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Obama's Gun Answers

Jan 16, 2013|

Today President Barack Obama announced sweeping proposals for curbing gun violence such as universal background checks and bans on military-style assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition magazines. He is making these changes via executive orders instead of trying to pass laws through Congress. Howie pondered the question is the President usurping power from the legislature.

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And I wanted to just get to war get to this press conference that what with Barack Obama you know trying to war. Try to make political -- a -- that when he accuses Republicans of IG ending up. Dissension in the NRA heat -- star who started this you know. -- just like this like Scott Brown -- a lot of grief -- in a you know why it was but the war and says something nasty about a and he responds and all of a sudden everybody's yelling at him. Is it. This isn't gonna do them at least none of these things were to stop the shooting it's a unique look and none of them have any impact on what's gonna happen to me. There's some things you can't do we think about people going crazy and killing other people is something that's always gonna go one and always has gone on I mean. You know -- like. You know what it's it's like. Railing against death. You know I mean away. It's it's it's unfortunate factor may be not so unfortunate fact of human life world gonna buy there's nothing we can do about it there's nothing we can do about the fact that people are gonna kill. One another. Then end days and and bad in these these. These feel good measures are are just -- point. So you know I heard a moon bat today one of the more -- in -- that's happened and our. And she was -- we have to try to do something I thought that was -- -- and -- that was a nice touch you know that you would say we have to try. To do something I eat. This isn't gonna to be good but we have to try we have to make the effort to look like we're doing. I just wish they would that I just wish the other ones would say that we're we're just making a a cosmetic effort here to do something. About the about gun violence but we know what cable we don't want to be good. Mean as has been point about a million times with this what they're proposing is just gonna make it harder for law abiding access points to. 21 I get gods now with people who don't Obey the law to already get guidance. Even though we have all these laws on the book how I was putting more laws on the book and stop them from getting patents. There's a -- there was a great column will tell I know a lot you wanna talk about it especially with the fact that he used the a kid I you know. I guess rush got a lot of grief today on MSNBC after he said after he said Obama was using the kids as human shields. At the press conference but the only rush was not the first person say that I saw Ali was all over the Internet before the speech Michelle Malkin -- a particularly good column on it. But there's a good there was a good piece in the is in the Wall Street Journal probably it was from a prosecutor in DC. Getting Jeffrey Scott Shapiro he was a prosecutor and you know as we know. DC had the most stringent gun laws in the country for a for a long time until the for first the First Circuit Court of Appeals in the in the year than in that city in the -- decision was affirmed. By the US Supreme Court telling them I was totally out of control. But listen listen to this this is what the guys said he's talking about this a guy who hasn't Portland experience in the District of Columbia. Some in Washington who owned firearms before the ban were allowed to keep them. This is the bay and the went into effect in the 1976. Prohibiting anyone from carrying a firearm in the city except cop. There were some blown firearms were grandfathered channel out to keep them as long as the weapons were dissembled. Disassembled or trigger locked at all times according to the law trigger locks could not be moved for self defense even if the owner was being robbed at gunpoint. Even if the owner was being robbed at gunpoint. You couldn't -- couldn't that -- trigger lock up. The only way anyone could. Legally possess a firearm in the district without a trigger -- was to obtain written permission from the DC police needless to say the granting of such permission was rare. Okay now here's -- case. What was the effect of banning banning civilians. Law abiding citizens. Taxpayers. From owning firearms in the District of Columbia. Did did that was gun violence and but gun -- had an unintended effect in emboldened criminals because they know but lob -- district residents were now unarmed and powerless to defend themselves. Violent crime increased after the law was enacted with homicides rising. From 188. The year the BM was part 188. And homicides in before when the ban was in effect was first there was first enacted. 188. To 369. In 1988 so that more than double -- they just about. By 1993. Annual homicides in DC -- reached 454. In 2007 appeal for the US court of appeals for the DC district ruled that the city's gun ban was unconstitutional. Senior judge Laurence Silberman I think he was a Reagan appointee. Wrote in the majority opinion that quote the black market for handguns in the district is so strong that handguns are very readily available probably a little premium. Meaning they weren't hard they they weren't even expensive to get to criminal it is asserted therefore that the DC gun control laws. Irrationally prevent only the law abiding citizens from owning and it's. The ruling was affirmed the following year by the Supreme Court. Since the gun ban were struck down murders in the district have steadily gone down. For 186. In 2008. 88. In 2012. But lowest. Number since the gun -- since the gun ban was enacted in 1976. A guy. So that's how well your gun your gun laws you're you're done it's your country and work. Right. Well why -- you the way they that we that's what I mean do they not that they not no listen to the to the moon bats on the oversight the day obviously to note this. They they just want to this is a power play. This is you know they they they want to. They want to control. I mean. You -- Bloomberg last week now he's gonna he's gonna cut down on the number of on the number painkiller pills that they can do about it city hospitals. I didn't know it was a doctor. Eight I knew it was a Billy Idol was a billionaire right knew it was a successful politician be the on occasion easy Republica. But I did not know that he was a I guess an anesthesiologist. He's just he's just. Tried to -- eight by fiat. Take away people's painkillers and hospitals and whether whether their own pain or not this is just another. He wants -- taken way trans Fat Tuesday and he stopped people from -- cigarettes. EC's jacked up prices cigarettes he wants to YEE. He eat you can't drink a beer on your -- in the Bronx -- -- -- Have wine in Central Park does classical music concert so I mean this is just another facet of the of the -- people are pasts as is HL Mencken once defined. When when a when eight. Bothers be on the pretext of seat. A is a past that's what that's what that said these people packs you know it's it's worse than being passed it's it's they're they're. They are infringing on the United States constitution. They don't have they don't have the right to to to do it this way. There -- waited to -- and the way is to pass constitutional amendment you know how you're you know how works from civics class. You went produce legislation the legislation is passed by both houses of congress. And it has signed into law by the president and then it has to go to the state legislature ended the state legislatures. All fifty of them. 57. Have have seven years I believe it is to pass it and if I think it's three quarters of the state legislators legislatures passed. The the constitutional amendment that goes into effect so if Obama wants to do best if he really thinks that the vast majority of American people with him as he said he as he said just sent this morning. Then that should be no brainer. Right let's let's see let's let's see how it doesn't -- you know -- issuing executive orders because he can't get through congress. He -- -- kick it any of these proposals through congress so so what are you what are the odds they can get a get a constitutional amendment through congress zero. Zero. So we status or is gonna -- back door of the the constitution. And you know if this were George Bush trying something like this it would that would be held today you know that. There would be help them if they they would they would accuse him there would be they knew there would be pictures of him every picture of him would have in -- every courthouse and post office in the country would have a Hitler mustache paint that. But but Barack Obama does and always he's just a wonderful file he's a wonderful follow. As a Marco Rubio said today. About using the kids I think most of us would've preferred that it did if it'd just been a straightforward address to the nation because the way it was done implies that somehow those of us who do not agree with his public policy prescriptions don't -- care about children. Exactly exactly. The -- one more thing in the we'll get back to what the protocols. There was a constitutional right to bear arms rubio said I did not create that and he cannot erase that it is in the constitution. If they want to change the constitution. If they want to believe the Second Amendment should not be in the air or if they believe it should be re written in the 21 century and let them have the guts to stand up and proposed. But until they do rubio continued than they kept well behind. In if you're going to pass a bunch of laws that are not going to work but -- Going to infringe on the Second Amendment right of law abiding citizen you're going to have a problem with that that's the other thing these laws are not going to work they're not going to work they're just gonna bother walk by. Another another bother for law abiding citizens the law abiding citizens of party. They -- took it taken a hit this year they've already lost they've already have a pay cut of between two point 6% depending on what your income as. And and now now the coming after run after one of the bill of rights I mean I thought I thought the the moon bats in the liberals love the bill of rights. Where's it just some of the bill of rights that. 18774694322187746943. 22 Bloomberg at all bolster visible on the installment plan. Our two thirds of the state somebody said oh ya know and also I forgot to mention note no sixteen ounce soft drinks though. That's yeah. That's gonna that's -- 21877469432. Totally two thirds of the states -- Brian you're next with how we cargo have Brian. And figure out. Hey I -- I. To enforce lot of these kids. And you don't have a doctor never been any repercussion are rarely been any repercussions. For what they do to -- get caught in their -- -- a dark. And they are scolded or you know before the locked up and I don't I'm very active com. And at its -- each and help when you confront these kids are doing things wrong. You know they don't really don't understand that you have no -- and it's it's been -- -- that -- You know I'm I'm forty. And it's not just kids I mean look last we -- last week we have a story about the guy who have been arrested eight times for drunk driving. This week this story about a guy has been arrested -- times. -- -- -- Where's the established some punishment here I mean we're talking about again we're not talking about some I went to three Beers at somebody's birthday party. This guy is saying this guy is a menace to society. And then get somebody apparently -- apparently nobody. Has the has the wherewithal the fortitude to tell this guy you're gonna have to go to prison for. Yeah and it you know it's it's it's it's that ridiculous. You know the victims and victims are crippled and crippled the victim the our committee judges and partner -- that the aptitude it is that. The primary and I spirit that aren't -- that. We're up a fight back in baseball bat acted acted walking around free up capital yet been you know it on the Panama and the -- I don't -- did you see the big story in the New York about the guy from guy from hand over this this weekend. He was I region all region the story he was say they almost killed in this game this deep band. Savages in Greenwich Village. And guess what they didn't have a gun big waste that I've got this and I got the story here or somewhere here. Yeah listen this guy's name is like Kevin McCarron 24 he was bash with a tire iron. Baseball bat and blackjack I didn't hear the president mentioned tire irons baseball bats and blackjack did you Brian. It's it's it's got it and it could be that they want. But this -- in a -- they got the video while the -- from a surveillance camera about what they did dorm but that you know again where we're supposed to think that if only we did that what. The low information voter is supposed to believe that I mean they got to be real low information if they think the doorway with guns is gonna put an end the violence in this country thanks for the call. 18774694322. On how -- car. 187746943218776932. How we are you going to discuss the tax proposal put forth by our beloved governor we did last night we will discuss it again this evening. And a check out my column in The Herald today at that it turn you produce say so myself what turned out pretty well. I like I can't I can't believe that. We spend them all -- mean the state the state is broke and he wants to spend two billion dollars on. Transportation. Improvements -- so to speak at ski call forward. Forward. To very you that's a very skier reward very ominous words -- said my column -- it's that when he first equivalent. Perpetual. War -- and investment in the future. He is always see if he's not -- if if doctor evil Barack Obama is not stealing my lines like open change from many many IE Deval Patrick then. Mini me is stealing them from doctor evil in this case a mini me -- forward from doctor evil forward. They wanna increase the income tax I -- I would that I predict this or not not -- was hard to predict. I said the gonna give you the -- or they're -- these trial balloons about taxes I said -- my feeling is he's he's for all. But the the -- to raise the income tax because that's the only -- they can get the kind of boron based. Revenues. Meet you gotta pay cut on on January 1 yes you dead. If you live in Massachusetts does Deval Patrick -- -- cut your pay again yes he does. As you wanna increase the gas tax from 21 that it sent to gallant a 51 cents a gallon if we can get away with -- yes he does. -- you wanna increase the polls yes he does does he wanna increase the fees that the registry of motor vehicles. Yes he. It's. 18774694322. The -- said terrorism -- there was a shooting in Boston a city whose mayor is giving a gun control advice I wonder if the shooting the other there was a shooting outside Dorchester district court that the what are the odds that that was a -- that was he registered. -- gone what are the odds that the shooter had is. -- fight the one of the coma. By the way I got the quote patient slightly wrong on from income on. -- -- and always -- or injures beat on the pretense of saving and improving acts a as a scoundrel. Not passed. Past I don't know where I don't know where I -- can use because I that I looked up for what he said about Calvin Coolidge when he died. Counting out Harding -- decipher only doctor Coolidge was preceded by one world -- that would be welts and and followed by two more Hoover and Roosevelt. Why enlightened American having to choose between any of them and another Coolidge would hesitate for an instant. There were no thrills while he rain but neither where there were any headaches he had no wide Beers and he was not a nuisance. You know what do you know what a wonderful thing that is to say about somebody he was not a nuisance. Mean is it did do you average will will anybody ever say that a Barack Obama the guy the guy is a nuisance with a capital and now it's got it now he's got the country all agenda up over overstuffed that he has nothing to do that he had a he has no control over nor does anybody else. -- end and he's being again. A treat it like he's the they'd be second coming of the mosque and east. Was elicited this from Bob Schieffer. Well what happened in Newtown was probably the worst day in this country's history since 9/11. We found Osama -- lot we tracked him down we changed the way. That we dealt with that problem. Shortly finding Osama been a lot. Surely passing civil rights legislation is Lyndon Johnson was able to do them before that surely get beating them not -- With so much more formidable task then taking all of them gone block. This is a turning point in this country's peace and the president is gonna have to do more than just make a speech about it this is one of the best features I've ever heard him deliver since -- -- gonna -- more than that from the White House he's gonna have to get he's sure he's gonna have to. Getting habit that's and sold other words he's comparing the National Rifle Association. To -- city's. Soul. I guess. That means that the bill of rights. Is. -- -- Is that what Bob thanks. If the if the NRA is no not -- them you know that's then the -- -- be in our lives by the Second Amendment which is part of the bill of rights why was the bill of rights -- Passed the bill of rights was passed. Because it be the -- Sovereign States were concerned that the federal government was gonna have too much power so they wanted to write end. These protections. For the the individual liberties. Of the various citizens of the states and the states themselves. And now Ed and now if you believe in the bill of rights according to Bob Schieffer and is known -- Powell's you're not -- Russ you're next with how we cargo had rushed. If I'm announcing he's a damned hole. He is a damn fool obviously -- That's for sure. You know -- under the leadership of king Obama. We are on the eve of constitutional destruction there's no question about it. -- analysis somebody's somebody's at my wife today at yoga she's a businessman and he said and he knows who she has and he said. He said he -- and none of the other people in the show with class -- -- have any idea or what's happening in this country usual eight. And you know Ali you know who's really responsible fault for all of us of the last fifty years. I'd be out well in the dumb down as a today. You know they say you know if you if you -- -- was to wanna make a case for a one man can effect history you have to make you have to start with Lee Harvey Oswald. Does things have been totally down -- since then. There really I mean it's just that there's no there's no two ways about it. Thanks for the call -- 18774. That's why that's what they'll always be -- fascination with November 22 1963. Because things have never been the same. And things have things have fallen apart and they fall and then they the -- The DD generation of American society has only accelerated in the in the years since then. Brian you're next with -- -- ahead Brian. -- we are we getting these executive orders. How on earth can -- be in force as an executive order isn't really a law. Why I don't know why I think it's just I don't think he really expects them to be enforced -- I don't know I don't think he I think this is just they wait to what bludgeoned Republicans he thinks this is a winning issue I mean. Again they've used by the use all these these -- focus group tested phrases like. Common sense is though is the one that really gets me you know. Common sense gun legislation and now they don't call it it's no longer gun control as a pick somebody pointed out today that its gun violence. Just like they couldn't call a global warming anymore when it became clear even the low information voters that there was no global warming. They began to call -- climate change right so we just keep -- keep changing the they keep changing the rules. They keep change in the end of the vocabulary. That you -- news. I don't think topic these -- of these things are gonna do when I mean what they had and they had a so called assault weapon the weapon banned from 1994 to 2004. What impact did it have. Zero right when he that's why they let that that's what eleven laps and now we're gonna bring it back. Because now it's gonna work. You know. It didn't work before but now it's gonna work. 18. They've been boots and massachusetts' bill the big big it was the biggest disaster ever but now. They're gonna have a whole bunch of construction projects and at this time it's gonna work. And how we car.