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Deval wants to raise the state income tax. How much more can they take?

Jan 16, 2013|

Might as well not even work, they just take and take and take. Deval Patrick to steal, oops, I mean, raise income taxes.

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Of course this is Jeff -- plus the bulldozer. To 666868. Is the number. Tonight is this state of the commonwealth address like governor Deval Deval Patrick. AKA meaning me. Many -- Seeing himself as the next Obama. Now knows he's a lame duck governor he will not be running for reelection in 2014. I mean now. We pretty much know from both the Boston Herald and the Boston Globe according to their sources. On -- On Beacon Hill and in the governor's mansion. We know now would mean mean mean for the most part will be sank. He has an ambitious plan. It's his legacy. As he's telling people around him. To increase spending. By one point five billion dollars. Over the next year. And then two billion dollars. Are going into the next three or four years. To expand. And modernize. Our transportation. System. As well. As -- a fund and put more money towards education. Especially universal access to early education. So basically wants everybody from 05. That universal access to early education. Again it's for the children. And so for the children. He is now tonight very likely to propose. An increase in the state income tax. As you know. There was a ballot initiative. Twelve years ago in 2000. To lower the state income tax from five point 95%. To 5%. It is now currently at five point 33%. Many mean wants to raise it from five point 33%. To five point 66%. And the reason why he's going for rape and increase in the state income tax is that's worth the money list. As he has told people around them I need a broad based tax increase. So you mean and most members of this audience who pay state income taxes. Will now see your income taxes most likely go up. And it's expected to generate about H -- billion dollars. In additional tax revenue. And what meany mean and the Democrats. Are patting themselves on the back about. Is well -- choose your poison. We're giving you the choice to choose your poison. Do you wanna raise the gas stocks. Because if we raise the gas tax if we triple that we'll get the same billion dollars. Do you want us to raise the state income tax. Do you want us to raise colts. Do you want us to raise fees. Do you want us to raise excise taxes we can raise taxes across the board so basically pick your poison. And many mean is saying that the poison that he really wants is the state income tax. And house speaker Robert -- -- Senate president Teresa Marie. Sorry. She's not coming out and -- That she's also in favor of potentially raising the state income tax so. If looks like -- -- taxes go up. If they -- one -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The China it's -- keep plugging away the failure of human understanding. You don't understand this for the children uninsured. We've got to modernize the we've got to modernize highways we got to modernize the bridges and we have the build the rail line connections -- his father's. Fundamental. To the future development of the state from Boston but it got its fundamental. It's fundamentals I know lots of ways to get to -- wanna mess that you can't tell. And I think as so many need tonight is telling us he's gonna raise -- state income taxes. So my question to you is this since they can't cut spending. Since apparently just keep growing the government does not waste there's no fraud durable patronage there's no cronyism all all there's moment I need to be out. From cutting spending. This just to raise it on the peasants. Raise the levees on the -- raise the taxes on the peasants so if you -- the -- pad higher taxes. What would you go for would you go for a payroll tax increase. Would you go for -- -- and -- -- would you go for gas tax increase some breathing room. Would you go for sale stocks increased. -- killing me here. 6172666868. -- There. If well what what part of your money would you wanna -- -- part with. That's the question what tax would you want to pay Paul thanks for holding welcome to the corner report. Hey -- I got one question our listener last week where all this talk rejected and weird for a temporary and -- More and scratchy. Pat pat pat pat pat pat. Well I -- I don't know ball there. I she's pretty silent right now I don't I don't see her group out there criticizing Deval Patrick for opposing us and I'm telling you. They are now taking the money and their running. And he's gonna use it to run all the way to the White House Derek Europe next welcome to the -- report. Morning Jeff Jarrett failed Jeff I get I've already figured out the with a flat paychecks. My family income thirty dropped under reported -- because of the payroll tax. And the thing is I think you know the wrong I appreciate the support of the TV I heard six point 95. On state income tax. So check that out right Jeff I've. Well thanks they're really six point 95 I would be while. If they -- six point 95 that's huge well look at -- I understand that. I mean they're -- they're trying to take blood from a stone I'm telling -- -- people are gonna start leaving you're gonna see businesses and people leaf does nobody can pay these kind of taxes anymore. You're damn right on my tax and spend liberal. Tom Europe next welcome to the -- report. Thank you -- thought they. It's just a couple of things beta edition followed there by so what do they say much. Chairman Mao and all people vote what they say it was correct dugout. But he has you know it would be so bad. You know you've got an EDT -- over the top front right there. -- illegals and I heard. But he was Michelle -- they got a last week is that there's a -- 279 million dollars they should see that. The nation doubt they should what they're every bit of fraud and waste in state government and that. And then that would be reachable for the disabled geez we got there just what do you expect. Which could happen here I think. Tom and you make an excellent point -- should go after the massive VBT fraud. They should crack down on illegal immigration. Knowing state tuition for illegals they should go after all the waste all the patronage all the cronyism. There is one scandal after another. Up on Beacon Hill. There's one abuse after another. And so instead of going after all of that fat Laura is a -- mountains a fact of Armani. Instead they're gonna come after us and raise taxes more. And the interesting thing is there was a coalition of public sector unions and government workers and liberal activist groups. Yesterday on Beacon Hill. Broadcasting to raise taxes. Saying raise gas taxes raise sales taxes raise income taxes raised the polls raise the -- But don't touch spending will obviously. Because they're benefiting from the spending during the ones whose pockets are being lined with -- So this is why you're gonna see a major battle mark my Woertz. Tonight you'll see a major battle develop in this state they won't be on Beacon Hill it won't be in the political class. But you'll see many people say it's time for a tax revolt. It is time for us to say no more taxes. You have to start cutting this spending. Cut the corruption. Cut the abuse. Don't come after me you get more than enough money but no would mean he wants is this in 26 being the when he wants to say. I gain universal access that apparently education for every child between zero and fine. And I did it because it was -- -- children. I put -- -- I put no child was left behind in this game of Massachusetts. I am in lean mean. Meaning -- for president Haney mean for president. And I am green in our -- -- in and bridges in -- lanes and I put in money and transportation system and even hammer railway -- All the way to can't can't. Easy -- visionary I am I mean mean mean. That's what this is all about. Do you mean. And that's what that's where this is all about he is gonna mortgaged our futures. And out of our children and grandchildren. Racking up spending we can't afford. Crushing us with taxes so he can be the next Barack Obama meaning me so you got -- Bob Europe next welcome to the corner report. A good one and Jeff but -- again I'm gonna call on you my friend to take charge. You're receive these these these these -- Berman it's gotta like aura like that like the rats they got. Get territory 5000 people plug in Beacon -- get on the news. With signs saying the Balboa raised my path my taxes and bills scout like rats he wouldn't he won't -- out. At the votes to be elected dog catcher. Bob Allison and keep Bob on guys on dropped Bob off Bob I got to ask you this. I was talking about this with cork seal last night and I said this to him and he said it right back to me I said something needs to be done. We need another Boston Tea Party. We need a serious tax revolt and I said -- We got to leave it somebody's got to speak up for the forgotten middle and working class I said what do we do. Do we do literally and EDT party. Do we get EDT cards or and dump them in the harbor. And so Bob let me ask you this really seriously what do you recommend that we do. As a symbolic protest. Is it in EDT. Are you where we just collect blue cards and thrown in there and harder I think that's on Beacon Hill what should we do really. I -- is -- me to do it I swear to you I'll do it don't. I'm telling -- -- and I'll be right behind Europe you'd take a box cola EDT gods and it's thrown into into Boston cop out. But again to implement a bag because then you'd be -- for littering but. Yeah no Mineola coming out given -- but I'm Betty you've taken to -- bad and that will be the ultimate embarrassment to this -- Okay now Bob I want a scene -- or obtuse here bit. How do we get access to the easy BP cards do we apply for lemonade is given to us. That -- -- if so but I guarantee I'll take it out they -- research and see what we can do and I'll get back here. Bob I honestly if all you can -- listeners thank you Bob you tell me what you think is the most effective way. And I will spotlight this issue I'm telling you won't get major media coverage we will galvanize a T. Tea Party a tax revolt like you've never seen I love the idea of any BP party. I love it. How do we do it -- just sticks I'm open 6172666868. James thanks for holding welcome to the -- report. Morning jet engines. Hey we are trying nineteenth 2000 -- missing 191000 ABT holders -- right now -- multiplied out 5000 dollars a month and I think that's our. Uber conservative number. Not so that would be basically 1990 dollars monthly income going in this state coffers of you know right into exactly -- -- on -- he wanted to. We we don't get a return -- -- anyway an -- as we -- Iraq. I don't -- our taxes anymore. -- James and nobody wants to talk you're right. But nobody wants you what's breaking the back of this state nobody wants to talk about it's almost every state to illegal immigration. Our health care costs are through the roof because of illegal immigrants are education costs are through the roof because of illegal immigrants. We can't afford it. So they don't want it don't wanna do anything about illegal immigration because essentially Boston. Is and is a safe haven. For illegal immigrants that's what this is. Massachusetts. Is a safe haven for illegal immigrants. And so you don't wanna crackdown on illegal immigration you -- cracked down on ABT fraud you want crackdown on corruption you don't want cracked down on patronage and cronyism. Their hiring everybody -- niece nephew first cousin best friend up on Beacon Hill and the government. -- quickly I got -- they would all the other things I'm worrying about this is not life. So take more money. Take more money that's -- only answer take more money. And then look the visionary leadership. I'm gonna restating compacts that's I'm meaning me I'm so courageous. Jim thanks for holding welcome to the -- report. Good morning just to let I think that that in this discussion and you're overlooking something. The consequence. Of who wasted money although it's one of the government waste money over a period of time and then it gets in real trouble it doesn't have the money that it needs. What services cost money now what you're gonna face hear from the governor. It is very quick group response. Is gonna say well that will have no option but to cut the that transportation -- have to cut back on the commuter rail service cut back from the past successes cutback of all of this stuff. Bill -- committed to look I only got like. It had done so is the the damage to the economy from the shutting down on me the these services than -- Jim. When you spend money on everything. You don't have enough for the basic necessities. And that's why you prioritize your house budget. It's time for the government to prioritize their budget instead they just accessed while I'm telling you the presence -- said -- off. The presence of sent enough when I giving you anymore not a -- more not another from Daniel Europe next welcome to the -- report. Picture up with a 12191000. Voter registration card into the ever that would show probably need all that they admit it. None of the Berlin. I like that Daniel very good. Very good. Any other suggestions on how the corner man -- -- -- tax revolt. 6172666868. I -- want to go ahead -- -- seven EDT buyback program. An EDT buck. Up. Judy thanks for holding welcome David -- a report. I think for taking my call I'm really excited about it you're gonna lead objective now. But I would request that you do it I'm a standard day -- get crowd thousands of people in front of the Statehouse. Because we the people -- -- paying -- have to work so if you do it on the CIA days they'll be much more people coming out -- protesting the. Okay Judy I -- -- have that very term viable possibility I've done public speeches before it's not a problem. My only concern is this let's say we get 101000 people in front of the state house. Will the media the lap dog media coverage. Well obviously. Yeah wouldn't that I -- AL and didn't try to get people. It out Scott brown and have people you know. No I don't think Scott Brown wants to decide. Out personally I don't think so but you know we -- Everybody -- then he could be supporting like minded people. Around I know I mean I don't I'll maybe we'll see maybe he'll probably say it's a state issue I'm just telling you. I can get some good represented us the come with me you'll get Sean O'Connell but com. I will and I'll I'll do this speech and will get will get 5101000 people either off the lap dog media will. We'll coverage OK Brittany says she's gonna video -- it. But time. Look I mean I can just tell you this if we dump something in the harbor. -- I know they're gonna get their attention. If we do something dramatic like that I know all get their attention especially if we can -- -- beat the cards. Then they're gonna have to cover it I mean not many no one my back for dumping stuff in the harbor might -- up next welcome to the coroner report. Good morning -- might. Strip these factors we should have a protest confront the WT CW. HGH and our leader of the news media. Officers. -- probably the other end. We had eight Tea Party revolution. And ninety -- 2010. That that shook the very foundations of our country it was really at a grassroots organization. -- -- a lot of great people frustration to higher taxes. Following their depth is a politicians. It was really effective. But did we had politicians like Scott Brown who -- low coverage whatsoever about. That tool when Google+. You have collaborated dissident will look hack politician. Particularly. -- -- the Tea Party under the bus. -- organization will also sat and then the immediate destroyed or try to discourage he had Tea Party. Well did you have. Illegal leader and I think you're gonna -- that guided bullet. You know that your corner we have thousands of people that would be in your -- -- -- look and I think you have to repeat the pressure and but -- lead us. Air very yeah you know lawfully. With. Were fluctuations. Mike thank you very much -- listen I am ready to lead a tax revolt. It's time we're not paying any more money. And I'm telling this to many mean right now. Do you propose your tax increases tonight and you will see their response from the tax paying citizens of Massachusetts. Guys. We're mad as hell and we're not taking it anymore. Bill Miramax. Welcomed the -- and every morning and. Oh. Yeah I really great guy he beat each other guys don't say -- -- body -- they got out somehow or followed. It's so little water LA and not let every week or 30. But make that they did you already be idiotic at 1 o'clock the other thing I would also. Published all the salaries are a different agency MW IRA MVP. They've all lists salary and benefits of these people get it and finally I prominent -- up whenever I'm brought them. Again to all of you guys they're quoted put all that in order for. Obama. Quickly act on our brand that Cadillac health plans so that comment there. You know we're going to be -- probably I don't know about an hour -- a -- between hope ironic they're. -- -- And. Did you -- -- -- I'm telling a bill look to the working people out there. That'd that's is so when gas taxes go up that helps you when your state income taxes go up that helps you. When your sales taxes go up that helps you when you pay more tolls when you gotta pay hundreds of dollars more just -- register your car does not help peel. It to their hosing you down. Don't sell your soul. For a couple of crumbs off the table from the government establishment don't do it it's not worth -- it's a bad bargain I'm telling you. Mike you're up next welcome to the -- report. All go forward I'm good in my I'll tell you -- about this last election was. It would fit for me here and I'm voting with my feet. That's what I will be moving into my house in New Hampshire I -- done. But you can do that I will come to Boston for one last protesters got to go beyond BBC. Sit out there. If you look at further further. Or we do with the -- beefy cards. You're remember what Scott Brown ran the first -- they couldn't have enough. It's Scott Brown -- people were taken cardboard you're. Do -- -- signs to the same thing a publicized EDT guard says no we PT on one side. And Massachusetts corruption on the other -- -- flowed into the harbor. Mike like that suggestion a lot. -- Europe next welcome to the corner report. I reject our responsibility on your shoulder Z base. I think are guessing that 96 I program my radio I cannot believe what they're -- they're. It's complete damage -- opposite of what you're going on here now. So you gotta keep garbage and they don't let them take you away. North Korea Iran Melissa I'm with you guys until the last dog dies. Well I would like to take is governor by the straw of these 2000 also you don't and it in the in the drink. And then Murray and it -- -- sprawling. Yeah. And they drowned and they can swim. David has swim. The chance swimming up they need a bail out somebody's. You meet these people will come out permits they'll let us save our governor and many new dvd because some good after. Grants really Germantown out there were under a winter weather advisory until 8 o'clock tonight good morning I'm June -- WRQ news. You leave early for work today the National Weather Service says Boston could see up to. We knew that Boston loves to talk. It -- to listen. Other guys. Because your new home. Didn't talk station AM. If you are okay go. Public service announcement cases with the taxpayer money counts. -- -- Shaking him and move him. You know many. You know and -- didn't meet -- -- -- it's meaningless. Well representative. I love my -- Threefold I have -- free cigarettes. They re both yeah. All on the taxpayers about Hulu plus and me me me me. My friend comes in -- mini me in 26 seamless. Meaning me and. FaceBook and we're getting a strong reaction on FaceBook and this is from Banda and Gardner RL EO. Dan EBP. Waste in the current state. And government. Constant repair of the wasteful tunnels and -- them as well as the polls of today. For fiscal disappointment by the dams and power in a lawsuit in Massachusetts. More taxes. Time to move out of this state. Dan I'm hearing a lot of that lately. All the earners are going to be leaving who's going to be left except DBP people on those on welfare and and on the government dole. This is from Thomas I'm glad I moved to New Hampshire two years ago. Fun to watch -- politicians from here he gets ready to pay apple you're telling me. This is from Joanna. I am sick and tired and these -- spend jerks. We need major reform. In Massachusetts. There's like fifteen exclamation points and quickly I got it to you -- all the other things I'm worrying about. This is not one of I should have been on welfare. Biggest biggest mistake in my life. Can you imagine what I can do now on my kids to grow up. Food stamps. Pell grants. Free public housing. I mean I have rushed and go out there and get phony BP carts. And then solemn on the streets. And I would Pelham Ashton. Remember India's households. Don't say a bad word against Obama don't give up -- me. Did dear leader is sacred in this house -- as they're going Ashton where's your forward -- short. Wears many -- -- I told you don't touch -- any means portrait on the walls. He's made us rich. Don't say a bad word against naming me John you're up next welcome to the coroner report. They japs are like -- cute idea about the EBP. Buy back 200 bring their cards then he should give them a job application. Well but they won't bring the cards and that's the problem. You know I mean -- frank. He aircraft medics welcome to the corner report. General Carl -- certain. Our the Second Amendment a well regulated militia being necessary. For the security -- restate. In the rights of the people took Pia arms. Shall not be infringed. -- a militia. Of bloodiest citizen soldiers called out all week of emergencies. What are you gonna take years and take -- do this Sammy. Get it together. -- -- -- Franklin but we don't wanna shoot anybody for. Not -- that. We don't wanna shoot anybody who we don't wanna do that frank know we're thinking about it. This -- protest that the harbor. Instead of dumping tea in the harbor let's -- BBP cards or maybe a nice a big rally in front of the state house to leading major tax revolt. I think I'm telling you you're gonna see people come out of the woodwork. A -- I'm interested to see the state of the state speech I wanna see how much is gonna reason -- taxes but if he goes for our state income taxes. People are gonna say enough no mosques no more Patrick you're up next welcome to the -- report. Hey thank you guys Zelaya and are not national. EDT and then Manhattan all the greens are utterly great yet look at our thought -- it -- I want at least or met that should be no trash -- -- people. They're all I know I understand some people may need it before but it's actually ridiculous that maps out what you are ridiculous. Back the -- -- Blair would lock the door rally other science and brought it to sucker for my iron both. Pot a ballplayer video -- that -- much trying to find a way that goes -- but not. Scott bought the album although there's you know it's ridiculous. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- he got -- -- it's ridiculous at all. And Patrick -- coming I'm telling you a tax revolt is -- look at the -- the phone lines have been jammed ever since we've mentioned this. I mean you can just see the responses pouring out from everywhere people had enough. Now I have to say. Timmy I'll tell you what's ridiculous I mean just to me it's of -- mature at the my wife last night. My wife says to me about -- thirty Jeff. We call on the guzzlers. Ashton used to Ava whose four. One with the infant formula Ashton with the milk you can't feed them and I'll put the milk and the infant formula. She says the guzzlers. Have stopped us out again delusional more milk. Personally I just -- the get a gallon yesterday no there's no more milk OK so again in my car and I go to my Stop & Shop. So I get notes some bread some grapes oranges. Anyway a couple of other sign items. And again as I'm paying high -- debit. Credit. EDT. An EBP with cash. And I'm thinking to myself. Well we need to used to pay for your final EBT used to pay for food to put on the table. How can you just give out cash to somebody on welfare. You can't monitor -- they're gonna use it for. Once they get the cash. They can buy drugs they can buy cigarettes they can buy booze they can go a strip club with that they can do anything they want with that. Well this isn't saying. But there is a must Stop & Shop the -- BP its EVP with cash. And you're gonna tell neither original rampant abuse in the system. I don't think it is. That's from my tax money is going for and they coming with the BP. And they get at the cash from the the cashier and there they are off but the strip pull up. Or around whatever getting higher or -- at the local liquor store. Buying. A bottle of Johnnie Walker that's that's our money is going. But moan don't raise taxes and they and they say they like a drawn pay just ate like a moron pay just take place they -- I tell -- to pay you play. No I'm not gonna bank. Jason Europe -- welcome to the -- and report. They joke folder called valujet is not too bad one suggestion. EDT -- we can make a mile and make a lot of styrofoam. Compliment and we'll be able to retrieve. -- Affect I have less I think we're gonna do the BT dom I think we're gonna do it keep -- BP party. Not a Tea Party but he may be the party that's why I think it's adding to right now. Yeah I mean BD buyback program might clear up next welcome to the coroner report. -- first rob thank you for being -- voice of reason inescapable forms. But I guess that you don't ever lifelong resident 44 years here in the speedy state. And that -- formal protest. I didn't dedicate my excite tax bill because I thought that idiot as secretary. Transportation our -- yesterday. Did all that some -- the body of yet expect -- the paper wrote we get this. Read my radar but a little pieces and little -- to the ball -- -- -- job. It's nobody expects. My wife and I travel and how would each way to get to work. -- we'd put that vehicle mileage taxiing and I don't go to congested highway known as -- 24. -- -- -- act depth. I am putting my house on the market did quitting my job and I moving to do we have chuck -- and get. How a lot of this ridiculous state. Come Mike can I mean my wife was looking for homes in New Hampshire last night I swear to you. In southern New Hampshire since we know it's too early I don't want it I don't want to go to New Hampshire not yet I'm not willing to throwing the towel. But Mike honestly I do 45 minutes each way. They do that tax per mile they're gonna break my back. Yet they took -- and I also giving my support to you I will be your general on the out short I would hope to lead this for a bowl because I am so sick of being unique and his slice and it's crap while we find new legal give them -- to wish -- -- we give everything give it to them so they can get twelve until artist Todd working sits in. I've had -- -- -- have. -- -- -- But hey you're not being tolerant. A failure of human understanding we're just the failure of human understanding my. Yeah yeah we're not ready to -- -- pattern out of gas. Thanks for that call Mike Jim you're up next welcome to the -- report. Jim. You got to turn the radio down when you're we're in your rusty on the air did and Europe next welcome to the coroner report. Jeff product there an example why that these events such debt and the state has been debt. When guilt for -- a private company replaced by eighty -- a track from payroll to Portland Maine. The cost them 72 million dollars. What do you think it cost the -- in this state to replace eighteen miles attract. Call the green bush aren't just. Community in a quicker. -- about you got me -- how much of -- cost. He's gone we lost and you lost you've built up the suspense cemented the bulk that you don't. Many knee is listening in on this conversation right now and is radar gun cut us off just when you Adam -- Frank you're up next welcome to the -- report. Hello frank. They noticed noticed mode as well as the tax revolt is growing notice now calls having hard time getting through. -- -- -- -- And take somebody down at any summit entertainment. Gonna derailed Mike deposited sixty presidential aspirations. But I am not under any -- I'm mini me. Thank you are up next -- they're going to report. You know -- Barbara are -- eighteen volts. Look what we can't throw everything and how would because he held the edge EBP well it's going to be the EPA it's going to be after a stand in our country -- -- The occupy movements and let us -- -- -- trash all the plates and got the rest of us. But it terrorism and your migrant mother I -- you know my ground. I swear they were gonna have by the way Hank we're gonna have an occupied dough ball movement. We're -- seriously occupied the hall. Not gonna be the name of the rally occupied the ball. And then -- might end up in prison I'm -- I'm telling ya might be carted out and handcuffs. And you know my grandfather god bless him spent three years and a Communist concentration camp. Pirates if all goes full circle. He was a political dissident I'm a political dissident he was behind the iron curtain I'm in the people's republic of -- choose its. I am gonna become. A political prisoner. AA at -- I dissident. Almost a refugee. In my own country. For you that's the most ridiculous thing I ever heard it. Ted thugs were holding welcome to the coroner report. -- -- Get the best time that they are our third group so we don't get in trouble bring bags so leave. Can't -- so the ball we use and we let alone. But that's money. That -- stimulus slipped to fix a road. And that. Your hopes. Well Ted I swear to you the holes are there to build the roads. The roads have been built they keep the colts. You know we pay gas taxes to modernize enough to keep our roads. But no they raise the road fund to give away money to people on welfare and illegal immigrants. No it is sort of saying dead. Saw where you think Knox is there for one thing is like a magician act its like to card Monte. Is like to know what she's you know it we want it for this but then we diverted for that. And that's. -- -- thank you dead or you're thank you Joseph you're up next welcome to the corner report. Jeff collier BitTorrent I'm first of all the other great if I wish everybody would like you thank you some question that I just -- say. Why can't they why can't wait if you gunfire of Bernie PT travel ball broke free BP cut all the welfare policy and why don't you have to be drug tested. Why don't you have to be drug tested if you get in any civil service -- any government job you have to be drug tested. Why can't -- be drug tested for a to get -- I get in -- be getting type stuff from the government and not only that just one of the things I know what drug dealer down the street from me. That takes CBT cats for -- Hotel employee adjust. Joseph be careful meaning he has his laser -- and -- it is that you off period you only were. Don't Joseph don't don't start talking about drug dealers on the street corner selling EBP cards. Thoughts as tax laser gun. He does that to you -- be careful you got to be very careful now. -- Jason you're up next welcome to the -- a report. Hey Jeff I don't know what you want congestion upgrading EDT carts carts are out there in the water you EPA he has. You know where people are repair work. Are you not help you had to -- concrete makes green has called GMT. Aren't there form and then go from Hendrick melt away don't you get up at bat. -- -- -- -- Yeah I gotta tell you I got my two kids. And I got to do a drug test. My first day on the job at The Washington Times literally. My first then Italy got a PR Europeans little cup we've got to make sure you don't -- drugs among okay. You get an EBD card -- -- -- mojo drug pads that can be our crack cocaine can be an arrow and well there is does give -- much money. Give them -- -- Europe Max because they may get zapped by many means tax down. Well they're struck a couple sized -- it's good news bad news very well -- and out of state dealt. I moved out of Massachusetts thirty years ago opened the unfortunate pleasure of working en masse and they non residents accurate. And I've finally get a job the only answer this best era in what is Massachusetts soon. They audit -- tax returns in the previous two years now there at all or in Massachusetts anymore. Aside amid a lot major I don't know I can. I really gotta get your money until the ducks got. This ridiculous. I mean huge -- is like the mob remember the -- and god father three -- Just one I'm -- ready to pull me back again. -- --