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Executive Order Threats

Jan 14, 2013|

If all else fails, the President is threatening to use executive orders to deal with gun control. Howie felt whether you have a gun everyone should be outraged at how the Government is threatening to just take away lawfully purchased guns without a legislative vote.

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Let's hear some of the Sean Hannity had some of the people who -- or names. The idea of the the -- Gannett newspaper via bid that rag in in suburban New York. He had some of them on we've just got a few cuts the -- from these people who were out of this so legitimate gun owners by this sub -- -- rag newspaper the won't even be in existence and five years. Quick show of hands of everybody here. You all about it how to make -- -- -- almost everybody right you have not and you U three so I just wanna make sure who has -- How many of you feel angry about what has happened here. Everybody I'm -- you feel your privacy has been invaded. How many feeling you are less safe because of what has happened. Everybody I would start -- let's say. -- -- Worried about hitters it is now are there people who never even thought about our art and they're very -- There are worried that their house doesn't its shopping list for criminals right. From my perspective there are three people that should be afraid. Number one of those that were identified as not having guns right home invaders -- all of it was only gonna go to. Secondly all of you if they want it done and they steal one. Right and they're police officers that arrest the criminals -- agree with that in the back the discipline. -- -- Lee's opposite. Not only is my life in jeopardy what about my defenses family that does not have a firearm you deserve better. And the regular and a lot of -- thank you generally your book. You discussed all the threats that you had gotten over the course of the years -- outspoken here in the public. We expect that spot what does this mean for you. Why this whole thing is just absolutely outrageous and yes I've gotten all kinds of comments from people like you never know how look how much further they -- going to carry. Those comments and I get my husband I applied for my parents are good looking guy standing there and we actually apply for carry permit and we were denied -- fit so I mean it's it's outrageous with the newspaper date of course we love our police officers say they work hard they risked their lives. But the police can't be everywhere and people need to have that right. Two to be. Licensing and have gone protection of the difficult to get the permit his haven't -- it wasn't typical. Absolutely yeah let's take it took us over a year and we did it when Hillary Clinton became senator. And I said I don't need -- -- she's gonna take our right away -- better apply for commit. Now we want more guns because the government's trying to intimidate us through the newspaper -- you or not one of the ones that were. -- but well my -- I don't need a permit and in the process of applying -- Certainly. Difficult pulling. Chargers that process is an injured on the news is making it seem like everybody look at all these crazy people with guns they all these people -- pistol permit holders. Went through an extremely rigorous process they had to get four references. They catch you off a lot of very lengthy application. With 1877469432260. -- how -- let us had told us to mount Rushmore -- teleprompter the United States. Tools somehow we they've now confirmed house was targeted that was on that list without so they've they've confirmed that that house was targeted by the by the by the criminals. I guess it's a good way to get you know the low information voters to start buying newspapers again. Giving them a roadmap to -- who's who's got guns they can steal -- them -- to waste their rock that I have to was spent a lot of money after he beat the cards to get the get the fire -- How we how about jackass Biden. Asking gun manufacturers to stop selling guns until after the debate the issue by -- they could be banned and we won't be able to seldom does he think they're idiots. John from Hyannis I don't believe he's capable of thinking in terms of anyone else being an -- I think he's an idiot that's why he made that that that's when he made that question. If they if they put his face Honda on the mound they're gonna have to -- name and mound give more. The mound give more -- like that one. -- -- 8774694322. Dave your next with how we cargo ahead Dave. I don't rally. Statement and a question up first and is all the report and an -- about them talking about. All the different shootings that involved BA are up fifteen an assault weapons and whatnot -- can be you know one that I'm not seeing all. Is. The fast and furious where Obama and holder used that same weapons there rail and again. Supporting their hands but drug dealers. Called -- the United States and Mexico and then. Let me ask a rhetorical question. Which show where there were people killed which of which program killed more people will be yes sandy hook shootings or fast and furious. I -- ever by a margin of at least ten to one. Yeah absolutely and it and it's this likable that you know when you got Obama railed against these actual weapon but -- He used cement himself and so it -- -- -- a lie holder lied underworld and again it'll go to pre people people who warned that the beautiful people who go to prison for lying and bureau. And he just he just skates away and he's going to be the attorney general continue to be the attorney general for the next four years -- one he wants -- That's I had this that they did just not forthcoming about what he's -- and the second thing it. The media points out rightfully so that a lot of these people are mad men who get -- and and you know they need help them. They're mentally unstable so I have a question does that mean -- Barack and Eric Holder are are criminal and. Now -- you know the thing is that we we talked about this before you know the the date they used to be. And much much stricter. Policing of the mentally ill. We have hospitals for the criminally insane. Now now do you not only not have hospitals for the criminally insane you can't even call them criminally insane anymore you just kept yeah -- yeah that's not a PC word. Not a PC forays so. You have all these people walking around in you know -- -- -- I'll be killers but a lot of them won't should be in mental institutions in used to be in mental institutions are what are ban. If that -- -- -- up or now living on the streets there rub their deprecating on the on the sidewalks there rub their opinion and gambling everywhere. Now and and again is that the great irony marbles when he when he lived down in down and read bill where where it's basically the suburbs. And there are going to be any bombs in the suburbs because the people to spread out. He never he never cared about bombs now he's looking -- apartment house where on the Boston Common ground zero for bombs in Boston. All of a sudden he's very concerned about the bomb the exploding bomb population funny how that works isn't. 18774619432. To John your next without Kart or that job. I doubt -- first time caller. -- show I just want to let you have your listeners know that if you go to Ruger dot com. Thursday. Late Pete put god that you except your legislature. Eighty. Message about B gun rights. Yeah. Yeah what is it again. It -- brokered dark column yeah argue GE. Okay. Great will pass that on a Ruger dot com thanks Malcolm take more is more like it. 18774694322. Semi what has something that's this is next 171. Where's the ACLU to defend the people on the list crickets please. Knee he's absolutely correct remember the the ACLU was whenever it out of sex offenders list in any state in the union. They the ACLU always raises holy hell. They say they've paid their debt to society -- -- name based paint ball. These are perverts these are these are child rapists these are mother rapists these -- other rapists. And they -- at the the ACLU doesn't want their names on the list that is as a way of mourning people might be in the neighborhood. But they got that the gun owners. Gun owner legal gun owners are named in a newspaper and he's right crickets. It -- the ACLU protecting the rights of illegal gun owners. Well I guess those people work for a living in the know commit crimes the ACLU doesn't care about them. RD year next with how we cargo ahead RD. -- -- -- But generally direct federal level yet because -- -- state level all there's a lot of you can't go. -- are second remember that's been coming up by the date now. Yeah I don't know you know it was porn sites on the front on the metro -- of the globe today pushing these bills. David Lynn ski from Natick. This is this is up Bob who didn't it week week Cottam once he had paid his taxes in two years. I think we ought to start publishing lists of people don't pay their taxes still -- when that we can get Polanski name back in the paper again instead of pretend to be this big hero. But I if they want wanna build had been trying to push. -- -- semiautomatic. Long arm after the board at a gun or are. That you belong troll and you want to go there. -- -- be a lot he should expect to bring try -- and I haven't seen somebody I didn't think. Yup Paul Revere got involved a man and he -- It all the other thing is -- that that would make him you'll remember they they always used to steal a lot of guns and they they they -- do it so much now -- -- so -- get but the used to steal guns from armories remember that. This would be like this one may argue for all the guns in one place now he only got a knock off one block right and it got. And you got as many guns as you can sell. Good luck and I don't want it and Ali yeah when you see. A book signing. -- spending. You're -- support. I'll have all been banned. And that I want to you know advocate got it -- a yeah I don't like you trim salt weapon because. But overall it -- -- real polite but you know what you're really support an amendment. Well -- been following fire outlook perspective. And Kerry by the government. Right now I understand he did vote he did vote -- for the assault weapons -- but I believe one -- -- and you're right -- bitter assault weapons is this is this phone the forty title let's that's made up want by the way there's a story on the up front page of the Wall Street Journal today about how the cars are giving. Are they think the point that you know that the new fuel requirement is the average of vehicle women in a car manufacturer's fleet by 20/20. Has to has to get 54 point five miles forget now how how they can do that. You start make him out of beer candles are going to be about it that the cars are going to be about it is as sturdy as a as appear. Let's cynical way as much. And I that's what's gonna happen when when those cars given -- accident -- I read down to the story to see if anyone if they would mention the fact that these these cars are not going to be -- A scars that are made out of steel in that denying that they're saying. All of a normal normal normal people's car. Or they'll be just as safe no. Ice I am telling you more people are gonna get killed by these new what beer camp cars and that tuna fish -- cars. Then by Jack firearms to -- within a ten years there's no there's no doubt about it no one who's gonna slowdown who's -- slowdown. But the hit the way you know what it's like when you know what it's like when an issue be runs in to watch. Runs into smaller car this'll be of this this'll be even worse. 18774694322. -- problem with the sex offenders list is that some of them were drunk and you're Nader's gross yes but not rapists. -- out. Why are they getting the benefit of the doubt though when you win gun owners are not getting the benefit of the doubt you're absolutely correct about that they're plenty of homes that are drunken your neighbors but I you know again I'm not that you know when -- cracking -- -- dollars a month a -- too wide. And I don't think the ACLU cares if they're drunk and -- -- or rock or baby diapers they just they just want to defend them because they're rub their criminals. How we on the Boston Police where now instructed not to use the description any description of individuals -- insane crazy or not. Over the radio where waves. We now have to -- report them as an ET DP. And emotionally disturbed person. Listen on your scanners out there crazy men in Charlestown holding a gun to someone else's had an EDP. And emotionally disturbed person. 1877469432218774694322. Chuck you're next with Howie -- go ahead chuck. In you don't want criminal they have gotten one publishing a list of addresses. Where you could steal and got -- panic counterproductive. What I think so wouldn't -- wouldn't one. I also think we don't know high mileage car wouldn't have been built Newton's third -- well Tiffany. For every action there's an equal and opposite reaction now envisioned my. Six three metric -- -- to get the vehicle pickup truck hitting -- and it's what would happen. Right what happens when you run over above light beer -- joked. The MP. It's it's flat it's flatter than a candy the liberal than the train has run over on the track. -- went about that he's not gonna take all of our guys. -- -- -- -- Barbara what you know we needed. There but it did and it said he looked again that they all -- who's gonna. What chuck he only wants sensible. Gun control measures sensible here who's gonna decide who sensible who's an -- in -- and also common sense gun control measures. Again who's gonna decide what's common sense. The Transportation Department that means the Coast -- had artillery why can't I have. Thanks Jack 187746. Mine for three to two. And I guess one appears our Morgan's arguments was the government has all these weapons including 5000 nuclear warheads so you really think you could hold out against the government. That's -- -- -- well reasoned argument to make. I forgot the piers Morgan was fired forget the for a while most talked about which is acting but he was involved and hacking phone phone lines and some of his some of his colleagues are now under indictment for doing that and in the UK. He he also he was fired from his last job in Britain because they were printing phony pictures. Fake pictures Photoshop pictures of British soldiers. Saw hoping. Assaulting Iraqis. Civilians. In the in the Iraq War. That's it that's that's kind of journalistic epics that he's -- that's the kind of ethics period yet. Jack you're next with how we cargo ahead Jack. Jeff sorry. If at all at all what number it will sink in Irish defense. What we've -- -- registered firearms and first place. That -- plan lowest. Total control. Right. Well let's hope and Jack that's I mean that's helping the National Rifle Association has -- I mean the reason they they put their fingered them that their foot down. You know some people think they draw a reasonable lines in the sand but they know that this is just that this is just beginning whatever it is I mean you know when they. When they -- when they outlawed smoking on public buses whoever thought that 2530 years later that -- outlawing. Smoking. In your own private property. Right and your own vehicle or your own apartment right. It's just it's where these socialists -- -- -- control. And -- we -- Yeah I know it's -- it's about it's about power and it's about it's about taking away it's like anything else these people. These people want to win and nowhere you paid this has nothing to do with with public safety it or has amounted to a public safety if they would if they thought it through maybe there. Maybe they -- soul. That -- -- Be raft of common sense that they really think that this is about the up public safety but if the if they bought it through that -- it -- 1877. Phony pictures of Americans abusing Iraqis wait piers Morgan worked for the -- but what wasn't the only picked -- running those photos it was that this wasn't the the daily. What the hell what's -- The Daily Mirror that's the paper he worked for real act even by even even by -- British -- What standards are real rag 18774694322. How we stop trying to increase -- point 01 share with -- all the free promo. 187746943221. That you gig Jim Wallace from gold gun owners actually on the show he is a great spokesman for firearm owners -- masters -- -- about a month ago actually. 18774694322. On -- car. 18774694322. Its border region this thing about. Piers Morgan The Daily Mirror. The Daily Mirror. Which fired him for publishing fake photos -- British soldiers supposedly abusing Iraqi prisoners. Yeah I guess the -- -- -- the Boston Globe for you today. Morgan is one of those liberals whose unshakable so open. -- way Asians compels him to treat this agreement as a sort of moral heresy. One 772. City can you put that story up on the website just to try to final link to that story about piers Morgan being fired for Obama. From The Daily Mirror for printing and photos also get the story about him denying that he had anything to do with hacking even -- mention attacking in his autobiography. 18774694322. Of course Obama knows who who and why terrorism idea. Why there is this atmosphere. Mutual recrimination in DC. In in many cases congress votes the way they do war. False the -- -- -- takes positions negotiations that -- that they take it doesn't have to do with me it has to do with. The imperative that they feel in terms -- politics. -- they're worried about they're desperate they're worried about. What's going home back home I think there are a lot of Republicans at this point that feel that. Given how much energy. Has been demoted and some of media -- preferred buyer Republican constituencies. Demonize me that it doesn't look -- -- socialize with. Charlie Crist. -- Florida attest -- that and I think a lot of wholesale. Well Charlie Crist why do we learn by being too cooperative are too chummy with the president that might cause us problems thanks okay so so. The it's the Republican media demon that's that promised demonizing him but the problem is not the the liberal media which is the vast majority of media in this country. Especially the one sitting in that room that you were in the than the media there represented by the rump -- sitting in that room with the White House. There -- there -- and rising. Barack Obama that doesn't that doesn't have anything to do with the the the anchor of the bills out there were people know that the mainstream media is flat out lie. 1877469432. To John your next what Howie Carr go ahead John. I Ali. -- first thing you know -- beating -- went to seek to -- history. I think piers Morgan should go to South Africa apologize what his country did in those people in and meet Nelson Mandela it would be added to. Get them out of the country and second I don't know if we know what's going on up and now I'm not a block that illustrated two states. But they have they're confiscating. People's animals sheets and stuff for the giving milk claiming they've -- and out and it's taken nearing animal. I did hear that it -- web -- I can -- need to think it. Yes it can be a problem as severe -- amid joyous sincerely going canal will take a look at that. I don't know. And fish dish kill any animals because they only want gigabyte pasteurized milk from the company's existing debt to unpasteurized milk. Is hurting -- -- people when there's not one case of it happening with Iraq. OK -- we'll take will take a look at that John thanks for the call. 1877469432218774694322. And another jog your next what powered car going to jog. I don't -- For our caller it. My question is about the end up shooting you know they they talked about assaults started opening AR situation -- you know. They can pull that out you know and -- after awhile and that is exhibiting every pulled it out of the truck that -- I'm my is my understanding yes. You mentioned that the people are quiet and that nobody knows everybody off popped up on the gun rage about this since and it -- People are just so uneducated and misinformed by the media. It's just it's horrible. I understand it you know the other thing -- people you know they don't realize now. They call these eight yards assault rifles and automatic rifles are not assault rifles and are not automatic rifles they are actually. -- named the big guy it's like the initials of the guy who actually did -- in the bill that the firearm. And the only people they -- have no idea they're so uneducated about firearms -- guns and and then and if they're just under. I don't think you know I don't thing is I wish they would read you know too bad people -- read newspapers -- -- only -- not read newspapers they don't follow the news period. Or they would know. The all that 99%. Of the people over the felons criminals arrested while committing a crime. And there you know than they are there were taken in the custody they have guns the guns are always. On the registered -- all. Here today that the -- enough Boston with the city of Boston worker. With the guy who supposedly a street advocate for no crime walking around with the director with hollow point bullets. Hawker and why not walk around riding around and cocaine and his -- curing an unregistered gotten a major -- what is -- gonna have a press conference tonight to talk about this scourge of unregistered guns in the city of Boston. Now of course she's in court. Because you know -- -- -- those are democratic constituents you know he EEE it's much nicer to tee off against law abiding. Tax paying citizens than to go after the the core constituencies. Of these. Of these elected officials and Andrew Cuomo certainly falls into that day and Rahm Emanuel certainly fall in that category. These people are totally shameless there there there rub their voters are the ones are committing these heinous crimes. With with unregistered weapons and yet they wanted to crack that crack down on them wanna crackdown on the people that go through the hoops. Like gene appeared Jenny hero said. And your next with Howie -- go ahead Brian. Now like 800 -- if you can get blown. -- on the also return your senator Blumenthal. Go down Connecticut. Against guns so its weapons everything you think you'll ever that we need to close this evil beast we got down here. It got down. Well. You know what I'm against I'm against us senators and attorney general who while lie about being in Vietnam where they claim they were run gauged all sorts of combat. And then it turns out they never left the United States they were never even in the regular army. I think that old horse face and Kraft I didn't -- -- Ortiz. -- -- -- -- -- -- Now I I think she's I've been banned from the -- I don't they -- I think died that Jonathan Kraft in the suns are kind of embarrassed about her. You can. -- let's put -- -- -- uniforms for another year. Yes yes I don't know I think I think she's been -- they don't that you could still siren like cocktail parties and you know newspaper photographer snapped a picture of him but not not -- the game when they're on national T -- Thanks for the call Brian where there's a good point I don't think she's been and as she bit and any of the games this year the that the main squeeze via. She's only about forty years younger than him 1877468. -- December what it would ever get chewed through the ninth. Rob your next with power. -- -- -- I. Watch under -- reading Drudge last week and they had a link to vote on article on. How the media was so quick to identify the weapons used by the shooter in Connecticut but yet they didn't identify any medication that. I was arm. And. Right because that's covered -- That's covered they have off. Right you know you -- that's again there were no seriously it's against but it's against federal law to identify the the medications somebody's on. I think that it's such a crock because you know come out like the article -- just -- it up it's just it's odd pages but. You look at all there -- -- -- shooters. And you -- the correlation -- the immediate truck are probably medications people are getting. And help ya know you know while you -- and edit and one reason is that you get it's hard it's hard the the -- and less you know. Unless they -- they find the but bottles in his in his possession when they don't go through his body in the put it down on the police report they released. Based seriously you can't you can't get back -- information you really can't unless it's an idea criminal report -- Q but you -- can. You can put out on the town hall and find out who's Saturday who's got a registered firearm. That's what the journal news bit. Thanks for the call rob 18774694322. Where have been called to weapons tomorrow by the way she can talk about her proposal to Washington on on next Monday on next Monday we'll abroad next Monday and you can talk about her -- proposal to one. Identify all the women -- have had abortions since you know since this full disclosure. Right where we're gonna have full disclosure let's have full disclosure for everybody. John you're next with our rhetorical -- job. Yeah Ali the last guy -- called talk about people not being educated about these weapons and he was actually get a little bit it's educated. -- AK 471. Thing for designer. BA AR sixteen was actually named by the -- effect -- original manufacture. Our light rightful number it's the first in sixteen -- for the army were body are alike companies they wanted a contract. -- Okay so it's a name that for arm light up firearms were they based out of a job. I do not recall I wouldn't want to say. You know the amazing thing about it is all these guys all these people wanna crackdown on firearms manufacturers these most of these firearms manufacturers -- -- in Blue States aren't by. All you got called in Connecticut. -- -- Smith & Wesson is Madden where is mad -- western mass. Yup yeah I think it's a world Springfield. Yeah amid all these I guess I do that that they understand their -- you're on top of everything else there were they're hurting their own constituents their own businesses -- tax basis. But I think they're going on the dole. Right yeah and it's the Korea. Certainly we work ducked below AJ talk about taking the time. I was called me a judge made I didn't appreciate that yes what do you say wanna give me grief I would take haven't shot from on I work -- a judge. 187 judges were 37 weeks a year. 37 weeks minus two days I had I had they got two new day starting this year to more personal base to say they have such an arduous life you know. Haven't I haven't the fill in for people from for Marines on active duty. It's it's it's brutal like it's almost like in a coal mine pony to be a Massachusetts judge of how we --