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Guns In Obamerica

Jan 18, 2013|

Dan Greenfield of Front Page Magazine says that gun violence is not a republican problem - it is a democratic problem. The highest gun violence rates according to Greenfield are in the crowded democratic cities of Obamerica where there are the most restrictive gun control laws and also the highest crime rates. Howie asked will the President's gun iniatives have any effect on these areas.

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It's very interest in what's happening now with the guns today. There's a new Wall Street Journal. In BC poll and NBC of course that means CNBC. And MSNBC. Moon -- central. And they know poll out and guess what the the NRA is that is pretty -- -- isn't that funny. The NRA. Is very is very popular it. And there's a great column today by. Dan green Greenfield. On up front -- magazine. Gun violence is not a Republican problem it's a Democrat problem. Forget Wal-Mart and -- your local gun show the murderers of tomorrow will not be found wearing orange -- to local sporting goods store they won't have memory memberships -- trophies on the wall. You won't find them in America you'll find the men Obama Erica. 67%. A firearm murders took place in the country's fifty largest metro areas. The 62 cities and those metro areas have a firearm murder rate of nine point 7%. More than twice the national average among teenagers that firearm murder rate is fourteen point six or almost three times the national average. Obama won every major city in the election except for Jacksonville and Salt Lake City the higher the death rate the bigger his victory. He won New Orleans by either 17%. Where the murder rate is ten times higher than the national average. He won the -- -- murder rate is 53 point 100000 people is the second highest in the country. And twice as high as any country in the world this is Detroit including the Congo and South Africa. He won Detroit 7326. In many celebrated his victory in Chicago where the murder rate is three times the statewide average these places are in America their bomb America. In 200654%. Of the population living in the east fifty metro areas was responsible for sixty personally. 67%. Of the armed killings nationwide. 80% of Chicago's murders -- gang related. But in 1999 when bill came up in the Illinois State Senate the shape charge anyone carry a firearm attack on school property is an adult. A lot of -- of largely affected gang members the future leader of a bomb America voted present. Had he not voted present it is it is doubtful he would have been reelected in an area where gang leaders wield a great deal of influence. Since 1981. Los Angeles alone has had 161000. Gang related homicides. That's more than twice the number of Americans killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. This is what Obama Erica looks like it's a place where life is cheap and illegal guns are available as illegal drugs. It's the world we are talking about because she's Jeter talked about the inanimate objects that are being used to fight that war. America's a country the runs pretty well and then there's a -- America. Volatile bar America is broken but a lot of it is a book America does not have a gun violence problem or -- America dies. At a bar America has a gun violence problem for the same reason as a drug problem and a broken family. Product. Obamacare now Obama Erica and cities used to be the home state of industry in progress and other places where young black and Hispanic men. Kill each other in growing numbers. American is Monday gun control it and mostly law abiding place in gun control cannot help Obama America not when it's murder rate is driven by gangs who have no trouble obtaining anything it's whether it's legal in the United States or not. This country does not need to have a conversation about how many bullets should go and clapped. It does need a conversation about how many parents should go on a family. It needs to talk about the ghettos of Obama America and have a serious conversation about broken families and generational dependency. Aids prevention was sabotaged by the claim that the disease was a general problem spreading through the population it wasn't. Neither is gun violence. One 8774694322. We need to set aside the same -- hired social justice rhetoric and have a serious conversation about what is wrong with New Orleans Detroit and Chicago and we need to do it before it's too late that's Daniel Greenfield on. And town. Frontpage magazine. But you know there's still trying to make it out like it like it's -- it like this is an accident some kind of a civil rights problem. I want to -- acacia avenue heard it yet you got to hear Tom Brokaw this is talk. Tom Brokaw the I mean -- -- -- to throw -- this guy I mean he needs to be he needs to be in the apartment house rest home department house rest -- but. Mumbled Menino listen listen -- this he's he is -- is comparing. People. Who want to exercise their civil rights to own a gun to the Ku Klux Klan you're gonna -- stories started really here. Only your argument you made earlier about it also -- our approach which we've all been saying around this table from the very beginning the polls also show. And Americans don't speak. That guidance by themselves for the main driver of violence that it does have to do with violent culture than it does have to do with -- -- -- have -- does have to do with a coarsening of American culture. All guns at the end game -- made -- a lot of sadly it's up to it but and and it all these component parts claimed its other responsibility in our race is not about the guns. It's about violence about mental health. That'll help people say we can't share information because we have privacy issues here video game industry has we have right under the First Amendment for Bernal reminds me a lot. Of what happened in the south in the 1960s during the civil rights movement. Good people stayed in their houses and didn't speak up. Whether there was carnage in the streets. Total violation of a formal rights of African Americans as they march in Selma lots and they left. Bull -- and it -- Democrat of south from the clan takeover of their culture and effect and become a face up. And now a lot of people who I know who grew up during that time have deep regrets about not speaking out. There were few brave souls who did and they were knocked down pretty applause comparing an executive member for crying out in -- you might say mom's cigarette even on the liberal way. About the right of African Americans should be able voted for example the walking and -- and they wanted to keep them. But that was a lot of silence at the time now it's time for the people who do have strong feelings who who are feeling that they can't do anything about it. To kind of band together and have something to say here -- again are there any of the other. The National Rifle Association -- how dare you. Compare the exercise of some wants first amendment rights to why it -- to lobby and Jim Crow racism of this I mean we speak. -- about being touch. Mean this guy has no clue what's going. 187746943221877469. 4322 what in game is he dreaming about yeah what is the what is the end he. I think the end game the ID you know that's a good that's a good point EU let that you know when you talk about it in the game. -- one in game -- that you can really pick up here and that's to get everybody's guns and a can of course but not not the government's guns. So if you if everybody's guns are taken away her -- her or. Number one you can't think everybody's way right you can't. You can't take -- -- if if but if we you can't as the as the moon bats -- deport eleven million. Illegal aliens who were rewarding the country then beat them how are you gonna pick up 300 million guns. How much power. But now they tell us -- the port -- eleven million illegal aliens but he can pick up 300 million guns. 187. Is Tom Brokaw on high quote on high doses of psychotic medication what a bully. He calm the kkk were dams. Please legal bar America to your website here we should have that on the website that sandy let's get that that -- Daniel Greenfield gun violence is not a Republican problem it's Democrat problem. Bill your next what Howie -- or have bell. Ali I am right on edge have in that -- what to do as a way of some of these we inauguration of a tyrant in the White House. And you know a couple of those double what you want them on -- Birth date we've. Which aren't but the fact that Peta is not try to ban on in America here. In one of those are elements I don't want the people about stats on the scene that is why I. And I say that was regret it and know it is not a good guy because fanatic. He's not a benign. Yeah. He got to be used to work for Pia he works easy east the -- still you still love of vegetarian militants via the that's the reason I went into your lap -- doesn't agree with that terrorism strong stuff well you've been paying believes in farm sanctuary he's -- despite he's trying to stop you don't strike stopped me and bill from heaven a meat lover's pizza. It's with we should should so choose gore had -- What I want people to that doing -- -- and we have left to do that a group -- called The Heritage Foundation protect of the pharma because of their authority. I don't -- computers settled on the web site but to 25 dollars. You can join these folks and they are trying. To preserve reference what I have been doing that I do have that number have been following him all this stopped state that I care. On the US sort of evolved to what the -- of that strike until. They do have teams out there trying to put the brakes on this but I am scared to death. And also -- sometimes bill I think that you know they they -- bit you know it's as as I yeah I agree with -- it's it's disconcerting what's going on but sometimes I think we know when you watch I like Deval Patrick and actions at that the state level. -- -- trying to Jack everybody's taxes -- so far back into the stone age even even Democrats spamming. Mean I think that I think they're overreaching I hope they're reaching. 18 the good people that he is referring to mean Tom Brokaw are most likely dollars exactly. Exactly they aren't they are and it can be beat. The the violence that's being that the carnage as he calls it out on the street is the is is the is the people. Who aren't registered gun owners who who are who are voting down. As as being green -- that 18774694322. On how we car. 1877469432218774694322. How we if you have -- files you should have Turner Classic Movies channel 230 check it out I looked up my sheets will all the channels on the -- to a palace it too -- fine. And I clicked on to wait five minutes said the you don't have this I wish I was kind of surprised. But I must say I'm watching Turner Classic Movies lately because the TV I have most of was really crappy. I was just watch and games and Fox News that was about it. And so I'll check tonight and see if it's -- see if I do have I hope I haven't -- I don't wanna make make another call. 1877. -- Ray Nagin indicted on corruption charges yet we I know we play that we haven't in the intro. The Angel of death was flying overhead that any had a subpoena in his hand. -- I actually have an indictment and seeing an excuse me there was a pretty clear that it was going to be indicted on those surprises there but you know I'm I'm try I'm personally trying not to let it destroy my faith in the India political culture. Of of Louisiana the great state of Louisiana and in Orleans parish in particular week you're next with how we cargo heavily. -- -- low -- taken my com thank royal blue. -- and I just -- -- -- comments about that article you're just reading and I've been thinking hasn't saying that for about a couple of weeks now let. It seems that the rest of America and that people are tired of being governed by these. Bi coastal bipolar cities the crime riddled cities that aren't like the rest of the country. And they can't control -- that's pool but it these cities have become so to the country has to have their rights slowly chipped away at our tax to about. Padilla -- has said that the -- the rub between you know the cities in the suburbs -- every issue we've been financially. You have no way you know it's again -- this idea Greenfield is right he's right about BA BA and -- -- I mean they they said the reason they may Brian white poster boy for aids was because. He wasn't like everybody else getting the getting the disease and how that got this guy Adam lands he's just a suburban ness suburban night you know why. Why eight -- had whose whose whose mother had registered guns and so they're making him the poster boy for. Call the gun violence when when he's he's a you know -- 88 they not they not the typical example of the people were killing one another. And another reason the liberal there's so and infuriated. With the NRA and the reason that there's the NRA is so popular how awful because not because of their money or -- lobbying and influence it's because it's. Of the people in the constitution and the Second Amendment right. You know it it's just that there -- they happen to be linked to gun manufacturers. But that's everything that they are popular and and get -- that they employment that they do. Document that here's figures appalling from NBC news in the Wall Street Journal remember NBC news you mean the Wall Street Journal is down the middle it's it's sort of semi -- liberal news coverage in very conservative editorially. But NBC news is totally left wing all -- left wing and its problems of America. Fresh polling by NBC in the Wall Street Journal showed 41% of people had a favorable opinion of the NRA while 34%. Viewed it unfavorably a margin largely unchanged from a similar survey in January 2011. I mean and can you know. I mean you we can't even begin to imagine the anti gun rhetoric that is always in the airwaves since since the massacre at C Andy -- right. NNN has. Hasn't changed anybody's minds. You know the mainstream media just been throwing in itself what these stories strike did try to gin up. Hysteria. And it's it's just not -- and -- hasn't had any impact because. Even the people voted for Obama realize it's BS. Click the blue fitting event the -- -- that's tools they need to take care of the crime there first before they came up a lot for everyone else. Thanks for the Carly. One H Obama is hiding behind new -- this is the end of the Astoria on front front page magazine Obama is hiding behind Newtown and adorable little kids. And from the grim Specter of Obama America's death tall it's buried inside the gruesome figures of how many Americans are shot dead each year issued as an indictment against the entire country in general. And gun owners in particular but those numbers are in my. An indictment of America or of gun owners they are an indictment of Democrat mayors and liberal social policy they are an indictment of Obama. We need to set aside the same old -- social justice rhetoric and have a serious conversation about what is wrong with the world in Chicago and Detroit. 18774694322. 1877469432. To the NRA is already in the midst of a membership boom. As the actions taken by Obama and in particular is executive orders convince people look the threat of government seizing guns are rolling limiting gun ownership is real. The group presented 250000. More members since gun control re emerged in the national debate and have a 400000. More. Follow worst which FaceBook page. So you know this is -- people. You know. People wake up when they are there there -- directly threatened now. Whether it's you know I've seen happen before -- a a sense it's -- beginning that happened not what these taxes in Massachusetts when they realize. That this that that this Governor Deval Patrick is is totally nuts. And that he wants to YE he he wants to ship all the taxes to people. Who earned money who work for money and and ship all taxes away from the people who don't work for their money. That's what the sales that's what's that about what pujols sales tax going down is about. He wants to make sure that the you know but think about the sales taxes even even illegal aliens are forced to paste this pay the sales tax but there are going to be anymore. Because the sales tax is going down the income tax on how we are.