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Deval and the State of the State

Jan 16, 2013|

Howie is waiting with baited breath for Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick's State of the State address tonight. He is anticipating bad news on the tax front.Howie asked the callers what they were expecting to hear from Governor Patrick.

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We're to talk about the tax increases apparently. We're gonna try to get that's the if you give me those are stories that he -- any news stories that are coming out about what's on the speech sometimes -- yeah. They put out a a story for the -- for the -- before the speeches out I assume the speeches is available somewhere. I maybe we might go along with my voice may be my memory is fading as a way you know as I get older I. But correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think this was one of the -- campaign promises when he was running for reelection last year. Or -- and not 2010. Which he did he promised to raise taxes he promised to raise the income tax. I think self. You don't you don't want to go on after the income tax because they say it's the only way they can get them the billions that they need don't give up on. I don't think it will -- it -- I give up. I give up I wish you get the bleep out of this state I certainly hope so I I plan to I plan to. By the way we've we've continued to ask him if he wants to come on the show and you know Philly yeah and you know have his. You know now but now that the moon bats. -- on TK Katie Morgan PKK does not even in fact exist we've asked him if he wants a -- last talk radio station in the city. And we've asked him if you want to come on and -- so far or when the phone didn't ring we knew it was him. And I but I saw a quote he was on WBUR. I guess that's one of the moon about the station -- public radio stations. Your tax dollars at work so while I guess he still going on there but. -- -- I cannot. -- I cannot believe that that I -- I can believe it I can believe it because again as I said last -- -- in the column this morning. He's going about this is what blamed -- he doesn't have to run for reelection so why not do this. The senate president. Terry Murray doesn't have to she's a term limited out she's all about. She doesn't have to run for reelection and so she's she's a perfect co conspirator. The the house speaker Bobby toll -- Has has been in office for a number of years you know what -- only last so many years I don't think there's a a specific. Term limit in the house rules but he's on his -- he's on his way out the door eventually and a we don't know who's gonna while being invited in these and next round of -- Probation Department. Scandals that but supposedly the and the indictments could be coming down at any moment supposedly the grand jury has been sent home their work has been completed. And meaning they voted the indictments that are coming through so so the gonna so they're going to war raise taxes on everybody. You know it's gonna you know you know -- and they they keep talking about improving the infrastructure did not point to improve the infrastructure this is not about improving the infrastructure. This is about taking care of their Democrat constituencies. This is about taking care of all of the specifically in the case of that of transportation. It's it's a case of taking care of all the shady contractors who was put in low bids and then keep. Keep putting in for cost overruns and nobody says anything about that see the big big for historical perspective on this. It's about helping the the big law firm's downtown to get to write the bond we get the B bond counsel to very easy work it's just cutting and pasting. The boiler plate copy to sell the bonds they they charge and hormonal -- And and I nose in and year. Adapted to do what they're gonna get very rich on this it's about the pinky ring unions I mean the pinky ring unions get taken. At the at the city level they have they they have people. At you you know on the zoning on the zoning boards of appeal and they beat the pinkie ring union guys say. Well you're gonna they thought the developers command confirm variants. That do their building and it did to have started development in the pinky ring union guys say. Are you were going to use a -- union labor and you say yes and then that's right yes of course sold and that's how the so salty I have to use union labor than they have an architect on the zoning boards in the architects as what architecture using India to use a friend of the architect or someone's wired into the architect community of Boston. That's how works in Boston now what that at the in the city and at the -- at the state level where they're going for the prevailing wage. -- you know all these all these projects could be could be. Completed I mean probably they should even be undertaken in the first place because they're just not need it. But. Not only are they going are not only are they not needed but they -- needlessly expensive because they have the so called prevailing wage. And so in return for the prevailing waged a the these worthless projects. They the unions mobilize. The the machine you know as you know I mean if you only people who were in unions. Earned in the in the trades you'll know that that they were told that to go while hold signs during the war and Scott. Brown campaign. You know some of the -- somebody apprentices. We're told if you wanna if you want if you have any future in this in this union you're gonna have to go out and holding signs and go to the meetings and you know scandalous stand on the bridges worry you at all over the expressway exit -- it's Federer. These liberals were union guys who were making. Anti gay scorers about the wanna -- age you know again -- if one of -- -- Had made any anti -- swore about the one of Elizabeth Warren's agent would have been front page. But there was a it was a Democrat making idea can't be homosexual remarks like it was okay. All right the governor this is -- the supreme week. It's pretty weak story but the salt we got right now. The governor has an ambitious agenda that's on two weeks or an ambitious agenda that means is gonna raise taxes. It like to complete in his last two years he is proposing more spending. In areas like the State's transportation system and education he wants more early education funding. Early education other than a number of projects. A number of studies excuse me Don over the years about the early education. There was or there's a recent story I think I again I think it was in the Wall Street Journal -- our quartet paper so much but it's it's got so much in it every day and read -- that pretty much covered cover. They did a story about the about the can -- head start has been proven. To produce if it if it helps young children at all. The big gains are -- several and they're gone by the time they reached the third grade. So of course the ball wants to what take care of take you want more money for early education. I eat for the teachers' unions another. Another part of the machine. Along with the along with the bond counsel warrior law firms that compound. Along with the the shady contractors. Along with the pinky ring trade unions he's gonna take care of the teachers unions. Among defense funding sources the governor is reportedly considering is an increase in the five point 25% property tax. Massachusetts has a flat rate while other surrounding states. Have income tax rates that vary according to income levels this week's story. Yet you -- why we have a flat rate it's in the constitution. It's like a Second Amendment in the federal constitution. We have a in the Massachusetts state constitution graduated income tax is pro about it. OK so what they wanna do is what they say well we're gonna we're an opportunity and we're gonna have. A we're gonna have a -- An addition to the state that the state income tax. The Indy in the MBTA districts in the -- in all the areas with our with transport with funding transportation. Authorities regional transportation for east. So guess one. They say they're gonna get around that because the employer's. Pocket -- not the employees the employers -- gonna -- attacks. And of course they're they're rub they figure that you know after -- seven years of the ball appointing judges they're gonna they're gonna go along in the gonna rubber stamp this increase. In in the tax rate that getting around the state constitution's prohibition of having graduated income taxes. Nicole lose a year of Westfield is one of those were concerned about attacks like I think it's harder than most people live paycheck to paycheck and having an increasing taxes it would really be hard on most people. Who would you vote for call that's what I wanna know who did you vote for. Sophia -- last -- Has concerns as well I already pay enough -- my paycheck is missing. 200 dollars at least I pay in taxes per paycheck I have read the pay for a paper Hologic paper books. Gas money might car insurance is expensive by about other things to pay for. OK so this is that he's got to try to raise income taxes he wants to raise income taxes the hacks on Beacon Hill are gonna go along with that. They don't care they figure there's they're not scared of us. There that's where it boils down to -- they do not have any fear of the of the voters. 18774694322. Although shady contractors are rich Republicans -- place. All they are. Really. I didn't know that how come -- so much money to the Democrats than bleep face. 1877469432218774694322. What are they doing with the 191000 EBT cards that came back returned to sender -- they still paying them of course there's the opening. -- -- -- -- -- How come that. Deval. And mini me and that doctor evil Barack Obama. They're always talking about people paying their fair share. Now. You work for a you're just look. At the medal mom a 2% take. If you make above a certain amount of money. Yet taken more than a 2% pay cut some people took up to a 6% pay. Your pay and your you're already paying your fair share and are you pan over 40%. Probably closer to 50% is going to taxes. Are you paying your fair share. What about all these bombs but don't work but karate -- that Iran fake that are on fake disabilities and Barack Obama talking about real list goes on by about fake disabilities. How about all these people would just there are breeding kids do -- acted to get higher wealth for church. And -- more EB team money every every month about these people are selling their snapped cards. Every first of every month and parking lots of -- reached every supermarket in the commonwealth I mean every super every. Supermarket. How come -- not paying their fair share. How come -- state employees are being asked to take -- How come they are laying off in each state employees they had a big meeting yet all the community advocates came in the community advocate. Don't want that they don't want -- increase the income tax for five point 66%. They wanted to all the way back to five point 95%. Which was twenty years ago and the the emergency of the Dukakis administration. Five point 95%. These these are how did these people you know they they provide these essential services for people -- -- yet somehow all of them were able to get the afternoon off. To go to a state house to take part in this demonstration. Why is to act. And now this is going to be a big fight you know when they get this big pile of money this -- two billion dollars is gonna be like god Jack colts. Fighting over a downed. Ample. You know there are going to be there all going to be tearing each other apart trying to get to the to the meat. Only the the Jack pulls her our our run hacks and -- -- the apple. The taxpayers. 18774. Did not do income tax increases affect those -- BB DE. EBT assess the I didn't think cell. If you pay your fair share shouldn't you get a fair share I'd I'd pay I don't get they don't yet they don't pay. How we didn't we vote for 5% income -- yes Swede did. In the year 2000 by a margin of 56 a 44 -- lowered. The -- they promised us they raise the income tax from a 55. Point five. From 5% to six point 25%. In in 1989 because it was an emergency it was a it was a put quotes around -- -- word temporarily. Temporary income tax increase. They covered the five point 95% never cut it any further finally we got fed up we pass this this this. Cut by a referendum in back to the back to the 5% rate the we were promised. By our very ethical statesman back in 1990. I believe the house speaker at the time or was how speak or about to become. Good time Charlie Flaherty. Who was later convicted of income tax invasion. The time but when the when it came time to repeal the the income tax increase to push it back the 5%. The gas house speaker was. Felon Finneran who was soon to be convicted of obstruction of justice and other federal felony. He would be succeeded of course by. -- -- Macy who would be convicted of of accepting that 57000 dollars in bribes. And so felon Finneran after even after it was passed in a landslide has -- anything over 55%. Landslide. Even after the repeat after even after the tax cut was passed away and slightly -- political back to five point I'm analytical backed up 5% this. I might some of my relatives on the war hacks on the payroll might I have to take a pay cut like I like my niece who works for geno clarity. The salon for Chelsea I don't want any of my relatives have to take a pay cut my spotter on the state that banking commission. You know I don't want them to take a pay cut so I don't care what the voters said I'm gonna keep the income tax just where does it five point 3% this other guy who never got more than 7000 votes in election. -- 7000 votes. He's calling the shots and he's clocked at. East oak Park City needs are pork -- get into his hands in the morning. And he stopped the tax increase for the tax cut from going through that's why people so did you wipe when he was working here. Why do you hate Finneran -- for wanting me it was that he had the worst -- show in the in the history of radio. And the second reason is that he he was stealing money for me every week he was stealing money from you every week. Needed even know any time. For perjury and obstruction of justice on our racist gerrymandering scheme. And so now. Now not only have we never got it back -- 5% not a got there increase to five point 66%. So they can so they can about just. You know the -- they they did this they went through this they they they pushed it all weekend long up for actually for months they pushed it. For months they pushed all these proposals we're gonna raise the gas tax by thirty cents we're gonna raise the the registry fees were going to war we're gonna raise the yet holds on the pike and on the bridges in in the tunnels. And so and we're gonna raise the income tax on now they're only gonna say we're gonna raise only one thing or maybe only two things in -- supposed to be grateful for your supposed to say. Thank you sir may I have another. I'm not that I am unhappy though I don't I don't wanna I I don't remember him. Claiming he was gonna increase taxes I still remember him saying he was gonna cut property tax whereas. My property tax cut 617. They're going to double -- truck registration I already pay a 185 bucks every year for commercial plates. 978 HR bridges roads and buildings are falling apart you oversee a fix without another big big. They're not going -- here's the thing didn't have to be used the money to fix. The roads highways and bridges they don't use the money to give it to their bodies. You know their body and their buddies are gonna take. You know it would if it if it's -- cost of repairs 101000 box in the private sector and would take. A week it'll end up costing a 100000 or 250000. And it'll take a year. That's the way it works John -- And they'll (%expletive) away the best money and then they'll come back for more claiming that they claiming that they don't have have enough money. I mean how can how can you have the MBTA. Is running a deficit. Of 140 million dollars a year. 140. Million dollars a year what's the balls he answered about. He wants to build an extension of the Green Line to Somerville -- for. How how was that possible. I mean what how does that doesn't make any sense we're gonna be fine. I thought this guy was a businessman I mean I I know why I know I know how he got as far as he did in the corporate world with all that but you know. Even for somebody who's just skated along because he's a in a protected classes entire life and never really done any work. I mean even he doesn't he even realized this I mean he's just he's just trying to why you know feather his own -- So we can get some payback seems to be on boards when he's. Not the governor if you if you really wants to run for president desperate as ridiculous as it seems he gets he. 18774. The only thing falling apart is the Big Dig and I mean again I say as I said my -- if they if they had an ounce -- truth -- They were put up a big sign big banner behind them tonight in the house chambers -- would say from the wonderful folks those wonderful folks who brought to the Big Dig this is their news via. Brian you're next with how we cargo I had Brian. OK we ought to take a break we'll be right back. Will take as many calls we counted 18774. It took seven years to repair the overpass in Hanover. I swear to god it took more and two more years and that to replace the bridge over -- route 916. In. And it in Wellesley I think I think my kids were babies when it was when it was -- when they started it and they were graduating high school when they finished it. 18774694322. On how we car.