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Common Sense or Draconian Measures

Jan 16, 2013|

President Obama called his gun initiatives common-sense measures. He said "These measures have the support of the majority of the American people.” Howie asked is President Obama blowing smoke up our you know what...

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So once the low of I purchased my handgun yet no I have not but I have club. But I have. Then decided that that we decided today SC and -- where you're what are we give -- city we're gonna get or waiting to hear back but we're we're thinking that we're going to be certified organic maybe possibly do was shown next week from -- -- range. That's right right and we're gonna get there -- giving lessons and get that where it is it is time it's definitely time to two to move and and -- -- -- fire arms. It's it's you know I don't I don't wanna be -- you know. I don't wanna be without one. All right just -- -- me to mention the name of the -- discuss Kevin McCarron who was for me and over who was a bash with the tire iron a baseball -- blackjack. And stomped repeatedly by a gang of tops in the middle of MacDougal street that's in Greenwich Village early Sunday. Police and witnesses said they have a it's pretty pretty dramatic video they just beat the crap out of this guy and it's what not a bomber using a handgun. And the guys an idea of the guys in critical condition now. And this one of his relatives was also injured this happened at 5:15 AM all on a at a pizza place in Greenwich Village. A rested on Monday was. The a young man named hot team. Par -- FA RS AKH. A Brooklyn. How a team for a sock. Onlookers were horrified by the savage attack. All right so we'll see we'll find out what the other wrote the names of the other guys who have been charged. 18774694322. Chris could we have the Rob Lowe. Two with a Rob -- quote arguably -- their little one -- when you find it OK and a big in the Gingrich cuts. I think. You would have no problem if President Obama said I really wanna push for these assault rifles in particular has to be taken out of circulation. Look I wouldn't because I mean I look like guns and I don't wanna own assault rifle would know what to do with one I would know why won't want. -- I also see that so if you're a law abiding. Person and you bought it under the law having taken from you. I can see why people would have a problem with that but if they don't do that you point out some really -- and is not. And I know social and took a lot anthropologist. But but I I do you think. That the last thing viewers want is another Hollywood actor telling them anything about guns. Pro or con. Thank you -- thank you rob. And stay away from those underage girls -- fifteen to twenty. Although it didn't get him fifteen that was back in the to carcass national convention of 1988. If you remember that. Okay got the Jalen -- Daniel Day-Lewis won a Golden -- -- -- playing Abraham Lincoln. So all of Julianne Moore she won for playing Sarah Palin see the progress realized that the greatest challenge for any actor in Hollywood. Pretending to be a Republican that is the hardest. -- -- -- We're gonna start -- some cuts from them every day. Okay how about that Newt Gingrich the Newt Gingrich cuts. I wanna get your take on gun control because as you know Vice President Biden is going to be delivering some nineteen different recommendations. To the president. Also there's some controversy over the fact that the NRA has released a new iTunes. -- That offers shooting practice and candy for children ages four years old plus what do you think about that. Well I think it's amazing the -- and all this discussion about gun control. The president's hometown of Chicago is the murder capital the United States over 500 people were killed there last year it's illegal. To have all the guns that are killing people in Chicago -- gun control war Chicago ought to be safe. Thank you -- Thank you -- Okay one last thing before -- back Korea phone lines here. Wondering if the administration is a quote against senseless violence and slaughter or it isn't. On quote. People for the ethical treatment of animals Peta is making an eleventh hour pitch to present Obama went quote hunting man. In his gun control measures to be unveiled Wednesday. Number Bruce Friedrich we just asked him about this in the number that we're almost a and it's -- -- we know the American people are ready for so but now they think these and for some reason they think the American people are now I don't think so. -- -- -- Pete is executive vice president said in the letter to Obama americans' views are eve ball being. On many issues from same sex marriage to gun control and the time is right to reconsider the dangerous message that the practice of killing animals for fun is acceptable. And should even be. Protect it. The animal rights group is angered that Vice President Biden has been calling hunting responsible. Gun ownership. As the mother of a child in elementary school I cannot imagine telling my -- that killing for fun is wrong. When the victim is acumen but perfectly acceptable when the target is a member of another species say a deer or adopt. Children must be -- at all gun violence is wrong no matter how different from them the victim appears to be. -- this calls for race this calls for sound cut they're just it calls for the they're just a human being. So another words not only a pit bulls just a human being a deer or dobbs. Or just a human being. -- How about skates. Are. They human big stroke. I guess they are they're just the human being -- -- you know after they after it banned political traps in this state several years ago repeat. Maybe ten -- over ten years ago now. They had a they have eight post election. Conference at that tops university. And a they were all the people who were promoted and opposed various referenda. Questions were a -- were there and they were talking. And the the people at the Peta people -- BM political traps by eighty bear Rivera he dishonest disingenuous campaign. They showed these ancient pictures of dogs being caught in. Caught in in. Leg hold traps made it seem like this was happening on the on a daily basis in Massachusetts. And that they said that if they had realized the it was going to be this easy. Passed a law they didn't say fool people but that's about it too if -- it relates it was going to be this season. The band leg hold traps they would put the what did you school and gone -- and -- hunting. Altogether. And you know what they were probably right they probably could be on hunting in the state if they -- to sort of surprised that they never have gone after it but. You know how's that legal but trap. Trapped BM worked out in Alaska. As people in the live in the living in areas -- room near near rock conservation land -- -- conservation land weak in the longer rupture. You can -- used political traps to watch. To win that controlled the beaver population. Guys like Jim Rice for instance the there the former Red Sox great. Mean it's his his basement you -- and using and overwork him his basement. Is is just perpetually flooded and source or those of all of his neighbors and you know you mean. He I'm watching Jim Rice or his neighbors have done this but a lot of people have just gone out and it's it's become. You know this sort of underground. Underground. A way of dealing with the animals you know you just hired you bring in somebody who uses who uses political traps and then goes and picks him up before dawn and I get -- the beavers are. Or -- the beaver and I have a hard trap and drowns him later on her or use a crossbow to take about. Mean they did it's -- It's just. It's just crazy what piece of -- this all of us feel good legislation you know whether it's -- -- -- server or or -- gun bans of our work. Mean they're they're not they they make they make people feel good but there's never -- does never media. Serious contemplation. Of of what the unintended consequences. Of these -- wish. Laws are going to be in and day. They don't seem many they don't seem to have any interest I mean -- I would watch the news like talk once a list of these people. And you know again I know their moon bats but that they duly -- only bowl leave. But the that the legislation that they they are proposing is is going to have the the positive effects that they saying it is they they can't believe that if -- are -- -- they are all rational. 18774694322187746. Mind. 4322. OK let's see how we -- strengthening penalties for gun trafficking include fast and furious. You know that's opposed to your fast and furious is another one of those so whistles you know to dog whistle. You know when you say -- fast and furious. You're at a rate it's racist term that's all I can go don't don't use it you know we don't we don't -- have any kind of hate speech on the porch. Dan you're next with how we cargo -- them. Hey -- dialog from any time. Respect I pay a acts by -- for getting blocked catamounts to choose it so -- you know why I because they. Pretty. Right Brookfield that was in Brookfield in Worcester County yet and and what did he used to put him down. You know what he explained how his wife and he said bring me the best ball. Here here let me let me just as an -- let me just say. We've I've heard you over the last ten minutes. You need to come to the table you need to reach across let's build a bridge. Not a not a -- don't Roger into hunting column next year how do we do well on. DM I didn't write it this year I did write that this year now. Congratulation the first step and follow. I don't know if I have a problem gambling among the wagons a guy that's. All right it's really crazy when Barack Obama on conservative compared to that treaty -- -- Corey earlier. Yeah he he does he does and a gamble -- just waiting for their chance they've always been the at least they -- the they smell blood in the water feel like you'll pardon the expression Barack Obama to a meeting he's you know we're talking about you know we've got to be more civil and this is a terrible thing what's happening with the guns. And that he says on the debt ceiling the GOP has league gotten to the countries that. I mean. What I mean it's there's something wrong with this picture he gets the say you have a gun to his head at somebody's head. But Sarah Palin puts a target on the on a congressional district and somehow she is. Basically hired the person who gunned down -- big efforts. And I -- strong Ari there's Reports From the Front of the shooter the gun and the environment and energy paid lip service to the shooter I email well. And the environment IE Hollywood in the video game industry he said -- Still the -- study. But it -- orderly legislation in that realm notable because they're young voters. I'll tell you know we didn't -- he didn't study when he included the tax breaks and the in India -- India relief package that he needed and so he studied it long enough to put amend the bill and make sure that they went throw. Thanks for the call them. 1877469432218774694322. What's your ball -- Bob Schieffer got one more time it's just habits and truly astounding the suit -- she for a the it's it's the anxious and the ancient that CBS newsman. What happened in Newtown was probably the worst day. In this country's history since nine elevenths we found Osama bin lot that we tracking down we changed the way. That we dealt with that problem. Shortly finding Osama -- lot. Surely passing civil rights legislation is Lyndon Johnson was able to do and before that surely get beating the Nazis. Was a much more formidable task then taking all of -- gone block. This is a turning point in this country -- it and the. My compared to get our. Right to the Nazis. That the NRA. Defends the Second Amendment which is part of the bill of rights. -- ago. If the Nazis or the NRA then the bill of rights must be mine -- Worthy anti Jewish laws but the third right past. -- to see is he serious. Mean how can. I know he's at living out there -- even when you're at living after the speech you know you would think that. Maybe it's maybe it's time for a for Bob to was taken not so early retirement. Jim your next with how we okay oh I hope you got -- T shirt ever everybody gets T shirt and brought calls and this hour Jim Jim go ahead. How MS everywhere and and I got -- -- Peabody Museum old -- president. Okay great idea how we car for president T shirt to the match it. You know animation television -- are cheaper. We -- -- -- debt which taught at that news conference without -- Obama about the executive. Ordered bank. And Obama mentioned Abraham Lincoln and the emancipation proclamation. I don't think they'll -- some of those going. This is mostly about gun control does Obama realize that Abraham Lincoln also used well armed militias. Let people -- Black Sea or the guns to fight the civil war are -- that it -- and an army. Right -- they they did set up a regular army but in the beginning you're right they they did it was a well regulated militias yes. And get out of these people a chance so ignorant about history and everything else in the main thing. Yeah I know I I know I'm not sure you know I think you know I know Obama's ignorant but I do think his handlers are the people column what to do London. I'm pregnant women taking analysts will be allowed yes maybe they didn't know -- -- gonna mention that I find that I only gave. You know -- an honorable mention why wouldn't I scored a league ministers Smart guy got drugs. You know he when he backed nationalism and you're gonna quote Abraham Lincoln quote -- taken the guns. How about human nature I mean Obama is over fifty years old yeah. This day you would think that just. Just living fifty plus years with your eyes open would know that pop pop that -- passing a law. Is is not going to have an impact if somebody really wants to break the law. He never saw almost commercials you know I'm most current total make a bill. All -- home and not in my Indonesia. It's already. Did didn't you learn anything about American history. Don't know why -- Right right and that he was more than there when he got the college of occidental Columbia he was learning it from up people who bought uncle Joseph Stalin was misunderstood. Thanks for the call Jim get a T shirt give Jim a T shirt and your next what -- cargo have -- The totality of -- words. There's probably what eighty million gun owners in this country. -- weren't met for 47% of the male population is in our guy is now we are donors so that's more more. All of this violence. -- it done by probably be a few thousand psychopaths. We thank -- that talk about it -- -- Alitalia which shall we say a few dozen psychopaths. But the blind -- with a twenty quality is Mohammed Ottawa. Ager has Sonnen that we had. The Ben -- -- -- -- wanted to know about -- -- that's a real good point. How come none of the none of the survivors of over -- the -- the survivors of the people killed at in Fort Hood. Were invited to the press conference that I. That but I would say yes. Get the constant drumbeat that most Muslims are reasonable people. Rights and most gun owners are reasonable people why are we going to take their guns away for a few psychopaths. Why not do the same with the Muslims I went back and allowing more into the country because they're terrorists one point tally of where. That's about that's an that's an excellent point that it's that you just made and you know here's another thing -- made this last week but it bears repeating. Babies at the same people say it's no problem to get 300 million guns from Americans who don't wanna give up the guns these same people tell us. We can't round up eleven million illegal aliens even LB eleven million illegal aliens are doing a lot more damage to the country than the in the Gun Owners of America are. Yes indeed I think -- this confiscation of guns. So it's the Oklahoma City bombing. Which now starting to -- -- reconstitution. Of these. Private militias that we had before us now sees this administration -- dictatorial powers. Had turned to more hatred against the government and I think it's starting to appear at these armed -- -- by the way how many guns were used in the Oklahoma City bombing. Zero correct. Zero -- day you know you what I know that. But what do you think that no information about the no information voters probably think I'm McVeigh if they didn't know McVeigh was they think whoever data. Walked in walked into the federal building it would be -- machine gun. Now. They don't bets that -- of their -- that that's of their rough playing through. Thanks for the call 18774694322. How what ever happened to Joseph Scarborough MSNBC used to be a conservative or at least a centrist. -- he's he's just a he's just a guy trying to war make a living that's all Lebanese parties he's he goes with the yeah. He goes which way the wind blows he's ovaries or whether -- and you know obviously. He would he was not a sincere in any of his conservative beliefs because he's -- us in the mall. And and now he says he's as were pluses. Is Mike Barnicle you know. Mean Mike Barnicle is is a common might walk of journalism but you know I mean. You get bought the Scarborough was you know would actually believed in what he was saying he was elected in 1994 part of the Gingrich revolution and now he says. Now he's just as a sell out. -- how we car. -- -- Cameras and money. I'm much more effective. Way of killing Americans -- guns are because it's more people worked more Americans are killed with the cameras and with -- Send lawyers -- tests. And money. More people buying in pockets little kids -- in pockets and not -- enough schoolyard shootings this is. Say add in his reprehensible. And terrible as they are. 187716943221877469. 4322. This from the sheriff of Henderson county in North Carolina Charlie McDonald. I don't think that your point to change people's behaviors by having laws to the existing laws that we have already you're trying to regulate the criminal have an element through laws that which they broke in the first place. Again I mean there's there's so many girl posted to this and other and in other parts of society I mean. Weasel talk about the seatbelt laws and we have a state rep on who was -- Models -- predecessor and on. Jim Fagan and he was criminal defense attorney and the all -- said. We already have thirteen hundred reasons on the blocks. For props to stop car. You wanna give them thirteen 101. Now did that did that thirteen hundred laws us by giving a cop the right to stop and India. A motorist did did that prevent the guy last week who was. Who was caught for the ninth time drunk driving that it stop the guy last weekend from South Boston who was caught -- with the with a bottle of chocolate whipped cream flavored vodka which by the way had never I don't know by -- In his in in a boot. In the on the on the on the floor board of his car -- stop him now we didn't stop them. 1877469432218774694322. William your next with how we -- -- M. Earlier you like that's why I think you know why is it's. Why is it to the levels -- water or ground. On the auto. Controlled the Second Amendment but no other amendments -- rights civic given the constitution. Was only his Second Amendment. I I don't that's you know that's a good question William I don't I don't understand that this is they they they have this terrible problem with the Second Amendment you're right they they they EO -- late lived and died by the First Amendment freedom of speech. They they would they they they will defend to why they it to the worst -- in the world -- right that -- why not cut not to take the yet. To take the Fifth Amendment rather than you know away. And you know incriminate himself the Fourth Amendment against illegal search and seizure any that they don't wanna be terrorist that do want have to undergo the the pain of by being searched your right. Why isn't it the second the Second Amendment protection law abiding citizens. Not meant for criminals -- meant for people who follow the laws correctly right to learn from. -- -- from other people enable it to Great Britain Great Britain they've restricted guns down into the -- And now look at this they have a hundred million more violent crimes in your career here. Shows you how this will not effect and. I know it won't it it won't it's just -- and why would why would the president of the United States and died in his party. One day again he he accuses Republicans of jamming up the country but he he's the one that's going to Jennings -- Why would you want to be needlessly sow discord in -- in India. In the nation. You know when you when it's not gonna have any any positive effect. It's just creating trouble. -- Yeah that they don't have the right mindset of what the second medal sport. Is what it is for -- -- it's aren't saying it. Sporting all through this right what is it is placing it number two it's number two for peace and -- was -- that you of course our defense. But right pressing government. Right I -- yourself I said earlier you know -- -- they even understand why there's a bill of rights on the United States constitution. It's because the states were concerned that the constitution. Get this the states which were not part of the United States at that point were concerned that the constitution. If they put too much power in the hands of the federal government so they wanted these amendments these first ten amendments. To insurer but liberty of the American people and the Sovereign States right. -- -- day and it's. It's it's not it's not putting and they -- too white you know to help. You know it wasn't put in there to prevent that two to enable pornographer to run amok. Or to give criminals another owl to you know whether the fourth and Fifth Amendment two was put in there to protect the freedoms. Of of everybody and all of the amendments are equally important I would say. Thanks for the call them make stale playing on the line for a T -- 1877469432218774694322. I'm not much and I would like to -- that the man might -- I would like if I'm -- a GM I would like the right to -- -- refused to testify. You know I would I would like the right to war for the cops not to have to not to have -- free -- to -- to my house without a search -- Fourth Amendment. -- I I'm in favor of the amendments I I don't understand why is that why is the Second Amendment the only one that's on the that's that's that's on the table here. Vinny your next with Howie -- go ahead Vinny. The captain I would contributed to the Republican Party but from now -- I'm gonna be contributing to the category that's -- feel about it. On another note. -- right to be around the world regulated militia and so wants. Remember. Every one own their own personal firewall and what they were awarded a militia duty. They got their fire a lot in this huge box and they tell them and it wasn't until the civil war. That any large scale issue. Of precaution cap rifles were issued just soldiers prior -- that everyone owned the world are. Yeah. I I know I know and see -- that's. That's what the country was founded and you know and and this and all this and all these studies that the order of the one major study that was done saying that Americans didn't early on firearms that was proven to be focused that was done by a Mike article of academia. You know some guy just made up the numbers. 187 thanks for the cold I'm gonna get your teacher I'm our car.