SSDI Bloat

Jan 15, 2013|

Since 2009 through September of this year 5.9 million people have been added to the SSDI or Social Security Disability program. During the same period less than 2.5 million jobs were created. According to the Social Security Administration SSDI rolls have swollen to 10.9 million. Currently one in fourteen workers is now on the SSDI dole. Howie asked if the callers knew anyone on disability.

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Where we wanna talk a little bit about this tonight we -- we talked a little bit about last night. And this is from Forbes magazine. A fraud and disability or a million dollar block call for taxpayers. And this about assessed the guy -- justices but the best best. Take out -- I've seen all the way around. Since our president entered the White House in January 2009 through September of this year five point nine million people have been added to the SSBI. Social Security disability program. That compares with less than 2.5 million jobs created during the same period. SS DI roles of swollen to a ball bloated nine and ten point nine million. A record one in fourteen workers is now on the assessed the guy. Dole. They got a list -- -- vote with a listing of improvements at SSA dot got -- got to find that get that thing there's so many wars so many ones that you could not. Choose from. The numbers substantiate a shift from these. Hard to -- -- -- to these hard to disprove this afflictions like Barack is pretty physical its back end mostly mental. Over the past three decades awards for mental illness -- climb from third 16% of total points to 13 by 2010 during the same period back pain increased its market share which is what it is a good way to describe it market share. From 13% to 28%. For workers -- low paying jobs SS DI including Medicare were placed on average 98%. 980% of working income. SS DI recipients get free Medicare for two after two years of receiving benefits. But qualification. Standards have been severely watered down. As evidenced by the above statistics back -- questioned much less today it's not difficult to claim otherwise one person says they're depressed. Third it once invited into the club so why leave. 1983163. Per 1000 people terminated benefits. Jump ahead to 2011 and that number has collapsed to only 74. Per 1000. In a crummy job market the incentive is to stay put and live off the fat of the government. The contrived complexity of the SS DI system has spawned. A cottage industry of doctors and specialized legal teams to mitigate the Byzantine multi tiered documentation process. Remember when your mother preached at that first you don't succeed try try again the small nugget of wisdom it's pays off especially when applying for assessed the often applicants may have been turned down on the first or second attempt to receive benefits. Many times it is only through a court hearing the cases get resolved you know people who -- of people around SSBI that you suspect are not really. In that bad of shape. As many as 40%. Of all disability awards come through the appeals process some judges game gained a reputation of never seeing -- claim they don't like it never refusing any one. They also found that it won -- recent year the SSA paid out as much as half a billion dollars. Claimants attorneys. As of August up past the disability award not including Medicare. Was about 11101111. Dollars per month. So the incentive to do some menial that in job. Loses appeal when the new job might or might not have health benefit certainly not as grandest Medicare. The SS DI program is -- microcosm of what he holds the job job market is it is in America. When -- when our president took office 40%. Of the population receive some sort of government assistance that number now stands at over 55%. -- let me repeat that when our president took office 40% of the population received some sort of government assistance that number stands at over 55%. Zero hedge dot com published an excellent chart demonstrating when you add in all the government free freebies. But a single mother with one child with gross income up 29000 receives that she effectively ends up. With 57327. Dollars in net income and benefits. She is better off than the mom with gross income of 69000. Dollars way after taxes has a net income and benefits of 57045. Dollars. A single parent family of three earning minimum wage 141500. Dollars per year has more disposable. In come the -- we making 60000 dollars per year. -- It's it's it's easier to be on the at all. And I want sure on the ball you never leave like that -- as the writer says hero Richard finger finger he's the he's the guy wrote the story. 1877469432218774694322. Cynical we -- linked to this story please DS have people. 11 of the stories you want to show -- was there grow information. Shore older friends. 187 by the way needed tighter -- yes you know that video you want from them maybe drop yes it's a security camera there's no audio all is audio and how -- -- -- such and one of the -- my Portuguese ones 1877469432. To pat your next with how we cargo ahead path. You know it irritates if that's -- -- you know what I'm gonna say because also what we're all simple as a -- security -- -- and then what it means that the result security you wanna raise retirement age. How about it we just get some things that don't belong out at the -- off the bit and then maybe the people that work there all liars. They have something in their retirement for a few years or life. -- don't they say wanna pay and our fair share. It is well over half the people in the country -- pay a Madonna even when they pay their fair share. Yeah well that's exactly. And if you Gerri what is it that it's up and there's going to be except they are part of that -- as. Yeah you know it seems to me we have more people -- in their fair share in the bottom here. I mean everybody needs to be it's something you can't have so many people just -- -- -- system and expected to maintain a balance you know it's just not gonna happen. 55%. Can you believe that's the highest number I've seen yet but I have a feeling it's like to be the highest number remembered embassy. What do you not a bad thing about at -- AG eerie at -- special where -- got so many people rely on our government we're gonna have all been there forever -- -- That's what I'm worried about -- and everything. Exactly you know just -- saw the discussed suck up more money out of the people who work and has ever get there's going to be an ever declining number people who work. Because why bother war and you know. Thanks for the call pat Tim you're next with how we cargo ahead -- -- Is not be quick here over whom is now. But this guy to work with -- demanding a lot. Security it's -- is. Four years ago is Obama. Victory probably city situation. Now like -- it is simply record -- tactical and cities in now. Dario they opted out of work -- Like almost got -- all right well. I'm not create a totally USS insecure they're not gonna jump up -- open. I don't -- up in the us about 86 vehicle it's still it's analogous SS EI and errors are active but he got it up. So we had a big score glad to have a big party. Plus he gets the free after two years he gets the freebie methods. Aren't many. Season and it's when he about is can actually gets plenty everything. On. A. A free ride -- trumps racism isn't -- a great American success story Tim. Thanks for the call Linda you're next with how -- cargo ahead Linda. On. The market in central -- that -- in this city. By. I was standing in market and I would say young woman and I think young woman children. Jewelry held. Out when he oldest child sick. It -- Much better. And I got to bulk of that and I worked all my life. She tried. It. -- -- -- And she. She. Art that she's okay. It came anyway well -- -- -- -- -- -- I'd put my back I left -- try to. Man let's I got I got a hold you right there Linda that's a great story amount -- car.