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Nineteen Executive Orders and Counting

Jan 15, 2013|

The Obama Administration has readied 19 executive actions which will move unilaterally on gun control. This will be the administration’s first definitive statement regarding gun control after last month’s mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Howie wondered is President Obama exceeding the power granted him by the Constitution by unilaterally outlawing a right guaranteed by the Second Amendment.

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President Obama has decided to issue these nineteen executive orders because he realizes that he couldn't get any of this legislation through congress. Now why -- beginning of this legislation through congress. It's because the American people are not split 5050. S they you know this is one of those things should name they may tell law. They you know you know the -- there's certain questions that study ebitda at our command warned to be answered truthfully. You know you -- know you want to appear to be a good person you know did you cheat on your spouse now. Do you what do you read newspaper editorials oh yes yes I do. You know this -- another one to use do you why do you support the NRA now the NRA has been -- committee has been not turn into a ball he can. The last few weeks but it's been turned into a -- he meant by certain by a certain cadre of. Obama. Foreign agitators like piers Morgan and Martin Bashir along with the let no crisis. Be wasted people like a Rahm Emmanuel. Who was obviously no absolutely. No clue what to do about the gun situation. Because -- look what is it -- what's going on in his own city of Chicago with these type. These stringent gun control laws -- -- it's a slaughter house. There were other -- murders every night I can read you about 23 murders and eight in Chicago. More on the weekends and the -- be the point I mean after a while you're you why you -- just get. In -- -- west you know -- the -- these these kind of lost don't work they don't work they hassled content. They they hassle law abiding citizens that's all there about I don't. -- have Krauthammer on though Obama's press conference. Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer okay Charles let's start with the debt ceiling talk and what you just heard from the press. Well the tone of this address was quite remarkable. He talked about Republicans being suspicious. Of social security and Medicare revealed this song that you -- hear from him and then he added. And suspicious of government's role in making sure that impoverished children get food. That's a little bit over the top. That's essentially a liable. For many civilians but I'll tell you know I'd love hanging out at congressional. Picnic with these people who won a star Americans. Children that's of interest thing invitation. And Manny and he did this they -- it over and over and there's him he must have gone through the same. Idea fifteen times and saying it is all about honoring our obligations. Paying the bills that we've already. Incurred. But what he said seven years ago as a senator. Was that raising the cadets to his indication of how. Quote we now depend on ongoing financial assistance from foreign countries. To finance our government's reckless fiscal policies. The point of raising the debt ceiling is to allow us to continue to borrow. That's the essence of what it's about he never he talked about their debt ceiling a dozen times now -- he used the word. Borrow. And what it means is we are now getting continue to borrow for every dollar the government spends. We only sixty cents of it. Come from our taxes the rest 40%. He's borrowed money in the region are Republicans are objecting to say. We have to start to reduce the forty cents and he's pretending as if if you even think about that. You're just showing the credit of the United States who have it. I -- of the yesterday when he said we're not a deadbeat nation what if we're not a deadbeat nation what exactly are our enemy if if form a deadbeat nation surely were forward deadbeats I mean there's their can be -- that that's on even an arguable point isn't. You know. Mean the heat he's done his best to increase the number of dead beats in the country you know making it easy to get on all these all these phony baloney welfare programs. 187746943221877469. 4322. -- time to drop the AARP and join the NRA. And ever belong to the AARP they starts and restart it was fifty years all I never I was never interest at them miked. That's one of those groups she'd always tell me you never I never saw the mine ever saw one of their spokesmen on on the same side of an issue I was interest and so. Forget about out of Aston. No I took the AARP eight sandy okay. She is so what's a drop out of the AARP and join the IR AI so I never was in the are pretty. Gun buybacks don't reduce gun violence either this is for mom Mary Katharine Ham. USA today covers the latest outbreak of gun buybacks propping opera popping up or across the nation in the wake of Newtown. Become -- flashy local news reports B -- rich with antique weapons and other cast off weapons was confiscation would've been great for programming stage cultural -- but not modern crime waves. They had -- among the least effective ways to reduce gun violence they say targeted police patrols intervention efforts with known criminals and to a lesser extent tougher gun laws all work better than buybacks. Let's see. Buyback programs tend to attract people who -- least likely to commit crimes and to retrieve guns -- least likely to be used in crimes and never ended that's another thing -- the reversed as the buyback programs Aminu. It's doesn't common sense tell you that you know if you have a piece of crap opened the addict that you know hasn't has hasn't been fired cents a the end of world war two and you can get twenty year fifty bucks for her gift card for under box with the local grocery store target. -- gonna take it down there. On the other hand if you -- -- they are fifteen days it's worth a lot more than 400 box of a -- of a gift card at target earlier local supermarket. So you're not gonna bring it down. Scott and others say violent criminals the people do most of the shooting and killing steer clear buyback programs and -- trying to make some quick cash by selling a weapon they don't want anymore. That means buyback campaigns often end up with hunting rifles -- world revolver from somebody's attic and what automatic weapons from the truck for criminals car. Buyback in Tucson Arizona last week collect about 200 firearms many of them older and -- ended in the in return for about 101000 dollars worth -- grocery gift cards. What a waste of money. A few hundred feet away gun dealers set up tables and offered cash for any guns in good enough condition to resell. Every guy on the -- was an old on the assault weapons. Tom that you watch the event told the associated press and taking weapons off the street. But does this woman says cat Mary Katharine -- But it showy and effective in XP expensive and gives organizers that deep sense of moral superiority when you've got all that who actually needs to reduce. Its. But don't look now the editorial page team of one of new Jersey's biggest newspaper longest in this is the star ledger which is probably why they got that targeted by O'Keefe. Pre pre in his in his -- that campaign. Is pro gun buy back its biggest newspapers his programs buy buy back because it makes them feel so good so there in anyone thinks differently probably just wants quote. It paramilitary weapon manufactured with the express purpose of shredding humans to death. -- -- -- Who thinks the writer can actually point out a gun that. With pat expressed purpose in line up and explain why it's different than any other semi automatic handgun. Of a similar caliber. But again it's not about it's about getting guns it's about feeling morally secure here. That's what this is all about it's about feeling good about oneself it's about locking down one's nose at the rednecks in the crackers. In the born again it's who. The bitter cling yours with their guns in their target ranges -- they -- -- you know the people who work at the newspapers are so much better than they are. 18774694322207. Gun buyback program equals -- upgrade program. 4413. If if if I had a World War II weapon sites so that -- on pawn -- how many many times when high cap clips -- Mayo legally get sold on the street guess who bodies. 1877469432218774694322. -- make low -- steal guns and turned the man. Yes it -- they got it they'd be no war they know variance got a gun in the basement that nobody's used in the fifty years solely on -- about the basement. When she's not shop -- -- -- from the east they sell on the street and he gets more drugs and and they than they feel bad because -- getting more drug shall we get a real government -- some place. One how we do you think the gun buy back programs were worker that your body beat the cards hints that he BT cards you know gift cards the supermarkets it's basically the same thing isn't. Bill your next with Howie -- go ahead bill. -- You know I have never vessels get my wife also haywire because it within five days we're ready. We are going to get hit with a seven -- looking at gun control right now. That's what they wanted to look at. Specifically. But I'm gonna go on my one no campaign to get -- 2000. There did not elected. Not accountable. And the minute that all of us has taken there often running now what I want it or not they'll listen to do is. For 25 dollars basic minimum. You can Jordan Carter foundation. And if you do that you'll. Get access to everything that they have him they're working on. And the money war will be used to. 54 firms as we. What better source center we will. The guard are one out of. All I know I know the guns are one part of it there there are increasing taxes he wants he wants more taxes now he -- he wants to increase taxes again. A -- now and then at the state level here in Massachusetts and -- main bill but you know. We get a -- they're gonna hit us with a billion dollars in new transportation taxes and now today -- Deval is talking about the governors talking about a billion dollars in new education access. I mean. Then this is on -- this is on top of population that just a 2% pay cut thanks to war Barack Obama I mean Barack Obama is doctor evil and Deval Patrick has many many I mean we're we're giving slowing home here. VV there's committee. It did have that they think the economy is really going to come back if you know if they keep taking this kind of money out all of the way. We'll get more on this later on by -- that they they of the come up with these bogus numbers. A dollar taken out of a person's pocket and given the transportation. Equals two dollars and four cents when the government gets to really. It does well tell you what when you take a Boller away from me that gives me a dollar less to spend. In the private sector so your take my dollar and given it to some pinky ring guy who was got a no show job. And who did such a marvelous job on the on the Big Dig and. We're gonna let them mine now we're gonna let him build some new roads -- able to build a railroad down to one Fall River New Bedford because they have an inferiority complex there. 1877. 978 buybacks are also good way for criminals to get hot guns anonymously in Chicago couple months ago someone turn then then. They and in sixty in the chief law enforcement was going on and on about giving them military hardware off the street there's a video floating on the net. No no we're getting hammered we're getting hammered. But. Tony you're next with how -- cargo ahead Tony. -- -- and an education well stupid people -- -- Eritrea are the more the more money we spend on education the still what are the people got a but this. Does it -- You know not only -- people but nice -- And make -- academic. Their. Mr. -- anything to -- that they may. Did you punch -- what -- And Tony. Tony somebody sent me a body cartoon yesterday from the New Hampshire Sunday news -- Manchester union leader. In had -- in at a picture of Ennis a -- quote assault weapons and already people or kill what assault weapons in 2011 in the US. 423. The next to that next to the quote on quote assault weapon there was a picture of a hammer. Generally people that according to FBI crime statistics now this guy just didn't make them up out of thin air according to according to FBI crime statistics. Common people you think or kill with -- in 2011 in the US. More about it all right assortment that way. 576. -- club anywhere close you were very close at -- -- and people. A how minute all -- speak out. How well it all will be killed when he's dangerous -- I'm mugs his assault have -- -- ever using them for building houses are you strip -- killing. People. Thanks for the call Tony 18774694322. Most gun shown on the news from buybacks -- props if anyone turns in and they ar fifteen style rifle value at 900 blocks from where god has probably been stolen. Are you -- does the Euro you're hoping and a and they are fifteen in the in the in the photograph part -- Is dusty there she is she is Wednesday she has an air fifteen. Somebody said you -- -- that you look pretty good but you don't know really how to handle the -- very well now get out. Know you've ever been around hunt for BMBs mom with with your father know. Jackie are next with Howie -- go ahead Jack. -- it would be an idea for a gun buyback program. Instead of you know just to be used for toys or food. They just straight crack forgotten that the people who want the -- -- and you know -- the people really should have gone. You're right. Now. What's -- -- that will let that the DEA does that does the drug got turn in program every every year you know I had ever and that's another one I never understood too much you know. Fleischer fly you know exposed a flustered drugs down the toilet disposed the turned amend the war two bit -- local police station I never never quite figured that when howdy do you wanna get British drugs just watch. Now. Thanks for the called Jack 18774694322. Sounds like the carpenters union is more dangerous than the on our -- Or me if you if you look at the numbers right. I mean they got those they get that well Walt now that. On the Mass Pike expansion right at the right at Fenway Park there. And they all these pictures of these dead kids who were murdered with handguns I mean -- guns. And -- you know it's been it's been there that the wall that put different pictures on it occasionally but it's been there for years. And you know cube waving -- to change it around a little bit not show the kids that died in that round and pockets. You know more kids more and more little kids there are killed but it is there are die drowning in pockets the -- -- the pockets. That would that I have water at him and then that that are killed with the guns but I I've seen anybody. Talking about big issuing executive orders against pockets. GN your next were powered car going had -- They'll probably we don't have a credit probably be right -- moments that challenge right now I know I've got 200 earns money -- -- salary. On the credit but it's OK because they just opened another line of credit would be an Apache bench who don't know why. Right I just got a guy just got a new credit card yeah. I think it's been totally don't know if they don't remove them. Stating what goes into the possibility of making and how they don't have that didn't -- that's why didn't didn't do -- certain percent of kids that they don't care. Thanks a paper that. Thanks for the call -- 18774694322. Bought my a ar fifteen for seven -- box and it's now worth thirteen hundred dollars best investment I've ever made it no one has taken it. That's a seven that's 330s 337. And a five Voight says dusty is holding an AK 47. Thus the don't even know what kind of doesn't go. Larry the Watergate feel last night to for the picture. 1877469432218. -- how we I have summoned guns from fired just waiting for the next buyback and west there. Forget the -- storm heading for Home Depot. Yeah I mean again you you know you want a -- really deadly weapon you go to Home Depot get yeah there's no waiting period for a hammer. Now. 1877469. For the rap I -- the duct tape around hammer the fingerprints won't show up on in and year -- -- the races. Your money your your life to show me your hammer. Alan your next with Howie -- go ahead Alan. But there -- -- welcome -- all yes I believe that the fund our programs are choke a lot of little -- We're what we're losing the -- are. 18774694322. -- like the buyback the handgun ice all the my buddy a couple of years back but he's not selling -- say as I blame them. 18774694322. How we England is pushing a wall lives including statements -- can't believe that. How how is that possible you'd think it'd guns from fast and furious will show opened up my back. Is it is there some reason why. Oracle mom is never asked about fast and furious and any of these gun press conference this is a -- I mean. I know the peace keep Hillary you know like -- members of the royal court in medieval times you know there were courtiers and flat or worse that be. They'll be Exide Albert blinded or something if they're not the if they're not properly polite to Padilla. To his highness but you know you'd think somebody would have the stones to ask him a real question at some point. Like about the fact that you know he said that that the debt ceiling it was a what was something that shouldn't be raised at all times we've got that went a bit. Got the story from -- -- region quote we come back 18774694322. Howie -- Having some delicious challenge food storage frequently enough. The next tax increases of the Wall Street Journal. You monitor read something into your finished showing -- nom I'm efficiency and the unfinished. The next tax hike is -- law and Obama already wants more. The president even invoke the American people to support his third new tax hikes saying Monday that. They don't think it's Smart to protect and those corporate loopholes and tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans rather than rebuild our roads and our schools. You already rest. But wait. He was President Obama who insisted that the recent packs will be loaded with tens of billions of dollars worth of traditional. Corporate loopholes. Including for his billionaire buddies in the bust out green industry energy and business too bad no one from the white house press corps asked about that contradiction. Maybe next presidency. Richard Durbin of Illinois explain that the tax loophole should be closed because quote. We forgo about one point two trillion a year in the tax code money that otherwise would go to the government on quote as if at all launched on calcium in the first place. But they're now they're talking about the going after the middle class. Former Vermont governor and Democratic Party chairman Howard -- conceded in December on MSNBC that this meat may seem like heresy but the truth is everybody needs to pay more taxes not just the rich. How -- the BT card recipients of the illegal aliens. They don't pay their fair share I want a Democrat but come out and say. We need the bombs to start paying their fair share to rather than leaching off of off of the people who work for a living. The Obama tax proposal would tax the rich was a quote good start he had -- but we're not gonna get out of this deficit problem unless we raise taxes across the board. He's right about soaking the rich even if they taxed 100% of every dollar earned by every American who were more than 500000 dollars in 2000 that. The Fed would only take in one point 29 trillion or not much more than the entire 2012 deficit. More and more liberals are picking up this -- in admitting that the middle class has to be taxed because that's where about Monty has its. We told you this. We told you this a lot of people -- why you know everybody here everybody in this audience knows it. But our low information voter friends that now did. There were too busy watching American Idol. They couldn't figure it out for themselves. They thought it was only the millionaires and billionaires who were going to be taxed. Now now they realized they are the millionaires and billionaires. And this is just the Social Security payroll taxes just the beginning. Richard you're next with power cargo ahead Richard. I we. The buyback program may be over tomorrow. Hypothetically if Obama tried for a really grave. Infringement of this Second Amendment could it be impeached immediately. Well. He's not going to be impeached I mean they can talk about impeaching him and eldest congressman from Texas stockman has talked about impeaching him by. Are they really I mean and you know they have a Republican majority in the house but it's not it's not that. Significant I mean you did that peel off a few Republican votes. And then you -- over the senate just 55 Democrats you need to convict the guy in and remove him from office you would need 66 people in the senate. And even if you got all 45 Republicans should still only 21 out of the 55 Democrats what are the odds are getting those people Richard. All right so then you don't think that's the reason why I don't want not a period. While I'm just saying he's he's not gonna get he's not going to be thrown out of office for -- us. Well it -- afford to. Apparently done nothing yet it don't. Right or for anything right exactly. Probably does so we're -- -- -- pro life. Well not polite for four years I hope I mean you know the other the congressman from the congressman from New York as I entered Tuesday. He built to work appeal I think it's the 22 amendment which were restricts the the president the two terms but that's like an ankle when he where either. So why bubble boy not gonna get -- we look they they couldn't get rid of Clinton and they had Clinton dead to rights committing a felony he committed perjury under all. You know how. And did the Democrats refused to convict them. If it could be if you pay if perjury a felony is not a high crime than what the hell is. Thanks for the call. Lee your next with how we cargo -- An Alley I kept saying that there aren't during the campaign I can understand why the Republicans weren't beaten -- -- Mark. You can't pay for the government would just the ones are married and that 2% people. You have to climb down into the middle class. And get flat the deadbeat will be paid eventually when everything goes kept up because their programs are gonna get -- said that in the until they just don't know. Yeah they are gonna they are gonna have to pay and then and then you know what there's going to be there's going to be trouble in the streets when -- because of the you know what they're gonna they're just gonna come out into the working neighbor -- we work in people's neighborhoods. And I just demand some of them are gonna go to work that's for damn sure. I took command and I think I heard Paul Ryan say at one time and that debate when he looked in the camera and said and lucked out because they're coming for you next. And that was no other mention that they did act like you're gonna be the Warren Buffett. And you know and everybody else that would give billionaire well. And then end -- Much more because they have and -- the loophole that can get around a little. Don't have income either they have blood they've already made their income I mean -- Jay Rockefeller and John Kerry pay a much lower rate on acts that you or I do. I absolutely felt. Anybody who thinks they're not coming for them next it's just deluded because our. I know I know what they are still deluded they had a lot of -- and -- half of Dumars told -- they're just the idiots. I don't know what the -- bottom 18774694322. You know I know they say we get the government we deserve but you know some of us some of -- can can read some of us cannot -- it's almost pay attention. And we we're not here you know we all -- the poor girl get the government we deserve some of us Cingular don't deserve it. The government we've got dusty your next with how we cargo had dusty. That are wondering. If -- crop of do over again. Do you think you can walk -- a police station and I talked to bulletproof glass will -- Why I think -- -- step down. I don't thinks that's. That's again. That's a good point I was I was at one of those police station you're absolutely right about that there like armed fortresses. I just dropped off -- -- application or carry permit application you are a lot of detectives say he course. Brought up around four in. And -- -- that apple couldn't do it to us why it's smoldering chemical. No you don't a huge number of people who have off firearms legal firearms in this country are our police officers and why why do you think that is is. A dusty do you think it's because they know who's out there on the streets. Because there -- welcome every day of the week and they know they're not gonna give up their damn guns. What can I help them much of the eastern I don't lock the door behind me when I'm home. I'm not overly concerned that my -- my dog in my I want. Yes someone says someone texted me and said as he has a sign that says for forget the dog be where have owner. Ted thanks for the call busting Tim you're next with how we cargo had them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Why can't afford a much. That's a good point I used to wonder why George Bush was so concerned about that I keeping the -- the I Iraqi Syrian border secure so the most Syrians could. Infiltrate where it whereas. Mexicans were allowed to just come into the United States -- basically a kilo a killer well. You know. That's a way that's a way it's always been they've been more concerned about the Middle East than they have about the the home front -- you know. -- a Mormon a lot more Americans have been killed by illegal aliens in the last eleven years that have been killed by terrorists. Thanks for the call them. 18774694322. -- they were trying to. They helped beat the Libyans have all these guns. That's what the big and that's what Ben Ghazi started as they've the Libyans have all these guns and they did they lost control of one Gadhafi went down his government felt. In the the CIA had a -- a house in the base in knob in -- and they were trying to grab these weapons in the that we're gonna send the weapons. Up but through Turkey a NATO country into back into Syria and where they would be used against shot -- Bashar. Sobs. Allah wipe them minority regime and its that's committing genocide in Syria and yeah its its pretty funny isn't it. They wanna take away Americans guns but they wanna give guns to -- to the Syrians many men many of whom Syria the Syrian rebels would mean a month depending -- a -- But many of the Syrian rebels are our -- affiliated with al-Qaeda. Dan you're next with -- car go ahead Dan. They are at historic thank -- -- -- very sound. Five I don't static Google. Pharmaceutical related deaths in 2012 compared begun that I came up 106000. Which Trump's -- from guns but nobody is looking into that. 106000. Non pharmaceutical does she mean overdoses and that kind of thing. And because it works yeah. I think -- a lot more drugs made just forget up pharmaceuticals just hospital mistakes. There you know just for you know of the of the wrong wrong. The transfusions. -- were yeah you know faulty medication -- that are. Amid expect kills a lot more people with guns guns away pretty far down on the list and -- and automobiles are way far guns. OK let's take a break thanks for the call 18774694322. Car.