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Say It Ain't So Lance

Jan 15, 2013|

Lance Armstrong sat down with Oprah Winfrey and confessed using performance-enhancing drugs to win seven Tour de France titles. Howie was unmoved and does not care if Lance blood doped or not. He asked the listeners if anyone else cared.

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Do you care if Lance Armstrong took tracks now I don't I don't care one way your. Yes 67%. Are we need and say they cared deeply. I'm pretty distraught about the police and that's what it that's like that Max had yesterday easily be eight million people watching the show more to Thursday night. To watch the show the fact he's admitted it is just so distressing to me. One is that distressing because and in many years I never would have thought that he'd get that guy who survived testicular cancer. Who knew what putting about putting bad stuff in his body and who is such a poster boy for our. Firm I'm living healthy and drug free actually did that it's just it's a it's -- -- -- one year years. Use drugs that he was not a poster boy for the for healthy living now and Lance Armstrong line I'm a big cycling. Under rat's ass what he did. He fares in the -- and it's it's it's just some stupid sport the super sport is probably the world's best athletes if you look at them I mean can't you can't ride a bicycle around the block -- -- an -- which is what these guys -- hard to -- I've seen you ride a -- -- -- -- the station was -- -- -- -- for. Idea I read a blue Carolyn my daughter and I -- right up to the end of the island every day every morning on it's about five miles both ways I do it at CIA I mean I admit it's flat that's what I like about it. It's flat bed and other and I -- Leo pike that's easy on my hip I got -- got -- before my -- Transplant. So why me hip replacement. And so I can I cannot use it very easily it's them I'm just as good as salmon and you know what. You know what I'm clean. I'm makes me better than than Lance -- stronger Trace Armstrong Trace Armstrong used to be defensive player for. What the Miami Dolphins I was getting them confused. Yeah I'm a better Seattle mom and on the speicher I'm on on what I'm Imus I'm a better I'm a better rush cycle Austin Trace Armstrong he has. Our. 1877469432218774694322. Now this is a great story today in the great James O'Keefe has struck again and a or surprised that. That Rush Limbaugh -- do more with this today actually. But that you're on his Barbara wanna talk about Trace Armstrong. -- Marbury are next with how we cargo ahead Barbara. Hi -- Lance. Armstrong was doping but everybody now you're tied with Adobe do sort of kind of like immediate playing field it immediately they can't get the first fight anybody dictated packet because. They weren't doping as well. So everybody was doping them I mean what's that what kind of sported pass anyway is misleading giving this is -- legitimate sport as it's always say the roller derby. Ever see the roller derby. I would say no not really out there there I think it's a legitimate or not to do what they need that energy -- -- -- not saying it's right you know. -- adopt all the time and Lotta people do it and it's -- that number. Arnold Schwarzenegger Arnold Schwarzenegger he was just opened Ferraro full weight -- -- doing. How do you guys that much better athletes -- but I don't think. She and and the fact that -- -- that the department that big shock to anybody else. He bit. Again because and that everybody's dumping -- cops he's still in my mind. OK I mean I -- -- yeah. -- I again I don't to what the big deal is I mean the guy cheated that's that's dollars to what I mean everybody who cheated in -- everybody cheated him baseball's she has been kind of shot. You know. Thereof they have they're not getting involved -- they do I mean just what this guy he would discuss analyze it. Mean at least Roger Clemens went to court and and got a not guilty verdict you know I mean nobody believes that that nobody believes -- he's not guilty but they at least. At least he can say look I spend millions of dollars and I was found not guilty I mean Lance Armstrong can't do that. And enable -- -- he lied to everybody. Imagine that. Well it's. -- Yes I think another thing is it's my it's not like you know a politician -- you expect the politicians align right I mean don't all look athlete to a I mean we're foolishly but you hold an athlete to a higher standard than -- than politics and. No idea but it everybody else he's writing against is stepping up well that -- always -- -- if you want he want. Because even better than everybody else that they -- they. Maybe he had a better pharmacist and everybody else. Apparently it -- do what they do you have to you have to do to keep your body and everybody thinks that the and that's. I don't agree with that I would never do it but. They actually call Barbara 18774694322. Sounds Islamist is wrestling yet does president. Q -- Q -- people get excited about people wrote that wrestling is on the level through. 18 sevenths. Bicycle a source awesome athletes with some sweet spandex to prove it. A twenty of the top 21 finishers of the toward the frosts are implicated in doping. Well I would have to say that then you've got one guy who wasn't doping so that's what that should get the prize whatever prizes. Transplant I didn't mean to say transplant I meant the -- replacement I'm -- Let's see era. Officer mark says dusty is not guilty and and six oak -- says dusty is not guilty so you're having some good reviews -- busting in the early going. Bob your next with how we cargo I have Bob. I do and I -- Angola are emotional weeks. I just slide to a lot -- I got a ticket you and your education -- was sawed back and. -- I want to go PLO's mourn a decade ago. The question -- you would do really truly made I have right -- wonderful. Thanks. Well there are some trigger but now my -- beautiful. Actually -- New Hampshire. You made a good decision man you're -- you're gonna be joined by a lot more your fellow -- in Massachusetts residents of this a tax proposal goes through. Now devoid of all mentioned a billion dollars yesterday that the new taxes for a transportation today he mentioned a billion dollars in new taxes for education. Measures great -- I was told me about what. You know resident and sure -- -- work magic should just like now. -- He you're young you're pay your still paying for you you have bought. You who you truly do have what the up founding fathers call taxation without representation. Yeah I wish racial -- aren't bad but what about glad Saddam. All. I got anybody special I could really kill us by. You know what I play sports moron Joseph and it was he I already am word -- at all. But awaiting -- get paid to do it. Oh upset about this in the dialogue -- pretty younger -- I would say you know your average darts players probably -- marijuana is Meehan and on beer. Mean have there been any darts -- about this with beer and marijuana being being abused it by in the in the field. This video does anyone play darts whose -- under the influence of beer. Yeah I'm only there to expand so -- Thanks for the call -- 18774694322. What percentage of the deadbeats that -- beefy cards or assist the higher on drugs in what are they doing doing about. About that who cares about Armstrong he -- up by. Bill Clinton lied was president. The prizes all the money he received because utilized. Well yeah you know I how much to be -- -- guess they Agassi got a lot of money right. But everybody else was why -- I mean it's kind of hard to say that you know -- Mad at the guy it's just I don't care about bike bicycle racing in just big it's it's almost seemed to me to -- in a really boring sport. Mean it's it's right up there with a call for. Or you know Leo you know the old saying you know the only thing more boring and practice field you know I mean all -- almost worked like you I can't can't watch sports. Mark your next with Howie -- going -- I know -- preference but because of this show we do a great job but he's. Don't -- downside and it's a great sport I'm I'm another spokesman tonight a -- and played most the sports. You got cycled it says number one of the toughest probably box and second and then not. You know -- I'm running then you can do any of those are real happily. -- -- Out of trouble -- out and try and see what I'm gonna darts. Yeah I Barton bridge those are my two sports. While my book. Thanks for the call mark 18774694322. On your next with -- are going head on. And now that it's impossible that involved this call EPO habitat for. I hope that cycling federation and it pure that you blood level of you don't. And the -- 49 point five. The deal agreed to any PL OK stern talked about bode. That your normal. 49 not much of an increase but you start voting on. In Uga 49. That element increase. You know it's geeky older actor but he believes it's not a level playing out just because everybody is open EPO not a level playing field. Some way of these if all these things are true wad on it seems like it's pretty hard to keep bust cycle and honest -- that. Right now right now I would have to agree. Every everybody everybody to -- Tyler Hamilton's book. -- this war should read some of the articles it Walsh's book out called. You think that it came after an -- that I attacked the Sunday Times so after. Leon that the other story himself for like get their money back from the libel suit. Oh I know I saw that I saw that was the London times she the -- a and so he sort of for libel saying he was on drugs and now that he's admitted he's on drugs they want their money back -- I don't blame. Like -- -- question what's even more interesting is the Sunday Times old Opel gonna do that big interview. They've put in a full page ad in the Chicago Tribune says hey Oprah asking these questions. -- -- -- Thanks for the call 1877694322. He made money suing people accused of doping sort of the London times. Aggregate stock in Boston during the upon your pants laughing now. With Archie and you beer for balance absolutely what's next kick the can hide the seeks gamble. We're about doping scandals that ball. Any doping scandals -- -- I think a lot of people that ago bowling the only they have a couple pops on the way and don't pay. You know what it's practical legal eagle that was to smoke dope in most states so I mean can you say it's and say it's a crime. 187 -- dusty on the web site does is that we card bought you well. Let's be honest who cares it's a -- sport. There is that element to it. I mean -- you see out there in the on the weekends with the with SP impacts. And by the way that's another one of these things that's another one of these things that makes me wanna -- bang my head against the wall you -- -- they're planning to spend on bike paths in this new transportation package in in Massachusetts. 430 million dollars. 430 million dollars to build paths but that did that these people are going to be riding on because they like to ride in the middle of highway. You know. I -- sometimes if it's snowy and slushy and traffic is really horrible on com Al. You'll see. You're you'll see a -- on the bike path on the -- in the bike lane but other than that they'll -- be right up there with you when. You -- to keep pass an amendment comes at a red light middle run the route lightening ought to pass him again and it comes at a red light and don't go through the red light you know the passion again. One of those people are definitely on drugs. Remember when they had used -- -- -- they don't have courier so much as they used to -- that of core years down through downtown taking legal documents around in the they they almost killed a few people they they actually did put people in Comas. In the hospital just running them now those people were definitely on drugs stand your next with how we cargo that stand. Yes -- I love listening to your program first Q and I used to be a cycling officially USA cycling official it's laid up to the Olympic level. And are officiated a couple of races -- Lance Armstrong yeah where it's just stated. And you know he really had done so officials. Fooled that he was doping -- But I got this say it was totally awesome he would. Come around more than glad to be in first place and then. The second lap did come around we're talking like 1011 mile laps on the mountain bike. And he'd come back and he'd be right back -- in terms twelfth place like you know -- in the -- -- Then the next side beat Hillary could be right back first place again there's just. General re old DuPont slogan better living through chemistry. That's what. Regularly I got to emphasize he really did have everybody's a little -- he just. Did it. Very well. Thanks facial or call stand -- and Roger Clemens right. And Mark McGwire and Jose Canseco and and end a Barry Bonds they all did a very well. 187746. And then they had the defenders -- that's what gets me you know what Roger Clemens. Roger Clemens -- didn't do it again at his hall of fame career he'd been to expand his fame career. Wall. Yet but it was against the rules wasn't I mean it's -- the isn't that the key thing. You can follow the sandy you've been following this thing with this guy from MIT Schwartz who killed himself and now they want to fire -- Carmen Ortiz. The US attorney. Because she watched measures it was a strict too strict of a sentence -- sent out there wasn't a senator was even brought to trial he was invited but they're saying she knew she was enforcing the law. But what she's the US attorney and she enforce the -- these laws are on the box. And the guy got that the guys said they they said the laws were stupid it's the British so but he killed himself so somehow it's her fault. How wasn't her fault. It's ridiculous. You know if you wanted to if if you're right you don't like a lot change the damn law. Don't don't issue an executive order and and that don't don't get a petition to one kilo too wide that destroy the career of the person was enforcing the law. 187746943221877469. A breaking news from seven congressman -- cap wanna will not run for the US senate details on 7 NEWS it's yeah. It was to be expect that I think she wasn't he he he. He wasn't he wasn't he may -- he thinks that that that brown is gonna run I'm still not clear whether Scott Brown is gonna alarm out but. If I don't think he would I don't think he would run. I didn't think he would run if he -- brown was going to be the nominee -- what's the point of going through that blood -- primary and then coming up against brown. Maybe brown had Ronnie what do state -- Rich your next with how -- cargo -- rich. Are -- only are you doing today. Hey I as far as where those he passed over five under drug. And from from what I understand about you know. This subject. -- into it is so blunt and that's why it was impossible to. Well it says really wasn't dole said he was you know whereas you know what I understand. It was you know you just it is -- words that work you're in you know. Certain blood cells and not. There are ways to beat a drug test right I mean remember the wizard Nader that the NFL players used to used to was and later. And he's in then there's and then now. -- biased the guy that was gonna play for the Celtics but he died of an overdose on the night he was drafted an overdose of cocaine they they suspected import the pretty significantly. It is last year Maryland and they were always haven't had to do when drug tests and he just had somebody else. -- but we can't -- I -- watching him -- part in the you know over. So many throughout in that well. But I don't know also. Yeah actually drug use and it was this. And there is -- Thanks for McCall rich 18774694322315. Says it's unanimous here at work dusty is not guilty. 18774694322. Let's see how we saw on the news last night hit and run accidents in LA California are 50% of all accidents in California running over people. And property damages on the illegals no insurance. Almost like nowadays they're -- more hit home runs than they used to be if you notice that. And house figure when there's a hit Barack I almost figure to an illegal -- you know doesn't wanna stick around and I have to answer the questions and maybe. End up in the deportation -- Paul your next with Howie -- gore had Paul. -- Hey I'm currently structured content to your -- -- a little. Bit. Or is. He -- to enter. Literally printer. And then duplicate sent -- after he. Entered into someone who. And he attributed. To the fact. So you're rewrote the record for a. Yeah so he is it is so Paul you tell me he was evict them. -- I'm saying -- parenthood. Once he was but -- was claiming to be a victim because he had cancer though right. No that's not what you're saying so what do you think he would hand and can't. YouTube is awaiting a lot from cancer the other reason as why all the sudden he was -- scoring a long distance. My focus see you lost the weight like you know like you can't have a fat jockeying -- restaurants yeah. Would you be able to do you know -- to be able -- just -- it really fast. And then after he got cancer all of sudden he came out and he was his great longest -- well. Everybody -- -- I'm -- it's become so great also and when you don't think. But again come up with -- an excuse as you want Paul to the whatever. Whatever the whatever the sport is. Don't you always think of someone suddenly becomes in mid career becomes really outstanding -- suspect that they're using drugs. I've learned yeah -- listen to. I don't know anybody who doesn't think so I mean it's -- I don't that I some people you know become great in mid career for some reason but does not. Usually usually it's a foreign substance in ball. Thanks for the call how we what would you rather watch the Boston Marathon Lance Armstrong's cycling I'd rather watch Boston black people on suspicion early on to on Turner Classic Movies -- gonna stick with this after the break we'll play. We're gonna move on with some of the stuff to do Eric your next with how we cargo have Eric. You know what we say -- if you -- usually drives the kind of -- you're not try to aren't out. -- I gotta admit -- -- generally my theory of life you know I mean. I know -- overly -- when -- reacted to win but it but don't get -- you're right I mean that the that the key is not to get caught -- doesn't count. Thanks 1877469432218774694322. That's the scene. 413 and we have talked about this yes but I heard that the tomorrow Barack Obama will be surrounded by school children is there no limit. The how disgusting he could be how much of this will be American people polymer. Well I guess it depends what you're talking about the low information voters -- the or the people or 40%. From from him in the 40% of world from Mitt Romney already know. That this is going to be non. But the 51%. RO. I don't I don't billion they're gonna they'll -- -- -- -- respond you know that. One more call and we'll move on Paul you're next with our cargo ahead ball. Is that Obama like most of their rapidly and it. Auto -- pedestrian that it for the bulk of the cycles that there aren't there about them are completely not I did it back in the eighties and you know I did you watch what I do you think I was not but yeah actually get a six cents for the way it's the. You get a six that's what it tell it to bill spring remember that guys are very says he would get up in a coma he was on meet Joseph spraying the deputy mayors husband and the and he was just he was plowed down right in the post office -- -- -- you guys. Elder it's also a good girl that was reporter Daniel Holland she got. Got caught under truck pagan -- -- got direct miles well. Knuckle bullet but anyway. It'll have -- back towards -- -- They Tibetan. So obvious. For the people that that are really into the board -- just -- you -- surely you know you don't. You know all of a sudden get the big leap in your ability. Just you know it's like it's especially in export. You know the tool you have a lot you know much of a genetic -- -- Right right and almost all operate most great athletes are great athletes when they were in their teens you know they start getting watched my college coaches when they're in junior high school right. -- -- -- -- -- -- They're human -- -- great Americans cycles the actually went over and you know was there and in Europe where it before it became stranded in new. You know fifteen years ago people were doping because BP. You know all these guys these believe in the -- also ultimately depend on the you know it is it's like to know other ways -- true. But he was right you know is the real -- it's like going out my -- -- is big phony. Court of course I'd never heard of him you know is CD -- and you know like I daresay. You know why. Oprah Winfrey's marketed to -- -- show with him issues. Right but the thing I'll answer though -- -- practice that he you know. Needed to throw a lot of people out of the box -- -- apart -- in. There out. In what sense. The trauma to the us. I'll eat these seats synagogue or anybody had any any some of doping and do other writers or economics do. Any time his name came up he'd basically say I'm gonna ruin it like it -- them. The -- size there has that needs some of cute to be in a -- the ball because. You have around -- -- -- actually ransom would drive up the country you know proper Mexico. For the team and as soon as Archie went public you know he's he's there. And Q and other reap certain what you did there and so -- BP's been ruined her life. Thanks for the call -- 18774694322. -- the the new three biggest -- they did not have sexual relations with that woman I did not dope I will not raise taxes on the middle class. 18774694322. On our car.