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Criminal Or Too Stupid To Live

Jan 17, 2013|

Notre Dame's linebacker Manti Te'o, told everyone this season that he was playing championship football this season under a terrible burden: the death of his grandmother, Annette Santiago, and then of the death of his girlfriend, Lennay Kekua. Turns out the girlfriend never existed. Michael wondered: Was Te'o criminal or just stupid?

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-- absolutely later on in the show gonna talk about the Second Amendment issues and Howard dean's the state that the NRA is full of crazy. People but I imagine if all things out of attacked Obama on when it comes to the second and the back in his family get special protection is not one -- -- he's the president presidents get shot at a lot. A lot more then talk show host Alicia -- -- I mean a lot more than I don't need the same level of protection of my life that the president does that I don't think the NRA is totally wrong on that but. What's particularly frustrating to me. Is listening to President Obama and Vice President Biden. Talking about preventing another new town. And yet they have yet to offer a single proposal that would -- that would have prevented another -- The the so called assault weapons -- The one that we had in effect for ten years. That did nothing. To stop mass shootings or have any impact on assault weapons being used in crimes. Big gun that the issue he's -- he could still purchase of that -- had been in place this is one of the dozen examples of and it's very retiring to me if you try to talk -- I'd look. Don't -- is terrible what did tell masters awful piece sort of -- -- wanna do something you want to pick something or change something that you have no heart. Twenty dead little children. But then I wanna do something I want to do something that will matter. And telling me that. -- scary looking guns. Is -- -- -- be like telling me that we're going to be in -- bullets. It will make it might make you feel better. You'll have done something but it will make no. Difference whatsoever and that's and a challenge when offered to valley Howie -- audience across New England for those of you who support. What President Obama and now Governor Patrick are proposing on guns. Can you honestly -- -- and I was thinking you can tell me howl. Any of these proposals. Will prevent the next -- or would have prevented the last. Tell me out any of these proposals would impact in Chicago which had 506. Gun murder a murders last year should say. And had did you -- rules in place. The President Obama wants I don't mind that you want to restrict -- I'm willing to talk to about the second Mehmet. Is not absolutely more than the First Amendment is and there's stuff I can't say on this microphone under the First Amendment the stuff you can't say like -- libel and slander. Every a constitutional right has some. Limits you can't own machine gun no one says the second and -- in danger because and machine and so I'm all. You wanna restrict the Second Amendment you wanna restrict the rights of my fellow law abiding gun owners. I'm willing to listen to it if you can show me one way. But it will prevent Chicago from being Chicago. Or prevent new talent from being -- 8774694322877. 4694322. I'm just so tired of having stupid people with no ideas tell me that I'm a dummy. Because I disagree with them and when I ask would tell me what you accomplished hitters. Nothing but what you don't know. Let's -- big Michael just got to -- You know the sentence we just have to do something means. It means I'm really really stupid and I don't know what to do but to that means. The people who don't just have to do something. Do something. Oh my -- the cars careening out of control quick. Throw the kids out the window. Will lie to something openly. Hit the breaker to -- the cars slowed down or something like that. We just have to do some thing we just got to do something means I'm a stupid. Liberal I have no facts I don't understand the issue but I think I'm better than you. So -- sit down shut up and do what I say that's where we are on the issue of gun of guns. For Howard Dean to say that the crazy people. Are the people at the NRA for Howard Dean. To say. That the irrational side is the side that's. Opposing these meaningless proposals. And I really do think the NRA headquarters is populated by crazy people this is a stupid crazy thing to do is about the president's children. In your political that is a dumb thing to do is they hate based thing to do and it may raise them some money but it sure isn't gonna help their credibility with the average America. That's why are you doing -- Smart thing of saying that when I give my dead shotgun to my son I have to go to the government and hand them a piece of paper because that will prevent. Nothing as opposed the Smart thing in New York. We're gonna take those magazines that we're gonna stop you from having those evil and round magazines we're gonna force -- to have a nice friendly. Seven in the round magazines. That'll stop the mass shooting was a definite definition now. You shoot seven people and it's okay issued the eight and all of a sudden it's a -- shooting how stupid is it will do nothing to solve the problem and then one year from now. Win law enforcement is going door to door in New York State which they laughed -- to knock on your door and say I heard you used to have a a magazine holds ten bullets. You need to give it to us now or show us proof that you sold out of state. They're able to be going oh my god how this happened it happened because some nit wit like Howard -- so nit -- like Andrew Cuomo said. -- -- -- For kids love them dearly YT 30 one's gonna -- I love my kids. Modern man -- -- Worry your. Son. Would you rather him eight. Have been part of a cruel hoax. That he used a nonexistent girlfriend to promote his own career or be so dumb he spent a year thinking he was in love with somebody who didn't exist -- I was the victim of that hoax. Man -- is the victim of that hoax. And he will carried out with him for awhile. I actually want to hear from man to die. About. Getting letters from this girl because I want to hear how man -- talked about this girl who didn't exist. My girlfriends. I'm confident. She put -- father first. And if there's anything -- learn from her is that she loves her father. More than anything. And -- very blessed to be part of that and Syria share that with there's too. Sleep on the phone there every night and see hearsay before it through all the pain of can save you can consider prayer. -- cook you can see morning prayer and everything was. To us faith driven and a part of that was being home. And -- with the with our interviews that I thought accolades. She's sending him that's great. OK so. He's lying in bed with the phone next to him. Talking to this girl role. Any just off to sleep. But the adults that sounds of her voice ringing in his years and then you wakes up in the morning with this girl. Over the phone. And they prayed together. And this goes off for a year. He claims he never matter. He claims he never sky -- Her. But that he was madly in love with horror. And that she was one of the most important women along with their grandmother. -- the most important women in his life. The Michigan game you know when I lost. My girlfriend immigrant without us. That was possibly the hardest time -- run. And to see the northern community just rallying around one person. In that with team just a certain individual. And to see a whole stadium. Both Notre Dame and Michigan fans wearing ladies. And that's rises looked up and -- father. You're the manager page. Four years ago I couldn't see you this -- us always juicy fight on. You know I wanna believe. That he has to be on the scam I wanna believe that this was just stay you know Heisman date to the -- he's out. Defensive player at Notre Dame that -- it's amazing season the chance to launch himself to the top is on the top talked about NCAA. Football stories of the year I -- -- -- I don't know I'm on the what are you. Can you believe. That you would be in love with a woman for a year as a guy as a guy college age got a little this -- A guy who doesn't need many of the products that are advertised here on our car show he's a Mormon doesn't duke merit aside does Al c'mon you're not good how elastic phrase -- -- I went to oral. Roberts university in Tulsa -- I graduated and I'm not kidding it's absolutely true. And let me just tell you. That's when you are -- Barry and expanding the bounds of not doing from Middlesex. Going to Oral Roberts is very helpful and there's no way that the guy is gonna wait for a year not a picture. Not this -- But -- chair seen a picture went on well what everybody and then ultimately drop there's no he never looked Internet novice and never traveled. Nothing Scott didn't -- the failing she dies he doesn't go for the ceremony or the certain nothing. So let me ask you see and if it worked like if it was a failed for a family member of yours. Would you rather than be caught as a -- or rather me caught as a moron. I think and listing -- going to be cognizant Marat this camera hole. I really did is it. Given time we knew I gave your bank account information to that guy from Nigeria because he claimed he had ten million dollars for the United States were more embarrassed. About them. The fact he did it then the few thousand dollars and he stole from you. I'm not much -- just not the front. I guess to -- -- -- what I would double the money. Revenue anyone find out and I was the idiot who said there's. I'm not on the I am a member of Kenya and Nigeria and Beverly. Mike baking authority dollars and I've used please let me think that's stupid are you really know the year that I just read that -- On the small mercies of god that you never really understand that may be absolutely. Right I would rather my kid be. A -- I'd rather him have pulled the roots. And promoted his career in a despicable way rather than him be so stupid that as -- Warburg said he was the perfect target. For a scam like this in many ways. Meant I was the perfect mark. Because he is a guy. Who is so willing to believe and others. And so ready to help. That as this hoax played out. They're -- called upon those tendencies of man time. And -- him more and more into the trap. Yeah yeah now roped him for a year never saw him respected by the way. His father tells a story of how -- -- woman met. So somebody told somebody. That they actually met at one time. And played as a player in the NFL says he met her once. So we know what the hell's going on I want open U 8774694322. -- Michael Grant in for how -- car. Do you think that Notre Dame superstar defensive player -- man -- KEO. Was that Vick young is he as dumb as he claims he is or do you think he was a scam artist in which would you rather be. 8774694322. And also we are a naming the -- line detailed line. In honor of what appears to be the biggest jump ever I should say one more thing to rub it in. I grew -- a South Carolina on a big SEC football fan so. Obviously I knew that noted it was in the crushed by Alabama because when it comes to college football there are two conferences SEC and everybody else. And so I glory in the Alabama crushing. That occurred. And I'm receiving the Notre Dame crushing that occurred because we saw coming a mile away. I know -- college sports is not that big of a deal here in New England but down in large part in many parts of the country it's it is the ideals it's all they have. And so. I've been watching this season -- end it in and I thought the story was kind of a cool story although I did think he was -- in on a little thick as you've heard just now. But I choose being a crook over being a chump because a crook can choose to be honest 8774694322. Go to Ronny -- you're on how a partial Michael Grant. Are so awesome that EU Michael thanks. You've got it yeah I don't know happy ending this tail guy. -- the government guy in the country he thought that animals. The system guy in the country war he's gay and that made up girlfriend was -- one -- on -- -- -- up. They detonated the -- gay and fabricated a girl but that didn't exist that is what I wanna. That is one of the theories Rush Limbaugh speculating about that earlier today that maybe that was the story. You know he's also obviously devout Christian maybe there's pressure there. I know Notre Dame doesn't care very much either way on the -- things on about that what you just said but there are no happy endings for him. -- -- -- right we -- a fake girlfriend you get no happy endings which is why I can't believe that a college age guy. Is gonna be content. For a year with a girlfriend. When there's no happy ending or what do what do you Catholic college city at some. Self -- deficit is heavy petting. That the phrase having had a -- to heavy -- judging you know a did not. You know not going all the way he does have a phrase for. The copping a feel of Catholics and -- whereas I've ever heard of it -- you don't know it may have -- I know these guys are had you call com. Monkey spanking self abuse I know about that one out and I island and I don't know. -- announced hasn't monkeys from popping the bishop. Polishing polishing and -- to me now okay okay okay I guess so I know sub I don't know the other -- but I'm I cannot believe that the skies as dom and I hope for his sake he's. -- the stunt it's the reason why our stuff people say today is like Phil and rally car is stopped fake girlfriends. Say. A couple of that aborted come in on Twitter stuff friends girlfriends say what you want to stooges after I gave you a beer and some pizza up. Absolutely from a fake girlfriend. What -- already Friends With Benefits I don't -- relationship -- absolute from a fake girlfriend. And. So we've got more coming in let's go to frank frank you're on our guard showed my program. On the other. Jail go oh well treatment in the incident and Massachusetts. Scott that we. Had an Indian. Couple that I got beat the -- the senate. You're absolutely right we did have spoke on this entails running -- -- -- the nonexistent Indian in the nonexistent senator great point frank thanks for the call. An 877. 46943228774694322. -- Right and if you like if you're the parent have any thoughts on this -- in particular -- interest in hearing from you were talking about the the second minute gun crackdown. And. How the people who want to limit your second and rights. Haven't are constantly insulting. People who are trying to make arguments about what the right gun laws should be. And I mean did did a perfect summary of the way of where the fight over gun ownership in America is. Does that Second Amendment supporters argue. That the constitution and shrines a preexisting. Fundamental human right to self defense. And it protects that right. By explicitly. Listing it in the constitution. In giving it full government protection that's -- Second Amendment argument. The Obama argument is. Turkey or icky icky picky picky God's. And so let's -- you end up with calm people like Bob Schieffer. Of CBS who really ought to know better. Making idiotic comments like this what happened in new account was probably the worst day. In this country's history since 9/11. We found Osama bin lot we tracked him down we changed the way. That we dealt with that problem. Shortly finding Osama bin lot. Shortly passing civil rights legislation is Lyndon Johnson was able to do -- before that shortly repeating the Nazis. With so much more formidable task then taking all of -- gone to law. I love that I love that. And I'm thinking about talking about an organization that lobbies on behalf of a constitutional right the person I think god is not cease. But like what was the first thing the Nazis did when they took power when it came to gun ownership. They juror drastically limited at the Hitler was big on and gun control. -- you have this is the state of the argument. It's very frustrating. To get insulted again and again and again because you support -- second and right by people who are so dumb. That they make suggest they is that we have so we've got to have a more background checks really. What how did background check have kept Chicago frag five and six murders wouldn't have how would -- the prevented. The shooter in -- he actually was stopped from buying a gun but the background check that's why he killed his mom and -- guns wouldn't. So what you're saying -- is everything you're proposing is toll pointless absolutely sold what life proposing it. Where did you something and you think you're the Smart person yes but -- key. I'm the Smart person to talk about the assault in this economic if you can explain to me. How you -- proposals to limit the second and all make sense I'm all ears and we're talking about. The -- AO tale. Is he a -- or is he a crook let's ask Tammy Tammy -- on how a car show with my program. I ain't I the pollen right. Think that it sad that. It we want all know you don't see. It -- a girlfriend but -- Romney is he and number you're talking about you know that should be at a yeah. Really need a girlfriend I can't believe that. You wanna -- that I wanna use a lot about it yet so it. We -- you just make it a girlfriend in his dorm and pretend being in. You know and they had to know somebody that inflates or whatever that's his business. He was out on television again and again and again talking about this girl talking about her death how her death. He hit him Ewing when you listen to talking about that -- the day how she died the same time as his grandmother. He made her a national spectacle as part of his marketing campaign that's I think that's pretty despicable -- My arm and maybe where I -- it sounds. Because people are active market. There is he told us because the media what do their job and cover him at all. And and because they loved the story which by the way this is a great reminder of why you should never trust the Boston Globe Democrat never trust CNN. Never trust ESPN for that matter this what store it was so easy to check there are five either. Different contradictory. Days of this girl's death. That -- major media outlets nobody bothered to check this guy as he's talking about how precious she isn't ours our debt affected them. There experiences like commission game you know when I lost. My girlfriend immigrant that was. That was possibly the hardest time line. 8774694322. He deserves to be humiliated that's and I think that's why we're talking about it we're also talking about the assault on the Second Amendment yes we can do two things it was plus I wanna hear from you stuff. A girlfriends say you tell me I Michael Graham this is that how -- Marcia. I am Michael -- in four rally cars so glad you're part of the conversation don't know how nutty the anti gun groups have been what do I tell you what happened at 26 year old. In Maryland the other day that's coming up but first we're talking about two men tied to -- go and his fake girlfriend. Is he evict them or which is humiliating. Or was he pulling a scam which is worse and also the people want to strip you of some of your gun rights. Once they can't ever offer a solution that would actually do something to protect people -- -- -- Jerry Jerry you're on with Michael Graham on Alec our show. I'm Michael welcome back have already happy years. I don't think I might have figured that they -- -- this -- -- Although it probably purchased one of those blow up -- -- one -- -- putting too much air into a little bit lucky to. Then they disgusting and reprehensible comment they -- are sharing with -- son Alec guard shows go to Paul. At 8774694322. -- Our alliance to develop a lot that a lot. Without -- earlier and assure you mentioned the bulk. Machine guns that they have not owned by insurers as a match. And the fact that you can call there's probably 27 country legally owned -- automatic machine guns in -- match situation so long. I don't know altered all that shall. Well I don't know -- got a special and special Michigan and license to own -- machine yet. As yet -- collectors etc. The at the average person with a -- in the in this in Massachusetts can't just go on -- machine. So lush green needles were haters on what all the experts. I'm pleased at how does that relate at all hitting the ball on the big debate constantly -- gun -- -- being irresponsible. I'll guarantee. That the battery there's been an insert with any of those orders that -- -- older rebel myself. I don't know that I know be responsible people. And the public politics just talk a bulk. Villagers are -- -- it is an article although you can. Believe it all I know workers are titles -- You got so they're -- just up a special -- appreciate the call Paul and of course Mitt doesn't who lived here for awhile know about one irresponsible machine gun owner down at a gun show what it was and Rhode Island right near the that -- the border maybe was on matches aside. And they let a little kid should the machine and any kill himself. So on occasion there's bad behavior but you're bigger point is absolutely right. Eight tiny fraction. Maybe 5%. Of the gun murders that occur in the United States every year in there about 8500 -- believe that lying sack. John what's his name with the a billboard who says or 30000 gun murders in a state it's a total lie but he knows about a -- on any CN within the Braude the other day and confronted him on the air you know he's -- doesn't care. I'm about 8500 gun murders. Maybe 500 of them may be our committee -- rifles. Like the bushmaster all the stuff it's hindrance it's handguns it's gang bangers it's dogs we all know what the problem is. And that's why all the -- the Governor Patrick is proposing is a waste of time almost up pres Obama is proposing to waste of time. About what people are going door to door to take your high capacity clips of people going door to door to take your quote. Assault rifle close quote from you because the State of New York just made it illegal. For you to have an unregistered scary gun. Then you can come doctrine say hey you know -- and apple might go to Tuesday and let's go to barb I'm sorry Mike Mike you're on -- -- car show might -- him. I thought that I -- despite our weapons out there -- Eric. It's humiliating. To be at a much rather mighty might not be part of a hoax. Rather it and look like an absolute cycle pat. -- now. I'll stop pop and and now crying on aren't all that. That would be even worst and you can't really recover from -- I don't I don't does not like Mike archer has conversation -- You and I sitting down I'm your -- Yet -- down. I spent a year talking to some on the phone and I was madly in love with her and I talked to marrying her and I supreme orator on the phone every nine time. I would I wrote her letters every day. And she never existed. -- Does my dad George just. Like you and -- raised -- -- and by could be. They had the first thing you do is that your son you register and Ezra Democrat -- you don't. Then you send -- to the Occupy Movement to sell because the way I'm with -- I would Mike completely at 877 force it's not port 322. I want this to be a scam. Because if he's being sincere peace too stupid to be the issue of my points. There experiences like the machine game you know when I lost. My girlfriend immigrant us. That was possibly the hardest time in my -- Eighteen that's 46543220. Let's go to rich rich you're on the LA car show -- Michael Graham. I don't think and on to say they have -- homeless -- said the strongest reason that a Second Amendment -- to protect ourselves on tyranny in government. But it is our right to kill people. Coup attempt to take away our freedom. Is a right to hunt. It has a right to the -- freedoms and just like -- proposition. They killed people took to protect protect massacring. I grade point rich grabs you right that's -- the second -- exists but you never gonna get the conversation that far as long as we have. -- media screaming why aren't you right now right now why aren't you confiscating assault weapons. In the US will what do you mean by assault weapons. And what good -- due to take them away tell me the the assault weapon crime -- tell me how many murders were committed by assault weapons -- -- We set so. He just dummies -- I mean seriously. Your New Year's dumbest they go with your position is just passing gun laws does guns -- a key and we ought to do something how are you any dumber than tea. 87746. 43220 cut let's go to JR JER here on the Alec our show with Michael Graham. -- -- -- -- -- -- Hey -- listen I've got the perfect six I believe the problem and it's not big guys that aren't the problem. And so are -- those of them -- so we have in place against sort of breakthrough artists. It was a overstep the -- that -- -- -- -- those penalties -- a little bit and mr. and I believe it like when somebody gets sentence executed. Publicize that let -- let let it be witness -- the public what happens to be deliberate -- applause. But you're not gonna get that and you make you make a great point JR and and thanks for the call. In Massachusetts which -- to -- I know best -- bit I don't know the rules of Vermont New Hampshire -- of the messages it's theoretically. You got a gun crime -- the automatic. Jail sentence. But almost nobody. Who commits a gun crime in Massachusetts serves that automatic jail sentence. They get pled out pled down they go in the attack debater do you remember the eight year old who shot his nine year old -- army was -- nine year old -- year old. Cousin her half brother down in Dorchester. They are playing with the fifteen year old kid and its gun pistol at midnight on a Sunday night. On a school night while mom was downstairs spoke -- how the -- And the reason they got was analysis because the -- was announced in the reads the book was announced was he'd been busted for gun crime was supposed to be in jail. But they let him out early because now. Loans mean. Start punching people actually commit crimes with guns and an amazing what happens also don't forget the big picture. For those of you say but Michael we've got to do something about guns right now we've got to whom. What. What are we got to do something about it because I'm -- -- terrible what do you mean by terrible. It's half of what it was in 1994. To a third of what it was in 1980. Gun crime. And gun murders have been going straight down for thirty years that's not about a -- opinion nor a spin that's just affect. Gun crimes and gun murders have gone strict and it's another thing that John Rosenthal lie to you about rather than tell you the truth on his big billboards. So of gun crime is down by half. In gun ownership is. Hugely up. Why isn't what we're doing right now -- if you told me twenty years ago I have a plan that will cut gun crimes and half -- -- told me. Back in 1994 when they were pushing the break a -- 1988. When they're pushing the Brady bill. That. Yet a way to have the number of kids shot by guns cut in half what a great plan what do people rallied around -- -- my gosh you gotta do that well. We have. The number of kids killed that year was around 800. Number of kids killed by guns this year around 400. In in a ballpark. And you don't do you know we did to do that more people -- dot. That's what happened. So those are the facts and that's why you anti gun groups whose entire intellectual. Argument is guns -- -- look so foolish that's why it's hard to get people take you seriously and that's what's so embarrassing to watch the president's surrounding himself with kids. Mr. President if this in twenty years ago. And you surround yourself with kids and set on and keep. I'm gonna make sure that only half as many kids die from guns you have been a hero that's what we did with none of your regulations in fact. During that time the gun crime went down we got rid of that of the ban on so called assault weapons. And yet gun crimes still down fewer kids died from guns. Another comment about President Obama is big guy -- white house -- -- on guns just today this is -- what I like to call the natural truth. -- -- truth number 37. There is an inverse relationship. Between the importance and value of a piece of legislation. In the number of elementary school kids standing around when you roll -- out. If the bill's gonna do something you don't have to surround yourself with a little kids. The -- actually accomplish something to make America better you don't have to call up the look produce a busload of kids already had your share of the dodge ball -- -- -- -- dodge ball -- appearance and. Note when your bill is useless and you know what you surround yourself with kids. That's the natural truth. Than -- phone number 8774694322. Also don't forget the -- -- today it is the man tied tale line 617779. 3469. And we are doing this stuff people say item. By popular demand stuff fake girlfriends say I'm Michael Graham this is how it Marcia.