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Taxes, Taxes and Maybe More Taxes

Jan 17, 2013|

During his State of the State address last night, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick Patrick put forth his plan to raise income tax in the Baystate by ?1 percentage point and the sales tax by 1.75 percentage-point in order to fund transportation and education refurbishments. Guest host Michael Graham was puzzled how the Governor could think that raising taxes could be godd in any way for the state.

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Last year you're working along. You're paying your bills. You're working those extra hours you're missing time with your kids are missing time with your wife. To try to make the money that it costs to live here in New England. Because. -- stink it expensive to live in New England even eleven Boston city proper it's still expensive compared to the rest of the country. Fifty or not -- 47. 40000 dollars 37000 dollars here. In New England is a lot less money than it is in Alabama or -- all or rural Missouri. So you're -- company your wife husband's -- company you're trying to make a little bit of money to pay your bills. And then you get the good news at the end of the year old goody goody goody President Obama just raised my payroll taxes. As part of the outcome fiscal cliff -- deal. The deal that did nothing to fix our debt or deficit problems affect -- spent more money than it took so. You wake up last week when it whenever get your first paycheck between thirteen and open up and it's. -- -- And your -- -- smaller and then you get on the web like only occupied did a much smaller and an -- because he got hit with a payroll tax hike. If you make assert my money got hit with a bonus payroll tax hike if you make another -- -- on money got hit with a straight -- income tax hike. All of a sudden you're working the way as hard as you can. And your money just being sucked away from you. By President Obama. Senator Kerry and every member of the Massachusetts delegation who all supported higher taxes and tax hikes in the a fiscal cliff deal. But they think well. This stinks. The least I got my bills covered for me -- I know my budget's going to be and then Governor Patrick. Stands up last night. And he gives his speech and guess what it is he's planning on -- he's planning. On jumping on the raise your taxes bandwagon. There is no good time to raise taxes. This is the point I knew in his speech when silence would fall over the -- I know it is -- right there. I love the Beacon Hill yuck -- -- not tolerate -- actually not. -- opposed the idea that audio weathered the Leo. -- Terry -- don't feel that ho lol that's raise your taxes because what's another one. 102043200. Dollars in income taxes in Massachusetts is nothing to Beacon Hill. That's everything to you let's go back to the audio please. Nearly as possible. How tough the times have been on the people and families of our commonwealth. And though the worst of the recession is over many. Many families still face tough decisions and have deep anxiety about the future. I would not ask. If I did not believe in my heart that investing meaningfully to day. In education and transportation. Will significantly. Improve our economic tomorrows. Because. That's enough that's enough of that the big that's all I can take from the governor there he wants. What do Jones -- radio -- numbers are hard to grasp over radio other than poll numbers 877469432287746943222. Called Alec archer. Go to Patrick in a little state like masters. -- whole budget. Is around 32 billion dollars. He wants an almost. Three. Billion. Dollar. Income tax. Three billion dollars at 10% of the -- what he wanted to go up that much next year than steady. That much stayed at a high year after year after year that's excruciating. In another self. Source though as he wants is three billion dollars in Connecticut and that's outlets that we'll get to the other part second but he wants this three billion dollars -- -- For Choo Choo trains to New Bedford. He wants three billion dollars of your money in high your income taxes. So that he can pay school teachers who in Boston already earn an average average salary of 80000. Dollars a year for a part time job. He wants to -- US to give them give the school system to the education system across the state more money. The MBTA. Flat broke their budget's gone up 60%. Since 2003 they are spending money is that's again I don't about you just noted though. You mr. income tax earner you have to pay more because gosh darn it. The. Hat Ed and hit the MBTA. Absolutely cannot -- through not being able to retire at 58 sorry. We just got you something because the part time employees in the government school system absolutely have to have more money. You've got to pay three billion dollars. In tax. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- super Smart New England liberal voting no but the real issue here is Governor Patrick is taxing the wealthy. He's judging Iraq. He's gonna raise taxes by about three billion on income and on businesses. But then he's going to cut the sales tax. From fort six point 25 to four point two -- And that means that because lowering come people. Or no. Earned income people IE EB ET disability checks working in the black market. Their taxes will go to. Sales taxes will go down. Ending the tax -- go up to see you Michael usually taxing the rich knows the Boston Globe Democrat today there's big income point where you actually make. Money off this deal and you know what. You might like lefty friends in my Cambridge listeners -- Vermont. Granola crunchers -- absolutely right. What does it take to be rich in Deval Patrick's Massachusetts. Million dollars. To a fifty grand. Not all under a grand no no no it's a lower I don't know doing against united commercial that saluted the slight -- -- oh wait there's more. I can make you rich in Massachusetts for the low low price. All 37523. Dollars. If your family earns more than 37 grand. Governor Patrick just raised your taxes as part of -- Rich that's the dividing point between where you make enough money back on the sales tax cut. To make up for your income tax change you're -- more than 37 grand your taxes go up. Not down your now old rich what do I doubled your pride I I think. That all of you who've now been declared rich by Governor Patrick your total leverage. The Governor Patrick style. Cadillac I'm gonna got to budget style house to ask you -- departure sure rich. You want your life featuring 25 -- and the. Are now all wealthy. In Deval Patrick of Massachusetts he just passed an income tax hike on you. -- -- -- As crappy as this whole deal is the notion that you're gonna give more money to Governor Patrick to give to the government school system into -- to. Your do we want do we want a train. Between New Bedford. In Boston. Those who live in Boston do we want. They're saying it's gonna take one point eight billion dollars. To build a Choo Choo between Fall River and Boston's that people can come from Fall River to Boston. In a train it's gonna cost us one point eight billion deposits to get -- to not come if we. The two billion would they stay in Fall River New Bedford I want to consider that deal. So you want to take his money and build Choo Choo trains from Pittsfield. To New York City has lord knows. After -- Pittsfield so doesn't know England economy. What about what should you train on the tape. The bleeping Kate but Kate does not need Choo Choo trains BK needs. Private compounds security guards and rainbow flags what you got that cover indicate that's -- But don't know you gotta pay up you rich people and got Deval Patrick of Massachusetts you rich people have to pay up with your forty grand as a family income. Because the ball Patrick needs to spend another 34. Or five billion dollars depending on what. What numbers using. On Massachusetts and our economy do you wanna spend that money 8774694322. Are you ready. For an income tax increase do you agree with the Governor Patrick that the state needs your money. But all things -- to spend on is this what you want him to spend -- My answer is hell. Know how about you let's go to Russ Russ you're on how the -- Michael Graham. First of all Michael congratulations aside everybody they get first set and that big chair. It's say it's a big it looks like road -- was just eating lunch in this chair it's very frightening. You know how he looks taller on the radio I don't know -- to go -- -- You know any and creative Jack -- can raise taxes. In when you really think about it most people throttle and from their mistakes. In the mistakes of others so what do our immediate leaders in Massachusetts still they follow the leaders of the not a foreign media and make the same mistakes. How about didn't do all unpacked his own mistakes he's the guy did need to just told us three years ago we have to raise the sales tax. Does raise the sales tax will save the Massachusetts economy. And we'll save the government spending and save our schools and save the MBTA is that little. And I don't you know he says oh sorry my bad not only are we gonna do was that a mistake or even cut the sales that. You know what's interesting Michael as they eliminated the sales tax altogether. You wouldn't have this massive influx in the New Hampshire you know people from Rhode Island Connecticut and New York. And and Beaumont that would be coming in the NASA chooses to shop. A -- they took my appreciated an 877469. Point 322 let me tell you -- disagree. When the so sexist first pushed by Governor Patrick I oppose -- of course because. Look at how much money -- suspending when your when you're giving yourself a spending increase of six to seven to 8% year after year 10% two years ago. You don't need more money. But the sales taxes when -- stand in line. And the woman in front -- you. Has sixteen pounds of fresh lobster and 22 states. And it's you know whatever you know the champagne of drinking water she's got her her or what's what's it peaked yet Fijian fronting you and you're standing there trying to scrape the pennies out of your little tiny pocket to try to get. -- -- some say much -- blowing your kids. And you see a woman in front of you with the lobster in the -- attempting without the -- card doesn't make you feel good to know that. What ever she spends money on something. That's sales taxable. But at least. She's taken into sales tax you know I mean it's like when I met with Monica being stored this summer with the BT -- -- lottery tickets I get out of the way -- know you go right ahead. But at least some of the money is coming back. The sales tax. It's one of the few ways that the people who ride in the wagon that you push to ensure be back to running the state. They consume stopped that as a sales tax. It's not just a Governor Patrick. Is raising income taxes are actually doing is he's targeting new because you went to college he's targeting you because you have steals he's targeting you because you opened a business that makes 6070000. Dollars a year he's. Hard -- you so that he can give your money to deadbeats. He's -- to the deadbeats in the underground economy he sent to the guys up in the snow in the seven guys all about busted for drug dealing and all of them were on federal disability payments. A little lower your taxes. When you go out you buying whatever cover the sales tax close or -- Biden. -- gears of war nine whoever it is he can sit around and with your disability and smoked pot played video games. I'm a little lower your sales tax. But on the lower sales tax by cutting spending no I don't go to the guy with a job and I'm gonna take money from him. It's like -- lower your taxes. Governor Patrick is transferring money from the makers from the income earners from the income generators and he's giving it to deadbeats. He's putting up a tiny little bit. But they contribute to the system I want sales tax messages is how well you gonna get money back for people who get to. From the system and don't put it illegal immigrants who are working for roofing companies off the books don't pay income taxes. But when they go buy stuff they pay sales taxes that's why Governor Patrick did this he's not just punishing you for earning money. He's rewarding people for not to earning money. This is a huge tax shift. This is saying to -- it says to low income people who are struggling young college kids they'll get a benefit to I agree -- not disputing that but. It also says everybody who's not in the income economy. I got a deal for you know. It's Joseph the suckers shows of -- work everyday we're gonna raise his taxes already using the cut the taxes you spend when you go down to buy your fund yens and whatever. 8774694322. Obama program in four how we car let's go to Kasey -- you are on the air. Michael welcome back but be able to be -- Michael -- -- first or you know yet so this I'm not quite sure told me before that state worker street Jude MBTA workers. Don't pay state sales tax -- like you -- they do of course it. A joke yes. OK at that actually is to the teaches and MBTA -- state workers. Or about the future because governor Patrick's seem so concerned about the growing number of people -- -- about their future but the culprit helped get caught. They don't pay and retirement were. What did their biggest worry whether or not -- -- take the train to Florida -- go for the time to order a hypocrite. This actress yeah it takes the Paul Casey at 877. Sports extra port 322. Look. You can't have the huge pension system we had you can't have health care costs exploding the way they are you can't have Governor Patrick promising people. Free medicine and free. Sex change operations center. And not hated got a magic has raised. -- spending. Mom. I wanna say -- by my third since he's been in office -- -- spending by third. You got to cover you need taxes so I'm not surprised that he wants the taxes when I'm surprised that is we are gonna sit here and let him do this to us. And -- let them do it to us so we can build Choo Choo train so he can. Build flyover tolling systems is this really what you want your money to go go to Li -- you're on how a car show Michael Grant. Michael you're exactly right and a lot of the Republican governors dark figure this out. When people are not working I'm making are not making income we have as many people on employer on government assistance or disability. You can't you're not getting that money for the state houses anymore you have to find a way to get money from the people that never populated states we need to tax -- -- -- people also. They have to find a way to make money off of the groceries and the cats and I found and that whatever out there buying. And because they're not generating income. So you have to find another way to do it and and it's it's like that people have been punished to actually being productive. And the people having -- -- -- -- -- -- not being put out. It is it is not easy to be poor but it is as easy B port Massachusetts as it is anywhere it's a lot easier to report here that it is and other countries. In other places around the world and what Governor Patrick has said. Is you a -- more money. To the people who don't work. Or don't work as hard. Or don't care where lane on the sofa watching reruns of Hogan's Heroes smoke and weed you owe them money at least propose a plan to tracking down and take your money. And give it to -- we got so much more to talk about. More on governor to chat Patrick's plan do you agree with the governor that people who -- -- income should pay higher taxes so that people who don't can pay lower taxes. Or do you agree with me the next five -- Get the boot off the throat of people actually go out and create jobs and create well. I'm Michael Graham this is the Howie -- show. M Michael -- Am and what a lovely and down that Alley guard here welcome to the shot on number 8774694322. The only talk. Station in town really is a true Muslim. I did something happen I've -- and. What I -- thought there was something else -- and hello anyway I still be here with you by the way despite. The protestations of management a we will be doing to stop people say later in the show because they can't stop me. And unstoppable say -- is is an honor of man -- -- it's stuff fake girlfriends say way as well who works very recently just. Email me Michael Michael Graham dot com reported on Twitter with the hash tag stuff they girlfriends say. And if it's funny humorous not see any real I was so we'll get some and readable really a celebrity -- say readers -- that we share the best ones with you. But I guess the old fake girlfriend days. You -- what you do you you probably know the hip happening board up guy when housing college in F Figaro as an inflatable. Girlfriends at the same. Thing does that similar not you never had a girlfriend have no idea so cal critics like obviously ask there -- a guy mr. swinger and there. So anyway -- Who's -- all main man the talk. -- -- -- -- I am well my gosh who wants amazing so. It's beautiful -- shot and I mean no wedding bells is that doing. Useful like -- nine months wedding oh it's guy like that to -- to I'm kidding I'm usually guys don't even know him and it's wrong. Necessarily a shock and letting me -- that everyone always wonders does it meet people single B let's make it volatile how do you know. This the right time had you know it's right time and I think. The right time for me was when we were both naked and on the pool table. And her dad walked and I think right then I looked at right as it were going to be together for a -- if I was concerned the we might never not. BT I I thought 32 -- poke you blob in my back and I said I think -- is gonna last. For awhile anyway I am Michael -- so stop people say stuff. Fake girlfriends say email me Michael -- Michael Graham dot com. On Twitter IMM -- the fun and we are now a partial 87746 on port 322. Yes Governor Patrick is going to race in or wants to raise income taxes in Massachusetts but that's not in the story. He also wants to lower sales taxes and and he sat straight up he wants to shift. The -- this is the part of this that really. I gets me. Is the notion that somehow. By raising. Taxes on people who work and then lowering the tax on people who spend their government benefits but that makes things better. To support our education initiatives. My budget will propose that we increase the income tax by one percentage point six point 25%. To make that increase is fair to all according to their ability to pay. I will propose that we double the personal exemptions for every taxpayer and no limit and eliminate a number of itemized ducks. Making those changes gives us a tax code that is -- Clear and fair. There remember the simple and fair tax go we have right now is at 47%. Pay no federal income taxes a comparable number pay no state income taxes. And at the top 5%. Pay 60%. Of the -- entire bill Democrats is all that's not fair and -- Europe's right. No it's not fair to people more pain. They should not pay more. We should -- how can they not pay more there already paying no income tax help told do -- will lower the sales tax to so they'll pay even more not more and. But instead of cutting -- -- spent more money and then put -- three billion dollar tax hike -- knew the sucker that -- the moron. Who goes out and earns income don't deserve it if you're stupid enough to go up buster ask for a job Massachusetts. And you vote for Governor Deval Patrick and -- a bone heads you deserve. The late night president -- -- you're about to have with the taxation system you absolutely deserve it. 8774694322. Is a phone number John you're on how -- our show with Michael Graham. They -- go I didn't go to great -- did you like you know what I love about it last statement that is exactly and precisely how -- field. In a way that the bulk -- that voted for this guy again and get what they deserve. But he would double -- slash watch some on TV this morning. And she said that having illegal immigrants get beat free tuition. Does not cost anything extra. Michael I don't know what little what if it's the same thing as saying. Letting -- -- sneak on the plane without paying doesn't cost any extra mean -- right in the sense that the plane is still gonna land but that seat should have gone to somebody paying for a ticket. So you lost the revenue from that ticket so your rhapsody right he's not telling the truth that's a great point but -- -- look buzzing more it's more than the tax issue we know -- in Massachusetts and and you people are taxes in Massachusetts. It's the notion. That you because you earned a whopping. 37523. Dollars a year you ought to pay more. So that somebody getting a scam disability check and they stand EBT in com can pay. Let's do you agree 87746. 4322. -- on the Howie Carr show with Michael Graham. Good afternoon how about the fact that everyone on the Massachusetts. State pension. Is not obligated to pay any state income tax on that -- It's a good gig president. Unbelievable. The and they will continue to get pay raises that's a great point jazz thanks for the call 877469432. To do. Yours that is. As you know due to recent radio bands -- now theoretically on the dole have not showed up at the office yet figured out at a and have stood to -- my nose into the trough but I'm sure I will. You might fellow dole lights to my fellow. People on unemployment do you really look at your neighbors is heading off to work in those tests. Why don't you pay more money so when I go down in whatever you know my my video games and dvds I can pay a little less. You bastards getting up to 7 in the morning and working to late at night you ought to pay or what you learn so that when I'm at the glass -- shop buying my smoke global glass tube for arts purposes only. I can payless or do you think of the dole and I don't think that way. I'm well not yet but what do what do on the dole I will not be being that way probably thinking. You are the money your -- good guy in the system -- go to day ended year on the Howie -- show with Michael Graham. Good afternoon. And I just wanted to open up on that this is as. A bait and switch I have to give it the Deval Patrick because masterful job bringing it up. And they're not going to be cut in any. At a bank sales tax. Because track again I -- it'll act last year or the year before they'll elect he's gonna do is Erica regard -- dealer. Look every airport in look over here this order -- Always gonna delete an -- taxes -- income taxes. And tell us that it could -- the sales. When he doesn't drop the sales tax and actually increases. By -- recorder of a percent analyst at a mockery of hearing contacts. Everybody's gonna cheer. Up anybody by its -- guarantee there ratchet up our income taxes quarter and maybe half a percent. -- -- okay we won't be quite so -- by next year we try and 8%. Impacted our client. Andy dopey Massachusetts voters will follow him on and on and on I don't -- that yet that is a grade did your -- are you looking at the right right information and by the way. Did call me the -- Joseph because the Boston Phoenix magazine referred to me as the as Boston's maestro of conservative controversies I think they were. To kinda I'm delighted to be in for how we car at 8774694322. So those who voted no. On getting rid of the income tax. Now I -- Patrick wants to raise it by twenty almost like five present. Are you doing. Any more dumb luck or do you still think that was writing to him. Michael we have. Davydenko Dudley do what are we gonna do not. So really so. Well you you -- you kept it alive now it's going up congratulations super geniuses he did absolutely. Correcting. Let's go to Karl -- you're on the how to guard show with Michael Graham. -- are a great girl to do. I'm up in New Hampshire so I don't know what it -- that during the -- But what it can start. That you get excited went on it would be better spent money and putting money back. -- and put our money back. Yeah but at least I'm getting it back. That at some there. What I'm saying though is if if you lower the sales tax than the tiny little bit that the EBT card guys. In the disability check gals in the illegal immigrants working off the books folks a little bit they pay in the goes down. Meanwhile you're paying for that decrease in sales taxes like going to the people with real jobs and raising their income taxes. So it's not just bad enough that -- it's charging me more for being dumb enough to work in the state you know take my money giving the people who don't. Actually don't understand it all acting where you -- and -- nobody else in life. Look at all. You don't -- one understand you don't Carly doing the right thing by the way -- in New Hampshire. You guys spend all round of a 161000. Dollars per state run a mile of road to build maintain operate administered your -- under 61000 ballpark figure. Massachusetts. 661000. Dollars for the same mile road. And Governor Patrick says the problem is were not paying. Enough absolutely insane 8774694322. And don't forget the -- line today is is the men tied ten EO line today commemorating the biggest jump in America. A we'll get to that story coming up later on -- on how to partial first just go to John John you're on the air with Michael Graham. I don't like. John. Curious how much revenue can be -- in they were you. -- It didn't matter municipalities. The department of public effort and that they -- -- other tactics I -- yeah I'm I'm just curious about that. You know I don't have a specific number like appetite I would urge you John and everybody else. Don't even have a conversation. About taxes don't start don't even let the T word -- out of your -- We -- right Governor Patrick and Beacon Hill raise spending by 10%. In 2011%. Raise 2011. Then they raise adopt that again another 5% last year did you get 5%. Race last year did you get a 15% race in the past two years you the people I know. Present company excluded. Got cuts. I got the budget says no spend another 10% that's 25%. It would be as though. You had been earning a 100000 dollars three years ago and now you're earning a 125000. Dollars. That's got to patch has done for spending. But most people I know who were -- 100000 dollars three years ago already 90000. -- -- an -- Nine -- got 95000 dollars now you are earning the last Governor Patrick is spending more screwed taxes. Do something about spending and then maybe we'll talk about taxes but unfortunately we can't get the doping knee -- lives of Massachusetts to think. That way so much more conversation coming up the this is Michael Graham. On the Howie -- show.