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Chump Line Thursday January 17, 2013 - Manti

Jan 17, 2013|

Our favorite message on today's chump line was the query what is a Manti and is there rum in it after the story of Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o and the fake girlfriend hit the news wires.

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-- -- -- -- -- -- I don't know how he's in New York having his man boobs correct it was you wearing the millions a year or the row do we know. What's the difference very good point. Here and there is an integrated whole I have never happened the and visibility skills friends -- you however -- laid back -- what it is yet. Are underwater here. They're tell it's gonna move on then who -- that I think. -- We ran out that this is -- until it's what we -- because he's got the chair way up high like -- level you know I mean it's not just. A scary looking hobby chair it's the level he has -- feel like God's waiting for some some kid -- probably be justice in they have kids club in my lap -- creepy. See what you understand we have food in the studio yesterday. And so he has his -- pie it's easier for him to spring into action to protect all people coming -- I guess I just it's very did you ever do the show with kids gathered around -- legally -- -- Obama thing right I've actually never seen any children than his own experience that makes you feel better right there. But I definitely want. Applicable. In the accurately accurately. Do have more cash register related humor coming -- Indians wanna be prepared not seeing on okay. Hey don't put it like he had middle school. I used to -- and girlfriends. -- People forget this but the legacy of ten dating partners as -- well knows extends back in American history to of course the Brady Bunch. Do you remember George glass George glass absolutely. Because that's that one didn't have a girl boyfriend who that was and I forget and -- GM. -- denied she had presented at a conference it was Marcia and Jan in chi -- As nothing particular story line is actually immortalized in the Brady Bunch movie on LA. So so this goes back with George class actually showed all the they're in owls and it was Paul -- marriage of two parents it was Paul Rubens. Think when I was my joints though. I didn't have imaginary girlfriends. I had magazines and an imagination that seem to be enough for me. But the whole bit about and it -- Because -- thought that I'd like -- but I think people -- reporting it to the government and make it went it went my gut. But at least it -- PP. That's all you need my friend you -- and they he's not kidding about the reporting of the -- you know President Obama won his proposals is. To have medical doctors ask you about your guns at home when you go into your check up which it does look like inflatable dolls -- I think they'll actually more appropriate tears -- think about here. Crystals on talk about your having that really uncomfortable exam in your bending layover you have into the -- back there. So I've got any AK 470. I don't know but it feels like -- got a twenty gauge behind me can we made this up please. I don't think well would be a lot of thought that really -- by no. One. It may mean streets again. We have Tom Brady. We have already Tom Brady yet. This is admittedly. Great guy. -- -- Well or well welcome. We'll follow that we'll walk. And it is true grit your resistance. All this loss hurt them but. We are -- defenses come together. And I think they -- -- points out Michael just to make that that sound clip just a little bit -- Mayer mean it was actuary who will -- Jersey you're kidding. Well I think they showed Wilcox fill in for -- Because they sell for a slugfest or anything that you think. -- pointed out that when we discuss coming up later in the show the breaking news with Megan fox -- -- more names. None of the porn names are will -- and it's one that America. -- when you -- where people know why or why -- -- don't think it's it's. Here's wall clock at all or that it's the bit about how well that it -- -- belly laugh at all possible and it -- just say. What at least that's why all. Yeah I'm a casual sports fans I admit I did. People get the sports dosage is get way out of my depth in no time I've followed college football but the gamecocks they go Cox and beyond that news not so much. I don't see why people feel they need to fake it is it's like -- what's her face. Who spoke on us was Warren whose trying to it's just -- what did you say I don't follow sports -- uptight Harvard professor. -- ask me my favorite chess move wanna do that is beyond us. Just spoke. Political it took about that that he got that. That -- go up pocket. Absolutely if you work and earn money in an income you're gonna have a higher income tax. So that he can then turn around the lower the sales tax so when people go down to the what do you call those shops. That they -- -- good and their job to get there glassware the collectible glassware. They will pay a lower sales tax on it takes the money coming at your paycheck. I don't mind getting a background check and -- Obama just a background check. Where -- you the propaganda and. -- No no no -- do think could be really for the Republicans to propose will have a background checks at gun shows when every president's required to release his college. Documentation let -- -- your college transcripts there president's martyr for smartest president ever. So banning so called all rifle to prevent school shooting in our experiment it's no -- so. But it stops Internet -- -- got a bump and enthusiastic. And didn't I think the total calls. And the people who is responsible for the benefit -- what about people who bet I -- make it difficult for the court. Brilliant observation I hope that call gets nominated for best jump excuse me best -- anti TO call help. Yeah I had to -- It what. And hole -- Gentle my friends learned to be gentle. At least your last -- line message thank you for calling out retired -- -- And miss the point rally read something really complicated about the -- line that I don't know what it is that she doesn't and I don't have to do that clear just remind you and you can call any time they are night's 6177793469. And tonight. It's dedicated to man died. -- out now. That man. That it was public -- You shout.