away all guns...Howie thought the fear was well founded and that the President is playing on fears after the Newtown Ct. shootings .

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Report about the guns for a while with guns are still the still like seems to be the prime topic. Of the country. Jeanne. -- Piero. With the former district attorney hopefully Yonkers in New York -- she was great over the weekend on thought -- heard some of it and the in the intro and she's just talking about this that. About how wise you know they are the they want to punish. As always they wanna punish the gut the law abiding gun owners by the way there's a new story that just kiss any -- you give me the story in the paper about the the community outreach worker who supposed to be stopping violence in Boston he was just arrested. He had a two shot Beringer. Cocaine in a hooker in his car. Agassi's you know trying to stop the violence in the street crime by rounding it all up and his own personal vehicle you know non. Drugs and -- All -- wants but I'm wondering deceived his gun was it that if you know that two shot there -- was it was registered. And anyone wanna bet. I didn't think -- OK let's hero what you're -- led Piero first blitzer some what's here -- some more for Iran not. She's talked about how she has a gun issue was that BA and she she said she prosecuted. Hundreds of murder cases in her years as a district attorney in Yonkers in only one time only one of those murders was. Committed with a legally register gone only want. And now she says they want to war crackdown idiocy you see what happened with this idiotic got newspaper the skating again -- -- -- Gannett newspaper. The printed the names of the gun owners in the in that area in Westchester County they yet. They had a break and they had their first break and now a house with wood that was listed in the newspaper brilliant brilliant move by the by the newspaper that they -- been in there with big you'll be this -- a paper on I daresay they never list anyone who's arrested. For driving without license even though it's clear that they're all illegal aliens they would never think about that naming putting their names in the paper. We have a law abiding citizen who's gone through hoops of Paul Schwartz. And the you know the further blow for the state the more hoops you have to go through the New York is about as blue -- yet. And and yet they they print their names and they do what is a public service in the pop up their chests and say we're we're we you know this is what the freedom of the press assault. You know. There they they they used to say it was about the a comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable now they're on now there afflicting the afflicted. And comforting the comfortable -- media meeting via EBT generation and on working classes. So what's your -- -- yet that. This week I've been thinking about the recent publisher Janet Hanson and her journal -- gang who managed to ignite a national firestorm. Game is the reason for the creation of their interactive map of gun permit holders in Westchester. Well we felt -- is much information as we could about gun ownership in our area. What is important in the aftermath of the new town shootings. At sports that wanna. In any aftermath of the shooting up innocent children. You the journalists think it's important to watch. Two out us. About you think it's important to how us in the aftermath of the -- shootings. How dare you connect law abiding citizens. Who've gone through rigorous background checks who'd been fingerprinted investigated and received judicial approval to exercise their Second Amendment right. How dare you compare them to lug nut job. On the lunatic fringe in desperate need of medication. Playing violent video games for days at a time. How dare you compare him to battered women and hiding to the families of police officers and to judges and DA's like me. This animal massacred innocent babies he didn't have a pistol permit. He didn't go through a rigorous background check didn't get a pistol permit he took someone else has gone. And by the way although it's not of your business there's a reason people have guns. We don't need your sanctimonious. Permission he men and you do airport our families in danger. You right into our lives you put our privacy and security in our safety in jeopardy. And then you have nothing to say. It's followed your reasoning. If certain records are public. Should we also published the names of people receiving food stamps getting unemployment. Those on welfare the mentally ill. Should we give people maps to their homes there might be a good reason after role may meet people on unemployment are working off the books. Why don't -- out the nearly 40000 criminals is. That leaves the right as the drug dealers those who possessed illegal guns and use them in homicides. And by the way. In my thirty years of law enforcement I can remember only one. Legally registered handgun used in a murder. These are the people were already show that our laws are meaningless to them. And how about a -- file. Let's mapped the weighed in their homes. A child is certainly in more danger but had to file in the neighborhood then illegally registered handgun. Why don't you just admit. It was an immensely bad idea. But you exercised poor judgment or no judgment at all. That was a cheap anti gun -- the by the way is turning out to be pretty expensive. For you -- champions of free speech. You're losing subscriptions. Advertisers. Hiring bodyguards for your home. And the workplace. There's a -- national boycott of your newspaper. How you gonna explain that one junior board of directors in May. Instead you have the audacity to hide you have nothing to say about her indefensible. Position. You have no comment. How about I say it for you you're nothing but a bunch of cowards. Unwilling to defend yourselves men frozen in fear. You screwed up period. End of story. That is so right on I mean. You know again Nancy Ann Coulter a great suggestion last week which is one of which are released -- names of women in the event abortions. Now. Before millions of children have been aborted over the last forty years maybe more. And that changed the course of the demographer course of -- of American. Society in American history. And perhaps would like to know -- an abortion. You know. Perhaps -- upon a greater public service to BO learned from who who knows who's had an abortion. -- -- the if you want to you know gold why -- why isn't only gun owners that they can there actually you know. Got a gun owners are being treated like the new smokers you know. Mean it what do they had their fun what smokers I mean at least smokers you can make the argument what they what they're doing is bad for themselves and you know what's it's -- hurting themselves. How how exactly are legal gun owners. Hurting themselves. If anything there were they're they're they're keeping crime down. 1877. Forcing EBT and food stamp outings that would be discrimination. Okay 18774694322. By the way so what says he Gergen it's against a lot of habit that Darryl Rogers and mass choose judge cannot only Beringer Massachusetts. -- a city street worker could. He got a two shot Beringer loaded with hollow point bullets problem hollow point bullets -- -- they again our video awful. Let's see he was charged with carrying a gun went -- license all know all all know. Fewest -- Marcus merit 35 of Dorchester is part of the civilian court I'm fighting wars core excuse me I'm sorry woman. Might Obama. Part of the civilian crime fighting for enlisted to steer where we were youths away from yanks. Held on 35000 dollars bail after his arraignment in Dorchester district court on charges of -- your -- without a license cocaine possession and seeking sex four feet. Marcus -- 35 least he didn't need a translator unlike those -- spam and -- vote and who were pasta that the baby shower. One it's who -- That's the former district attorney of Yonkers -- Piero and -- she was she she was a issue -- for some. Higher office got tired of being at the day but does -- -- formal part that was so that was it was it was masterful. 18774694322. How we an upscale expensive supermarket UC founded little experience Wellesley just opened up across rough housing project itself. On registers are signs saying EBP coming soon. GO wonder why. One a -- No -- get this someone's getting Janet can. Do you get again that confused with can't it can't it -- on the -- Portland paper that was guy geek guy Deanna. And that they've -- Portland press heralding where they sold it along time ago this is getting that it publicly traded corporation their biggest papers. USA today. Battery very liberal law pay very liberal chain. And again they're just trying to do that just tried to do the PC thing that's solid as it's just a PC counts for. More than anything else and in journalism unfortunately naturally to -- disgraceful but this just this just goes to show -- stupid they are that they think this was -- that I care. 1877469432218774694322. A spokeswoman for a mumbled Menino said that -- marriage is not a city employee she could not say immediately whether he ever has -- Okay he works for the streets safe. And arm of the Boston foundation. The several city of Boston ID cards were found in his vehicle. The Boston foundation I believe there one of the I believe -- read a story for quoting them was someone from the Boston foundation this weekend. Clamoring for higher taxes on transportation. Will be hearing more about that from the -- on the Wednesday night in the in his speech his state of the state speech -- yeah. It they'll be they'll be demanding higher. Our investments -- taxes the -- they need higher revenues to make in the statements in the future. And in the Boston foundation week. Let's hope that markets merit of Dorchester with a two shot beverage located with -- point bullets in the cocaine in the locker NASCAR. Can get out to in time to -- -- and the governor you sure you vote for. Talking about talking about the need for higher taxes. Issues higher revenues John you're next with how we cargo -- -- You can deal Coke got a city hall of course you can have the -- up. And we know they listen listen Joseph let's get a straight because there was B went -- at that the guy that was doing drugs out of City Hall forums he was from East Boston. He was Biloxi -- let's get your let's. Are controlled substances straight. Now thought throughout the -- -- that it -- -- succeed and yet with a Coke machines go ahead and get it -- and. Knowledge that. Couldn't spot that you would happen the same paranoid they're juniors but I -- -- -- -- units which one. -- opt out at a debate and how everything football at water. He's got to expect it to or not right and -- pretty much saying we're aware went outside and -- -- -- but in the perhaps. There's been foreign -- training in this country bought out. With the United Nations -- a small lot. -- -- however that he out of ammunition -- bitten by up -- government agency. And there should really look up of our troops are there have been. Okay thanks for the call John I want. Bench did John obviously didn't hear the president this afternoon at his press conference with all of -- courtiers and flat -- worse and and bomb cancers and thrown its efforts. All of the them the mainstream media kiss in his career and they don't they kiss his ring the problem is he's got his career and his ring in his in his back pocket. Was that he did the president want to assure but he he has no plans to round up the -- that it you can trust -- because he's not like the others. Got it. -- -- rip the Marconi we get the Marconi machines here in the studio. -- the fall into the hands of criminals. And how we track that more effectively there may be some steps that we can take administratively. As quotes through legislation. Get as far as people lining up them and purchasing more guns. You know I think that we've seen. For some time now. That. Those who oppose. Any common sense common. Gun control or gun safety measures. Have as opposed that's a pretty effective way of jetting out. Fear. On the part of gun owners that somehow. The federal government's. About. Take all your guns away. And know that there's probably an economic ailments that. It obviously is good for business. But I think that. You know those of us who. Look at this problem I have repeatedly said that. Responsible gun owners. People who but I have a gun for protection for hunting for sportsmanship. They don't have anything to worry about the issue here is not. Whether or not. We believe in the Second Amendment. Just just like folks. If you vote for. Barack Obama in 2012 in the number six you have no problem and your taxes are going up the only taxes are going up on a millionaire or billionaire. So he has as much credibility on the subject of guns he does on whether or not your taxes -- one up if you're not a millionaire or billionaire. Anymore but that it. Was this more -- -- Like. The individual -- can't walk into a school. And gunned down a bunch children. He's an alternate -- from each other way how we gonna stop that. And shortly we can do something about that. And have it but but part of the challenge that you know we confront is that. Even. The site -- slightest hint here comes some sensible. Responsible steps old legislation in this area. Fans this notion that somehow. Here comes and that Airbus guns are going to be taken away set up the straw man that's all he knows how to run against -- and unfortunately it. -- and sportsmanship. 1877469432218774694322. Hunting for sportsmanship. Yes indeed by the way someone says unity day Unita pit numbered now pin number to want to buy ammunition wonder -- such city street worker with the city of Boston ID card Nvidia. Hannity -- a pin number two by -- for his hope -- experts to shot there are injury which I'm also told disband. In the commonwealth. 1877469432218774694322. But of course you know didn't Marcus merit 35 you'll get that they'll -- without program there if you if you debut of the in the suburbs -- in the U fake audio way you'd be in deep deep trouble when markets America. Continued with. Don't want the -- got to be allowed that via the vote in the special election for Democrat Tim you're next with -- cargo I had them. Yeah just go -- and -- they're so far. Sherwood L band they're a question many of -- implement all of why don't they care -- you think the -- are supposed to don't have wouldn't every. Julia. Well it's an. And well the what the blogger what the bloggers did tell me is they they printed the names and addresses of all the editors in the publisher of the newspaper. So if anybody wanted to -- you know -- you know what's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander right. Yeah alone 11100 that was. We you know when you see when you don't. Don't bode you know don't don't start a fight that he can't finish you know don't -- -- how to write a check that your ass can't cash cash and that's what these people bit that this newspaper you know. They were just thinking about how they could bully some people around then I guess what 22 could play at that game. And I don't go -- Dorado subscription. They've been losing a lot of subscriptions anyway -- -- thanks for the call 18774694322. They publish a lot of our -- newspapers Gannett one -- that's a pretty rotten company I used to work form. They worked for their TV arm the TV arm was pretty pretty feeble though. 18774694322. -- next with Howie -- go ahead bill. Until now it's. A that it that it wanted to ask your question is how does that bother you for a long time about this gun thing seven years old now. And I need to protect like it was a -- -- seven years old I kind of like haven't o'clock right there by the by the bed and -- those guys apparently it's sort of -- -- try to break in year out. You called the police if you think that I recently did there is time to -- -- -- you're crazy. -- you know the you know the old saying I keep using it over and over again I just heard that the lab in the last six months when. When. When seconds count police are minutes away. Right. That's no best phone box on the cops it's just grab. There's an event they candidate so many album right they're not going to be parked across the street from your album. Right well what that woman have done in the in Georgia Sheehan had a god she might be dead her twins might be dead today. Now. I hit a bad thing. They did a Glock was not in the pocketbook of that young lady was approachable and at school that is being that break my art. -- -- -- would happen. Thanks so -- Osama might happen but not all not a lot of at 18774694322187. How -- so tired of -- using reports CNB hook kids as scapegoats for his gun agenda. Exactly. You notice you know you noticed voted say anything about a you know Malaysia having guns and yes I know I can't spell the dumbing down of America. 18 I'm pretty sure hunting rifle -- someone just -- Wellesley handgun he's blowing smoke by saying it's sites -- -- -- rightful. Exactly. Exactly and you know here's another when you know you know -- was let off. David Gregory the guy who had the would be of the clipped the the the gun club that that they -- the District of Columbia police set. You better not bring that gun now on to the set of Meet the Press because it's illegal in the city of Washington the District of Columbia. He brought on anyway and guess what he wasn't prosecute because he's one of the beautiful people these moon bat he says he's. He's thrown snapper you know -- Nicaragua to the -- staffers -- -- -- Sean Hannity brought down on his show in DC. 18774694322. -- now we are. 87746943221877469. Or three. 22 that's the toll free number. We car show if you like to join us. That text here. To a seven I have yet to understand. How and why. The good hard working law abiding Americans are constantly under attack you don't buy buy -- by hand that -- -- that's got from Maine. You know that there was actually it was a funny column about that today because acts the same point. In the town hall dot com by Daniel. Mitchell and here's the headline says at all if you're more mature common sense should tell you not to kill all the producers. Exactly. You know I mean they. Every so often I try to appeal the status by explaining to them that it's not in their self interest to steal too much. Why because if you kill off the geese that -- the golden eggs what will you do tomorrow when nobody is left to produce anything is up at the hacked version of don't kill the job. Exactly yes yes well no it's different than hacked version of don't kill the job I mean that don't kill the job that means they just want the -- embargo -- In this in this case what they mean is that you know like if you you know not everybody can have and he beat the car I meet somebody actually has the -- laden and roll. The grow the products that you you need to make. Malt liquor for instance. And somebody or cigarettes or -- wants. Somebody actually has to go out there and and and make the make that the plasma screen TVs somebody needs to go out there and make the cars you need to do for -- buys. You know I mean what what what's gonna happen when there's nobody left to produce all these products. One it's not everybody can pick a self esteem courses in the somebody's gonna learn how to be an engineer. 18774694322. How many people died in Chicago this weekend sure there were some -- -- with the illegal guns cue the crickets yeah. And now more people killed in Chicago last year with handguns from were killed in Afghanistan and allied troops killed in Afghanistan. What does that tell you and the Chicago has very strict gun control laws as Wilma Wilma welding work though. Tools and other -- seven today 100 million legal gun owners killed no. No one. 413 Sean Hannity locked up for bringing high -- high capacity magazine on TV how we -- to take over natural national syndication the people cheer. Oh sure he'll be wanna -- not -- dumb enough to war he he's he's Smart enough to realize that the the same laws that give the -- to David Gregory the moon bat did not apply to -- on Hannity. But rob your next with how -- cargo ahead rob. I LE basic my call them. I'm able buying Goddard and barely concealed weapons permit -- for -- over fifteen years now. Everyone that I know that has it's a weapons permit or deals with firearms in the law abiding citizen has never heard of fly and it is I I feel you know in these events -- it another tragic. He has realizing that they -- prevented it by going uphill little body count -- it I I don't understand. -- -- -- gun owners are paranoid about country's schools zones but criminals they don't care what they. Really don't. And well I just feel and I came up from Florida I just got out military cannot afford to Massachusetts and crooks and I can jump through to get throughout. You know permit go through there's -- I mean I'm treated like. You know the guy some. You're you're you're you were guilty until proven innocent when it comes to getting the gun permit in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Correctly even trump you know Martha Coakley is -- -- -- -- have this she can't have that any Google's stupid thing -- take -- -- And restrict Judy will and make it only hurts the law abiding don't know if I don't know if we just want to help. -- one and out that we want to live our -- of the separate families that's all we wanna do you and you know I think it was important that gets me in Massachusetts or Latin balk on yourself all of driving a 4500 down as UB. Next go to the bikers I mean that's not considered. You know that's considered normal -- -- -- daughter oh my goodness. And we don't have this you know you we still do have this Bartley fox gun law on the books but when was the last time whoever heard someone being sentenced to a year for illegal possession of firearm. You would never hurt. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And and and you get these guys they're all jumped on the bandwagon from Paul Molitor you know looking to Maryland governor today and it's just just this do that and it's like guys -- let's put it -- the. Maryland while Maryland -- that that's a -- governor O'Malley used to be the mayor of Baltimore another another battery very safe city. Right because they have those stringent gun control laws. -- yeah 88 exactly and and -- Chicago you look at LA. -- all the being used to let that stop law abiding guy needs to defend his family with a shotgun right pole stick whatever. You -- one has jumped through all these groups constructed like a criminal and I I. Is that what this city worker that was arrested today with a two shot Beringer in the cocaine in the hookers anybody think this guy's gonna donate time of course. Because he's just gonna claiming had a -- he had a terrible childhood and yeah you know -- he's being but it's racism to go government. -- golf but you know again did not want to make a big deal out of this guy. Thanks for the call Jim your next without -- -- go ahead Jim. I don't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Is not a technical criminal. Mr. -- from the government I hope that an outcome but you know our army partners never envisioned these weapons is that's always the argument that's right. They never envisioned that the government would have these kind of weapons and the potential ability weeks that. -- control sitters. And you know I'm not trying to be. Conspiracy I don't think about it trying to do that a cultural history -- has been -- -- you know look no further back -- Syria you know. That the -- also lined up front there's always some -- out there is looking at the situation you know of low pressure here all the pressure. And if anybody thinks that humans as a species have a ball into this ultra -- -- -- -- being arrogant foolish. I don't Jim this is -- one of the problems they don't understand human nature and they don't understand history. Further maybe it maybe they maybe they just think they're -- they didn't have to study it because they're so brilliant because they got into Harvard allowing car.