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Ready for a mileage tax? Here it comes!

Jan 15, 2013|

Deval Patrick has a plan to fix he roads. But, it's going to cost you!

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There are 96 point nine reasons to listen to WRKO. And here are. How weak car Rush Limbaugh and Jeff -- is is Boston's only home for talking AM six VWR KO. Who wins and attitude. Let me just clear this whole thing that's all right we pay -- Yup we pay excise -- got it -- don't know whether his bath yeah I told you registration fees and now we could be paying per my don't. I mean we need. -- -- -- Welcome to the -- record 6172666868. Is the number it's we're now one day away. Tomorrow at 7:30 PM. Deval Patrick. Mini -- -- you will be giving his state of the state address. And here is what we now know. The Massachusetts. Department of Transportation. Has now released its long awaited plan. The plan calls to invest thirteen. Billion. Dollars with a B. To upgrade and modernize and expand the State's aging transportation system and they wanted to do this over ten years. However. To. Have this map modernization. And expansion process the place of our transportation infrastructure guess what they need more money. They need more additional revenue don't. And in particular. They are now calling for certain tax increases. As well as additional fees. Who do you think is going to be paying these taxes and fees. You. Mean. -- see all of us. And so Deval Patrick has now said in -- -- find out tomorrow. In his state of the state address but according to the front page of the Boston Globe today he is definitely considering. These following recommendations. These tax increases and supposedly quote unquote revenue -- yours and this is now what they're looking at. The report recommends the following. An increase in the gas tax. And increase in the payroll packs. An increase in the sales Starks -- an increase in the state income tax. A new green fee on vehicle registrations. Day vehicle miles traveled packs. Hired -- higher fees. There -- -- is an all out assault on our wallet. Isn't a plan one of the ideas they float to pity for all of this the stuff going forward these to charge people. 2.4. Cents per mile for every mile they travel so when you gonna get your car inspected don't download your mileage information. Point four cents per mile for every mile that you traveled. Now that won't raise a billion dollars a year on topple ball the other taxes and by the way for the average person. That's about 3600. Dollars a year how'd you like to get that bill all. Up 3600 dollars a year for the average family they're gonna tax your program mile that your drive. If they did a gimme gimme gimme a mini me. Really I gotta say I read this and I go this is only this really helps the little guy. There's really almost all the Democrats are for the little guy. -- that he had many knew that there for the little guy -- is this really helps the little guy yup no question about it. My question to you is this. Are you willing to pay higher taxes and fees. To fund our State's. Aging transportation system 61720666868. Paul thanks for holding welcome to the coroner report. Good morning -- So it'll cost you -- 600 dollars just to go to work. Expect. Why OPEC -- go -- I can't help them all the economic war are just -- sure. Because you know like -- charged me to go to work. And I'm not gonna go to my favorite commercial -- forty -- the word that the forty mile round trip it's gonna cost -- -- -- TV actual. A -- -- -- go places I'm not gonna go to the Beijing which you beat by old tribal wanna wait for me I'm not gonna go up into the picture but look at the drive a hundred miles. I'm gonna stop progress everywhere I'm gonna start doing more -- -- -- hurt all the local businesses. Paul this is a disaster on every level first of all what's gonna happen is this you nailed it people -- just gonna be driving last. This is a way for them to force you to use public transportation. That's what this is about. They want you to use the but they don't want you on the wrote because they don't like the fact that you have the independence of driving her own car that's number one. Number two. And I have to ask this that the Democrats. Why. Do you keep electing politicians. Who just talks spend and moral we already pay gas taxes. We already pay the -- We already pay any. Upgrade and keep and maintain our roads and bridges. So they have been raiding the -- fund does what's been going on. With all of the corruption all of the abuse. The EBT system. He welfare abuse that's been going on all of the cronyism. Everybody's getting their nephew or niece her best friend the job in state government. And now they come back after stealing our money and saying we want more money. -- -- -- -- -- -- And they want it clearly is boondoggle projects like literally what they want and now we need. -- trained to that depicted caught. But that's that's a top priority for us now. Duck hook up Boston the Cape Cod all that. Big on our list right now priorities in this state -- you know -- -- we come in a while for 5 o'clock in the morning that the trains and buses artery running. That's the other thing. So I can't even take a bus or train if I wanted to. So they're gonna hold me now in my car I'm gonna pay more in tolls. Are registered my car into a green -- now they're gonna hit me with dot. They're gonna hit me for that miles that I draw. They're gonna hit me on my gas tax white tank -- they're gonna hit me on a sales stocks when I buy something they're gonna take more out of my payroll taxes. It's the little guy that's being squeezed. Al Europe next welcome to the -- report. Hey good morning good subject with the aid of a few minutes you -- I looked small business owner OK I think I didn't believe that the business 27 years. I have trucks. I PVU I went up we trucks we have to pay once a year and every December we get a piece -- that little sticker. I people -- trucks this year they wanted the governor went up. I PD come at all it's -- I'm paying over a thousand well the next site connect. I had -- twenty -- truck could have been Biden vehicle this year two vehicles had no choice in the matter. I think it over 4000 dollar in sales tax okay my income tax has gone up. I live on the north short lived inside this we were told 25 years ago. -- -- bridge would be paid up that we -- -- we I have to pay -- told that we try to go to Boston. OK we all know that meals tax went up. And I sit down. At the end of the year and I look at all the -- dump all and it's more than the average person makes and I'm just an average person I live in the palace target in the average starting. I'm just working I work what might try to beat date and I sit down and I -- and I think you know a lot. I can move to South Carolina. I can move to other states. Did it what I'm saying I know the people on Beacon Hill listening they listen to this show. Because the a look at the await to see the uprising that's gonna happen but we had when governor weld came in. In 1990 you'll want to remind your listeners. Of the 1980s. With the big promises of Michael Dukakis. And when people left at this stage with a billion dollars in debt and it Dukakis was proposed about 6%. Tax or leave but if you would hire somebody. They'd be back on net like Connecticut does well well -- It can't be expanded my question to Beacon -- is we have a very well at -- pension system in this state. Why is that they never cut this pension system. I'll I'll explain -- few very simply because there are one set of rules for them and another set -- rules for the rest of us. They have a gold plated health care gold plated pensions. Gold plated benefits. They just gave themselves on Beacon Hill I kid you not. Their top staff first not the politicians themselves because they can't. But their top staffers. 8101214%. Pay raises. There are people on Beacon Hill are making on board and -- -- -- 3840000. Dollars a year. To basically out to right press release said. And basically how to help a bribe their constituents. So they tax you they wonder you. To give money to the welfare deadbeats. And the government bureaucrats. Who keep voting for these guys it's a -- hearing year out so I take from you your money. Your reward my constituents. I take from the produce searched and I give to that tax consumers. And that's the business. It's -- racket. And they keep getting themselves reelected and what happens now is people like you eventually say a -- got a and they leave. And so you don't have benefited off of Massachusetts. New Hampshire. You know he's benefited off of California. Texas. I could go you know who's benefited off of Illinois Wisconsin. So we get more. We have less businesses. We have less private sector growth lesser jobs. And eventually legal. -- -- told -- gone under the proposal. But not the totals don't know and also unchartered traveling on the roads that are notorious for heavy traffic. Kids aren't the topic that. I know you -- -- -- the country in the middle of nowhere not to get charged this let me explain what it is the governor says he wants to eliminate the told takers okay -- he wants to put in the electronic system to -- you would told like fast like. He wants to ask the federal government to get permission to charge on other roads other than ninety. And if he does this he won't be able to implement what's known as. Congestion. Pricing policies you know what that means they don't and some other cities you go through an area that's heavily traveled. You automatically know troll just three dollars she paid three dollars and it's to dissuade people from driving better. Does lead before I don't wanna Selig a broken record but honestly just take my wallet. Big hit. -- in one -- pick up a middleman. Out the middleman vote even bother. -- is more efficient hair guys don't give me my check. Just send it straight to be an element -- -- that the oil. And I'll work on the black market seriously I'll get a second job working on the black market just leave my black market money alone that's all. -- I don't I'll go I'll deal drugs I'll do something -- there's a -- productive with my life number duties losers on down on Beacon Hill. Anthony you're up next welcome to the corner. We expect chipped out the last strong -- I'm I'm gonna get a -- I'm almost iconic shape big -- that truck registrations. And I just ordered the new -- about two weeks ago. Am a call -- -- -- or what he can pick the guy that got a scrappy order. I'm god I'm -- I'm going up north. D'antoni I think there are thousands like you -- economic refugees. Seriously cannot and by the way they're gonna bang you up as you -- as you leave they're gonna take money from you. -- -- what I would recommend giving guys on Beacon Hill is put like the National Guard on the Massachusetts. New Hampshire border. So one all the Massachusetts refugees economic refugees leave the strip him. Just take their wallets that just take that stuff out other cars that everything and say not all you're leaving but we're taken your stuff. And don't talk radio we now have an exclusive home base you've got it to endure Boston talk station JPMCC VW.