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Chump Line Wednesday January 16, 2013 - Schaeffer's Accent

Jan 16, 2013|

Our favorite message on today's chump line was a comment on CBS News political anchor Bob Schaeffer and his support of President Obama's gun initiatives. The caller thought he detected a British accent with Mr. Schaeffer much like ultra liberal Piers Morgan of CNN.

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Yes how he has apartment like I'm sure it's pretty good Republicans. Bitter clinger. I just have one thing day. Yeah. But the it that's one of those saw I hear that's lying occasionally on the upper forties channels on. It. The magic radio that's a really good so on you don't hear much. -- know the -- you don't hear much of is the is the Perry almost on I forget what they call it that point where he scored enough. -- published CU in the USA you oughta check that one out on YouTube when there were all making -- face is pretending to be Japanese. They whatever happened to the Japanese that's an obesity songs were so so un PC. Was. Make you work. You just -- -- you can't even that you can't even conceive of songs like that more. And it isn't -- -- -- yet did eventually feel I have to make out was among. And some people. Some people have longer memories than elephants that listened to the show. Cindy's on the phone someplace like you one time I wasn't even there by the way when this happened but C and I can't remember what happened CAD did you kiss some monkey or something what happened. What do you remember all we had the the monkeys from the -- did that visit there was the daughter of Michael Jackson's monkey. Yes I do remember the monkey yes AA where the monkeys I I mean them the monkey kiss on the cheek for some way that turned into Miami you know the monkey -- -- the -- apple -- That's you don't worry about it we have and the monkeys in the in the studio since then. -- -- -- Fail -- would network paid in the athletic unit you know why. At this point that they serve in the great -- At all. -- -- -- -- Well what about that that suburb outside Atlanta where we're at city county ordinance that everybody has that was only Europe properly registered firearms. I believe. Burglaries. And go home invasions are -- Control -- -- your targets and I'll -- having one. The bad guys. That's right and doesn't hurt to -- throw down either Justin just in case just in case surely. Liberal than you you know what. By the way someone is Cecil went just texted me and said he is I've been waiting for several days now for the American Civil Liberties Union to call press conference to checked and and with a amicus urea brief for or something do something. On behalf of the gun owners you know there's such that such zealots when it comps yes when it comes to defending. Someone's right to. Insult all of America which flag burning for instance or or important. Not. And not giving up the information that might prevent a terrorist attacks -- But somehow they haven't stepped up to the -- statement stepped up to the plate on this Second Amendment issue. Well you know the war in order was no different. Kinds. Who couldn't do it could very -- club that you can do more. I don't believe I don't believe live shot really cares that much about going after piers Morgan he. Ali is that can really -- well we couldn't have a computer former. It is possible for you. If you think helicopter parents out of control but it never had to do anything that you felt you won't. Well I I don't you know it's just we reach this would be ridiculous statement this is Eric Schwartz. What do -- did not commit suicide this is his father Robert Schwartz this is -- war that this is to the mortars at his funeral yesterday. Erin did not commit suicide he was killed by the government. And be an MIT betrayed all its basic principles in helping at the Fed's. -- did something that wasn't illegal and was destroyed by -- he could have done so much more. Alarming scene ally the sun never took responsibility for his own actions are you. Well. He was invited if we if we didn't know anything illegal in spite of his indictment perhaps he should of perhaps you should of fought the charges in court. I mean here's a father saying everybody else's fossil my son apparently. That's how of this they raised this kid that he wasn't responsible for his actions they're writing I mean that's they're the ones are responsible for -- -- -- -- 26 hanged himself Friday in his Brooklyn apartment amid charges that he illegally hacked and the millions of archive archive MIT documents as the New York Post. As the Fed's board -- in a case that mean many experts basically considered much ado about nothing. Wool -- other a lot of cases that are much ado about nothing if you're involved in the case I mean like for instance I'm betting on the super ball or betting on the AFC championship. -- -- caught that's much ado about nothing but that -- you can only card two degrees she is recommending for you know essentially form on right. Much did that game -- right. Right and you know I mean and -- few people to a lot of time for a accepting bets on sporting events either -- They go for months. -- wanted. All -- became so part tormented that he finally felon to the -- said his weeping girlfriend. Aaron wanted so bad that changed the world. It leaves you had to see the world's Broward really wants to change it. What this is how the world it's very unfair. With this upcoming trial of everything he was facing the last two years I think -- fell into the pain. I do love him I miss him and I've learned so much. For me now I'm. He's a good boy had very good -- The -- this is what anonymous those hackers that there was some things that the situation Aaron found himself. In highlights the injustice of US computer crime laws -- particularly their punishment regimes. Four months. Four months as cruel and unusual punishment there's another of the that that's the eighth amendment of the constitution. You know -- bans cruel and unusual punishment I guess I guess if you're one of the beautiful people from MIT for months is say in prison is cruel and unusual punishment. And I'm a little disappointed in the president's bag. I would expect that the -- ban on help today. It's treatable look. -- -- -- -- Parent killed himself two days after his warrior has futile -- tried for a second time to negotiated no jail plea with prosecutors but the government's lawyers had insisted. They had incest that. That he do at least six months behind bars. I heard I heard it was they were asking for the six months. He kill he he killed himself he's so Smart and he's so brilliant and he didn't know that he was running a risk by hacking -- to -- the MIT web site. And then they than they were gonna throw the book animal comic book and then killed himself. OK again. Copper was up I was reading issuing an executive order number ninety. I'm all we have done -- also a power grab or not fooled no matter how much supreme. You believe these so we're just post that this would just taxes of -- -- splitting Republicans mr. splitting the Democrats and does something to. You know they're they're still are people who consider themselves Democrats still buys the you know the the class warfare that that Obama was -- during the last election but -- that go along with this. This gun. In this this this sanctimonious screening that's a very good word for screening. They have always. This is -- Bob Schieffer started developing British accent. You know at least at least he has -- at least he isn't America finally be Americans are saying it's nutty things is the as the green card -- are saying you know -- and then a good thing. No it's just it's equal opportunities in the uses he -- not be as piers Morgan and Martin Bashir. How -- but you know I'm not afraid if they always please yeah -- this kind of -- Activities. Right away always at how what are we gonna get that cut their property taxes census and all the other taxes are going up and there are under mini me. What winner -- is he gonna follow through on his campaign promise of 2006 to lower our our real estate property taxes. You don't like taxes have gone down the last two years in Florida. Because -- because the real estate values have. Declines somewhat I would and I would and a Democrat. Counties this account that tried to prosecute Rush Limbaugh for drugs. Does the -- the try to prosecute. In -- the four were four registering. Two real estate agent's house to a voice soccer's. But even even Palm Beach County has been cutting real estate taxes and he I don't how many people and that that real estate that tax cut in Massachusetts in the -- in the last section seven years. I would have that where the crickets. Thank you -- and well Loretta how many people are planning to take the take the -- Boston to Fall River commuter rail once it's built for five or ten billion dollars. Don't everybody speak at once. The president told me what what I can do with my guns. Good people get killed if you walk around the -- -- -- That's another good point he has killed list there are Americans are on that kill list. You know -- don't have any problems with you know him killing that that that al-Qaeda guys that Dodgers by an accident of geography after the be sworn in America. I have no problems whatsoever but you know don't don't don't tell me that I want a guy and I'm you know I'm I'm somehow some kind of menace and I'm a better player. What would you be able to step that's -- good. -- -- Where did that come. Well I do to deserve that. I didn't -- It was -- about those -- you know waxing on about the cookies and -- -- them sandwich is obsessed about you can -- -- that amount. He's he's angry are being what do what about the fact it's better clarity about what he -- about the fact that I'm I'm Warren. In the worst week of weather or the year that -- all ways all ways. At least a little bit of snow usually an ice storm or a rod pale horse and the and it's one of the shortest days of the year I -- what about that what about what about the the pain I have suffered what went to these many years. Maybe that and the Byzantine empire -- gave a great. And the -- but -- -- -- -- for the game that it's going to die along with how we passed. Ain't that the truth in the last living hearts planned -- now. I'm telling your hearts is a great game I -- -- I wonder if you can play hearts on the Internet about Japan. -- is C -- I was thinking about this today Bridget Bridget is a game. The strategy you know yet with the bidding hearts is just the game of tactics it's just like knife fight you know it's like it's like a block than baby -- And I you know why I like I like cart's -- I -- -- May go may die with me and but not hearts. -- -- -- What was the moment political in the trouble hearing on through. You're from the federal government you know better than to do here. I think. Well I guess they on -- -- the Eric Holder and the Washington Department of Justice have to sign off on the political indictment clay I she can probably make she could probably make this indictment on her -- although I'll bet she checked she checked back is this guy is. You know we have a lot of backing from the other usual suspects. -- -- -- -- -- Paper. You happened. It's -- that. We got all my money. You know. That's another reason I'm going down the New York tomorrow I need done so I'm starting to war figure out ways to watch. I idea I'm taking a pay cut all not that not that you're not taking a pay cut to what -- on welfare. But dime to I'm trying to do something about it. Our separate. Art gallery it's really clear now why you have such a low opinion of great. -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't have a low opinion of Tom Brady at least I know -- first name on like the the senior senator thinks his name is Greg Brady. Dismayed that -- we're looking we're looking up for the by the way mumbled made a bet today guess with the mayor of Baltimore we're looking around for some sound on that apparently it's a pretty hilarious. That was your last -- line message thank you for calling Kelly -- you. Okay that's at the trump like that a chaplain is the record of where it's mail message service about how we partially call leave a message it -- or the day and -- including weekends that troubling number two like we've such a message is. 6177793469. We may -- play your message at this time each week. In. The developed British accent. -- --