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Chump Line Friday January 18, 2013 - The Angel Of Indictment

Jan 18, 2013|

Our favorite message on today's chump line was a note to Mayor Ray Nagin of New Orleans who sees the Angel of Indictments flying around his city.....

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Old when -- that you -- -- beautiful -- EDT news that has. Didn't have it. Classes have a food that was -- happy about it. I said. -- should. What the heck is going on. And then it's in the print this tiny you'd even like -- six or injury I mean it's still extremely tiny print for all the channels. Since like I hit that to my my youngest daughter and I said is that does that look like TCM -- And she said yet to weigh 85 I -- 285 minutes that you're not paid for T you've not paid for TC him. But now now this now someone tells me a text it tells me that I was that the channel released 230 so now I have hope. I was thinking about it today because there's a Ronald Reagan movie on tomorrow at 1030. Our say it's Ronald -- is he's fighting counterfeiters of wall all things. I don't know if it was filmed on the location of Brighton district court or not. But he's a counterfeit fighter for for a calories ATF agent or secrets or are you Secret Service for -- 1939. Sounds like a real screen Jim I would like that like to check it out before it over to the book signing by. We'll see if I can get it or not I was pretty I was pretty PO does. Patrice I must say this -- you know it's not like it's not like I need a lot of those TV channels you know like there's this huge swathes. Jewish neighborhoods of TV channels I wouldn't go -- on that. And and to think that I don't have Turner Classic Movies irritates me more than someone. Or pretty sport -- -- talking about Democrats and their fault or. Good game I wouldn't decorating the ball forty or we walk in the case. Certainly would have been -- hole. Right or running in the Boston Marathon. So let's not get silly here. We're putting in for purple heart that day after he wrote in your diary that you hadn't seen any action yet in Vietnam. Yeah there's -- -- All time -- and and -- on Colmes Kerry and on him reporting for duty. Kerry. Guy. Rob -- for a charity. Love -- just stepped in some booty. And how it happened here in about Nancy. My dad told me that -- never existed even when I asked -- -- -- here this city as a vivid imagination. All of that story that just. I want I want I wanna know the truth I reel that I'm really fascinated by -- I find it to be the most interest exports Oreo. Since I don't know -- Since John Kerry ran the marathon. Still that it fired on by you know -- else. Was never in the service is aside and Beau Biden I think he's if you still -- attorney general Delaware he was he was in the service but. -- -- -- Do. Yeah -- come home and there was no. -- Well it's tough thing to say about -- course I guess and those are only -- matter since she didn't exist. Okay well it's. What is the outlet that definitely evident pride -- -- the -- help. -- -- Ray Flynn was the mayor of Boston in north seems like it was -- very long time ago because I guess it was now the mobile hasn't been mayor for almost twenty years. But. Ray Flynn and decided to -- in super soldiers. I'm I'm not making this up he wanted to why he said that. In my in my they might be mistaken for or for semi automatic assault weapons in that someone might get killed and a true he'd -- try to BM. He tried to -- in super smokers. And of course when super soldiers were outlawed. Only suburbanites have super -- first. I didn't -- and or I was going away bill. That's why captured all three calls or. Yeah you know that's the thing the other Washington times you know jump to conclusions sure they checked the golf courses out in the in Lancaster County PA but they did not check out. The miniature golf courses that's what that's what Joseph Biden meant this. It's not my fault that would -- things everyone else we're -- -- people. You're gonna -- -- woman the other of the -- the wife of that. The other guy who was in the the the other cyclists than that she's saying. You know my husband didn't -- you know he didn't he didn't make all these millions of dollars and she's -- -- just have a crack up last night I guess on Anderson Cooper. CP CB can find that cut I heard it was pretty funny. Let them then that's great news that he can't play cops and robbers and worries that they came up with a new game -- -- -- -- and junkies it's been around. Let's say what you I don't know but do you. Well you're there. How much you go left on your UBT card man. I think these communities through an indictment. But I handle them and dropped below are my. You know the Bureau of Prisons website is is such a underrated pleasure of the Internet and soon we'll have a new with a new person in new friend. To visit on the BOB website Ray Nagin. You can look and you can see is number. Everybody has different number and then then then there's -- there's a dash in the -- Have three more by -- equality. It's not a soft X. And you know that number tells -- what. Jurisdiction you came out -- like sixteen is DC the old old old sick of one sixes BC poll three aid is Boston. Wonder what in the world isn't we can visit Ray Nagin and see what prison he's it and and when is projected release stay it is and how cool movie is it's just it's a lot of laughs it. I see the Angel of death. Flying all over this city. -- being allowed to -- and have a good time. I see the Bureau of Prisons web site -- -- gotten. I see -- going through it. Nagin Raymond. Gender male race black. -- not quite sure. Okay. -- there -- lots. Out crap. That. It. -- -- -- We have Brady. We have you Tom Brady and this -- Ridley and a great guy. -- -- Well or well welcome or. We'll -- that we'll walk. And it is true -- -- resistance. Boss's boss -- but. We have -- defenses come together. Gone -- gone. In Israeli girls. Through you. Could cost you money. I imagine -- -- girlfriend. This imaginary girlfriend was very expensive c'mon I mean he would you he would he would. Call our rob when she was dying of leukemia. -- -- he would keep the phone next to war all night long I mean I don't care how many free minutes yep that's got -- have but. Night after night right calling it -- anywhere and by the way what what area code that the imaginary girlfriend. We didn't aren't going to win this weekend because we. Don't have gone. We'll talk more about what they did. On Monday. And I guess will depend on how we go whether or not we say we or the day. -- Payloads but I -- cool. -- not rule. What are beautiful rapid. It. Omar don't another run another fake their. From the from notre name. Never. They get in anyway. You know I cease IC Kerry -- sometimes down Palm Beach I'm gonna go I don't know limits them never embassies -- down in Palm Beach. SR twice the last time I was down their shooters that you have within walking distance of -- punts in a way as to why. -- we haven't gotten together yet billion argued given within -- sometimes but. I -- -- well I bet meaning to apologize to carry something to score -- -- I'm sorry I call you -- not a bad person. That was your last jump line message thank you for calling out retired U. You think should forgive me if I said the tour. Which just further recruitment place. Probably -- All right that's it for the chump like that a chaplain is the recorded voice mail message service about how we are straight call leave a message at any hour of the day or night we may or may not play here your your message at this time each each week. At least before the number if you would like to leave such a message is 6177793469617. 7793469. I think community to have an indictment -- over me and dropped below. -- -- --