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This House is Gun Free

Jan 15, 2013|

Ambush reporter James O’Keefe has released a new video of his team posing as an anti-gun group called “Citizens Against Senseless Violence”. O'Keefe and his cohorts asked various homeowners, mostly journalists from the Journal-News – the New York newspaper that published a controversial map of registered gun owners online - if they were willing to put up a “Gun Free” sign in their yard. Howie said serves them right.....

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So Andrew wyden's bill I was gonna join the NRA today how -- but after hearing how Obama plans to screw us over tomorrow and use kids as human props I think I'm gonna -- to do it during his speech. I highly recommend all of your listeners planning to do the same thing with their time would that be wonderful statement if their membership jumped by 500000. Or even a million tomorrow. PS impeached -- SOB. Well James a key funeral James O'Keefe says he's the guy -- at them a lot of a lot of investigative journalism I mean real. Humorous investigative journalism you know to show what. What the moon bats in the hacks are really up to he's the one who while. Went around with his we're a young girl -- like with the market common might walker. And asking the people acorn topic it's set up by Leo how we it's it was he was her pimp and he was he needed to know how to set up a brothel. And they were helping them get set up that was that was pretty much what led to the end of a quarter minutes. Initial. Warm islands it's still around of course it's just been renamed. And I used on these and many other things as well. But that the most of the most recent things that he is about him is that after this after this idiotic. Newspaper. In the -- the journal news and and he also it printed the names of all the gun owners in the Westchester County. And they've improved that even for a map we have a problem -- and then then -- then then they decided to go to war journalists. From other newspapers including the Newark new the new work star ledger which is the biggest paper in New Jersey and also another moon -- -- Paper and also this guy torque at four tore away from MSNBC. What they there was they asked them they said the -- they want them to the front doors and they knocked on the door and they sit. We're from it's a group called citizens against senseless violence. That's my favorite words senseless. Senseless street crime. Citizens against senseless violence and they ask these homeowners. Gore of course are big gun control advocates for everybody else. If they would be willing to put up big gun free signed in their front yard. And I guess you can kind of figure out what happens Wednesday. Asked them asked these journalists who don't want anyone else to have a -- way if they would be willing to put up IE he signed saying that they are gone -- Our group citizens against senseless violence since -- -- yeah. This is good. Yeah yeah -- that plays -- if those words to trigger. Hire people to loosen the CDs yeah. Yeah. Would you. Your side and is there. But it doesn't it didn't lose his seven -- again. Think. I mean. Yeah her up. Okay. Are you concerned that he's safe your country's somebody with guns and gunmen. He's more. Does that make their living by an academic and he didn't. Sentiment that is sensitive yeah. Violence. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Right. I think so. -- -- you turn and control. And you because they -- ads on TV. So it's in the -- -- on New Year's -- -- runs well here I -- and yeah. She doesn't he get there and like -- still isn't all right and glass and don't lineup and -- it just says you know. This don't think -- three years I don't mind. Seen -- I -- I mean and mean yeah yeah yeah. -- yeah and he you know I mean I mean it's. My. Citizens against senseless violence and we're going around this bonus content on Britain. Is. Not only here I'm -- -- you guys. And that is you presents its good it does them who and and it. And equipment I'm like -- there was -- by mistake yeah. -- against -- you're against the. Wait so so that Christmas was a guy this was a guy who was on them on the a list of being a journal news editor by mistake. He was on he was on the list. Of having it got -- they went out was house anyways and he was packing and his -- spends. Yeah oh okay it's a role. So -- but they just went up to the editors of the of the the of these idiotic newspapers there what do to if you editors and and they went up to this -- this is the only house that was on the list via. And he was -- Okay. Didn't -- Agassi. -- Group its citizens against innocents that spot so we hope that -- hit -- -- you know you have to -- -- -- -- unless -- -- -- unless -- absolutely -- The only really had a good luck to shovel it a lot of publicize it any further -- -- My concern for your for your identity and I think it's. Why don't we want. I mean they hate guns. Mean they hate -- so much that they tried to humiliate. Legal. Gun owners in in their county. Into war it into. Giving up their handguns or their long guns or any of their guns and now they're guarantees so. They're being offered a chance to put their money where her mouth is aren't they. And I'll ask I was armed security guard guarding Monday's house hallway was guarding one of the editors houses out and he said -- just wanted to go away yeah. Gee I guess they I guess they went after the wrong people I guess that he. I guess they really they like to talk the talk but when it came to walking the one doctor they were were not typical moon bats. 18774694322. Well will the world will make some calls on this we come back from now.